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Promessas de Amor #2020

Promessas de Amor Elissande Edgerton uma mulher desesperada uma prisioneira na casa do tio tirano Apenas atrav s do casamento pode ela reivindicar a liberdade por que anseia Mas como encontrar o homem perfeito Lorde V

  • Title: Promessas de Amor
  • Author: Sherry Thomas
  • ISBN: 9789898228956
  • Page: 428
  • Format: Paperback
  • Promessas de Amor By Sherry Thomas, Elissande Edgerton uma mulher desesperada, uma prisioneira na casa do tio tirano Apenas atrav s do casamento pode ela reivindicar a liberdade por que anseia Mas como encontrar o homem perfeito Lorde Vere est habituado a armadilhas irresist veis Como agente secreto do governo, localizou alguns dos criminosos mais tortuosos em Londres, enquanto mant m a sua fachada deElissande Edgerton uma mulher desesperada, uma prisioneira na casa do tio tirano Apenas atrav s do casamento pode ela reivindicar a liberdade por que anseia Mas como encontrar o homem perfeito Lorde Vere est habituado a armadilhas irresist veis Como agente secreto do governo, localizou alguns dos criminosos mais tortuosos em Londres, enquanto mant m a sua fachada de solteir o idiota e inofensivo Mas nada pode prepar lo para o esc ndalo de ser apanhado por Elissande For ados a um casamento de conveni ncia, Elissande e Vere est o prestes a descobrir que n o s o os nicos com planos secretos Com a sedu o como nica arma e um segredo obscuro do passado a p r em risco as vidas de ambos poder o eles aprender a confiar um no outro, mesmo enquanto se entregam a uma paix o que n o pode ser negada

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      Sherry Thomas

    1 thought on “Promessas de Amor

    1. Let it be known that I don t normally read historical romance I m not an expert on the genre and I don t claim to know everything, but this story was BAD The hero was as stupid as the premise, and I wish I had never bought this book.The entirety of this novel revolves around the concept that Lord Vere, the male protagonist, is a complete idiot He was given the opportunity to work for the Crown undercover and he chose to use a riding accident as his reason for his current less intelligent state H [...]

    2. His at Night was a very clever, multi layered story It is about two people who live their lives while playing out a role, 24 hours out of the day Both Vere and Elissande have very good reasons for why they pretend to be someone that they are not Vere does it to right wrongs, to exact vengeance when he could not save his mother so many years ago Elissande does it for her survival.I was quite impressed with how Ms Thomas wrote this book that made me laugh myself giddy in some scenes, and feel a de [...]

    3. His at Night will surprise readers of Sherry Thomas Private Arrangements and Not Quite a Husband used to her regretful, subtly intense narratives and realistic characters and dialogue Both novels follow the conflicts facing two fully realized people in a relationship In contrast, His at Night hinges on a implausible premise unrelated to the central romance, where hero Lord Vere adopts the pose of an idiot for years as an agent of the Crown Perhaps the rockiest leg of this foundation is that Ver [...]

    4. My first Sherry Thomas book, and while some say this book has a lighter feel to it, it still packs a big emotional wallop, that had me going through a major range of emotions from anger, to tears and cheers.Sometimes it can be hard to feel for the characters, and for me it took sometime for me to really feel and understand where Vere was coming from At first glance he comes across as a loveable idiot But as an agent of the crown, he can move freely when everyone just thinks you don t have any b [...]

    5. I absolutely loved this book I m not sure anything can surpass my love for Private Arrangements, but after reading this one back to back with Not Quite a Husband, which I also adored, I think this one s my second favorite after all HaN starts lightly enough Lord Vale is a Crown s agent pretending to be an idiot, working on a case about the heroine s uncle Ellisande on the other hand wants to escape her uncle s home anyway she can And the opportunity presents itself when Vale and a group of other [...]

    6. Every romance novel needs an obstacle The idea is that the characters are perfectly suited for each other but there is something that is stopping them from being together some misunderstanding or some dark secret for example.The first thing to do if you want to write a romance novel is to come up with that obstacle Sherry Thomas came up with this let s make the male lead really smart and handsome but let s make him pretend he is dumbshit because he is a secret agent and dumbshit is his cover Now [...]

    7. Admittedly, I m hard to impress when it comes to standard romance novels But I can t stand it when these books are peddled as something they re not His At Night is another in that oh so risque clump of romances the ones that want to be Hardcore Fiction in ways not dictated by Tab A Slot B sex But it didn t work.Novels like this are terrified of offending their audience They re desperate to reassure the reader that there s a familiar path, regardless of changing this trope or that angle of seduct [...]

