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Horse Camp #2020

Horse Camp When their mom said she was sending twelve year old Percy and Penny and their little brother Pauly to stay with an uncle they d never met she tried to make it sound better by saying that Uncle Stre

  • Title: Horse Camp
  • Author: Nicole Helget Nate LeBoutillier
  • ISBN: 9781606843512
  • Page: 394
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Horse Camp By Nicole Helget Nate LeBoutillier, When their mom said she was sending twelve year old Percy and Penny and their little brother, Pauly, to stay with an uncle they d never met, she tried to make it sound better by saying that Uncle Stretch s farm was a horse camp Well, the farm animals are actually chickens and pigs, and the only two horses are mean tempered and not too keen on being ridden by kids As PennWhen their mom said she was sending twelve year old Percy and Penny and their little brother, Pauly, to stay with an uncle they d never met, she tried to make it sound better by saying that Uncle Stretch s farm was a horse camp Well, the farm animals are actually chickens and pigs, and the only two horses are mean tempered and not too keen on being ridden by kids As Penny puts it, This farm is like the eighteenth century, but way worse The water has a rusty taste, and all the meat used to be animals on the farm If there is one thing the twins can agree on, it s that between endless chores, no Internet or cell phones, and the prospect that their mom might have to stay in jail even though some people say she s a hero , horse camp is a big, fat joke Will they ever have a real family again Or is there a family for them right here Nicole Helget and Nate LeBoutillier have written a funny novel about farms and family, animals and antagonism and the paths kids take, sometimes while living in the same house, before coming home.

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      394 Nicole Helget Nate LeBoutillier
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    1 thought on “Horse Camp

    1. I intensely dislike everyone in this book The girl spends 80% of the book parroting ignorant, sexist, oppressive religious comments from her father that sound extra ridiculous coming from a child, and then is somehow almost as annoying when she turns around and negates them all at the slightest nudge of being urged to open her mind, which struck me as a blatantly educate the readers setup instead of organic to the character.Meanwhile, Uncle Stretch and his associates are every inch the redneck h [...]

    2. Okay Penny honestly starts off as the most smug irritating girl in the world She is very set in her ways which I guess is normal for her age She knows the way she views the world is right and everyone else is wrong Percy, her twin, is sympathetic but only slightly He is angry and rude to the world The twins do learn and change as the book progresses though.This was a review copy There will be a better review soon too.

    3. This is a book about a couple of pretty unlikable characters They do learn and grow, just not as much as I would have preferred I had hoped for the peripheral characters to be fleshed out I did like their use of Horse Camp as a new adjective for something that is not at all as it was advertised The book did leave me wishing to know where do they go from here Is there a sequel in the works

    4. I read the book Horse Camp, written by Laurie Halse Anderson This book is about three characters, Percy, Penny, and Pauly, who are sent to their unprecedented uncle s farm They are promised it will only be a short stay because they are not fond of the idea But they have no choice other than to depart to the farm that their parents said would be like a horse camp They have to go because their mother is going to court for supplying prescription drugs to people who can not afford them That event le [...]

    5. This delightful read follows the adventures of twins Penny and Percy, who find themselves at horse camp for the summer Horse Camp turns out to be Uncle Stretch s farm, complete with pigs, chickens, and two uncooperative, crotchety horses The problems of the twins parents require these unusual summer plans.The authors expertly pull off the challenge of parallel stories Penny and Percy narrate alternating chapters I think it helps that Helget wrote Penny s point of view, while LeBoutillier capture [...]

    6. This book is read though the eyes of Percy and Penny The twins take turns tell you about their lives and about their family and trouble though their eyes They are staying with their Uncle Stretch for the summer, for their mother is sent to jail.They are trying adjust to all the changes that are happening to their family Percy and Penny and their little brother Pauly are sent to live with their uncle until their mom and dad try to work things out Percy and Penny are living with an uncle they do n [...]

    7. This is another one of those kids coming of age type books Percy, Penny and their little brother Pauly are sent to their Uncle Stretch s farm for some time while their parents go through a divorce and their mom has her own personal problems Percy and Penny are the ones telling this story, both are very miserable in the beginning and want to be anywhere but where they are Percy seems to start making the best of things before Penny does, but he also has to deal with a lot of consequences that are [...]

    8. Oh my This book was true to what I seem to recall of my 12 13 year old thought process, and as a result it s a bit of a cheese grater on the mind of someone who now parents a teenager The two main characters are self centered, self involved, and frustrated as all get out when circumstances land them at their uncle s farm All the characters had realistic motivations, and most of them improved or at least moved on in the course of the book The problems were somewhat stock, and the behavior was som [...]

    9. Don t let the simplistic title of Horse Camp fool you The title is just a device to get it into the hands of young readers Like the best Young Adult literature, Horse Camp deals with complex, complicated, and contradictory issues for those coming of age The lessons of the novel are packaged in an accessible and engaging narrative voice The reader is led on a journey that can be confusing to the characters within, but the authors mark each trailhead clearly And in the end, young readers obtain a [...]

    10. An alternating point of view story from the perspective of twins, Percy and Penelope, forced to live indefinitely with their uncle on his organic farm, while their mother is in jail and their father is touring the world raising money for his own church A serious sounding premise, but a very funny and enjoyable story that I liked even than I thought I would The ending may have been a little too neat and tidy, but it realistically describes so many conflicts, like the struggle of having a family [...]

    11. Couldn t finish this book with my daughter Very inappropriate while reading to her daddy at night The title is very deceptive which the serpent on the front cover should have thrown a red flag The little boy continuously lusts over a woman on a poster sucking her finger with only one breast covered and the twin sister continuously talks about her breast not growing big enough for her age Anyone that can discern Godly from ungodly will quickly realize this is a deception I pray that parents read [...]

    12. It s fascinating and cathartic to follow the magnetically opposed ways that twins Percy and Penny handle their family challenges despite ending up in the same comfortable place at the end of the novel Just as well done are the secondary characters, who are mostly drawn through journal entries from Penny and exasperated tellings from Percy I had fun watching how the tale unfolds mostly through dialogue in the Percy chapters and through the ever widening lens of righteous indignation in the Penny [...]

    13. Three siblings are shipped off to their unknown uncle s house for the summer as their mother appeals a court verdict and their conniving minister father runs off to Hawaii The kids voices didn t always ring true to me, but everyone can identify with an experience that doesn t turn out exactly as expected This book touched on several topics that could lead to deeper discussions including religion, family, growing up and decision making.

    14. First of all, this book isn t really about a horse camp, but don t let that stop you from reading What it s really about is some kids, a preacher, a jailed nurse, a farmer, his girlfriend, and a chicken Plus family, religion, death, love, fairness, tornadoes, and hapiness And if that s not enough to pique your interest, it s also really funny.

    15. i always glad to read a book that has christian overtones but this one had the girl as a religous nut ugh really skip this one

    16. I kept waiting for it to get good and it never really did I didn t get attached to any of the main characters and really felt bad for little Pauly.

    17. The character buildup was mostly believable and this book had some really good moments Also, I did laugh out loud several times and also maybe cry.

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