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Love And Longing In Bombay #2020

Love And Longing In Bombay In these five haunting stories Vikram Chandra paints a remarkable picture of Bombay its ghosts its passions its feuds its mysteries while exploring timeless questions of the human spirit The storie

  • Title: Love And Longing In Bombay
  • Author: Vikram Chandra
  • ISBN: 9780140265729
  • Page: 441
  • Format: Paperback
  • Love And Longing In Bombay By Vikram Chandra, In these five haunting stories Vikram Chandra paints a remarkable picture of Bombay its ghosts, its passions, its feuds, its mysteries while exploring timeless questions of the human spirit The stories are linked by a single narrator, an elusive civil servant, who, on each of five evenings, recounts an extraordinary tale to those seated around him in a smoky Bombay bar.In these five haunting stories Vikram Chandra paints a remarkable picture of Bombay its ghosts, its passions, its feuds, its mysteries while exploring timeless questions of the human spirit The stories are linked by a single narrator, an elusive civil servant, who, on each of five evenings, recounts an extraordinary tale to those seated around him in a smoky Bombay bar In Shakti , two feuding business families are united by a forbidden passion in Dharma , a soldier forced to save his life through a terrible act of self mutilation returns to his home in Bombay to find it haunted by the spirit of a small boy in Karma , a police inspector takes on a murder case and finds himself drawn further into spiralling layers of corruption and deceit Tightly controlled and luminously written, this outstanding collection confirms Vikram Chandra as one of today s most exciting writers.

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      441 Vikram Chandra
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    1 thought on “Love And Longing In Bombay

    1. 4.5 5I spoke at length, then, about superstition and the state of our benighted nation, in which educated men and women believed in banshees and ghouls.I chalk this work s low rating up to the collectively vain expectation that creations written in English will always be centered around the English and its domination of modern times Colonization Postcolonial Nationalism in one and hoards of what I take to be Hindi with no sign of footnotes in the other I would ve been as lost as the majority of [...]

    2. I bought Chandra s immense novel Sacred Games a little while ago While it looks to be wonderful, I ve been a bit intimidated by the sheer size of the thing So this collection of five stories one short novel plus four in the novelette novella range seemed a reasonable means of warming myself up to Chandra s work, as it were The five pieces are called Dharma , Shakti , Kama , Artha and Shanti Shamefully I had to look up the meanings of these terms I ll give shorthand versions, which are not intend [...]

    3. I read a good bit of fiction by Indian authors I have a deep connection to the subcontinent and try to learn about the culture through current literature I have truly enjoyed works by Lahiri, Mistry and others Their stories captured me.Having giving that disclaimer, I truly did not like this book Chandra is a gifted writer, no doubt, but I felt no connection to his characters, to their stories Even though the stories were relatively short, I found myself having difficulty following them because [...]

    4. Chapters 1, 4 and 5 are the good ones Chandra seems to have this style of not using speech marks sometimes, and I m not sure if I appreciate that Also, the novel may have done better if it had taken advantage of its anecdotal setup where much of the story is told to our narrator to reveal the characters of the people telling them so Whilst Chapter 5 did use narration to show us the characters than the rest of the book, I think Wuthering Heights did this better if you read that you ll perhaps s [...]

    5. Here s a real good writer All the stories contained in this book are well drawn, its characters deeply sketched There is nothing shallow here, and the joy of the language is immense I liked the way Chandra has linked the different genera by a frame story all the tales are told by a retired old man, who whiles away his time in a dingy bar off Sasoon Docks in Bombay In fact, the tales could have taken place in any city in India, but it just happens to be Bombay, the muse of urban Indian writers.I [...]

    6. I spent 12 years trying to remember a story which I d read in the New Yorker, and loved For years I tried to reconstruct scraps of what I remembered about the story practically nothing, except the image of a woman s fingers flying over a telephone keypad Not the author s name, not the character s name, and certainly not the name of the story Since it was set in India, I thought it might be by an Indian writer, but I wasn t sure.At last I found it by exhaustively combing the New Yorker s online a [...]

    7. A while back, I read Vikram Chandra s debut novel Red Earth and Pouring Rain, and loved it it was everything Magical Realism always promises to be but so rarely really is it combines a rich, sensual writing that lets the reader soak in the sights, sound and smells of a vivdly evoked reality with a fertile, proliferating imagination that transforms that reality into something even richer and stranger but which still gives us a perspective on our world as it is distorts it into clarity, to appropr [...]

    8. Vignettes introduce you to a garden of characters reading this almost feels like watching short films, observing rather than inhabiting carefully staged and haunted dioramas From Shanti, a man remembers the death of his twin The newspapers had reported with relief that on this day there were only six dead One of the six was his one body identical down to the strangely short fifth toe on the left foot He had never known the bitterness of small statistics, but now he carried it everywhere in his m [...]

    9. Rating 2.75 5I am glad, I am done with this book I cannot rate it any higher, as the stories in here seem to be mediocre, lackluster boring Lots of detours within the stories, left me with nothing other than scratching my head The way the stories started or ended, boy o boy I am NOT impressed Writing appears to be intricate, many situations scenarios appear to be disjoint from the plot itself Cheers,

    10. The idea of five stories to talk about the purushartha is nice but I have found the stories a little bit boring For me they were all ok reads but nothing L idea di Vikram Chandra, di scrivere cinque brevi racconti per parlare dei purushartha, carina e originale peccato che le storie siano leggermente noiose.

