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The Notorious Benedict Arnold: A True Story of Adventure, Heroism & Treachery #2020

The Notorious Benedict Arnold A True Story of Adventure Heroism Treachery On a bitter cold day in January Benedict Arnold was born Little did anyone know that he would grow up to become the most infamous villain in American history But first he would be one of the cou

  • Title: The Notorious Benedict Arnold: A True Story of Adventure, Heroism & Treachery
  • Author: Steve Sheinkin Mark Bramhall
  • ISBN: 9780449014967
  • Page: 431
  • Format: Audio CD
  • The Notorious Benedict Arnold: A True Story of Adventure, Heroism & Treachery By Steve Sheinkin Mark Bramhall, On a bitter cold day in January 1741 Benedict Arnold was born Little did anyone know that he would grow up to become the most infamous villain in American history But first, he would be one of the country s greatest war heroes Fearless in the line of fire, a genius at strategy and motivating his men, General Arnold was America s first action hero But his thirst for recOn a bitter cold day in January 1741 Benedict Arnold was born Little did anyone know that he would grow up to become the most infamous villain in American history But first, he would be one of the country s greatest war heroes Fearless in the line of fire, a genius at strategy and motivating his men, General Arnold was America s first action hero But his thirst for recognition would ultimately be his undoing Hopeless at political maneuvers, prone to outbursts of ego and temper, Arnold saw his fame slowly slipping away And so, he came up with a plan that would guarantee his place in history Packed with gripping first person accounts, astonishing battle scenes, and shocking betrayals, this accessible biography proves that there s than one side to every good story.

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      431 Steve Sheinkin Mark Bramhall
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    1 thought on “The Notorious Benedict Arnold: A True Story of Adventure, Heroism & Treachery

    1. If you re wandering around Saratoga National Park, you might come across an odd sculpture of a boot leg with a cryptic dedication In memory of the most brilliant soldier of the Continental Army who was desperately wounded on this spot the sally port of BORGOYNES GREAT WESTERN REDOUBT 7th October, 1777 winning for his countrymen the decisive battle of the American Revolution and for himself the rank of Major General You might think that it was some sort of twisted riff on the Tomb of the Unknown [...]

    2. This was great Arnold is simply a footnote, The Traitor, an expression, but never a real person His heroism has been lost due to his treachery But who was he How could he go from one of the most heroic figures of the Revolutionary War to the most despised Why would he have done that This book makes no apologies for Arnold, but it does give a good accounting of the whole man A few times, it was a bit simplistic in explaining situations, but I think that enhanced rather than detracted There are pl [...]

    3. Forget this is a nonficton book Think of it rather as a swashbuckling adventure novel It would make a great movie Picture Benedict Arnold as the reckless, anti authority hero who gets himself into a lot of tough situations but always manages to get the bad guy in the end I m thinking of Bruce Willis in the Die Hard films or Mel Gibson in the Lethal Weapon films Old examples, I know, but hey, I m a grandmother This book was a finalist for the 2012 YALSA Excellence in Young Adult Nonfiction award [...]

    4. I admit, I did not know much about Benedict Arnold, other than what everyone else learned about him back in 4th grade history class he was in the Revolutionary war and the most infamous US traitor What I never knew was what predicated the decision to switch sides, and what he was like as a person The thing that stuck with me most was something written at the end of the book that had he not switched sides, Benedict Arnold would have been remembered as the most important hero of the Revolutionary [...]

    5. This is one of the most interesting non fiction books I have read in quite some time It is the story of a true American hero, patriot, and General who betrayed his country The writing is action packed and engrossing Highly recommended.

    6. This book was terrible I would rather go shopping with my mom for clothes then read another page The one thing that I liked wasTHING

    7. I thought that overall it was a not great book There were some parts of the book that were very interesting and i couldn t put the book down but some parts were the opposite Some parts of the book were very boring and moved very slow I feel like there was no big climax to the book The best part of the book for me was the end.

    8. I am reviewing this book from the perspective of the Christian worldview.For most American, no name symbolizes betrayal and treason like the name Benedict Arnold Yet for most people, no other historical details usually accompany the name besides the fact that he lived during the Revolutionary War and eventually sided with the British This book is an excellent read of the story of Benedict Arnold and the author wrote it in a narrative form that feels like a novel Halfway into the book my mind sta [...]

    9. I loved this book, it was a great read and I got through it very quickly and was disappointed at the end because I didn t want it to end The author did an excellent job and not only told Arnold s history but also took you into his mind and gave you a feel for why Arnold turned At the beginning of the history I found it hard to believe this was the man who would betray his country He was loyal to the colonies and defiant to the crown, refusing to pay taxes and joining up right away when the colon [...]

    10. I was looking for some books to read with my ten year old daughter when I came across this one I was interested in learning something about Benedict Arnold, I recently stumbled across the fact that he was a brave soldier of the Revolution before his error in judgment and fall from grace.I was impressed with Steve Sheinkin s writing style and thought he did an excellent job of portraying Benedict Arnold as a human being with strengths and flaws I really didn t know much about Arnold and now that [...]

    11. Benedict Arnold is a fascinating character and Sheinkin brings him vividly to life in this lively, informative and quite engaging portrait This is a biography written specifically for a teenage audience but any adult reader who enjoys a gripping, good story with a compelling character will enjoy it, too I certainly did

    12. Fairy indulging in the beginning, although all of the names and dates become rather dull with only a spark of excitement or good storytelling every once in a while The overall story that this book tells of is a fascinating story that should be told in history books, although heavily ruins it.

