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Jupiter's Bones #2020

Jupiter s Bones When Dr Emil Euler Ganz a brilliant luminary in the complex fields of cosmology and astrophysics walked away from accolades and honors disappearing into thin air twenty five years ago his colleagues

  • Title: Jupiter's Bones
  • Author: Faye Kellerman
  • ISBN: 9780380730827
  • Page: 199
  • Format: Paperback
  • Jupiter's Bones By Faye Kellerman, When Dr Emil Euler Ganz a brilliant luminary in the complex fields of cosmology and astrophysics walked away from accolades and honors, disappearing into thin air twenty five years ago, his colleagues tongues wagged, and rumors abounded Ten years later, when Ganz reemerged as guru Father Jupiter, leader of the notorious cult the Order of the Rings of God, speculatWhen Dr Emil Euler Ganz a brilliant luminary in the complex fields of cosmology and astrophysics walked away from accolades and honors, disappearing into thin air twenty five years ago, his colleagues tongues wagged, and rumors abounded Ten years later, when Ganz reemerged as guru Father Jupiter, leader of the notorious cult the Order of the Rings of God, speculation about his sanity was rampant But when Ganz is found dead, gossip and wild conjecture are the only clues available to LAPD lieutenant Peter Decker as he faces his most shocking case to date and plays a deadly game of homicide.

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    1 thought on “Jupiter's Bones

    1. While not about Peter Decker s life each book in the series gives tantalizing glimpses into Decker s home life I love the mysteries in each story and this one about a cult in a downward spiral is well written and kept me on the edge of my seat throughout the entire book The sidebars of Peter s home life were the most touching and revealing to date in this series Now is he will just quit being a workaholic Well probably not, since that would mean no books for us.

    2. I ve been a fan of Faye Kellerman for a while, but this book really disappointed It felt disjointed, events jumped all over the show and it was at times just dragging along No, not one of her better works

    3. It s rare for me to give up on a book, but I m trying to use the 100 page rule often, as I have too many books on my shelf, and it helped in this case.This came from book club, and my friend didn t like it either, although I can t remember why not It s the 11th in the Peter Decker Rina Lazarus series, published in 1999, so apart from everything else it feels very dated I have read one other from this series, and didn t like that either, so won t try any Which is just as well as it s a long ser [...]

    4. I don t know why I keep picking up books that are far along in a series I m going to have to start looking on before I bring them home.Unlike others I ve read, this one book 11 wasn t so bad for a series book I ve read none of the other books in this series so I had no prior knowledge of the characters or the previous stories that got them to where they were in this book And it actually didn t matter so much There was a bit of back story I was obviously missing out on but, in this case, it only [...]

    5. Vega s FutureIgnore the text on the back cover.Emil Euler Ganz used to be a renowned astrophysicist After disappearing for ten years, he returned as Father Jupiter, founder of a religious cult called the Order of the Rings of God, teaching science and promoting time travel Now he is dead LAPD Lieutenant Peter Decker is rather sent along due to the deceased s former fame Everything looks like an ordinary suicide, but then, the behavior of the members of the Order makes Peter s stomach churn So, h [...]

    6. Netflix should option Faye Kellerman s Decker Lazarus novels The understory of orthodox Judaism paired with the live action police procedural would lend itself to a lengthy, thoughtful series over a span of years I continue to find these novels fascinating, as much for the family story as for the mysteries And I wish so, so much that Kellerman would stop using italics and exclamation points altogether Frankly, it s poor form and very distracting Just let the reader figure it out.

    7. I usually like her books I do like how she writes about the Decker family, and about the Jewish life But, this book could not seem to grab me at all It was okay, but seem not to connect in places, and it did not make me want to pick it up and finish it, like all of her other books Hope her next one that I read will be better.

    8. Faye Kellerman has returned to the characters who first brought her fame, after taking a trip to Las Vegas in Moon Music Thank goodness It seems the vacation did her well as Jupiter s Bones has all the energy and excitement that Kellerman s fans have come to expect from the Peter and Rina Decker canon Indeed, Jupiter s Bones goes a long way toward redeeming the abysmal Serpent s Tooth, the previous book in the series.In Jupiter s Bones, Peter Decker receives a phone call suggesting that he inves [...]

    9. THIS SUMMARY REVIEW WAS COPIED FROM OTHER SOURCES AND IS USED ONLY AS A REMINDER OF WHAT THE BOOK WAS ABOUT FOR MY PERSONAL INTEREST ANY PERSONAL NOTATIONS ARE FOR MY RECOLLECTION ONLYprob a 3.5 Interesting, kept my attention, however not crazy about the subject matter.In Jupiter s Bones, Peter Decker receives a phone call suggesting that he investigate the recent death of Jupiter, the leader of a sequestered religious community and a formerly famous scientist The words religious community are m [...]

    10. The only complaint I had about this book was that the narrator didn t do justice to the story I did the audio version.

    11. Jupiter s Bones is book no 11 in the Decker Lazarus series by Faye Kellerman A former professor, calling himself Jupiter, is now the head of the Order of the Rings of God cult After disappearing for 15 years He is found dead in his bed in what looks like a suicide But is it Decker and his team must investigate a cult that doesn t want anything to do with violators to find the truth Took a few pages to get going but the final half races along to the explosive conclusion Nice to see Alex Delaware [...]

    12. Once again a great read from Kellerman Love this series.Back Cover Blurb Dr Emil Ganz was always extraordinary, in death as well as in life A physicist whose theories of Cosmology thrilled the world, he disappeared at the peak of his fame, to emerge years later as Jupiter, leader of a community that preached a bizarre blend of mathematics and mysticism, drawing the credulous, the unhappy and the utterly unscrupulous into their enclosed ranks.And now Ganz s apparent suicide is threatening to dest [...]

