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The Bachelorette Party #2020

The Bachelorette Party Jilted at the altar by her soap star fiance and completely sick of love and romance Zadie Roberts has slowly been recovering in LA The only person she can rely on to cheer her up these days is her l

  • Title: The Bachelorette Party
  • Author: Karen McCullah Lutz
  • ISBN: 9780755332717
  • Page: 327
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The Bachelorette Party By Karen McCullah Lutz, Jilted at the altar by her soap star fiance, and completely sick of love and romance, Zadie Roberts has slowly been recovering in LA The only person she can rely on to cheer her up these days is her lovely best male friend Grey So Zadie s appalled when Grey announces he s proposed to her straight laced cousin Helen, meaning it s Zadie who has to organise the incredibly bJilted at the altar by her soap star fiance, and completely sick of love and romance, Zadie Roberts has slowly been recovering in LA The only person she can rely on to cheer her up these days is her lovely best male friend Grey So Zadie s appalled when Grey announces he s proposed to her straight laced cousin Helen, meaning it s Zadie who has to organise the incredibly boring hen night.And it turns out to be just as mind numbing as she feared How can such a prissy girl be marrying such a great guy But then, as the cocktails go down, the secrets come out, and the night takes a hell of a turn this is one bachelorette party not to be forgotten

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      327 Karen McCullah Lutz
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    1 thought on “The Bachelorette Party

    1. Read something so hilarious after such a long time Way too witty and filled with sarcasm, this book is surely going to be one of your favorite books It s about a left at the alter bride, Zadie, a high school teacher, who was assigned by her bff, Grey, to loosen up his uptight to be bride, Helen sadly, Zadie s way too perfect cousin on her bachelorette party Zadie was too against the idea of love and marriage But the twists and turns of that bachelorette party changes her life forever, it makes h [...]

    2. Forget The Hangover, there needs to be a movie based off of this book Absolutely hilarious I could not put this book down I wanted to see what was going to happen next with out of control bachelorette Helen, and her not so uptight friends Not to mention Zadie and the forbidden hottie This book is a must read for any chick lit fan

    3. Maybe I was biased by the 980 page historical fiction book I had just finished, but this book is rubbish There wasn t an intriguing page in the book, and some of the story line was actually disgusting I don t know an adult woman alive who would condone sex with a student, even if he WAS of age Don t bother with this one.

    4. Crass, vulgar, unrealistic and offensive Why did I finish reading it I don t know I m a sucker for a story, I guess The end turned out alright and the story was some what humorous at times, if you can get past the vulgarity I really wouldn t recommend this book to anyone.

    5. The Bachelorette Party is a standalone novel written by author and screenwriter Karen McCullah Lutz The book centers around a group of women throwing a bachelorette party for the seemingly perfect, virgin bride Helen The agenda is very structured and filled with tea, spa, and shopping, but the groom asks his best friend Zadie to make sure Helen loosens up a bit and has a good time Well, to make this happen, the agenda gets a detour and alcohol is introduced Apparently Helen is a TOTALLY differen [...]

    6. Zadie s fianc never showed up to her wedding day, so she is kind of disillusioned by love Then her best guy friend get s engaged to Zadie s least favorite cousin Helen, Zadie s cousin, has presented herself as the perfect person She always remembers to send birthday presents, doesn t drink, is a virgin, and works hard on her public image Grey is Zadie s best friend and the one who has gotten her through her break up Zadie has to stand up in their wedding party now and at the Bachelorette party t [...]

    7. I picked this book up by accident at the bookstore and am so SO glad I did I really loved this book I found myself laughing so hard I had tears running down my face Sadie is a great character to follow and I m glad I got to be in her head for the duration of the book The smart and snarky remarks she makes, the nicknames she gives some of the other girls at the party, and her interactions with the people around her really make this one a gem.I was glad that the book got a little bit serious at t [...]

    8. A hysterical page turner I was able to breeze thru in 1.5 days of reading All profanities aside probably the most hysterical part of the book itself , the characters are exaggerated, making them all the entertaining The plot line is simple your best friend, the groom, is marrying your angelic absolutely perfect in every way cousin, who you quietly hate due to her perfection When your best friend asks you to make sure his bride to be loosens up at her bachelorette party and has a good time, no o [...]

    9. This book was a little slow at the beginning The main character is self loathing and kind of annoying but stick with it it becomes witty and entertaining there are some raunchy parts that could have been left out

    10. I didn t laugh once It was a fast and entertaining read Raunchier than the chick lit I read Example on page 15 Jack had proposed to her while they were sixty nining She couldn t even see his face obviously she just took his dick out of her mouth and said, Yes.

    11. Hand down, the FUNNIEST book I have ever read I m hoping they make a movie out if it because it would be freaking spectacular

    12. This was a perfect beach read fun and juicy There s even a rare depiction of a close, platonic male female relationship Definitely not for the easily offended

    13. Who doesn t love a Bachelorette Party This book is very light, enjoyable, and easy to read, if a bit predictable I felt like I was reading a script that was not picked up by one of the studios.

    14. It was a struggle to finish this book I skipped a few pages just to finish it I hated almost all characters especially the main character, Zadie.

    15. It was as offensive and revolting as Zadie s name is ridiculous Crass and vulgar I hope she gets fired for having sex with her student.

