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Iubitul virtual #2020

Iubitul virtual C nd Shawn iubitul lui Isabelle o p r se te pe aceasta cu doar o lun nainte de balul de absolvire Lane i Vivi prietenele ei cele mai bune se hot r sc s treac la ac iune Din c teva mi c ri pe tast

  • Title: Iubitul virtual
  • Author: Kate Brian
  • ISBN: 9789731024295
  • Page: 437
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Iubitul virtual By Kate Brian, C nd Shawn, iubitul lui Isabelle, o p r se te pe aceasta cu doar o lun nainte de balul de absolvire, Lane i Vivi, prietenele ei cele mai bune, se hot r sc s treac la ac iune.Din c teva mi c ri pe tastatura calculatorului, creeaz pe MySpace pagina lui Brandon , b iatul perfect care s o scoat pe Isabelle din aceast rela ie nefericit Ce p cat c e doar virtual DarC nd Shawn, iubitul lui Isabelle, o p r se te pe aceasta cu doar o lun nainte de balul de absolvire, Lane i Vivi, prietenele ei cele mai bune, se hot r sc s treac la ac iune.Din c teva mi c ri pe tastatura calculatorului, creeaz pe MySpace pagina lui Brandon , b iatul perfect care s o scoat pe Isabelle din aceast rela ie nefericit Ce p cat c e doar virtual Dar fetele au i la asta o solu ie l atrag n planul lor pe Jonathan, un b iat incredibil de sexy de la alt liceu, care s joace rolul lui Brandon ns c nd Vivi se ndr goste te de Jonathan, iar Shawn face tot posibilul s reia rela ia cu Isabelle, ntregul complot pare a se n rui

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      Kate Brian

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    1. Reviewed by Jaglvr for TeensReadTooEverything goes perfectly for Isabelle Hunter It always has Until the day her on again off again boyfriend, Shawn Sluttig Littig, breaks up with her And just a few months away from her prom Isabelle has been dreaming of the prom for years She s so obsessed with the prom she s created a notebook that has every last detail of the dream night planned out Her friends Lane and Vivi have never approved of Shawn and decide to do whatever they can to keep him out of Is [...]

    2. La nceput Fix 180 de pagini f r s o pot l sa jos din m n.Genial Cu siguran cartea mea preferat , ziceam, cea mai bun citit n ultima vreme and so on.Personaje, poveste incredibile E vorba de trei prietene Vivi, Lane ti Isabelle Izzy Iubitul lui Izzy de care tocmai se desp r ise era un idiot a a c Lane i Vivi au venit cu ideea de a i crea unul nou i perfect pe Myspace pentru a o face s se ndr gosteasc de el.Fetele l conving pe un tip numit Jonathan s joace rolul lui Brandon iar el i Izzy se nt lne [...]

    3. The story is about Vivi and Lane planning about making their friend Izzy get over her ex boyfriend who happens to take her for granted Vivi and Lane starts their plan through creating a MySpace account of a guy who would flirt with Izzy and make her fall in love.The same as many stories go, there were a lot of exciting twists that happened from the start till the end.The story line is exciting and catchy I admit that the story really kept me hooked even though I m a little annoyed with some of t [...]

    4. I love the entire story plot It was very teen ish but in a very humorous kind of way The cover and the title drew me in to read this book and it was totally worth it I was giggling like a hyena throughout the book and it was really making me giddy and feeling a bit out of order I love they style of writing, nothing too serious, yet nothing too kiddish either, a perfect book to hit the beach with or curled with for a good light reading I had grown fond of Kate s books and every book she wrote was [...]

    5. This was my first time reading Kate Brian and while I sort of liked the book, there are a few key facts that are keeping me from giving it a higher rating.I ll start with the positives I really liked the character of Lane, as she was sweet, real and relatable She also grew in confidence throughout the story, which was nice to see I also found myself really liking Marshall, as he was the most considerate of all the characters Also, there s a big surprise toward the end of the book that I won t go [...]

    6. The twist somewhere around the end was really unexpected since Vivi never thought that Izzy could fool her But apparently she could I got really annoyed with how Izzy would keep going back to Sluttig even though she knows that he s no good for her She believes that there s good in all people and you can t blame her for that, but what you CAN blame her for is constantly giving Shawn an infinite number of chances You would think that for someone who was as smart as was depicted in the book, she d [...]

    7. I was really attracted to the premise of this book, two friends make online fake romantic interest for third friend to get her away from her sleazy ex boyfriend It could have played out in a number of ways and I wanted to find out how it would For the most part this was a fun book I really liked the character of Lane, who was in love with her best guy friend but couldn t tell him I also liked the conflict that Vivi goes through in the book I didn t really care for the character of Isabelle thoug [...]

    8. To be absolutely blunt, I really found this book cheesy Its about this group of girl, this one girl unhealthily attached to her abusive douchebag of a boyfriend Her other 2 friends really want to help her friend get over him, and instead of having a heart to heart between them and probably the counselor like most friends would, they think it would be smart to create a online boyfriend to take her to Prom It is very, very obvious that these girls have never had an Internet safety speech, otherwis [...]

