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Jennifer Blood, Volume One: A Woman's Work is Never Done #2020

Jennifer Blood Volume One A Woman s Work is Never Done Jennifer Blood is a suburban wife and mom by day and a ruthless vigilante by night Every day she makes breakfast takes the kids to school cleans the house naps for an hour or two makes dinner put

  • Title: Jennifer Blood, Volume One: A Woman's Work is Never Done
  • Author: Garth Ennis Adriano Batista Marcos Marz Kewbar Baal
  • ISBN: 9781606902615
  • Page: 130
  • Format: Paperback
  • Jennifer Blood, Volume One: A Woman's Work is Never Done By Garth Ennis Adriano Batista Marcos Marz Kewbar Baal, Jennifer Blood is a suburban wife and mom by day and a ruthless vigilante by night Every day she makes breakfast, takes the kids to school, cleans the house, naps for an hour or two, makes dinner, puts the kids to bed, and kisses her husband goodnight This suburban punisher is ready to be unleashed in a story that can only be told by the legendary Garth Ennis.CollectinJennifer Blood is a suburban wife and mom by day and a ruthless vigilante by night Every day she makes breakfast, takes the kids to school, cleans the house, naps for an hour or two, makes dinner, puts the kids to bed, and kisses her husband goodnight This suburban punisher is ready to be unleashed in a story that can only be told by the legendary Garth Ennis.Collecting issues 1 6 of the hit series, along with additional bonus material, sketches, cover gallery, and interview with Garth Ennis.

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      130 Garth Ennis Adriano Batista Marcos Marz Kewbar Baal
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    1 thought on “Jennifer Blood, Volume One: A Woman's Work is Never Done

    1. Take the Huntress s backstory and cross it with a female Punisher and you have Jennifer Blood She s out for blood to kill her uncles who murdered her parents while she was growing up The series got better as it went along Starting out there was way too much writing in her War Journal, to the point where it took away from the story The art on the first 2 issues was subpar as well But as the story moves on, Ennis s black humor starts to emerge and the action picks up Warning The violence was very [...]

    2. I love Garth Ennis but this one is a bit too over the top for me I like it when he tones it down just a bit like in War Stories, Volume 1, or the one I am reading now Pride Joy.Still great tale, and great art by Timothy Bradstreet, and all the other artists.

    3. A woman sets out to avenge her dead father who was murdered brutally at the hands of his fellow gangsters But this is no ordinary woman except she s trying to be Wife, mother, housewife during the day, Jennifer drugs her family at night and slips out for a night of bloody retribution.Look at the cover You could almost say you ve read the book just by looking at it Woman with guns what else could it be I ve read almost everything Garth Ennis has written and this book feels a lot like his Punisher [...]

    4. Jennifer Blood, by Garth Ennis, is something alarming for even the most veteran reader of blood splattering comics If you ve think you ve seen it all, get ready to guess again With an excessive approach to brutality that would bedevil Tarantino, Jennifer Blood truly puts the Graphic in Graphic Novel Saturated with blood and guts than your local butcher, a torrent of blood addled gore and the violent acts that have predicated them splurge across the panels And just who is the progenitor of this [...]

    5. Yesterday I gave the third volume of Battlefields 5 5 but didn t type a full review and I wrote a 2 star review for the second volume of The Boys So, this is a 5 5 review for the first volume of a book that gives readers a look at all the reasons that Ennis is such a freaking great writer What s it about Jennifer Blute grew up around crime and was part of a crime family Now she just wants to be a sweet wife and loving mother for her family at least that s what she is in the daytime At night she [...]

    6. This book collects the first six issues of Jennifer Blood from Dynamite It was written by the now veteran of the field Garth Ennis writer of The Boys, Hellblazer, Preacher, Hitman, Just a Pilgrim and many The art duties were carried out by Adriano Batista, Marcos Marz and Kewber Baal.On the surface, Jen Fellows is a typical American, suburban housewife She has a loving, if slightly boring, husband with whom she has had two children Mark and Alice the perfect nuclear family But Jen has a secret [...]

