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Chosen Think with your heart and prepare to die for you have been Chosen Thomas Hunter supreme commander of the Forest Guard has seen a great evil decimate much of his beautiful world With a dwindling army

  • Title: Chosen
  • Author: Ted Dekker
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 381
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Chosen By Ted Dekker, Think with your heart and prepare to die for you have been Chosen Thomas Hunter, supreme commander of the Forest Guard, has seen a great evil decimate much of his beautiful world With a dwindling army and an epic threat, Thomas is forced to supplement his fighters with new recruits ages 16 and 17 From thousands, four will be chosen to lead a special mission.UnknThink with your heart and prepare to die for you have been Chosen.Thomas Hunter, supreme commander of the Forest Guard, has seen a great evil decimate much of his beautiful world With a dwindling army and an epic threat, Thomas is forced to supplement his fighters with new recruits ages 16 and 17 From thousands, four will be chosen to lead a special mission.Unknown to Thomas, the chosen four are redirected to a different endgame They must find the seven lost Books of History before the Dark One For these seven books have immense power over the past, present, and future, controlling not only the destiny of their world but that of ours as well.

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      381 Ted Dekker
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    1 thought on “Chosen

    1. 3.5 starsPlot wise,it s meh, not really much going on for most part of book We start off with a group of kids being chosen and sent on a mission into retrieve a cactus but some magical bats appear and tell them to find these special books instead So they go off in the desert to find these books and hope to not get caught by the Horde bad zombies A bit of negotiation and fighting in the end Bleh Not very special, but light and somewhat entertaining.I understand that this was a kids book and there [...]

    2. The writing is clumsy such as The question is whether or not you ve lost the few peanuts contained in that container above your shoulders p 109, and he knew he would die if he let those finger claws touch him p 144 I get annoyed when writers take a lot of time writing out endless bickering dialogue but can t be bothered to write out the non bickering dialogue and instead put a summarizing paragraph in place of it The kids in the cohort were much stupider than they needed to be considering that t [...]

    3. I read a LOT of YA fiction since I m a school media center specialist fancy name for librarian and I feel like it s a sad statement about the quality of Christian YA available out there that this book has gotten such good reviews Measuring it next to all YA available out there, this book would be in the low middle of quality, but measured against other Christian YA, it is sadly towards the top We need Christian YA that is not just good for Christians, but good quality literature in general The [...]

    4. Ted Dekker is one of those authors By those I mean he falls into that category where people either really love his work or they can t stand it I have to say I am a fan I like Dekker I think he writes compelling fiction that refuses to let go of your mind until you get to the end of the story That very feature is why I give this work four stars rather than five It s a great story You won t want to put it down The trouble is that the universe of which this volume is a part is vast You will finish [...]

    5. I strongly recommend reading the Circle Saga first to get a proper understanding of the setting of Chosen.Chosen, the first of the Lost Books series, is a midquel set between Black and Red, the first and second instalments of the Circle Saga read 2006 2007 Hunter is reduced to a supporting role with four new recruits to the Forest Guard sixteen year olds Johnis, Bilios, Sylvie and Darsal taking centre stage On an initiation task, they are accosted by one of the Roush allegorical angels and urged [...]

    6. Well was not exceptionally written in as much as the words and sentences were very simpleton and there was no figurative language or devices or even phrases, catches, not even a sentence that stood out Was it written for a younger age audience I think it was in the teen section, but the combination of fantasy characters, shallow depth level involved as far as romance or emotion other than action , and pedestrian choreography of the sentences made it seem directed toward lower age levels The inf [...]

    7. This awas kind of dreadful Geeky but smart teenager Johnis is made leader of the new group of Forest Guard in a community where water is life and the desert holds the Horde a group of diseased peoples whose desire is to destroy the forest dwellers and make them like themselves Johnis goes on a quest across the desert with his reluctant fellow teens and start a quest for a number of books that will control the world But they have to find them before the Dark One does Fuzzy angels and evil bats Th [...]

    8. I read this overnight in one sitting, and it was amazing It was short but it really packed a punch I think I m going to marathon the series But I also read in an ad in the back that this is what happened in the middle of a series, in between the first and second book I might read that series afterword I picked this entire series up at Mercy House in a box set for a dollar, which was amazing If you live in Harrisonburg, VA I suggest you go to Mercy House, because you can buy an entire big crate o [...]

    9. So apparently I was very confused reading this book, because I thought it was a sequel to the Land of Elyon books by Patrick Carman Apparently Elyon is a well known name for God, who knew All the same, this book was pretty good.The book follows four teenagers as they quest to prove that they are worthy of being new leaders of the forest guard against evil beings known as the horde Yes, the four of them are very stereotypical as many people have said, with the main character being the smart, quie [...]

    10. Brought to you by OBS reviewer KrystalAt first glance Chosen reminded me of J.R.R Tolkien s The Lord of the Rings or Christopher Paolini s Inheritance Cycle, but I was sorely mistaken.Chosen, the first in The Lost Books series, spans the fifteen year gap between the Circle Trilogy s Black and Red books Whether you have or haven t read the Circle Trilogy doesn t matter though because The Lost Books stand alone as intriguing tales of good versus evil.Dekker throws us into a world much like our own [...]

    11. Well, where do I start I ll start with the good things The book was easy to understand and descriptive enough Mostly I just loved the little white bat things, because I found them amusing But there is a list of bad things I found in this book Firstly, the plot was ridiculously slow, and I found myself only reading it when there wasn t anything else to do When you read the description of this book, you expect a violent, action packed story Well in this I was dissapointed with the lack of exitment [...]

