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Missing Persons #2020

Missing Persons When Jonny went missing everything changed His mother s heart is full of terror and sadness instead of joy His father s study overflows with newspaper cuttings and profiles on missing people instead o

  • Title: Missing Persons
  • Author: Nicci Gerrard
  • ISBN: 9780241950067
  • Page: 281
  • Format: Paperback
  • Missing Persons By Nicci Gerrard, When Jonny went missing everything changed.His mother s heart is full of terror and sadness instead of joy.His father s study overflows with newspaper cuttings and profiles on missing people instead of the academic texts that were there before.His sister, once carefree, now carries the weight of the world on her shoulders.His bedroom at home remains untouched and ready forWhen Jonny went missing everything changed.His mother s heart is full of terror and sadness instead of joy.His father s study overflows with newspaper cuttings and profiles on missing people instead of the academic texts that were there before.His sister, once carefree, now carries the weight of the world on her shoulders.His bedroom at home remains untouched and ready for his return.A place is set for him at the table on Christmas day each year.His birthday is always celebrated his unopened gifts gather dust.The hands on the clock continue to turn and yet Jonny hasn t returned.Where is he
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      281 Nicci Gerrard
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    1 thought on “Missing Persons

    1. You can t tell with people you think you know them and then you discover you don t We re all mysteries, to each other and to ourselves Isabel Hopkins takes her son Johnny off to start his course at University She is very sad to leave him, and feels lost when she arrives home having left him there He is a sensitive, kind and loving son They keep in touch as he settles in Then she stops hearing from him, she can t get hold of him on the telephone, and he isn t replying to letters Johnny s father F [...]

    2. I could not put this book down Extremely well written and I found myself getting very attached to the characters, particularly his Johnny s younger sister Johnny goes missing, and the whole story focuses on and is told from the point of view of those left behind It was achingly sad, in parts, and I was worried that it would end unresolved It was resolved, but I think even if it hadn t been it would still have been one of the best books I have read this year I particularly loved the subtle additi [...]

    3. Missing persons is de originele titel van deze roman vol emoties Een missing person is niet iemand die zomaar gewoon verdwenen is maar iemand die dag in dag uit gemist wordt Met steeds nog een sprankeltje hoop hem ooit terug te zien En hem, eens die hoop veranderd is in vertrouwen, pas echt te kunnen loslatenHet blijft moeilijk te aanvaarden dat een jongen uit zo n liefdevol gezin geen andere uitweg ziet dan alles en iedereen te ontvluchten Spijtig genoeg is de Johnny uit dit boek lang niet de e [...]

    4. Rarely does a book make me cry, but this one did A haunting, bleak but ultimately hopeful look at how a beloved son s disappearance tears a family apart and changes everyone in it how our happiness and contentment can rest on such fragile foundations, and how truly awful it must be to lose someone you love in such a shocking, seemingly meaningless way.

    5. Love Nicci French Nicci Gerrard not so much The characters didn t inspire much empathy and I found it hard to continue reading at times Some of the narrative was tedious, especially the endless descriptions of food I ended up feeling annoyed with myself for wasting precious time reading this.

    6. de vrouwelijke helft van Nicci French heeft helemaal haar eigen schrijfstijl en genre helemaal anders maar even vlot heerlijk Even deze boek aan de kant gelegd toen zoonlief naar Japan vertrok hij moest ook maar eens plots verdwenen zijn Maar gelukkig hij kwam heelhuids en vol enthousiasme terug en het boek kon dus verder uitgelezen worden Isabel dacht als er honderden, duizenden mensen door de straten dolen, zijn er dan ook honderden, duizenden mensen zoals ik, die naar hen, op zoek zijn Schimm [...]

    7. mijnboekenblog mijn meningDe Hopkins, bestaande uit vader Felix, moeder Isabel, zoon Johnny en de dochters Mia en Tamsin, vormen een gelukkig gezin Zij wonen mooi, werken en studeren en er lijkt geen vuilte in de lucht Als Johnny 18 jaar is vertrekt hij naar Sheffield om er te gaan studeren Aanvankelijk hebben Isabel en Johnny veel contact met elkaar maar naar verloop van een aantal maanden houdt het contact op Reacties op telefoontjes en emails blijven uit en Isabel begint zich grote zorgen te [...]

    8. This was the first book I read by Nicci Gerrard, and I didn t really have any expectations whatsoever, though I did expect it to be a thriller It wasn t The back cover already mentioned that the character who went missing, Johnny, would stay missing for multiple years, so when he hadn t even disappeared at the beginning of the book, there wasn t really much of a surprise to it The story is really about how his family and the people that are left behind feel about his disappearance and how they d [...]

    9. I wasn t bowled over by the last Nicci French book I read, and figured that trying the wife half of Nicci French aka Nicci Gerrard might do the trick This book is the story of a family and their despair when the eldest son Johnny literally vanishes Isabel and Felix are parents to Johnny, Tamsin and Mia Johnny leaves home to go to University and things at first appear normal However, when Johnny fails to contact his parents they get in touch with the University to be told that Johnny no longer at [...]

    10. I m afraid I didn t get on very well with this book Like several other reviewers here, I have enjoyed Nicci French books but this didn t quite have the same appeal for me.It is a long, deep psychological study of the effect of the disappearance of a young man on his family principally his mother and others I think it has genuine depth and insight but lacked any real narrative drive, so that we get lots and lots of very well observed grief stricken thoughts and behaviour but not much else, which [...]

