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Immoral Certainty #2020

Immoral Certainty Book Three of the bestselling Butch Karp legal thriller series when a murder case and a child abuse case begin to merge into one even Karp is shocked by the evil he uncovers Butch Karp s career prose

  • Title: Immoral Certainty
  • Author: Robert K. Tanenbaum
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 469
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Immoral Certainty By Robert K. Tanenbaum, Book Three of the bestselling Butch Karp legal thriller series when a murder case and a child abuse case begin to merge into one, even Karp is shocked by the evil he uncovers Butch Karp s career prosecuting New York s worst criminals takes a chilling turn when a series of ghastly child murders opens a window into the city s hellish underworld Karp and love interest MBook Three of the bestselling Butch Karp legal thriller series when a murder case and a child abuse case begin to merge into one, even Karp is shocked by the evil he uncovers.Butch Karp s career prosecuting New York s worst criminals takes a chilling turn when a series of ghastly child murders opens a window into the city s hellish underworld Karp and love interest Marlene Ciampi pursue a psychopath known to his young victims as the Bogeyman, but what they find is threatening than a lone predator To stop the evil they unearth will take than just courage in the courtroom the two will need to follow a sinister trail into New York City s darkest corners, where the law is powerless to protect them This ebook features an illustrated biography of Robert K Tanenbaum including rare photos from the author s personal collection.

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      469 Robert K. Tanenbaum
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    1 thought on “Immoral Certainty

    1. The Mr Tanenbaum I have gotten to become familiar with is starting to emerge in this book Butch and Marlene make both a great working couple as well as a couple Marlene brings out the best in Butch She also brings out the frisky side of him as well Yet, when he is helping to investigate a case or in the courtroom, he is all business That is what I did miss in this book is the big courtroom drama This time though, I got to see of the human side of Marlene It was refreshing Yet, I did find Butch [...]

    2. They re at it again ADA Butch Karp and his beautiful colleague and love interest, Marlene Campi, have each taken on separate cases that merge into one Karp catches the case of a murdered mobster and Campi investigates the murder of a mutilated little girl who s body was found in a dumpster As they each pursue their own case, they begin to uncover unspeakable horror and evil and a murky figure abused children call the boogeyman They are still the outrageously quirky couple they were in previous n [...]

    3. Tanenbaum is always great I have not read a failure yet This one includes both a developed court room saga as well as the wild and weird characters Not sure if the story is from the late seventies or the early eighties Younger characters before Butch and Marlene get married Accidently read this book twice an increasing problem but rather than putting it away and starting another book, I continued reading and still enjoyed the second pass.

    4. on book jacket.New York Times bestselling author and renowned prosecuting attorney Robert K Tanenbaum provides the first insider s account of the historic Wylie Hoffert case, from the shocking double murder to the wrenching interrogation of an innocent young man, and the heroic Assistant District Attorney who risked everything to unravel a disgraceful injustice Here is a gripping chronicle of the unnerving crime that led to the Miranda Rights, and of the courageous stand that forever reformed th [...]

    5. It s really like a 3.5 It s hard to classify this series as legal like courtroom stuff thrillers as Karp and Ciampi do a lot thriller ing than legal ing in the three books I have read to date But, they do grow on you and I will certainly continue with the series One slight irritation is that the author does tend to throw in far too many subplots which are not necessary to the main story In fact it sometimes takes than half the book to settle down to what exactly IS the main plot.

    6. Meh It would be nice if they allowed half stars for the rating Lots of new characters and an overly confusing plot

    7. More like 3.5I liked this book 3rd in Butch Karp Marlene Ciampi series better than the first two Even if the plot was one you like or not, it was still overly lengthy in unnecessary ways As with others in series there are 2 or 3 cases mob crimes, child abuse Satan worshipping group, et al simultaneously and 2 over them have overlapping relations, this was was action packed and faster paced Some of the topic was a little graphic than I wanted to hear, but the overall plot and content was good e [...]

    8. First book I ve read by Tanenbaum Interesting in that it s set in the 70 s in New York Exactly what year Curiously, Tanenbaum starts the book declaring the year to be 197X Why No clue Based on dialogue and descriptions it s clear that the action takes place, at least in early 1978, and a reference at the end of the books to Larry Bird and Magic Johnson, seems to set it in 1979 Is any of that important to the book No, but it drove me to distraction trying to figure out the year because Tanenbaum [...]

