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Adult Children of Alcoholics #2020

Adult Children of Alcoholics In the s Janet Woititz broke new ground in our understanding of what it is to be an Adult Child of an Alcoholic In this updated edition of her bestseller she re examines the movement and its inc

  • Title: Adult Children of Alcoholics
  • Author: Janet Geringer Woititz
  • ISBN: 9781558741126
  • Page: 165
  • Format: Paperback
  • Adult Children of Alcoholics By Janet Geringer Woititz, In the 1980 s, Janet Woititz broke new ground in our understanding of what it is to be an Adult Child of an Alcoholic In this updated edition of her bestseller she re examines the movement and its inclusion of Adult Children from various dysfunctional family backgrounds who share the same characteristics After decades of working with ACoAs she shares the recovery hints tIn the 1980 s, Janet Woititz broke new ground in our understanding of what it is to be an Adult Child of an Alcoholic In this updated edition of her bestseller she re examines the movement and its inclusion of Adult Children from various dysfunctional family backgrounds who share the same characteristics After decades of working with ACoAs she shares the recovery hints that she has found to work Read Adult Children of Alcoholics to see where the journey began and for ideas on where to go from here.

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    1 thought on “Adult Children of Alcoholics

    1. This isn t going to be a long or in depth review by any means.On the recommendation of my therapist, I picked this up with the understanding it could help me deal with the repercussions of growing up a part of an alcoholic household If you can classify yourself as an Adult Child of an Alcoholic or Alcoholics , I strongly recommend this book Many of the direct quotes from those the author worked with could apply to me at various stages of my life.This book isn t going to change your life, you sti [...]

    2. This is a must read for anyone who grew up in a family where addiction was an issue It is so important to begin to understand the effects of that family system on one s sense of self and on one s relationships It is a book I recommend to all of my clients when they have grown up in this kind of environment.

    3. I learned to understand why I ve made some of the choices that I ve made and how my personality formed the way that it did Be careful NOT to let this book serve as an excuse for dysfunction, but, as a way to understand it and to liberate yourself from it It was very eye opening as I saw parts of myself on many of the pages We can t change our past but we can ruin a perfectly good future if we don t learn from it

    4. A groundbreaking and lifesaving book Janet Woititz spoke to a lot of people who thought that no one else had their emotional challenges and helped them see that they weren t crazy and it wasn t hopeless Without bashing alcoholic parents who were doing the best they could, she helps people understand some life skills and people skills that their role models just weren t able to teach them very well Given that somewhere over 10% of Americans have had serious drinking problems in past and present g [...]

    5. This is such a personal topic and journey that I cannot justify saying you should or shouldn t read ACOA What I can say is that, many questions I had or couldn t quite articulate were spelled out in plain English This book changed my life, and I finally feel free I can only hope that others who have suffered from an alcoholic parent s find the same comfort and strength that I found reading ACOA We deserve that much.

    6. Are you the adult child of an alcoholic Do you have friends or family members that fall into this category Have you ever wondered what makes you them tick If so, I highly recommend you read this little book by Janet Geringer Woititz who describes the typical traits and characteristics of people who have had a lot to overcome from an early age The author identifies very clearly what kinds of behaviors and attitudes you might expect from ACOA s as well as guidance on how to overcome some of the t [...]

    7. This book was excellent at making the distinction between blaming your parents for everything and using your past and how your parents treated you and may still treat you as a framework to understand different behaviors and reactions you have in the present.I would highly recommend this book to anyone who has alcoholism in their family I could have done without the poetry, but the real life examples were good It was refreshing to have so many aspects described so articulately I think that it wil [...]

    8. This book seemed to be written about ME After I finished it, I felt sort of exposed but also liberated knowing that I wasn t the only person with these traits or issues It s encouraged me to look into Al Anon meetings and also consider seeing a therapist to help me overcome some of these traits and help myself recover.

    9. This is my long time favorate book for any Adult Children of Alcoholics Almost every ACOA I have worked with relates to the book Easy to understand The author introduces you to how being raised in an alcholic system has a current effect on your life A good first look into this issues.

    10. Very short book and a necessary read for those mentioned in the title I thought the author must have been following me

    11. This book offers an excellent overview and introduction to the impact of growing up in a family where one or both parents abuse alcohol It is a terrific resource for counselors or individuals alike The book gives readers excellent information to help them make changes in their lives The vignettes give the book a personal feel It doesn t come across like a dry, academic textbook I found that the information made sense and was quite useful It helped me grow and come to terms with some things from [...]

    12. Gerai, nuosekliai para yta knyga Supa indinama su bendrais bruo ais, nurodomos savyb s, kuriomis pasi ymi suaug alkoholik vaikai ir pan Padeda suprasti kod l t vai galb t elgiasi vienaip ar kitaip Nema ai remiamasi psicholog s konsultavimo istorij i traukomis, kurios pagrind ia pastar j vaik m stym Geriausia, naudingiausia dalis praktinis pritaikymas Tikriausiai pirm kart skai iau ir suprasdama t vus, ir nekaltindama j d l to, kaip jie aukl ja, ir d l to, kaip pati ,,i augau.B tinai rekomenduo i [...]