    8. 3.5 starsI m conflicted over this one My feelings kept changing as I kept reading this My first Sherry Thomas read and this book in particular kept coming my way so I caved and gave it a shot The overall idea and story set up was intriguing and not typical But the execution of it could have been better in some parts I started out enchanted with the hero and heroine s first meeting Cliche in many ways yes But still, these two people who are so lonely and have to playact most of their life to hide [...]

    9. Historical romance lover that I am, for some bizarre reason I ve been avoiding Sherry Thomas on purpose because the stories just didn t seem all that interesting Strangely enough I did the same thing with Shana Ab and now I can t say enough good about either author and they re exceptionally talented writing style For a book that doesn t have much steam just like Ab s Thomas wrote a very original story that had me whipping right through the 417 pages in just a few short days.The story is deftly p [...]

    10. Vere has led an exhilarating but exhausting lonely double lives as a secret agent for the crown Justice in the name of Queen Country is his tru calling His fellow comrades latest conundrum is how to infiltrate the house of Ellie s uncle, the main suspect in a diamond extortion case When Vere suggests the idea of releasing rats in 1 of his collaborator s rented house, he has no inkling the pandemonium will be in the form of an ocean of rats if U hate rats as much as Indiana Jones does, I d advise [...]

    11. Ahhh Reading this was sort of like slipping under a warm and comfy blanket I had read Sherry Thomas previous three novels and been very impressed, so I eagerly went out of my way to purchase and read this one when it was first published I knew I was going to enjoy it as much as her previous novels after reading merely the first page and seeing her use the word abstruse Sherry Thomas has a very unique writing style in the genre of historical romance, with her intelligence and sharp wit shining th [...]

    12. 4.5 stars, but it feels closer to 5 than 4, so I ve been on a bit of a Sherry Thomas binge lately I ve devoured her two YA novels and listened to My Beautiful Enemy , and now, pounced on this new recording of one of her backlist titles, His at Night This is one of the small number of her books I haven t yet read, but Kate Reading s expert narration brings the story to life so vividly that I didn t feel I d missed anything by not having read the book first.The story centres around two emotionally [...]

    13. Couldn t bring myself to believe they fell in love or really even knew each other 2.5 stars End of the Victorian era England His at Night is Sherry Thomas s fourth book, but the first of hers that I ve read Although I did not enjoy this book, I think Thomas is a talented author who has the ability to create interesting and complex characters Not Quite a Husband has very good reader reviews, so I think I will be checking it out from the library and reading it before deciding that Thomas isn t for [...]

    14. This is a typical historical romance, which leaves me feeling rather disappointed Sherry Thomas is one of the original and talented historical romance authors writing today I always wait anxiously for her new releases However, with this novel, she trotted out all of the typical historical romance story devices 1 the dastardly villian2 secret past, mistaken parentage3 suspense plot line4 the forced marriage due to being caught in a compromising position by the ton gossip5 the virginal marriage b [...]

    15. I read this book in one long, 12 hour stretch, finishing just before midnight It goes without saying that the natives were restless, waiting for mom to pull her nose out of that stupid kissing book, and see to their needs But, as is usually the case when the kissing book in question is a Sherry Thomas, it goes without saying that it s a pizza night, remember to brush your teeth, try to get into bed at a decent hour, and interrupt me at your own risk My DH crept to the bedroom doorway two or thre [...]

    16. I read this book a couple of years ago and was not crazy about it Primarily, I found it incredible that Vere kept up the ruse of being an idiot for thirteen years I still have a problem that, but listening to Kate Redding s outstanding narration left me really loving this story She has just the right voices for all of the characters Also, after reading the book, I commented that I didn t feel the heat between the main couple Listening to Kate, however, I definitely felt it The audiobook gave me [...]

    17. I m totally awestruck You d be surprised of how funny, touching and captivating this book can be Reading His at Night was like having a fresh, brand new meal after eating the same food over and over again it was very refreshing A simple look, touch or kiss was sizzling than a few pages of love making in an erotic novel I m officially a fan of Sherry Thomas now and I ll read her other books as soon as possible Thank you, NU for encouraging me to read this wonderful book.

    18. sniff sniff I loved this book The story was hilarious in some spots, poignant in others and overall completely enjoyable Vere and Elissande are both play actors, each for a different reason I thought this was a very fresh approach on the wrong impression trope and I did love their chemistry even as they wanted anything else under the sun but to fall for each other This was a great read for a lazy Sunday It was on sale for Kindle when I bought it a while ago, but I don t know if it s still a barg [...]

