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The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie #2020

The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie Muriel Spark s timeless classic about a controversial teacher who deeply marks the lives of a select group of students in the years leading up to World War II Give me a girl at an impressionable age

  • Title: The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie
  • Author: Muriel Spark
  • ISBN: 9781453245033
  • Page: 246
  • Format: ebook
  • The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie By Muriel Spark, Muriel Spark s timeless classic about a controversial teacher who deeply marks the lives of a select group of students in the years leading up to World War II Give me a girl at an impressionable age, and she is mine for life So asserts Jean Brodie, a magnetic, dubious, and sometimes comic teacher at the conservative Marcia Blaine School for Girls in Edinburgh Brodie selMuriel Spark s timeless classic about a controversial teacher who deeply marks the lives of a select group of students in the years leading up to World War II Give me a girl at an impressionable age, and she is mine for life So asserts Jean Brodie, a magnetic, dubious, and sometimes comic teacher at the conservative Marcia Blaine School for Girls in Edinburgh Brodie selects six favorite pupils to mold and she doesn t stop with just their intellectual lives She has a plan for them all, including how they will live, whom they will love, and what sacrifices they will make to uphold her ideals When the girls reach adulthood and begin to find their own destinies, Jean Brodie s indelible imprint is a gift to some, and a curse to others.The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie is Spark s masterpiece, a novel that offers one of twentieth century English literature s most iconic and complex characters a woman at once admirable and sinister, benevolent and conniving.This ebook features an illustrated biography of Muriel Spark including rare photos and never before seen documents from the author s archive at the National Library of Scotland.

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      246 Muriel Spark
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    1 thought on “The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie

    1. My initial reaction is, take Dead Poets Society, make the students young women instead of young men, replace the character played by Robin Williams with Iago and poof you have this novel.

    2. The prime of Miss Jean Brodie takes us back to the Edinburgh of the thirties School mistress Miss Jean Brodie has selected six of her students to take as confidants These girls will be the recipients of Miss Brodie s unorthodox education that includes fictionalized versions of her love affairs magnified by her need to prolong her prime as much as possible The resulting story revolves around the complex, humoristic and even a bit extravagant relationship that Miss Brodie develops with her girls, [...]

    3. Henry Louis Vivian Derozio is a name possibly not known or cared for beyond the frontiers of India At the tender age of 17 this man of Anglo Indian descent, possessing a sharp intellect and an even sharper tongue, was already a Professor of English Literature and History, busy influencing a group of eager, well bred young men hailing from affluent Bengali families in Calcutta He became a leading figure in the age of socio cultural reform movements in Bengal in the dawn of the 19th century throug [...]

    4. I know I ve had this happen to me before, be surprised by a book Let me explain As I started reading The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, I imagine I would like it Yes, I did However, as I finished Muriel Spark s novel my sentiments were much stronger I knew that I had to read it again sometime soon That has happened to me before, and don t get me wrong, there have been many books that had the same impact on me Like The Lover, Madame Bovary and Atonement, just to mention three of my favorite books How [...]

    5. My humble apologies must go to Muriel Spark, who not only did I assume was an American but also still in the land of the living died 2006 , until I discovered she turned out to be a bonny wee lass from Scotland so much for my literary knowledge One thing I am definitely sure of though, The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie is definitively British through and through.Short and bittersweet, this features a quite sublimely constructed narrative full of wit and brevity where the story focuses on the comic a [...]

    6. Who is the greatest Italian painter Leonardo da Vinci, Miss Brodie That is incorrect The answer is Giotto, he is my favourite Jean Brodie Oh Miss Jean Brodie She may be one of my new favourite heroines in literature I mean she s like up there with Emma Bovary from Madame Bovary, she s that good I think there were other characters in this novel Idk I don t care It s all about Jean I love Jean Jean Jean Hmmm I m starting to think I liked her character than the book itself Oh well I d recommend th [...]

    7. 4.5 5Give me a girl at an impressionable age, and she is mine for life.It wasn t until recently that I became aware of how teachers had viewed me during my high school years To be frank, I was surprised that they had acknowledged me at all, let alone discussed me amongst themselves This discussion extended out from time to time to parents associated with the school, one of whom is now a very good friend of mine and my reason for knowing about this at all I was liked, apparently, for being a quie [...]

