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The Secret Language of Relationships #2020

The Secret Language of Relationships The Secret Language of Relationships shows how astrology can craft a relationship profile between any two individuals born during any two weeks of the year The result is an indispensable guide to gett

  • Title: The Secret Language of Relationships
  • Author: Gary Goldschneider Joost Elffers
  • ISBN: 9780670032624
  • Page: 235
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Secret Language of Relationships By Gary Goldschneider Joost Elffers, The Secret Language of Relationships shows how astrology can craft a relationship profile between any two individuals born during any two weeks of the year The result is an indispensable guide to getting the most out of every relationship.

    • [PDF] ✓ The Secret Language of Relationships | BY Ì Gary Goldschneider Joost Elffers
      235 Gary Goldschneider Joost Elffers
    • thumbnail Title: [PDF] ✓ The Secret Language of Relationships | BY Ì Gary Goldschneider Joost Elffers
      Posted by:Gary Goldschneider Joost Elffers
      Published :2020-02-23T20:20:43+00:00

    1 thought on “The Secret Language of Relationships

    1. Perhaps the most accurate summary of the many different types of personalities in relationship matchups, each astrological sign is broken down in 3 parts each week represents a division of the sign i.e aries I, aries II, and aries III and each week in between the transition to the next sign represents a cusp i.e the aries taurus cusp Through matching the weeks on the grid, you can compare the relationship theme between 2 individual signs in comparison with each other i.e a taurus II and a cancer [...]

    2. The lovely folk singer Rose Polenzani introduced me to this book by mentioning it at a concert she was giving in Syracuse back during my undergrad days She revealed during said concert that according to this book she is born in the Week of the Loner, and then said her birthday is March 7th Which, you should know, is just two days before my birthday Which meansat s right folks, I am also a lone star Anyway, it was fate or in the stars, or what have you for me to connect with this book, and I am e [...]

    3. oh gawd, how did i ever live WITHOUT this book from the moment i plunked my 32 down on the counter for this behemoth, we were inseparable.i have amazed friends and acquaintances alike with its astoundingly accurate insights into personalities and their perfect and not so perfect astrological matches s not your crunchy granola hocus pocus any, honey this book will change the way you think about your birthday and everyone else s.

    4. This is one of three major astrological books I really admire assemblied by Gary Goldschneider with the help of many other people who know astrology What I like about this book is that he really takes the time to seperate the relationships not by sign to sign but by decan to decan In Astrology, each sign is devided into five different weeks which are three decans and two cusps The two cusps are usually swing weeks which merge qualities of the previous sign along with qualities of the latter sign [...]

    5. Creepy but totally fun Astrology is this interesting concept One one hand there are things that make you who you are based on when you are born and then experience and genetics which make up the rest Generally speaking I think astrology is just a fun thing but I am not sure it could ever be my belief system Anyways a friend of mine had this book and I found myself looking at it thinking this is creepy and true The book is really simple to use you simply look at your birthday and someone else bir [...]

    6. A fun little book that describes your relationship working, romantic, familial, etc with another person based on your birthdays I say little because it s a veritable textbook and didn t even fit on the regular shelf at the library Seriously, the size of the book is such that you will be embarrassed to ask for it aloud at the library, or be seen with the wheelbarrow necessary to cart it from the nonfiction section to the front desk Is it odd to anyone else that astrology books are shelved so nonc [...]

    7. I find myself reaching for this every time I meet someone new This book is truly one of the best investments that I have ever made It never gets old, its like the words on the pages change every time you meet a new person Trust me once you ve made an acquaintance with someone you ve never meet before you ll be racing home to read what this book has to say about your guys compatibility Its not just for lovers but for the relationships you have with your friends, and family A must read for those w [...]

    8. I still can t figure out if this book is true or not For me and my past relationships, it seems dead on But when I ask my friends to read their past relationships, they seem lost and say that only some is true Maybe I just understand the language Maybe they aren t reading it so well I don t know For now, I have it there and if a new relationship comes up, I go to the book and see if its relatable.

    9. This is a perfect housewarming gift I ve had it in my living room for years and anyone of any age enjoys looking up their birthday with someone else s and reading about how they relate to each other Find out who is best worst for you in love, marriage, work, friendship I ve found it to be surprisingly accurate but not all the time You can take it seriously or just see it as a fun parlor game.

    10. This book is really accurate Its kind of scary Some of the predictions it made actually happened It predicted one relationship I had to a T, and also it was very descriptive on how we would break up, and why It all happened exactly like it said Also the personalities of people I know line up with what it says So I consultant the book constantly Though regardless of how accurate it seems I don t put alot of stock in it But its really fun to use

    11. I got this book because I read the intro to a book by the same two people on Personology, which described the signs but dividing each sign into three parts based on date, and I was very impressed by the writing the manner of expression and the truthfulness or insightfulness of what was said Impressed enough that I assumed the whole book must be true.

    12. Another of my favorite tools, in conjunction with The Secret Language of Birthdays This one can be doubly useful as a way to look at the relationship between characters, if I already have their birth signs, and as a way to find a birth sign for characters which I can look up in S.L.B for insight into said character , if I know what relationship I want them to have.

    13. I also own the The Secret Language of Birthdays Personology Profiles for Each Day of the Year this one goes into how compatible your relationships are Both are fun to read.

    14. Maybe you believe in Astrology, with this book you won t have too These authors have a clear gift in hearing and breaking down the science that God has mapped out for us regarding our personalities.The book is plaid out in plain text, find your birthday and read YOU WILL BE AMAZED, it s that on point.

    15. This book has been a great resource in my efforts at matchmaking I was able to find it on spot affirming both my LTRs to be suited for LOVE or MARRIAGE.The companion book, about birthdays, has been also on spot Look up the personology for individuals born June 14 Tell me if this doesn t nail the temperament of our 45th President.

    16. This is a great book to help with or give accurate perspective to any and all relationships, whether it be partner, co worker or family member I bought it used years ago and it lives on my nightstand not my bookshelf.

    17. This note encompasses all of the astrology books shelved here.A small collection of the esoterica inherited from my parents I don t use them, but they may or may not have, but defintely were, consulted on all life decisions growing up Good times.

    18. Whatever you think about this woo woo stuff, whether it s a funny parlor game or there s something to it, I believe it has described me exactly It s eerie p 116 117 It is interesting to note the relationships it describes with others I know as well Pure fun

    19. This is an astrology book where you can look up your relationship to the people in your life based on each other s birth week say I ve fully read it is a bit much, but it s a fun reference book for a rainy day or when you meet someone new and exciting.

    20. The book is divided up by week of the year You match up the week you were born to the week of your partner and see how compatible you are More fun than accurate, but there are some gems of wisdom buried within the fortune cookie philosophy.

    21. Offers insights into your personal characteristics based on your zodiac sign birthday Then you can compare your compatibility with those of others based on their birthday Very cute and lots of fun, it was right on about me and my husband I wouldn t honestly take it to seriously though.

    22. Fun, but also has good insight to relationships I bought it with little expectation and was pleasantly surprised at how accurate it was.

    23. Best and most accurate astrology book on relationship compatability I have read Not only love relationships and family as well.

    24. This book is my Biblewhat a fabulous astrological guide to sun signsis book breaks it down it is fun, and enlightening.

    25. 5 stars for being surprisingly accurate usually astrology isn t accurate in regards to relationships or compatibility, since humans are just too complex and unique.

    26. Goes into greater depth based on the week of birth I wouldn t say that it is dead on but it comes pretty close.

    27. I ve had this book for many years and still use it to check compatability with friends, roommates, co workers, lovers, etc.

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