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The Sheikh's Bartered Bride #2020

The Sheikh s Bartered Bride After a whirlwind courtship Sheikh Hakim bin Omar al Kadar proposes marriage Shy innocent Catherine Benning has already fallen head over heels in love and she accepts After their wedding day and nig

  • Title: The Sheikh's Bartered Bride
  • Author: Lucy Monroe
  • ISBN: 9780373124473
  • Page: 320
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Sheikh's Bartered Bride By Lucy Monroe, After a whirlwind courtship, Sheikh Hakim bin Omar al Kadar proposes marriage Shy, innocent Catherine Benning has already fallen head over heels in love and she accepts.After their wedding day and night when the sheikh claims his virgin wife, Catherine and Hakim travel to his desert kingdom There Catherine discovers that this is no love match for Hakim he s boughtAfter a whirlwind courtship, Sheikh Hakim bin Omar al Kadar proposes marriage Shy, innocent Catherine Benning has already fallen head over heels in love and she accepts.After their wedding day and night when the sheikh claims his virgin wife, Catherine and Hakim travel to his desert kingdom There Catherine discovers that this is no love match for Hakim he s bought her

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      320 Lucy Monroe
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    1 thought on “The Sheikh's Bartered Bride

    1. LOVED this book Beautiful romance between an arrogant Sheikh and a romantic librarian In my opinion, LM never fails to deliver a touching, sexy romance Hero s arrogance was so funny and endearing He respects and protects the heroine and his old fashioned courtship made me swoon He is an alpha male with heart, very much in love with Catherine He doesn t express his feelings with words but his actions show a devoted honorable husband Catherine was so sweet, shy and naive originally but I liked how [...]

    2. I really enjoyed this book, than I thought I would Although Catherine was insecure, it was very believable why she had her insecurities And although Karim did marry her without telling her it was an arranged marriage, he had good reasons I was glad that although Catherine did spend a short time being angry with him, she did try to put that behind her and make the most of her marriage because she did see that he had best intentions to be a good husband to her.

    3. Synopsis Catherine Benning is a 24 year old virgin librarian During her formative years, she felt like an outcast among her peers and her family due to an early growth spurt and disfiguring acne After her ugly duckling days were behind her, she never gained confidence in her own appeal This was only compounded when her parents tried to set her up with men who she thought were interested in a connection to her wealthy father than in her personally She s unaware that the sexy sheikh sweeping her [...]

    4. 4 Stars Sheikh Hakim bin Omar al Kadar set out to woe Catherine Benning and he succeeded in sweeping her off her feet Catherine was very much in love when she accepted his marriage proposal and she thought Hakim felt the same way After their fairy tale wedding in Seattle, they flew to Jawhar to meet his family and have another ceremony prepared by his grandfather At their first dinner in Jawhar, Catherine learns that her marriage had been arranged by the King and her father her father s company [...]

    5. Just okay She was pretty wimpy and he didn t come out of it smelling like a rose I guess it just wasn t romantic enough for me The first part where he was fake romancing her was too long for my tastes and the end was just so so

    6. The Sheikhs Bartered Bride is the story of Hakim and Catherine.Catherine, the shy librarian is swept away by the Arab Sheikh Hakim into a whirlwind courtship and marriage.However what she though originated from love actually turns out to be a agreement between Hakim s uncle and her father What I liked about this story was the h stood up for herself the H wasn t a manwhore A persistent hero who fought to keep the marriage going and as the book progresses you actually see him starting to care for [...]

    7. One of those stories that is so filled with angsty drama that I can t put it down It was a short and engaging story But the characters Argh Catherine is a 24 year old virgin who has never been on a date, likes astronomy and is a librarian She has self esteem issues than you can shake a stick at her being so tall not really to not being model slender she s average to the stretch marks on her arms and legs from her teenage growth spurt She s also somewhat traumatized by her experience of having h [...]

    8. Okay, this one is Good Catharine with her shy attitude s falling all over Hakim, Prince of Jawhar When he asked her to marry him, she said yes right away and flew happily to Jawhar Until she found out that Hakim insisted to marry her only for her father and his uncle s benefits The ending is kind of disappointing Because I expect some action where Cat got hurt or got shot or something like that and Hakim s sooo sad and regret for not telling her that he loves her I expect scene like that but eve [...]

    9. 2 5A enjoyably enough piece with big letdowns.Let down one the female protagonist is the ultimate anti feminist wrapped in pretendie feminist clothing She eventually just abandons her apparent principles and values on equal treatment in favour of Hakim cock, his brooding stares and cos she view spoiler gets knocked up preggers hide spoiler Let down two there was a total anti climax twice in this novel Firstly between Catherine Hakim after she discovered the truth about their marriage And two, wi [...]

