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Helping the Retarded to Know God #2020

Helping the Retarded to Know God None

  • Title: Helping the Retarded to Know God
  • Author: H.R. Hahn W.H. Raasch
  • ISBN: 9780570063506
  • Page: 138
  • Format: None
  • Helping the Retarded to Know God By H.R. Hahn W.H. Raasch, None

    • [✓ Helping the Retarded to Know God || ó PDF Read by Ú H.R. Hahn W.H. Raasch]
      138 H.R. Hahn W.H. Raasch
    • thumbnail Title: [✓ Helping the Retarded to Know God || ó PDF Read by Ú H.R. Hahn W.H. Raasch]
      Posted by:H.R. Hahn W.H. Raasch
      Published :2020-04-05T07:49:28+00:00

    1 thought on “Helping the Retarded to Know God

    1. I would disagree with the other reviewer who said that this book is just for the retarded We have found that this book is effective in dealing with the immigrant problem we have at our fellowship We have had influx of illegals and the only English they know is careful, hot plate Most of them are from Catholic backgrounds, which also means that don t really know God, only Mary Teaching these foreigners has been a real challenge This book presents God in simple concepts and object lessons, each ca [...]

    2. Hi I am a retard and this was a great read I am also an evangelical christian , so Jews, Hindus, Muslims, Buddhist, Catholics, and all the other heathens headed to a fiery eternity in hell well this book can be used by you to know God like me.You see unlike us Jesus loving evangelicals, all of the rest of the planets 7 billion inhabitance don t know Jesus or God like us evangelicals So all 7 billion they are going to get pitch forks in their asses and lava enemas for, well forever We evangelical [...]

    3. I don t know why books like this were ever published They are offensive and just plain cruel If someone wants to make a point do it without involving innocent children.

    4. Are you kidding me Seriously Who in the world would even think to use this book for any thing other than to train dogs to fetch Or perhaps to level an uneven table Or maybe as one of those imaginative re worked fantasy books that you antique and glue open with glitter and gold paint and clippings of Knights in shinning armour with Rapunzel hanging out of a tower window, waiting to be rescued slapped onto the pages to cover all the venemous words printed herein Useless drivel from a mad personay [...]

    5. Okay, okay, I didn t actually read the book I ve read the reviews I get why the author used the term retarded There was a time when the word was as politically correct as mentally challenged is today What I take issue with is why any parent or religious leader feels it necessary to prey on the disabled, bad enough that it is routinely done to children at least they have the potential to eventually outgrow it Is there some financial payoff that I m not familiar with Does the teacher honestly beli [...]

    6. Really Seriously This has got to be a joke, right It definitely looks like one Merged review Really Seriously This has got to be a joke, right It definitely looks like one Definitely not going to waste my time on this one.

    7. I saw the title and let out a single Ha It s a horrible title but it s because it s so horrible that it s funny, you get me

    8. Saw it on a blog website showcasing all the hilarious reviews about it I have a religious past but have become much of a spiritual person and connected with my Native American ancestry I must say I don t understand anything about people who think they have a right to push their religious beliefs on anyone Leave them be Leave the so called immigrants be If they come to you asking about God then by all means share with them your love If they don t, leave them be Too bad Europe never learned mann [...]

    9. I must agree that this book is not only useful in helping retarded people but also immigrants who find meaningful communication very difficult I also found it to be very useful in assisting the elderly who frequently share so many characteristics with retarded people.I used it to frighten my 92 year old aunt into remembering the Lord s Prayer and she now constantly recites it whenever she sees me The feeling of saving someone who is at a stage of their life when they are so close to seeing the b [...]

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