    8. It occurred to Sandy, there at the end of the Middle Meadow Walk, that the Brodie set was Miss Brodie s fascisti, not to the naked eye, marching along, but all knit together for her need and in another way, marching along That was all right, but it seemed, too, that Miss Brodie s disapproval of the Girl Guides had jealousy in it, there was an inconsistency, a fault Perhaps the Guides were too much a rival fascisti, and Miss Brodie could not bear it One commonly featuring theme with all the gover [...]

    9. It is quite common in case of any successful person the frequent questions of his or her influences Similarly, in case of any unpleasant individuals the question of his or her bringing up, but with scorn Such is the importance of influence over impressionable minds And teachers play a vital role in causing a positive influence over their pupils To me education is a leading out of what is already there in the pupil s soul This is the story of Miss Jean Brodie who claims to be in her prime , throu [...]

    10. Miss Jean Brodie is a magnetic minor fascist which surprised me, knowing little about the book beforehand except that a it was made into a movie starring Maggie Smith and b that this cover is cute and also very twee.But what Spark does here is let the reader see with the eyes of the Brodie set, of six distinctive girls who follow their teacher in and out of the classroom from their pre adolescent through their teenage years We move with Sandy, Rose, Jenny, Monica, Eunice, and Mary from the exper [...]

    11. 4.5 stars rounded upThis is another one of those books I ve been meaning to read for years seen the film several times Having also read The Ballad of Peckham Rye recently and been impressed by Spark, I thought it was time to finally read this It is brief, but very cleverly put together, employing a flash forward technique, so Spark reveals the plot and the eventual ending bit by bit and in a varied order Spark also makes good use of some neat aphorisms I am in my prime , you are the cr me de la [...]

    12. I shall remain at this education factory where my duty lies There needs must be a leaven in the lump Give me a girl at an impressionable age and she is mine for life The gang who oppose me shall not succeed Muriel Spark, The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie Published in 1961 and set in a Scottish girl s school in the pre World War II period 1930s when Fascism was favorable among those in their Prime and on the rise, The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie tells the story of an unconventional teacher and her infl [...]

    13. Scottish novelist Muriel SparkOTTISH writer Muriel Spark writes short novels or rather novellas, but they have far greater depth than novels that might be 500 pages Many thick tomes are cluttered with unnecessary stuff Miss Spark s novels hardly have any because she is crisp and always to the point where her creative writing is concerned.Film still on Miss Brodie book cover Her bestseller, The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, was first published in 1962 Its protagonist Miss Jean Brodie is a teacher du [...]

    14. This is a deceptive novel, which contains a story of depth and scope despite it s short length, and which I have returned to many times The plot concerns the unconventional schoolteacher, Miss Jean Brodie, who seeks to influence a chosen group of schoolgirls the so called Brodie Set Much of the novel is relayed through the eyes of Sandy Stranger, who enters Miss Brodie s class in 1930, and becomes a confidante of the teacher.Miss Brodie virtually wages war on the school as the embattled headmist [...]

    15. A slim, sparse and brittle novella, much like the slim, slight and jagged Miss Jean Brodie herself Less of a teacher and of a life coach, Miss Jean Brodie is to Morningside in the 1930s what Rachel Zoe was to Paris, Nicole, Misha et al in Beverly Hills in the noughties.The Brodie set is a group of archly self aware girls, all hand picked by the charming, erudite and broadly fascist Jean Brodie as her cultural mini me s Socially acceptable sponges who will carry forth into the world the ideologi [...]

    16. A sterling example of literary compression and the effective use of non chronological narrative structure A book that gets the reader involuntarily exclaiming aloud such is its brilliance, its self assurance, its high level of artistic attainment.

    17. bbc programmes b01pz1 Creme de la Creme The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie is Muriel Spark s best known and best loved novel the justly enduring story of an Edinburgh school teacher who eschews the normal curriculum in favour of lessons on the Italian Renaissance painters, on Mussolini and with stories of her own love life As she seeks to mould her set of girls of an impressionable age , into the cr me de la cr me , and as her love life becomes complicated by affections for, and from, the art and the [...]

    18. Hit the snooze button Because you won t wanna wake up early to finish this trite piece of over celebrated frump Miss Jean Brodie is the kind of co dependent teacher that smart kids steer clear of except here she attracts otherwise likable school girls and prods them along this tiresome plot like dying heifers Spark s flat characters repeat the same dumb one liners until you wonder how anyone ever thought this author was clever One student dies in a fire Another joins a nunnery But when compared [...]