    10. I won this as a prize from the authors website What little girl hasn t at one time wanted to be stolen away by a gorgeous desert sheikh Twenty four year old virgin Cat Benning lives in her world of dreams working at the library and looking at the stars Into that world comes Sheikh Hakim He sweeps her off her feet with a whirlwind courtship and marriage Then Cat discovers she s been set up Her father is working a deal with Hakim s king and the marriage is part of the deal There is a clash of cult [...]

    11. I really enjoyed this book I liked that the heroHakim was so different I thought the author did a wonderful job of portraying an alpha character but within the limitations of his culture Catherine s shyness and naivete were credible Hakims use of language and courteous manners fit the image I loved the whole courtship thing.d it was a nice change of pace to see the two of them really wiling to work out their differences and respecting that their marriage was not disposable If you are looking for [...]

    12. the heroine clearly had no pride n was really dumbhe never said he loved her hw can she assume he did n she still wanted 2 be his wife after learning the truth the book was well written n entertaining but i cud not bear the naivete of the heroine it disgusts me in her place, i wud have made him grovel

    13. Marriage was arranged but part of deal is he has to woo her She is librarian After marriage she discovers he made a deal with her father and is very upset She wants divorce She tries to return to Seattle but he forces her off the plane They have Bedouin ceremony too Bath scene She forgives him once he presents vets himself.

    14. Catherine thought her love was reciprocated so after briefly dating where not even a single kiss was exchanged, mind you she accepted his proposal However, shortly after their wedding, she discovered that their first meeting at the library was engineered by her father and the hero Hakim and that the marriage was an elaborate oil for visas scheme not unlike those hatched up by the United Nations What followed was a mini tantrum on her part She insisted on a divorce because she wasn t married for [...]

    15. The first half of this book was hard to read because the heroine had no self esteem and seemed way too naive about men for a 24 year old Plus we know the whole time the hero is deliberately courting her to make her fall for him so he can marry her as part of a business deal, so I couldn t trust anything he said.The second half really picks up after Catherine finds out about Hakim s real motivation She grew a backbone but she also thought things through and gave their marriage a chance I thought [...]

    16. I couldn t finish this The language was silted, there was little to no chemistry between the two I mean the author told us there was chemistry but sure didn t show us She was as weak as a mouse The initial meeting and courtship phase jumped from event to event without warning, it was all very abrupt When she said she was in love with the hero it cane as a shock because they d barely been shown to talk and they d been in about 3 scenes together I never got to know the characters well enough to ca [...]

    17. I had trouble categorizing this, when i started reading this could have been a historical romance with how the couple talked and expressed themselves and then all of a sudden they re in a limousine hmm So the first 50 pages had me confused and focused on what time period this was than their whirlwind romance Did not feel the romance, at all, it felt strained and how many virgins are sold nowadays in America to a Sheikh Couldn t finish this Not even with a sundrained brain to tired to go inside [...]

    18. Arranged Marriage Or Passionate Love Story d You ve been married 2 days, head over heels in love and while having dinner with your husband s family, that you ve just met you find out its an arranged marriage Yep, that s a mood killer The h was shy but strong when pushed, the H was a good and honorable man While the H accepted his duty you could tell he cared about the h and wanted to work their differences out Worth reading d

    19. Still in the mood for this kind of books DThis one is ok The heroine is a naive, little insert here derogatory term noun and the hero thinks he is such a smart, sexy, obsessed with the good of the people first, good of the family 2nd and, somewhere in there, think for myself dude All in all it s fun in a never going to happen in the real world, not in a million years book.Stupid things to say when during sex Oh, my gosh if I could think of smth off putting, I couldn t

    20. Generally, I always enjoyed Lucy Monroe s work but in this book, there s something missing here or maybe because I find the heroine a bit annoying and she got on my nerves Or maybe because the dialogues and moments between the hero and heroine left me wanting It seems like the heroine fell in love based on her daydreams alone.

    21. This book was good, it was fun, had a deep reason of emotions on both sides as the hero and heroin learn to lead a life based on the present and the future instead of the mistakes or confusions of the past Fun, light read

    22. It s a harlequin you know what you are reading it for, and for that it delivers decently Nothing original here, same song, same dance, different names Another cookie cutter romance sure to mildly satisfy.

    23. I absolutely love this book it has got to be one of my favourite Mills Boon books of all time I have to admit to having read this book at least 30 times.

    24. This was a typical Harlequin storyline they met, fell in love, married and had a misunderstanding that needed to be worked out I liked the characters and how they handled the conflict.

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