    16. This was an enjoyable, funny, raunchy, and quick read It was clearly written not only to be a funny chick lit book, but to eventually be made into a movie With the quick pace and numerous back to back events in a short period of time, this will be a hilarious comedy I m sure Zadie is an English teacher at a private school in L.A who finds herself unlucky in love She was dumped at the altar by her soap star fiance, who didn t show up for the wedding and forgot to tell her After the wedding that w [...]

    17. Ha ha ha.is witty chick novel was hilariousI so enjoyed spending time with the snide and laughably human Zadie and her friends as she prepares for her male best friend s wedding to her oh so perfect cousin HelenThink romantic comedies My Best Friend s Wedding with Julia Roberts and Bridesmaids with Kristin Wiig and Maya Rudolph combined with the stereotypical Ms Too Good To Be True character coming undone in a web of lies and hilarious endeavors and that is basically this novelfemale raunchiness [...]

    18. Given that the author of this book is one of the screen writers of movies like Legally Blonde, Ten Things I Hate About You, and The House Bunny, it isn t that much of a surprise that it feels like a movie Think of it as Bridesmaids meets The Hangover.It did take me a while to really get into this book and start enjoying it But about halfway through, coincidentally once the bachelorette party started, things really started to pick up for me Going into it I thought I had figured out exactly how th [...]

    19. This was a lot of fun and quick read One warning if you found Bridesmaids the movie offensive, chances are, this book is not for you There aren t quite the same gross out gags, but still, maybe skip this.Lutz is apparently one of the screenwriters of Legally Blonde and you can see that history in the book, I think There s a lot of vivid imagery and I could see the book as I read it Zadie is a high school teacher in LA with students who model and are children or ridiculously famous people She was [...]

    20. Zadie is a recently jilted, understandably bitter ex fiance of a minor soap opera hunk After the mourning period was over and she d sent enough door to door dog poo packages and paid a bum to pee on his car it becomes apparent to her that just maybe it s time to move on Easily done when you have a fabulous best friend who s a hot shot Hollywood attorney who loves to take part in your latest scheme right But when her best friend Grey announces that he and her cousin Helen have decided to tie the [...]

    21. How I Came To Read This Book I got it as an Xmas gift from Robyn I believe.The Plot Zadie s best friend Grey is getting married to her prim and proper cousin Helen As a result, Zadie is forced to attend Helen s painfully planned bachelorette party which takes a turn for the wild almost too wild threatening Helen Grey s impending nuptials, and Zadie s relationship with them both.The Good The Bad I remember this book had a surprising amount of sex thrown into it it was like reading Mr Maybe by Jan [...]

    22. I could not get past the fact that I completely HATED the main character of this book I found her horribly judgmental and, frankly, sexist, especially considering her own highly questionable moral compass It didn t bother me too much at first, because I didn t get the impression you were supposed to be entirely on her side It definitely seemed like one of those books where the main character learns her lesson by the end, which she did to a degree, but not nearly enough for my liking That being s [...]

    23. Zadie is a crazy, scattered, sarcastic teacher whom was recently jilted at the alter by her Soap Star fiance Helen, Zadie s cousin, is a 28 year old virgin, has never been drunk, remembers birthdays and is planning the perfect wedding to the perfect man, Grey whom happens to be Zadie s best friend Of course, Helen is having the perfect bachelorette bridal shower and Zadie is in charge of getting Helen to loosen up at Grey s request The perfect bachelorette party goes from perfect doing the downw [...]

    24. This was a really fun, lighthearted novel full of colorful characters Zadie, with her biting comments, was a zesty, but rather normal character I read this book because I heard it was going to be made into a movie a ladies version of the Hangover , and I was excited to see how the story would unfold in written form first In fact, I wonder if the author had it in mind to make this into a movie while writing the story because many of the scenes will play out better on screen than in the novel Also [...]

    25. clears throat When I originally read this, I was eleven and the confetti cover was pretty It certainly didn t look dangerous or sketchy I was in over my head Completely over my head I caught a hell of a lot this time I can t believe that eleven year old me managed to read this I remembered bits and pieces Plane Jane for one, Trevor for another, Grey, Zadie, trouble Yeah What I failed to remember was a hell of a lot of details Goodness Was it good Delightful enough to keep me up until 1 am readi [...]

    26. This book was just sort of meh No one was super like able, but no one was super hate able either Girl s best guy friend is going to marry her cousin and most of the book was about her bachelorette party, which driving around Los Angeles, was probably my most favorite aspect of this book The cousin being all pure and virginal and then coming out that she had done like one night of slutty stuff in her life was annoying because like who the hell cares I got confused by everyone at the party with al [...]

    27. Ok, confession I ve read this book three times I read it back in 2005 when it first came out, and then when my bookclub chose it in 2010 I read it again I didn t realize until halfway through that I had read it before It was hilarious so I continued reading Now I m on vacation in Hawai i, and thought since I have lot of time to read that what the hell, I ll read it again.I absolutely love this book It s laugh out loud funny and I actually howl with laughter while reading it and my husband will b [...]

    28. I had put reading this book off for so long, and I am really glad I finally picked it up today It s funny, wild,action packed, and I loved it I wasn t able to put it down until I finished and I loved reading about Zadie, Grey, Helen, and the rest of the bachelorette party It was great to see Zadie go from angry, cynical, and hurt from being left at the altar 7 months ago to being open, calm, and somewhat healed It was also great to find out that Helen wasn t as perfect as the image she portrayed [...]

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