    11. Two and a half stars because the language of the story was lovely It was very well written but it was just too depressing for me I really should have known from the blurb on the back but I do like Nicci French and I liked Nicci Gerrard s previous book though also depressing, but Missing Persons was than I could cope with It s the story of disintegration after a beloved 18 year old son goes missing from university I won t spoil the end by saying what happens but I didn t really feel satisfied by [...]

    12. Nicci Gerrard s last book, The Winter House, was one of the most amazing stories I have ever read in my life And I have read quite a few books by now So Missing Persons had big and powerful footsteps to step into but it almost pulls it off Almost only because I didn t really expect approve like the ending There is something off about the last couple of chapters but I can t exactly put my finger on Until then it was a brilliantly written rollercoaster ride Strong language and emotions, strong cha [...]

    13. This is not normally the kind of book I read but I love Nicci French and thought I d give it a go It s not a crime novel or a thriller but in a way it tells the other side of the story what happens to a family when someone goes missing It s a harrowing, long, drawn out tale and it moves painfully slowly but this just draws in the reader, makes you part of the whole nightmare This is not a comfortable, happy read The author shows great sensitivity in exploring how the tragedy impacts upon differe [...]

    14. I m a big fan of Nicci French a minor slump recently, but really loving the new Frieda Klein series but I do struggle a little with Nicci Gerrard s solo efforts I found her last one, The Winter House, unremittingly depressing and there were times I had a similar reaction to this one Examining a family s reaction to the unexpected disappearance of a child is fine, and she explores grief and loss exceptionally well, but I do like my books with a little narrative drive After almost giving up 100 p [...]

    15. This was very almost a five star rating from me Almost A brilliant, thought provoking and unpredictable read This was lengthy but I found it totally necessary and compelling I just felt that of the missing persons experiences could have been touched upon This was solely written from the point of view of the left behind family and I understand why that was but I felt that Johnny s life on the streets wherever he ended up over 7 years missing could have been expanded on Maybe it was up to us as r [...]

    16. It s a long book and fairly predictable along the way Child over eighteen goes missing, family fall apart, child comes back after seven or eight years It s well written along the way and it s easy to have empathy for the family and the situation that they are in, so much so that when the son returns with little or no explanation as to why he disappeared or even where, it s hard to get annoyed The author has built up that much of a connection between reader and family that you just feel tremendou [...]

    17. Really good enjoyable read and interesting too Some good characters tho my fav was Johnny s sister Mia His father Felix s behaviour was all very predictable in that it was inevitable he would go down that path and his mum never giving up hope as a mum would was nice I liked the brief glimpse at every birthday as the years went by.I m not too sure about the ending as I d resolved myself that it was a hard hitting book about a family s struggle and subsequent moving on but never forgetting so it s [...]

    18. I would have known this was the female half of Nicci French Nicci Gerrard writing this on her own It doesn t have a strong plot which is normally a feature of the Nicci French books but i really enjoyed it as it has so much depth in the characterisation than the Nicci French combo products It is quite a simple tale of a son of nineteen, who goes missing and the book deals with the fallout of the family and friends afterwards If you like character driven novels, then this one is for you.

    19. Missing Persons considers the emotional fall out upon family and friends following the disappearance of an 18 year old student.It is a good book, easy to read and an interesting subject but ultimately, I didn t find the characters to be particularly memorable and I think that this time, next year I will be unable to tell you much about the story whatsoever This was a book group selection and probably not my genre of choice but I did approach it with an open mind I feel that it was an adequate di [...]

    20. Another great book from this author What happens to family and friends when a person elects to go missing A lot.This book is about the impact on those left behind than Johnny, the missing person.Where is he, dead, alive Why did he go The ravages on those who love him are cruel and for each person they are different and change their views on life completely So much insight is worth the read.

    21. Missing Persons is a clever and emotional novel about what happens to a family when one of its members Johnny disappears It is told in phases after the disappearance, each phase from the point of view of one of the family mom, dad and younger sister Mia I did not like the part told by dad much and had issues with his character as well The parts from mom s viewpoint are good, intense Mia is the most interesting, as she develops from an awkward teenager into her twenties.

    22. I registered a book at BookCrossing BookCrossing journal 11264024When I first strted this I didn t think I was going to like it So much anguish So much emotion But as I settled into the book I became quite attached to the characters A good story, well told.

    23. Quite compelling, but ultimately disappointing Too much time spent on early years and the welter of Isabel s emotions, and not enough conclusion on the motivation that prompted the disappearance Since you re impelled to read along to find that out, I felt cheated and unsatisfied at the end So enjoyable enough in the moment, but not a great final experience.

    24. The premise of this story sounded interesting with Johnny, an 18 year old son missing and the effects on his family.Now maybe it s me but I struggled for half the book and then gave up I couldn t get interested and didn t like any of the characters enough to keep reading I felt like it was all happening at a distance Others may feel differently.

    25. This is a very powerful book and I really felt for the whole family It really makes you understand the wrench that a missing member of a family leaves to the ones around them I thought it also showed very clearly how much we worry about the small stuff and don t appreciate life Well worth reading

    26. What a great read I could feel a connection with Isabel, being a mum myself, and could relate to the need to protect your children I also enjoyed the differing view from the sister and the impact the loss had on her It was all about people, differing expectations, how beliefs change, and the eventual need to let go.

    27. een boek vol emoties liefde, hoop, verdriet, haat, vergeving.Nicci Gerrard beschrijft prachtig hoe de verschillende familieleden omgaan met de verdwijning van hun zoon, broer Een boek om niet snel te vergeten.

    28. Ok but rather laborious It was interesting to see the story of Johnny s disappearance from each person s point of view but it was rather overdrawn I would have liked a substantial final section from Johnny s own perspective.

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