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Substitute Bride #2020

Substitute Bride From the back cover of the Harlequin edition I ll marry you instead he told herRick Conway would go to any lengths to get his revenge on Emma s beautiful but faithless cousin And though Emma was

  • Title: Substitute Bride
  • Author: Margaret Pargeter
  • ISBN: 9780373105809
  • Page: 325
  • Format: Paperback
  • Substitute Bride By Margaret Pargeter, From the back cover of the 1983 Harlequin edition I ll marry you instead, he told herRick Conway would go to any lengths to get his revenge on Emma s beautiful but faithless cousin And though Emma was thunderstruck and offended at his cold proposal, she soon overcame her scruples.It would be a temporary arrangement, Rick claimed, and it would be a way of escaping her liFrom the back cover of the 1983 Harlequin edition I ll marry you instead, he told herRick Conway would go to any lengths to get his revenge on Emma s beautiful but faithless cousin And though Emma was thunderstruck and offended at his cold proposal, she soon overcame her scruples.It would be a temporary arrangement, Rick claimed, and it would be a way of escaping her life of impoverished drudgery.All Emma had to do was sustain her dislike of him And that was when her problems began

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      Margaret Pargeter

    1 thought on “Substitute Bride

    1. Ok I will admit I loved this book The story was great and I love the fact that he is surprised by her improved appearances She was recovering from her horrible home life and he was the guy that helped her get away from it all He was an arrogant ass but considering the time this book was written in, it s not bad I enjoyed the WTFery But it s not for everyone Sexism and double standards are all over the pages of this book

    2. I am really glad someone recommended to me I used to keep a writing journal, but I think I missed a few entries This is the third book within a few months that I accidentally reread because I hadn t written down that I read it I realized on the first page that I had already read it, but it was involving, so I thought, What the heck Substitute Bride was published in 1981 I was eight when it came out , and that s apparent when you read it However, it isn t trite and dated in my opinion I was drawn [...]

    3. I know this is an oldie romance and I get it that heroes back then can get away with being a misogynistic jerk, but is it too much to ask for a believable plot, a heroine with a spine and a hero who grovels properly

    4. This isn t really a 5 star book by any modern romance standard, but it was kind of awesome for what it was Good angst, fun misunderstanding, and then good hero groveling at the end Love these idiotic old premises where a 19 year old heroine who is actually quite beautiful is somehow rendered plain and so plain that multiple people feel free to tell her that to her face by hard farm work And when she just relaxes a bit, eats a little all of that food apparently goes straight to her breasts , and [...]

    5. Spineless and pathetic heroine Re reading this let me see if I still feel the same way as before.Opinion has not changed after reading again

    6. OK, this is scary I rated this three stars the first time I read it Why I Do Not Know This is an angst fest with an asshat of such epic proportions that it could easily be a 4 star for those of you old skool fans It s not often than you get such a SOB rat bastard paired up with such a spineless wuss of a doormat h The male protagonist, hardly qualifies as an H, needs to die a slow and painful death Getting staked to an ant hill is too easy for this bastard When he first meets the downtrodden, al [...]

    7. 3 1 2 stars I won t go into the crazy plot because other reviewers have covered all the bases I will say that the fantasy that good skin care will turn you from plain to beautiful would have been catnip to my teenage self Even now I m tempted to run out and buy some Noxema or Bonnie Bell what we used in the 1970 s although I would put myself at risk for punishing kisses, bruises on my arms, and a vigorous spanking As you might guess, this is old school Harlequin specifically, this is old school [...]

    8. Hero was a major putz who thought he had the right to do and say anything he liked to the heroine because he thought she slept with someone 90% of the book was him calling her an ugly slut, yet she falls madly in love without the benefit of one non derogatory comment A pathetic heroine would be a hard findough I know they re out there And I m suppose to believe all that emotional and psychological abuse was because he was fighting his growing feelings for her Hahahahahahahaha

    9. I Really Can t understand in which point Emma can falling in Love with Rick Because Rick behavior is really rude, snob, violent and not in kinda sweet little rough because he is jealous even if he mad to Emma cousin, who betray him, it s nothing to do with emmaHe taunt Emma both physical and emotionalHis family is not better than him, except his younger brotheri just think how this woman falling in love to man who grab her arm,wrist, or waist until it leave bruises No excuse for Rick Behavior.Si [...]