    7. I felt like I was reading the original screenplay to Serial Mom Or a rewrite of La Femme Nikita by John Waters whose movies just irritate me to no end Garth Ennis was really just phoning it in on this one without any real conviction, tons of hackneyed dialogue and a ridiculously campy monologue that cramped the pages On top of that, we get some very C grade artwork here that makes the entire thing down another notch Amateurish on every level.Honestly, this could have worked better as a series of [...]

    8. Interesting take on the guy takes on the mob trope In fact, halfway through I thought, This is an excellent rendition of Punisher as a housewife And it is exactly that with a couple of additional twists to make sure it s not just a straight retelling of some of Ennis good work on Punisher itself.The only thing I m not sure of is the diary narration It definitely stands in stark contrast to the visceral action that plays out and it makes sure we know it isn t just a boobed up version of Frank Cas [...]

    9. Jennifer Blood is a bloody, nasty, for mature audiences only work, featuring writer Ennis fast moving, raunchy and black as frak wit The storyline is familiar see the back cover description , but Ennis action lean writing, coupled with Jennifer s eye popping illustrations and visual tones courtesy of various artists, colorists and Rob Steen s lettering make its plot familiarity irrelevant This is not a graphic novel for readers put off by gore, nudity and ultra dark and effective themes worth ow [...]

    10. view spoiler 1 She didn t consistently wear gloves at the first crime scene.2 A vinyl bodysuit seems like a bad choice for fighting.3 Leaving a signature in blood at the crime scene was a bad idea.4 10mm may have stopping power but it is a lot easier to trace.5 She drove her own car to both crime scenes What about cameras or late arrivals 6 Maiming the drunk at the second crime scene was ill considered If she had waited a week the victim wouldn t have suspected anything It was also an unnecessa [...]

    11. So what is it about Garth Ennis I like so much I don t know, maybe I m just trying to make up with all the mayhem I missed out from not being able to read comics as a kid Anyway, not as good as the Preacher series, but still a fun read.

    12. This is not the most original idea ever A seemingly devoted spouse and parent leads a secret life as an assassin I don t even think the twist of that it s the wife and mother is that shocking, the idea of a bad ass machine gun toting female spy isn t that ground breaking for about 30 years Anyway, was it good It was OK The story follows Jen Fellows, a 30 something housewife, with two kids, a VERY Beta male husband a seemingly nice life But some nights she spikes her husband and children s drink [...]

    13. I really, really liked this one And I would have given it 4 stars but for the fumbled ending Where it shines is in its commitment to campy, grindhouse entertainment values It s bloody, sexy, subversive, and oozing with a delicious disdain for toxic masculinity But dammit, that ending The narrative builds and builds, each enemy Jennifer dispatches requiring and of her dexterity to defeaty to culminate in an anticlimactic setup with all the heavy lifting already over and done with Still, it was [...]

    14. Divertissement di Garth Ennis Se venisse da un autore sconosciuto gli darei un altro punto nel voto, perch ben scritto, al di l delle esagerazioni Il problema che, come sembra abbia dichiarato lo stesso autore, una storia fatta per divertirsi un po , e che in effetti non ha quell elemento in pi che convince in The Boys l anima Comunque una lettura godibile Da notare il volume perfettamente autoconclusivo, nonostante l 1 segnato in copertina.

    15. Suburban wife by day, vigilante by night Decent story, reasonable graphics, but nothing to write home about Reader discretion advised.

    16. I m newish to comics and have fallen in love with them because they re just so fun to read With books, I am constantly challenging myself and forcing myself to learn, to appreciate clever prose, enjoy cleverly crafted plots and well rounded characters but I turn to comics in the same way I settle in to watch Big Brother so my brain can unwind and I can have a bit of fun That s pretty much what I got with Jennifer Blood I haven t even read any of Ennis other work so I come in unbiased which I thi [...]

    17. I really like the idea of this comic A campy story about a female assassin is something that I would definitely enjoy Garth Ennis seems like he d be a perfect fit for this kind of story, but he does not seem to know what to do with the story.The real problem with this comic is that it is too on the fence tonally It is sometimes campy and fun But it is never really funny, and the satire isn t taken far enough Ennis does not seem to really have enough to draw upon for writing the main character or [...]