    19. What a curious book In terms of style, Muriel Spark s non sequential narrative and extensive use of prolepsis, is unusual, and yet works well as Muriel Spark repeats the same themes and phrases The book is also very simple to read and well written It was refreshing to read about such a free thinking, idiosyncratic and rebellious woman working in a deeply traditional environment in an era where great store was still placed on conduct in the bourgeois world of a girls school in the 1930s Miss Brod [...]

    20. this is the second muriel spark book i ve read the first was The Girls of Slender Means and i wasn t sold i cared so little about any of the brittle bitches she wrote about i was told by an excellent friend after my initial insouciance that i had chosen the wrong book to start with actually what he said was, Stop asking me for reading suggestions You ll vaguely recall the author s name and months later pick the wrong book by him her and then grumble about it P and trusting that it was once again [...]

    21. Firstly As I began to read this novel, I felt little out of place That is, I felt this was the novel for girls and I chanced upon it unknowingly The novel is about a female teacher and her favourite pupils teen age girls The setting is the Girls School The girly talk among the girls initially put me off But then, that is only the beginning.As the story progressed and the plot became thick and tense, I could see that it was not a girly book It was than that And that is where Muriel Spark shone v [...]

    22. The central theme of this book focuses upon the pivotal role a teacher can play in the lives of young students As young adults mature there is that point where seeking to become independent and searching to find a foothold in the adult world, peers and parents and all those one has relied on must be discarded Sometimes it is a teacher that fills that hole Then let s keep our fingers crossed that that teacher is a good one Reading this book will make you think back to your own youth and that teac [...]

    23. Of Mussolini,Don t Preach To the Teenies Where You Teach it s only possible to betray where loyalty is due Sandy, now Sister Helena of the Transfiguration, is the omniscient narrator of the story looking back at her time in the 1930s at a Catholic grade school in Edinburgh, Scotland, time spent as part of the set of six girls who their teacher Miss Brodie called her creme de la creme Ms Sparks used a number of flash forwards to most effectively and methodically convey the ultimate betrayal of Mi [...]

    24. Very nearly four stars, but I can t go that high because the author doesn t provide a strong enough motivation for the girl who betrays Miss Brodie Miss Jean Brodie is a forty something Scottish school teacher who never tires of reminding people that she is IN HER PRIME Someday when I have nothing better to do, I may just go through and count how many times we are told by Miss Brodie and her girls that she is IN HER PRIME Meanwhile, whenever I want an excuse for my eccentric behavior, I will sim [...]

    25. This was a lot of fun Only I m surprised it s not shelved as comedy or satire Or is that just me I really should watch the film, with the wonderful Maggie Smith, it s even on YouTube, in fact I m off to watch it now.

    26. After my recent introduction to the work of Muriel Spark via The Hothouse by the East River I went on a mini binge of buying every title that came across my path in second hand bookshops, until eventually I found the novel that she is most famous for and the one I had seen everywhere I looked for years until that moment I decided I wanted my own copy Typical.Still when it finally found its way in to my hands I didn t want to put it down such was the pleasure I was having in getting to know Miss [...]

    27. I ve had my fill of female sociopaths It never gets old, unless you ve met one in real life O_0It s a good book, and one that is recommended if you are into this subgenre.

    28. Yes, this was a very slightly cool novel with schoolgirls being taught advanced ideas by Miss Brodie In other hands you might have got something along the lines of Emanuelle Goes To College but the glinty eyed Miss Spark keeps the whole thing perfectly respectable, if that can include being a fan of Italian fascism.

    29. I read this to add to my female authors I like this book, yet I see why some readers don t The title implies some sort of in depth psychological analysis to come, and that doesn t happen Au contraire The fame of this novel comes from the strong authorial control over the narrative Particularly interesting is Spark s manipulation of temporality she moves back and forth between present and future with unusual effectiveness The other remarkable thing is the broad brushstrokes with which she paints [...]

    30. I know I m in the minority and I m expected to laud this book as a literary classic, but I absolutely loath it.Miss Brodie is smug, self serving, and self absorbed She cuts a ridiculous figure, building herself up to be better than she is, and rather than trying to actually educate her students, she manipulates them all and is unabashedly cruel to one whom she has singled out.Maybe the writing is good, because great authors make us feel something right I did feel plenty of disgust in between bou [...]

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