    10. Rick is engaged to Emma s femme fatale cousin but when he finds out she is a faithless bitch he wants revenge He proposes marriage to poor plain Emma and she accepts so as to escape her miserable penniless existence This was a Cinderella girl meets her prince charming story It was well written and the heroine was a sweetheart too good for this alpha hero Too many characters and too many plot twists kept me from loving this book I needed focus on the romance.

    11. MP really had it in for our undernourished, coarse skin, unpretty handed heroine Not only is she used and abused by everyone in this book but I don t think I ve come across another HP heroine who is hit so often, not only by the hero but also by both men who claim to love her accidently of course, but Pargeter must of taken great pleasure in writing that scene hehehe.

    12. Another wonderful vintage HP with the overbearing alpha male and the much younger, innocent heroine that he man handles and treats like she is nothing The h meets the H when he got engaged to her very sophisticated cousin It was antipathy at first sight She disliked him but felt sorry for him because her cousin was cheating on him with the local sleaze ball The H came to their farm unexpectedly and suspecting that his fianc e was up to no good he demanded to know where she was The h refused to t [...]

    13. This is one of those stories where the lead is an unrepentant asshole up until the last quarter of the book and the groveling is half assed and the plain Jane heroine is actually gorgeous and leads to said asshole male to feel justified of his treatment up until he realizes she s a martyr her cousin is a selfish twit and yet the main character keeps trying to defend her Oy and yet, the angst is just so good and I mean it s frustrating but at the same time you want to eat it up 2.5 3 stars.

    14. Dang it, it started off so well how they met, so entertaining and delightfully un PC with all the trappings of a typical Pargeter style novel Plain sweet hardworking Emma s stuck in a farm with a dead end life, seemingly the punching bag for anyone passing by, especially her step sister and his fiance Rick Now the sister is cheating on her fiance and uses her as a smokescreen Rick however isn t buying it Though he believes the stories of Emma s bad reputaion, he also can t help glimpsing the con [...]

    15. Well I am not in the throes of delight after reading this but this book wasn t bad either I just wish that the plot wasn t made to drag forcibly and inevitably, it became too thin One thing I NEVER understood in romance novels is the lack of communication If you are old enough to marry, you should be mature enough to talk or at least ask your husband Are you having an affair with that horrible, nasty woman orask your wife Please tell me you are not doing anything with that man who isn t as hands [...]

    16. Even though Rick and Emma married for the wrong reasons theirs ended up with an HEA He married her when her cousin goes off to Paris with another man Her cousin, Blanche, was a royal pain towards Emma the whole time they were growing up Rick had asked Blanche to marry him im the beginning He blackmailed Emma to take her place But Blanche had poisoned his mind about Emma He believed his cheating fiancee So the story goes It was set in the 80 s so the male was a jerk in those days I have not read [...]

    17. Margaret Pargeter never fails in her writing style even if the story is not that interesting This novel started in a very an interesting way, but once I reached the third chapter I was hooked I recommend it.

    18. I remember reading this years ago I remember the spanking of a woman ugh It just about makes me sick to think of it It s interesting that even in 1981 this would be considered okay for a romance novel but I remember a few other novels where the men were allowed to punish their love interests.

    19. Every other character, except for maybe the MC herself and the servants seemed hell bent on being cruel douche to her I hate the male lead, Rick he s a sexist pig.

    20. Heroine is a spineless doormat Hero has all the characteristics of a villain It is an other The Guy Never Grovels For Being A Jerk novel.

    21. it was kind of a nice story but bothe leading characters were sort of idiotsbut thats what love is all about it makes you idiot.

    22. What I thought of this was, how is it possible to have so many misunderstandings I don t think it is in real life, only in Harlequin life But I guess that s why people read them, to escape from reality

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