    13. I thought that it was a wee bit boring I thought that because I already knew the ending I was not hooked in I did not like how small of a character Peggy was I did like how she was in the book at the end though It seemed like there was no climax Also it seemed like the author lagged on I did like how it seemed like there was a lot of research went into the book

    14. i dont like this book, its boring theres no action and its kinda slow its not funny, cool or anything its BORING every page i turned there was a desert in my brain, i mean i didnt pay alot of attention becouse it was sooooo boring that i would rather walk through the dessert seven times.

    15. I wasn t a big fan of the book It wasn t very interesting, I got bored while reading There was some drama in the book and that was a little bit entertaining but, there wasn t really a climax so therefore I did not like this book.

    16. To be honest I didn t really like this book When I first opened this book it was really good and well written, but I feel like as it went on the author was just trying to fill up the book with random stuff Like really boring details about Benedict s life It s like a textbook but written as a nonfiction book Wouldn t recommend But do read if your English teacher or you have to.

    17. Good nonfiction for young adult readers is harder to come by than good fiction Like cavalry over the hill, then, rides The Notorious Benedict Arnold, a book whose ending we know before we start but will the kids I suppose it depends on the curriculum, when they get American history, and to what extent But even for veterans like me, the book offers details either forgotten or never known Benedict Arnold couldn t get out of his own personality s way His father of the same name, a drunken disgrace, [...]

    18. This book was by far one of the worst books I have ever read It was very dull and boring and had no way of intriguing me I had a lot of trouble just being able to finish this book This book had few moments where I was able to read and enjoy it, But when it did the wording was great I think I got my hopes up too high after I read the first AMAZING sentence

    19. Well, The Notorious Benedict Arnold was probably one of the most boring books I ve ever read Each Page I just wanted to fall asleep Sure some parts were ok but in general, it was a waste of my time The good thing about the book is the characters I could tell that Steve Sheinkin The author put a lot of time and research into it.Overall it was just boring The best part of the book was the end because it was over.

    20. The Notorious Benedict Arnold by Steve Sheinkin The main character in the book is Benedict Arnold Benedict was born in Norwich, Connecticut, and died in London, UK He spent his childhood causing mischief in the town he grew up in, and he spent most of his adulthood fighting in the American revolution The story mainly takes place in Connecticut, New York, Canada, and London When Arnold was just a boy, he often caused trouble in his town This persisted until he went to work as an apprentice to Dan [...]

    21. Ostensibly, this book is for young adults, but anyone who isn t interested in reading 400 dense pages of details will enjoy this swift, engaging account of an American personality we all recognize by name, but few of us can describe Take a look at some of the reviews here, and you ll find lots of younger readers who expected not to like this, but found Sheinkin s writing so compelling that they forgot they were reading history I came to this book after reading Bomb The Race to Build and Steal th [...]

    22. I picked this up because I was so captivated by Steve Sheinkin s other book Bomb The Race to Build And Steal The World s Most Powerful Weapon It is very rare when I ll read a book, and then rush out and see what else the author wrote.It s rarer still when I award 5 stars to two books in a row.I knew very little about Benedict Arnold I knew he was a traitor who had been a war hero I also knew he liked his eggs a certain way with Hollandaise sauce or something Just kidding I m not sure why Eggs Be [...]

    23. This book discusses the life of Benedict Arnold from his adventurous youth, to his quest for importance and wealth, through his success and disappointments during the Revolutionary War, and to his failed attempt to end the war with Britain by allowing the British to overtake West Point and capture Washington Sheinkin does a good job of revealing the possible motives of Arnold and talking about his accomplishments that are often overlooked in our national disdain The author also parallels the sto [...]

    24. I read this one for my YA class It is obvious the author is passionate about and partial to Benedict Arnold, which at first made me doubt his scholarship That plus the fact that it lacks in text documentation But, this is nonfiction for teenagers, so apparently that is not needed and you can tell from his bibliography notes at the back that the book is thoroughly researched Ultimately, I think I like knowing an author s bias up front Then I don t spend the whole book trying to guess what the aut [...]

    25. Reread 5 16 Possibly my favorite biography of all time It s just so crazy and outlandish insanely fun to read, yet one of the most needlessly, ridiculously tragic personal tales in American history Sheinkin includes so many details and quotes, but it never feels bogged down or slow Most of all, though, I don t think I could understand anyone who isn t at least a little bit in love with John Andr.2 11 Detailed, unbiased, and informative, yes, but, first and foremost, this is one heck of a rip roa [...]

    26. Steve Sheinkin once again makes history as easy to read as a novel, and just as engaging Going in, pretty much the only thing I knew about Benedict Arnold was that he was a traitor Such a fascinating read and a man who was quite a character I had no idea of the vital roles he played in the American Revolution nor the sad details of his worst decision ever Though this book is a non fiction history, I would sooner call it an action adventure story.

    27. I have heard of Benedict Arnold multiple times in my life and knew that he was a traitor to our country but it turns out, I didn t know why I didn t know his story After finishing the book my overall impression of Benedict Arnold is that his downfall came because of his pride Before his treachery he did incredible things for our country The stories in the book show his bravery, his cunning and his extreme cleverness I learned a lot reading it Benedict Arnold was so close to being a hero of the R [...]

    28. How did Benedict Arnold become a traitor and lead attacks for the British against American army during the American Revolution What would have happened to the American Revolutionary War if Benedict Arnold s plot were successful Reading this book, which is well supported by primary and secondary sources, makes me feel like watch the historical events replay before my eyes and I find it hard to put down until I could answer the questions.

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