    13. This is the second time I have read this book and I am unsure whether it is helpful or not Yes, I read the pages of this book and think, wow I really do have some of those characteristics, and yes that story sounds similar to my own, but the last time I read this book I felt really down, stuck in the negative gunk of my past and my patterns I began attending some Al Anon meetings and the people there were nice but it made me feel broken, needing fixing it s hard to face the work to be done, much [...]

    14. I read this book for my own personal research into the subject for a little self awareness and maybe for some answers The book has a broad spectrum of experiences to create a point of relation for a lot of people and provides useful information about dealing in a proactive manner.This did help me open my eyes to a lot of the ways I was dealing and approaching life It helped me recognize my own behaviors and why I kept getting into unhealthy relationships, didn t understand normal, why my life al [...]

    15. In some ways, the characteristics listed were so spot on they made me laugh In some ways, they seemed representative of my sisters or friends who are ACOAs than of me We all internalize things a little differently, I guess.Anyway, the descriptions particularly when the author explained why it made sense that someone would respond in a dysfunctional way to a dysfunctional situation were generally helpful.Some of the follow up stuff still has me a bit dubious, though To get love, tell people you [...]

    16. I read this on recommendation by my therapist and, to tell you the truth, it was kind of hard to read emotionally My father did drugs and alcohol when I was little, but when he stopped, the verbal and mental abuse came I was never good enough He screamed at me, called me names, and made me so afraid of even making a single move because it wasn t right in his eyes He tried to ground my brother so that he didn t have to go to the school s open house All of what I felt in my childhood, were put int [...]

    17. I just read this in one sitting and am filled with an overwhelming sense of relief that there are others like me Knowledge is power, and this book certainly opened my eyes I recognize so much of my early childhood in this book the inability to really be a child, the lack of a sense of self, the broken promises and the fear of abandonment I finally have a glimmer of hope that I might not be crazy and my issues can be addressed with a positive outcome I highly recommend this book to all adult chil [...]

    18. I grew up in a dysfunctional family with a mother who self medicates with alcohol and a father who conquered a drug addiction when I was young Living in this kind of environment has had a major effect on my sense of self and the way I approach relationships So much of this book has hit home with me that I pulled out a red pen and started highlighting what applied to me, adding my own commentary to the margins I recommend it to anyone who grew up in an alcoholic family.

    19. This is a helpful book I read it to get to understand my mom a little better, considering her dad was an alcoholic, and to see what effects alcoholism had on Kevin and me, having some alcoholism among our eight parents Much of it fit, some of it didn t I imagine this is true for all adult children of alcoholics The most reassuring thing was that there is no normal That s a huge relief and I can quit worrying about trying for a normal family.

    20. This was such a helpful read I now understand I am the way I am and think the way I think as a result of being an ACoA I feel less alone and like these behaviors aren t JUST me being selfish , it s a chain reaction because of how I was brought up There s a valid reason for why I think the way I do and do things the way I do, I don t have to feel ashamed any for feeling different It s okay.

    21. i can understand why people like this book it was informative, but a bit simple the author used you quite frequently which was a bit condescending i did like how she was able to break things down into categories some of the clinical examples were nice but i find that clinical examples are strange from someone who is an Ed.D overall, though, i thought it could have been better.

    22. Makes you think, wow, so someone else feels like or has been through this, too It s a good read, I think, to enlighten you to actually how your attitudes, behaviors, and beliefs have been formed and encouraging that the negative ones can actually be changed While it offers no straight forward step by step solutions, it s not intended to, but it does give you insight on options and suggestions to take you in the right direction of healing and moving forward with your life.

    23. Definatley a good read especially for those who are Adult Children of Alcoholics, It helped me to understand myself, my ex husband and my step daugther and hopefully I am on the road to recovery as well as I hope and pray I can help my Step daughter to get through this as well.

    24. A very insightful book, not just for adult children of alcoholics but also for anyone raised in a dysfunctional family I really liked they way it was written, as if she s earnestly speaking to you, as a person.

    25. Validating, telling, emotionally disturbing and enlightening at the same time A must read for all Adult Children of Alcoholics, Parent Alcoholics, and anyone who deals with these people at home or in the workplace I plan to read this one again.

    26. Are You an Adult Child of an Alcoholic This book is recommended to anyone who s life is touched by alcoholism either in one s immediate family or extended family A real eye opener describing behavioral and relationship patterns by those affected by alcoholics and disfunctional family dynamics.

    27. ACOA provides some of the best guides to healing from alcoholic homes and dysfunctional families Great stuff Suggest that you do the exercises in one of their groups so you don t feel so ashamed and isolated.

    28. Excellent Anyone who has been in a broken home as a child or wants to help people who have been in a broken as child should read this This book will help to break bad family patterns It is very eye opening Goodread

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