    9. The reason I gave this book three stars is because it was entertaining, not really one of my favorites, but wasn t that bad The story line was okay, and the characters well prtrayed, but the dialogue was kind of cheesy There were, however, funny moments you wouldn t expect The ending was totally obvious, but I liked how it turned out It s one of those books that I could lay in bed with all dayand read when I m bored for a little laugh and entertainment I wouldn t mindreading it again, but like I [...]

    10. Book Fake Boyfriend Yeah, so predictable And yet, so entertaining and different I actually cannot bring myself to write a review right now so when I get the time Over Out for now, T xxx

    11. I loved this book when Isabelle gets her heart broken by her boyfriend once again her friends decide to take charge they create a fake boyfriend online it s all going well until one by one everything starts unravelling

    12. Vivi and Lane had their friend s best interest at heart but I would have slapped them in the face if I was in Izzy s place It had all worked out in the end, everyone was happy and in a relationship I laughed at the jokes and swooned a little over Jonathan Overall, it was an enjoyable book.

    13. this book is okay, i kinda liked it, OY it was okay i guess P LOL this book wasn t as good as Megan Meade s Guide to the Mcogowen boys though P LOL

    14. 4.5 stars I really liked this book Brian made the reading really easy to read and it was really quick I m definitely going to read from her Lane, Vivi, and Isabelle Izzy , are best friends and it s a few weeks away from their senior prom Izzy has been dating Shawn Sluttig Izzy is going to be valedictorian, is involved in a ton of stuff, while Shawn skips school, drinks, and smokes One day while the girls are at a coffee shop, they see Shawn come out of a building across the street with another [...]

    15. My opinion I don t know why I wanted to read the book Probably it was because the description attracted me or I don t know The point is that I haven t regretted for a second that I have read it I had an amazing pleasure to remember that I was in some kind of this mess, a mess created by some close friends, so everything was even funnier Lane, Vivi, Isabelle and Curtis have been best friends since forever They know everything about each other, they talk from the eyes They are perfect as friends, [...]

    16. In Fake Boyfriend , Lane and Vivi come up with the idea to create a fake boyfriend in order to help their best friend Isabelle move on from her terrible ex boyfriend, Shawn After creating a profile of the perfect fictional guy named Brandon, Vivi s brother Marshall plays the role of online Brandon Meanwhile, they search for the ideal handsome guy to be offline Brandon so that he can be Isabelle s prom date However, once they meet the right candidate named Jonathan, Vivi ends up falling for him.A [...]

    17. Firstly, how on earth is this only rated 3.61 I m genuinely surprised it s so awesome I mean, yes, there are a little bit of clich s and sure, it could ve done with a better cover But come on, guys It s such a fun, amusing read I almost forgot how good it is I read it countless times when I was 16 17, and I thought reading it again now would be kind of boring, since that s usually how I feel about books that I read when I was a teenager But, nope I may have even enjoyed this now It s about thre [...]

    18. 2nd QUARTERSiti Hajar Mohd KhairiFake BoyfriendBy Kate Brian240 pagesSimon and Schuster 16.99ISBN 13 9781416913672 Ages 14 up Could you create the perfect guy just for your best friend who had witnessed her own boyfriend cheating Could you pay someone to be the guy you had created on Myspace Would you go through all this trouble just for a friend Would you LIE to your friend just to make them happy That is exactly what Lane and Vivi do upon the break up of their best friend, Izzy and Shawn Litti [...]

    19. Isabelle Hunter, a beautiful, valedictorian of her senior class, has had her heart broken again and her three best friends, Vivi, Lane, and Curtis, can t stand it Shawn Littig, the on again off again boyfriend of Isabelle has humilated her in a very public way and caused Vivi, Lane, and Curtis to come up with a plan to keep Izzy and Shawn apart for good Their main obstacle is prom Izzy has been planning the perfect prom since her freshman year and Shawn has always been the date in her plan With [...]

    20. When Isabelle s boyfriend cheats and breaks her heart once again, best friends Vivi and Lane vow not to let Isabelle get back with Shawn A plan hatches in Vivi s mind all they have to do is make up the perfect guy on Myspace for Isabelle With Perfect Boy preoccupying her mind, Izzy is sure to forget about Shawn However, when Izzy claims that she still needs Shawn to be her Prom date, Vivi and Lane are struck with another problem And the solution To hire the Perfect Guy for Izzy It s a cute book [...]

    21. The fun, quirky colours on the cover suggest it all Fake Boyfriend is an entertaining, comical read that I happened to devour in one sitting It will make you cry out loud, giggle uncontrollably, yell out in frustration and cause your heart to ache.If there was one thing I hated the most, it would be the character Vivi She has an attitude that makes me want to pull my hair out She rolls her eyes every second, bosses her friend Lane around, snaps at her brother Marshall every time she gets and bec [...]

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