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Be Quiet, Mike! #2020

Be Quiet Mike Digga digga digga digga zat zoom crash Leslie Patricelli s lovable but noisy new character finds an ingenious way to create a sound all his own Even before he was born Mike started drumming Kick T

  • Title: Be Quiet, Mike!
  • Author: Leslie Patricelli
  • ISBN: 9780763644772
  • Page: 173
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Be Quiet, Mike! By Leslie Patricelli, Digga digga digga digga, zat, zoom, crash Leslie Patricelli s lovable but noisy new character finds an ingenious way to create a sound all his own.Even before he was born, Mike started drumming Kick Thump Pow Wherever he goes, his rhythms sing swis, thak, go his books bang, clank, goes the trash can tap, tap, go his pencils and BE QUIET, MIKE yells everyoneDigga digga digga digga, zat, zoom, crash Leslie Patricelli s lovable but noisy new character finds an ingenious way to create a sound all his own.Even before he was born, Mike started drumming Kick Thump Pow Wherever he goes, his rhythms sing swis, thak, go his books bang, clank, goes the trash can tap, tap, go his pencils and BE QUIET, MIKE yells everyone around him But one day Mike sees a drum set in a store window and puts his hands on talents to work in a most impressive way W ith the bold graphic style and clever details her readers love, Leslie Patricelli strikes a cymbal for active, high energy little monkeys everywhere.

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      173 Leslie Patricelli
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    1 thought on “Be Quiet, Mike!

    1. Mike is a monkey who loves music Ever since Mike was young, people would reprimanded him for tapping and making music everywhere he went Mike used his sister s dolls as a drum set and tapped pencils on his desk at school That is until Mike was walking home one day with his father and saw a real life drum set in the window of a store From that day on, Mike could not think about anything else He wanted one so bad, but he knew that he could not afford it That is when Mike began to brainstorm He tho [...]

    2. I am going to be kind about this book because for one thing I ve liked Patricelli s other books and for another my daughter s companion Fred the Sock Monkey will jump up and down on me tonight if I slang it too much And it s a cute idea for a story with great pictures.None the less, I don t think the rhyming pattern here is terribly good I know that people have said otherwise, but as someone who has a pretty good sense of rhythm the one thing that keeps me from being a totally awful ballerina an [...]

    3. In this book, you will find, a monkey named Mike who slammed in time On tables, on cans, in class, in shorts, he couldn t get enough of banging out chords One day as he was jamming he stumbled upon a drum set that was played by none other an ape All his life he d been told to pipe down, but one look at the kit, the player turned that all around.Kids of the musical, loud type will relate to noisy Mike in this rhyming tale and full color pages of paint on canvas The vibrant and real scenes outline [...]

    4. I loved this book It s got great rhythm it would be ironic if it didn t and it hits that sweet spot of not too much text and good artwork that can be surprisingly difficult to find Love the music element and especially that this one expands on the basic morals of all children s books I m a little sick of the I love you and be kind to others themes I love that this one is about being creative with what you ve got around you, especially when you can t afford what you want Just went on my to buy li [...]

    5. The kids came up with interesting questions while reading this book which brought it up to three stars instead of two I enjoyed the book.

    6. For those kids who are loud, who just can t stop making music wherever they go Especially for potential drummers But even for those parents who have loud children and keep telling them to be quiet I have a fairly loud and boisterous child myself A quiet child may also appreciate this text, and be inspired to make a bit noise once in a while The text rhymes, and moves quickly from page to page The illustrations are bold and kind of loud and obnoxious, matching the theme of the book.This is the [...]

    7. Be Quiet, Mike is a book about a little monkey who cannot stop making a beat A rattle, table, or pencil can help him make the noises that resonate within him However, those around him constantly yell be quiet, Mike He think he is not destined to hear the music when he see someone playing the drums Mike is determined to build his own drum set and finally finds a way to compose his music The pictures are simplistic but conveys Mike need for music Told in rhyme and great for any family with a rambu [...]

    8. Mike likes to drum on everything All day long the people in his life tell him, Be quiet, Mike , but he simply can t stop When he sees a drum set in a music store he longs for one of his own Since he can t buy it, he makes one instead.This book is a delight to read aloud, as Patricelli s rhythms trip off the tongue Would be perfect for that active little boy who likes to drum on everything or who enjoys building Would also make a good lesson in word choice and onomatopoeia.

    9. Be Quiet, Mike Was an enjoyable book During the book, Mike was always told how quiet he needed to be At the end of the book, Mike created distinct sounds that made his family tell him to play louder I like that Mike started off frustrated because he couldn t make the sounds he wanted, then he found sounds that made him unique and were enjoyable to listen too.

    10. Sometimes you go to the library without any luck This last time we came home with some good treasures, and this was one of them.What I particularly like about this book is that Mike sees something he wants, or rather needs in the store but he know he can t buy it So, he goes home, makes a plan, and whips up his own home made contraption that suits him perfectly Nice initiative, Mike

    11. Mike the monkey has rhythm and constantly hears be quiet mike One day he sees a drum set and has a dream Great for musical or monkey storytime themeslove the problem solving aspect of the story Personally, I wouldn t go on the low end of the age range for this title as I thought it would work better with 4s and up.

    12. This book is about a cute little monkey who can t stop making noise and pounding on things Since the day he was born he was always making some kind of noise Then one day he decided to build a drum set because he can t afford the one he sees at the music store In the end, everyone loves the music he makes I love the rhyming in this book because it makes it a lot fun to read.

    13. This is a great interactive book for ECE level read alouds The story has a rhythm and a beat throughout that echoes the concept of the main character enjoying to drum The beat is steady, so children can clap along with the story, and the repetition of the phrase Be quiet, Mike is helpful for building print motivation Lots of fun

    14. Be Quiet Mike is a great children s book to use when teaching children that they can solve a problem for themselves Mike loves, loves, drumming Yet, has a problem He wants a new full size jamming drum set , but he has no money to buy one He figures out how to make his own and gets the approval of his family to boot

    15. I loooooved the rhythm to the book Without realizing it, I was rapping And my rhythm is awful, so I enjoyed it I loved the storyline about channeling your natural talents into something fun The illustrations were adorable, and I appreciated the recurring Be Quet, Mike being it s own page I ve already started planning a storytime JUST to use this book

    16. 30 months We have always enjoyed this author s bold illustrations with just a few words O liked this one with it s different instruments She loves to make her own music and stomp around saying she s making a beat She will be thrilled in a couple weeks when she will have her very own drum to be making music.

    17. This book is easy and fun to read out loud, especially as it rhymes Simple bright pictures and is of interest to my musical and noisy boys I read this to my autistic son and he liked the repetitive Be quiet Mike.

    18. Mike is a monkey who likes to drum ever since he was not even born Despite everyone s protest, he continues to drum with anything he can get hold on After he improvised a drum set, his family finally appreciate his talent A really fun and lovely story.

    19. Good rhyming fun for preschool storytime Monkey Mike plays a beat wherever he goes and hears the same refrain, Be Quiet, Mike until he finally wins over his family I like the the labels in the front naming the different parts of a drum set.

    20. Mike is a very loud and noisy monkey who loves to create beats and rythms on anything he can get his hands on The pictures in this book are adorable, colorful, and captivating for young readers I would use this as a book share and in the classroom library.

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