    12. This was an amazing story I read it straight through Couldn t put it down It reminded me of the Song Of Albion series written by Stephen Lawhead in the mid 1990s I loved the premise, the plot, the action, the emotion It was amazing And those characters were in perilous situations so often it was downright thrilling I love it when situations seem hopeless, but then something happens to turn it around But like life, it s never easy Love isn t easy, nor is faith, not when the facts tell you all is [...]

    13. I recently read this book over the summer and i thought it was very intresting its about a world so close to ours, but still not in our time Elyon is like the supreme ruler in the sky and his most beutiful creature that he created was called telleh he let it go to his head This book is about the four chosen ones that, out of all of the forest dwellers, are pick by Elyon to save the world from telleh and the dark one This book is the first of a series that is awsome and turns form a routine run t [...]

    14. So, rereading this book, it really does feel like How to Train a Dragon, just without dragons At least in the beginning of it Johnis is a wonderfully flawed character that you immediately latch onto He s our hero in this world and I fully trusted him to take me on this journey of discovery and redemption I was only a little weary of it because I d just finished the Circle Saga and I don t know if anyone can be better than Thomas Hunter In any case, Johnis began his journey with his friends and I [...]

    15. Wow, I couldn t even finish this Not because it was boring or anything, it just was terribly written Ugh, just terrible It jumped all over the place, there was really no background to the story Just bad My policy is if it s still bad and I m a fourth of the way through, ditch it That s what I did Why waste my time on something I know isn t going to get any better Advice to the author, no ones going to finish a book with a bad beginning.

    16. In my opinion this book was incredible If you are a fan of fantasy type novels such as the Percy Jackson books, this would be up your alley, minus the Greek and Roman gods It is a cool twist of good versus evil The main gist is that a group of kids are chosen to find a set of books and go through severe circumstances on their way to retrieving the first I highly recommend this book, especially if you are into good versus evil with a twist.

    17. I liked this book, the action and mystery was good And the romance was okay, i wish Ted Dekker went into depth of the character s love stories, that would of been great But the story line was good.

    18. Okay This book was a bit weird for me It started off really strong It was fast paced, and interesting, and this strange post apocalyptic society they were living in was fresh after the twisting cities and politics and cunning people and back sliding from all the other books that I d been reading before this But I did end up having a few issues with the book 1 The clear black and white, good vs evilIt was waaaaaaaaay too cut and dry for my tastes At every single turn and any opportunity, Dekker m [...]

    19. I think the biggest reason I loved this book was nostalgia The fact that I had nostalgia for an imaginary world made me think the book deserved five stars I also loved it because I couldn t put it down.This series takes place in the same world as the Circle Series by Dekker, which is the first series I read by him hence the nostalgia Especially after the huge disappointment the last book in that series Green was, I was very pleased to once again be engaged in a book that takes place in other ear [...]

    20. Real rating 3.5I first read this book and the other first few can t remember where I left off about 8 ish years ago and decided to reread them I always like when fantasy stories are set in the future of our world It s just really interesting to me and not something you usually see The books have an interesting premise with real stakes and an ever present threat that gives good tension to the story The characters are entertaining as they adjust to each other and their individual personalities Rea [...]

    21. I thought that this book was a great read it had every thing from comedy to times where something intense was going down I really liked this book because it was a unusual story line, but how Ted Dekker explained each piece by describing everything in detail just made the book for me Even the greatest books have there ups and downs and Chosen had a few downs Some examples of downs in chosen where that when the story would skip to the hordes point of view it would be for like a page or two then su [...]

    22. A Cheesy ThrowbackI read The Circle Series several years ago, and picked up Chosen to reenter that world As expected, it was fun to read my way through the desert, the waters of Elyon, and the black forest and, because of that nostalgia, I was willing to overlook some moments of awkward dialogue and less than subtle overlap with other Dekker novels So while Chosen is much less impressive than The Circle Series, reading it after the latter makes it much enjoyable I ll definitely check out the se [...]

    23. This is the second novel I ve read from Ted Dekker and I must say he is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors He knows how to keep a reader captivated and lost in the book from the moment you start reading I don t want to give anything away but the story is about these group of teens chosen to fight in a battle against these evil creatures that use to be human, but on their way to prove themselves worthy of being in the Guards they go through some very disturbing experiences that leads the [...]

    24. I don t think I am the target reading audience for this book it s probably better suited to tweens and teens but I found the storyline compelling nonetheless The plot isn t sophisticated, but the main character is engaging, and I kept reading because wanted to find out how he would change over the course of book It s a fairly easy read, and a fun one for anyone who isn t looking for anything too heavy.

    25. This is by far the best Ted Dekker book I ve read so far I was in fact going to give up on the author I ve read three of his books, two written on his own and one co authored with Frank Peretti I liked his stories, but his writing style justcked something But this book, well it is clear that Mr Dekker is in his element Very interesting, thrilling storyline, good characters, and a fascinating setting

    26. A continuation of the color books, red, green, black and white , this science fiction book was a quick read, with adventure, good vs evil, and a little intrigue I guess I would say I m enjoying it.ere are 6 of them I am currently on 3, so I must like them enough to keep going A pretty good read, average on the scale.

    27. I am now realizing that there s another series by this guy in the same universe that I think happens first in the timeline But I still completely understood this It was a great book, but kind of short There were definitely some scenes that could have been drawn out , had a lot detail.

    28. I did this book on audio It has an original idea that I really like but it just wasn t doing it for me It s probably that I m doing it on audio as I m not fond of the reader.

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