    13. Kellerman s last book took a break from the stories of Peter Decker and his family, but now they are back Decker is called to the home of a cult whose leader, called Jupiter, has just been found dead Jupiter had at one time been a physicist of some repute, and then had disappeared for ten years, and when he returned he founded this cult, whose object was to transport its members to a better world What seems like a simple case to solve, perhaps a suicide escalates to a big showdown like Waco and [...]

    14. From the very first Rina Lazarus and Peter Decker novel, Kellerman has had winning characters It certainly makes things interesting when the lead detective on the case is also a devout Jew the reader is offered a fascinating glimpse into the culture and faith of Judaism in contrast to the various horrors of crime and conspiracy that Decker must unravel.Jupiter s Bones is another excellent example of Kellerman s characters at their best While the story line is a little predictable i.e cult theme [...]

    15. library audiobook This contains the stock Decker Lazarus characters, and the stock orthodox schtick The episodes involving the wayward youth in orthodox day school, smoking dope and trying to have sex like normal suburban California kids were ok Sexual abuse of students by yeshiva teachers was an interesting touch There s a parallel between the cult which is the story s focus and the cultish and insular orthodox community The plot points in which Decker schemes to subvert legal rights of the cul [...]

    16. I like the Decker series, but this was definitely not my favorite of the series.Decker investigates a suspicious suicide of a religious cult leader known as Jupiter, decades before known as a decent scientist Emil Ganz There are some very horrendously inhospitable and ill mannered people in this cult church, and there s an interesting number of people who would have loved to see Jupiter Ganz dead A few other people, this time younger ones, go missing, and this kicks in investigation.The series [...]

    17. A truly dreadful book I usually like the Peter Decker mysteries, a detective with a traditional Jewish wife, Rena in LA But the plot was simultaneously preposterous and simplistic, about a schizophrenic, brilliant mathematician who starts a cult and who is found dead Decker investigates, and of course there is evil at the core, and then murders, and eventually a Waco type blow up Cults can be destructive, but this one murders people and buries them in the garden And Peter has trouble at home, w [...]

    18. This was one of Faye Kellerman s better Peter Decker stories The idea of crazy cults is not new and unfortunately, sometimes timely in real life The characters, though somewhat out of it, are strong, with definite motivation as to what they do I must admit that I had to skip the chicken killing part It isn t until the end of the book that we get to find out the genesis of the group, and then its components Since the cult part is sometimes disturbing, it is refreshing to read what is happening in [...]

    19. The mystery, or exploration of the crime is lacking In fact I would call it boring Plus Rina is missing for most of the book which is disappointing.However, the relationship between Peter and Rina s boys is fully explored than in any of the previous novels I think perhaps this story exposed some problems that will be explored in the future books of the series As a parent I look forward to seeing a bit of the tensions that parents experience as that makes the characters real to me.

    20. Cult s are always a bit creepy and when there are children involved it makes it all a bit sinister When Father Jupiter, famous astronomer in his previous life, is found dead all types of things are put into play A reflection of the news in many ways, which makes it all to real at times.I had read this a long time ago, probably when it was newly out, but could not remember much about it There are some very gritty parts that involve children at the end which is why I chose not to remember it I am [...]

    21. This one has the lieutenant investigating the mysterious death of a cult leader The cult exists behind walls and barred gates, making investigation difficult, and when the first death is followed by others the situation becomes critical I am not particularly interested in cults, making this one of my least favorites of the series, but even so, I enjoyed it I particularly like the way the focus moves between Decker s professional and personal lives And there s some real pulse pounding suspense ne [...]

    22. Excellent plotting right until the end, when it began to get a bit muddled Decker and Co are investigating the death of a scientist turned guru, when missing persons and dead bodies begin turning up all over Much better done than Kellerman s last, but ended too soon with all the loose ends somehow wrapped up by Decker s private research the details of which are unfortunately not shared with the reader.

    23. This book was filled with many things to ponder religion, teen age challenges, politics, etc But as is always the case, I was intrigued by the mystery of the story and always enjoy the side parts about Decker s wife and family I ve learned much about the Jewish faith as I ve read this series Unfortuantely, I haven t always been able to read them in sequence but in spite of that, they are riveting.

    24. What can I say about this series that I haven t already said I love it Book 11 is right in line with previous instalments interesting updates in lives of Peter Rina and their children, plus a riveting criminal case in Peter s work life.I have to admit that I don t always care for the cop story lines, but the developments in their personal storylines are very compelling it s definitely that aspect that keeps me coming back for

    25. this was a little slow at first and not an author I am familiar with I see it is an ongoing series character so the religious aspect of him, Jewish, would probably make sense if I read the first few books that said this was good, did not mirror the Jones cult suicide although it seemed to be headed that way clever on the author s part written well and the family dynamic was realistic will look for from this series.

    26. Having read the Decker Lazarus series from the beginning, the books just keep getting better and better Kellerman is an exceptional murder mystery writer, and this story in particular had me turning every single page If you have never read any of this series, this would be a great one to start on

    27. I really didn t care for this book I ended up flipping through the pages just to get through it Also, why bother giving details about Decker and his sons, but then ignore them in the end That was what I would rather have known about I ve read the reviews about the next book and maybe I need to skip ahead to the next couple to get caught up to get past all of this wordy nonsense

    28. Ho humm unimaginative thriller piggybacking off closed cult tragedies in past news, and weighed down by too much peripheral family stuff This is the first Faye Kellerman book I ve read, and unless shows up in our crime themed book club, it will probably be the last It wasn t a bad book, just not very good I don t even want to waste the time writing a review.

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