    19. 2nd read July 2013This book is amazing I love it even then the 1st time On a side note, it s one of the books that also makes me cry, a lot I can t explain why 1st read October 2011Gender Historical Romance Years 1890 1900 Hero Spencer Russell Blandford Churchill Stuart or Penny , Marquees VereHeroine Miss Elissande EdgertonRating 5 I don t know how to explain why I loved this book, but I did The hero was very intelligent and funny and he played the role of an idiot so good that he should have [...]

    20. Sherry Thomas is a winner A very unusual historical Iteresting heroine and a fantastic hero The idea that both of them are in their own way undercover is simply ingenious Wonderful execution and logical actions from both of them.I loved how Elissande was aware of her situation and how she jumped on the occasion to save herself even if she knew it was not a honorable thing to do, but simce it was necessary I appreciated her will to act I also loved Vere his intelligence and willness to understand [...]

    21. 2.5 to 3 stars This book wasn t what I expected I have read a couple of others by this author, but this one was a bit different For starters, it was set in the late 1890s, which is a later time period than the HRs I typically read Regencies and Georgians, usually Also the book was different in style from my usual reads It was out of my comfort zone, I guess But although I went in with an open mind, I didn t really fall in love with the book The story is about two damaged people who find each oth [...]

    22. Still a four star read and surprisingly enough, this time around I didn t hate Vere all that much Guess I m going to have to stop calling him the rat guy ______________________ _____________________Sherry Thomas is one of those authors, whose books are on my auto buy list The author writes extremely engaging stories, with characters that are very human at heart.In this one, we have the tale of two persons who in their lives are very well versed in the concept of lying For Elissande lying is a qu [...]

    23. one of the best romances I ve readThe hero is an idiot He spills jam on himself, rambles, gets facts mixed up The heroine always has a smile, is content taking care of her aunt and is a loving niece to her uncle But are they The book has depth, the characters complex, the villain truly evil As the H h understand each other and themselves and , the love story develops.

    24. My favourite of Sherry s books so far Why I read it I ve read Ms Thomas 3 previous releases and enjoyed them all Plus, I thought they kept getting better so I was excited to read this new story I read the excerpt on her website and I knew I was in for a treat.What it s about here s the blurb from the author s website Elissande Edgerton is a desperate woman, a virtual prisoner in the home of her tyrannical uncle Only through marriage can she claim the freedom she craves But how to catch the perfe [...]

    25. 4 plus stars plus what, I don t know and will never be able to decide My review will seem quite oxymoronic, I m sure.I want to give this book stars for no reason than this author is egregiously talented oxymoron number one and because I could not stop reading until the last page I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a smart, historical romance from the authorial lineage of Ivory or Kinsale However, I didn t give the full 5 stars to this wonderful book and here s why I felt a little [...]

    26. Yeah that s right I read it in one sitting and stayed up all night to read it so what Why did I just give the book a 3 stars you may ask Well fuck it no one can act like that, like even the Oscars winners can t do that I mean it looks like the male protagonist has personality disorder, it like watchingSplitbut instead of 23 personalities we have 2 opposite ones, most of the time he act like a dumb person and sometime he is just stupid, and it s not an act but other than that he acts really dange [...]

    27. Maybe 3.5 stars rounded up.I was intrigued by the premise of the story and Ms Thomas did give me the story I expected, but the delivery of it somehow fell shortor rather, it fell flat It had all the makings of a wonderful book yet it didn t grab me emotionally or excite me as much as it could have I don t know why It s one of those inexplicable things to me how some authors are able to grab me and some just don t, even though all things considered it should Especially with all the action some vi [...]

    28. This was a captivating book I have pretty stringent standards for historical romance and I felt that this book really brought to life the late Victorian period in a subtle but real way I loved both the hero and the heroine They were both believable and well written I particularly enjoyed the contrast between the hero s foolish facade and the bleak and dark man who appeared at night the times that he was drunk and let his real self show The emotions and relationship between them felt very real an [...]

    29. I loved this angsty, fascinating story, with its clever twists and turns Particularly well read by the extremely talented Kate Reading who has the most perfect voice for the deeper male and high pitched female, her tones are melodious and pleasant and kept me listening deep into the night.The main characters have been greatly traumatised by events in their past lives, and their reactions and coping mechanisms are similar Both deal in lies and deception and in the case of the hero, Lord Vere, a [...]

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