    9. I loved this book, I ve only read two of Tanenbaum s novels but both have been so amazing that I m sure I ll love them all I almost never like female characters I find them empty and often irritating i m female myself don t worry but the characters in this are so real and endearing, Marlene is definitely one of my favorite literary characters.This onegot a little weird though by bringing in a satanic cult and that sort of thing Not to suggest I don t enjoy that kind of story because I really do [...]

    10. library mp3 I was going along OK, lots of interesting observations about NYC DA and police, kind of an uneasy plot about a serial child killer along with a mafia subplot Then, it started into a bizarre child abuse ring based in an upscale daycare center, evoking the McMartin witch hunt of years ago The story ripped from the headlines never happened I turned off the book and deleted, which normally would be a 1, but the other features got it up to a 2 I guess I would read another free Tanenbaum, [...]

    11. I m liking the characters and .Butch Karp and Marlene Ciampi are put through the ringer and it doesn t disappoint.Marlene gets involved in a labyrinth when she pursues a lead of child abuse and possible mutilation and killings She s gets so involved that she defies the guidelines of her profession putting up a wall that affects her relationship with Karp, both personally and professionally.This is a test for both Marlene and Butch.Anything would be a spoiler great book I m looking forward to t [...]

    12. 3 in the NYC ADA Butch Karp and Marlene Ciampi series An exciting entry in a complex series.In the wilds of New York City s East Village a serial killer who brutalizes children is on the rampage There s also a messy Mob hit in Little Italy to complicate the lives of no nonsense D.A Butch Karp and his colleague and occasional main squeeze, Marlene Are the cases related And just how involved is one Felix Tighe, an ambitious yet minor league criminal with a major league mother fixation.

    13. I admit to glomming to this series late in its run, and have read 8 or 10 of the books in very mixed order I found it wonderful to read such an early effort and be thoroughly entertained as well as recognize the familiar characters They have grown in their understanding of each other over the years, but I was happy to see of Marlene s musings, as she has become a little too hard to comprehend recently Don t misunderstand this is a very dark story, with a good bit of personal conflict to make it [...]

    14. Continuing my project of reading all of Michael Gruber s books after finishing all the books he has published under his own name, I m now reading the series he ghosted for his cousin, Robert K Tanenbaum This one, 4 of 24, kept me up until 3 a.m Even working within the formulaic rules of the genre, Gruber writes so well he would have me on the edge of my seat except that I usually read in bed A fine thriller.

    15. I m not quite sure why I ve never read any of Tannenbaum before, but this was an excellent book for discovering a new to me author New York s assistant DA, Butch Karp and his colleague, Marlene Ciampi and a delicious sociopath combine to make this plot a thrill If you love serial killers, this is a good one for you Plus Ciampi is a delight I would really like to have lunch with her.

    16. It is alwaays great to find another Butth Karp and Marlene Ciampi book I haven t yet read This is one of the first, as it happens Unfortunately, it features pedophilia not one of my favorite crimes about which to read Marlene gets kidnapped, after Butch finally gets his former wife, now in a lesbian conclave in California, to agree to a divorce so that he can marry Marlene.

    17. This one was pretty good far better than the first two, but still not up to the standards of the later books in the series by Gruber Important to remember from glancing at other reviews of this series on that in 2003 Michael Gruber stopped ghosting them, he wrote the first 15 and, according to most readers, since then the quality has suffered a lot.

    18. Only my second Tannenbaum mystery, but he sure keeps you on the edge of your seat Crisp dialogue, believable interactions and bringing to the surface some of things we might want to forget that go on in this world It isn t always pretty, but it s real The protaganists are very good together and you always root for them and their relationship.

    19. District attorney suspects a child care center director of being involved in the killing of children The plot thickens as the director s good son is caught on murder charges The bad son, with mother and many local higher ups are into devil worship, molestation and killing of children.

    20. This one kept me up late at night like a Robert Ludlum although much less generic in quality Have already ordered the next one through ILL.

    21. this was a roller coaster of a ride with some good twists and lots of emotions tugging in every direction a great butch and marlene adventure.

    22. Much better than the previous book Another fine adventure with Butch, Marlene and an assortment of evil doers and cases that aren t related, or are they

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