    18. The plot is simple a sociopathic mother balances her quest for vengeance for the murder of her father and her family life First thought as an intentional satirical woman s view of The Punisher, Garth Ennis decided to continue into this foray, though it is fairly obvious by the loose plot and looser character development that he hadn t an idea of where it would go.Which is probably why he stopped writing it, but I digress.The artwork I would say is nice However, somewhere in the middle of the thi [...]

    19. While generally well written and beautifully illustrated, the basic plot is sometimes unconvincing, and in at least two cases, peripheral characters are so far over the top as to be unbelievable Even bizarrely, both of these cases are turned into plot points, which strains the rest of the story.Still, if you want a female combination of Batman and the Punisher, with a detached and amoral revenge fantasy filled with bloodshed, then this is the book for you If that is not your dream book, then it [...]

    20. There isn t any new ground being broken with this revenge tale, it s typical Ennis with his gratuitous sex and violence There are a couple art changes throughout this 6 issue collection and the story suffers because of it The various artists don t stay on the character model sheets and the different styles make it feel like you re reading a different story each time The biggest misstep was at the beginning of the story, which features a narrative written inside a diary I have no problem going al [...]

    21. I m not a huge fan of Garth Ennis anyway, but this was just weird Punisher meets Kill Bill dull Ninjettes What the heck The men in the story are stupid The art was horrible too and disorienting I don t see where this would even continue after issue 6 I only bought this book since I want my code name to be JENNIFER BLOOD And I find it offensive that a kick ass assassin ninja chick would be interested in being a stay at home mom than an assassin That would have been a fun twist.

    22. Torture porn from a woman sadist doesn t make one a feminist What I m saying is I expected something a lot different Yes, Garth Ennis has a track record of wild, bloody, debauchery and I guess that s what happens here Whether that s enjoyable is up to the reader but I didn t like it The covers by Tim Bradstreet were amazing, the interior art was good, but the basic plot has been done many times before Maybe future volumes will prove better but I don t plan on reading them any time soon Overall, [...]

    23. Very much minor Ennis he admits himself that it was a simple, lighthearted palate cleanser in an introduction in the back bearing in mind, of course, that his idea of lighthearted is most people s idea of dear heavens, the gore The suburban housewife by day, brutal vigilante by night set up did, however, give Al Ewing his first real break in American comics, leaving him to run amok with the far deranged antics of subsequent volumes.

    24. 4.5 starsThis graphic novel was really good, in my opinion.In a way, it was a typical revenge story vigilante style.Jennifer has been wronged in her youth and now, at night, when her family sleep, she goes out and make her own justice Simple plot line if you want, and yet brilliantly executed.I liked the art style but mostly, I enjoyed the story I guess I m just a sucker for revenge vigilante stories and this graphic novel was one of a kind.

    25. Pretty middle of the road vigilante stuff A bit humorous A bit gory But lacking much depth of character I could accept this lack if the protagonist was a single guy bent on revenge but it s a mother and a wife I want to see her really juggling conflicting lives Realism isn t absolutely necessary in comics or speculative fiction but a bit of it really helps.

    26. It was okay Fun to a point, an overly bloody revenge story, but I could take it much seriously if she hadn t spent half the story with her protective clothes unzipped to her navel.And obviously, she wasn t wearing a sports bra.Because who needs good support when you re killing mobsters

    27. I m at issue 25 in the series TBH overall the series is unremarkable and went south by issue 5 so that by the time you are at issue 20 you are hoping for a tragic Greek ending Sadly I think the series is just beginning at issue 25I would rate it one star if I didn t hope for a unique ending Sadly, The Boys this is not.

    28. Well, I ll second this review a lot of people seem to compare it unfavourably or quotidianly to The Punisher but I ve not read that, and I enjoyed it wholeheartedly Bit wallowy in the gore department, and the diary device is overused, but good fun nevertheless.

    29. Garth says in an interview printed in the back of the book that with this one he just wanted to have some fun, let our some steam That is what this book feels like It s not really very serious at all and I don t think it should be taken that way either Just read it like a revenge story you don t have to get invested in.

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