    11. This eclectic mix of stories on the vast canvas of one of the most intriguing cities of the world is quite a read I enjoyed the man and the ghost and the quirk and the serene Vikram Chandra doesn t disappoint after Red Earth and Pouring Rain A nice breezy winter read for sure

    12. I don t know if I can speak coherently about the ways in which I love this book I see why Chandra returned to the characters which recur in Sacred Games Inspector Sartaj Singh breaks my heart in my favorite way.

    13. I liked Vikram Chandra s writing I find it poetic and very dramatic I am sure it is not for everyone This book is like a Bollywood movie every detail in the surrounding is described to perfection and it just flows together.I am glad I picked this one

    14. The stories in this collection are not an easy read , however, once you are in and underway each is gripping I enjoyed the Bombay setting, usually the upper class or newly emergent middle class computer programmers for example something that is different to the usual view of India Nevertheless, each had something to say about the state of India the lost world of detatched housing, which reminded me of the History House in God of Small Things, police brutality, secret homosexual and inter religio [...]

    15. DISCLAIMER The only reason I picked up this book and completed it was because it was a compulsory read in my minor syllabus in college Ugh This one word can literally sum up all of my review for Love and Longing in Bombay.So my minor this semester is Diaspora, and I m really enjoying it BUT, there s always a but, Vikram Chandra is not my favorite Disaporic writer Actually I would prefer not to put him on the list at all Since I ve read the book though, might as well review it WARNING I may vent [...]

    16. A loose knit set of narratives about narrative A too sure of himself main narrator bumps into an old storyteller whose tales open up the main narrator to a wider sense of the world, of possibility and, most of all, to the city in which the tales are set Bombay All in all, a love letter to the city, one that bids fair to challenge Rushdie s work for biggest homer Some tales are better than others Dharma is a wonderful, bittersweet story of duty and sacrifice that doubles as a ghost story with a t [...]

    17. Another book with Longing in its name and its theme too its true when they say that we all long for something some just know it and some don t and its never ending one desire fulfilled leads to another and we live our lives longing for fulfilment All in all life is a vicious circle of longing and what do we desire the most love I have not been a fan of Vikram Chandra after reading Red Earth and Pouring Rain and even Sacred Games was just a decent read But you can t go much wrong with a short sto [...]

    18. I picked up this book thinking it was Vikram Seth, of A Doctor s Journal Entry for August 6 1945 and A Suitable Boy I do not regret picking up this book.Love and Longing in Bombay contains five stories narrated by a Mr Subramanium in a shady bar in Bombay overlooking the sea Each of the five stories focuses on one aspect of Mumbai s culturescape Dharma, Not Karan Johar Your jokes should be banned which mean belief religion tells of past ghosts getting resurrected, and the feeling of belonging my [...]

    19. 5 stories One Good, rest insipid and uninspiring Don t know why I fell in the Vikram Chandra trap twice after ploughing through the horrible Sacred Games Not really worth reading.

    20. The five stories in Love and Longing in Bombay are connected in a few ways they re all told through the same character, to the narrator, at varying degrees of distance they re all really about Bombay except, perhaps, Shanti, the final story they re all about some kind of love they re all really, really about storytelling I liked that Chandra uses the stories to explore a variety of genres, linking the stories through framing device and theme while exploring other areas in each individual work.So [...]

    21. A wonderful collection of five stories all interlinked in an ingenious manner All except one are set in Bombay Chandra s brilliant story telling grips you from the word go.In the murder mystery detective story Kama, the detective Sartaj Singh who is going through a troubled marriage , becomes deeply involved in a murder mystery This Police Inspector Sartaj Singh is the character that has a big presence in Chandra s other book The Sacred Games too Vikram Chandra s characters exert a kind of deep [...]

    22. Five short stories about life in modern 20th century India are intertwined by the same narrator as he sits in a bar with friends Each story has an element of mystery, though not all are solved conclusively However, all are as vivid and colorful as the front cover of this book Chandra makes the ordinary and everyday come brilliantly alive It doesn t even matter if you recognize or understand completely the Indian words sprinkled throughout somehow, you just know or can imagine what they mean Dhar [...]

    23. Oh well All I can say is I am finally through this book And I am not at all impressed Vikram Chandra is a good writer but all the stories in this book are quite vague Characters are vague with almost no connection to the stories You keep wondering what exactly is going on Only story which I liked was of that techie who is trying to find out where 20 Rs and 20 Paise are vanishing from her software Even in that story there were parts like riots and mob, scenes with akhadas which were in my opinion [...]

    24. A chance purchase from our local Oxfam bookshop with no idea what I was letting myself in for just a couple of dips into the pages in different places told me that here was a master of words that I wanted to read Try, for example, It was only a little stumble, but the officers who surrounded him turned away out of sympathy, because he was Jago Antia, and he never stumbled Oh, and I like short stories.Chandra doesn t disappoint Five gems in 260 or so pages linked both through the storyteller and [...]

    25. I first read this book in the Philippines and promptly took it out of hte library when I returned I don t usually re read books or short storis, but I ve actually read this oee a few times It sticks with me I think its the deliciousness of hte characterers and hwo I feel as though I ve been to Bomay and knows its landmarks and mood after reading these stories The first one about the ghost in the old home is not my favourtie, but the Sikh detective, the computer software syspense tale, the social [...]

    26. Dopo il terzo racconto questo libro non mi aveva convinto del tutto, nonostante la bella scrittura e il vivido ritratto di Bombay, spaventosa metropoli dove tradizione e modernit pi che convivere sembrano cospirare incessantemente e concordemente contro l individuo e le sue speranze Gli ultimi due racconti, per , mi hanno conquistato Molto utile il glossario di parole hindi alla fine del volume Immagino che per comprendere bene i racconti, i loro personaggi e la miriade di riferimenti all attual [...]

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