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Who I Am #2020

Who I Am From the voice of a generation The most highly anticipated autobiography of the year and the story of a man who wanted The Who to be called The Hair wanted to be a sculptor a journalist a dancer an

  • Title: Who I Am
  • Author: Pete Townshend
  • ISBN: 9780062205216
  • Page: 101
  • Format: Audio
  • Who I Am By Pete Townshend, From the voice of a generation The most highly anticipated autobiography of the year, and the story of a man who wanted The Who to be called The Hair wanted to be a sculptor, a journalist, a dancer and a graphic designer became a musician, composer, librettist, fiction writer, literary editor, sailor smashed his first guitar onstage, in 196From the voice of a generation The most highly anticipated autobiography of the year, and the story of a man who wanted The Who to be called The Hair wanted to be a sculptor, a journalist, a dancer and a graphic designer became a musician, composer, librettist, fiction writer, literary editor, sailor smashed his first guitar onstage, in 1964, by accident invented the Marshall stack, feedback and the concept album inspired Jimi Hendrix s pyrotechnical stagecraft is partially deaf in his left ear stole his windmill guitar playing from Keith Richards followed Keith Moon off a hotel balcony into a pool and nearly died did too much cocaine and nearly died drank too much and nearly died detached from his body in an airplane, on LSD, and nearly died was embroiled in a tabloid scandal that has dogged him ever since planned to write his memoir when he was 21 published this book at 67.

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    1 thought on “Who I Am

    1. I really wanted to love this book I love the Who, and I m a huge fan of Townshend s solo work up until sometime in the early 90s Empty Glass and Chinese Eyes are just stellar albumsd Quadrophenia was for years my most often played album I read Keith Richards autobio, and loved it, and I m a much bigger Who fan, so I was sure I d be in love with this book toobut no It s way too self indulgent, self important, and frustrating in the author s inability to make prose readable or make anecdotes dance [...]

    2. I just don t know what to make of this Is my tepid feeling for the book about the book or about or Townshend The band, as the first pages says, is Roger s thing, but everything that follows says that it s Pete s thing Pete is not just writing music he s making personnel decisions he s negotiating with managers, lawyers, signing rights He s well into Quadrophenia before any mention of input from the band is mentioned After this and , it s amazing that on p 346, Townsend says Roger was the unquest [...]

    3. As a long time Who fan I ve been looking forward to Pete Townsend s frank appraisal of life with the Who and beyond I first saw them live in Auckland, New Zealand in the late sixties, and for many years kept a small piece of Keith Moon s drum kit which I souvenired after he demolished it at the concert s finale Keith Richard s Life has pretty much been accepted as the bnenchmark for rock musician s memoirs in recent times In my view Townsend at least matches it, if not eclipses it Certainly, whi [...]

    4. I must admit, I m really waffling on whether Pete gets two or three stars I confess that I m a sucker for a rock book I tend to leap into them without coming up for air until the last page is turned This book was no different, but I can t say that it was the scintillating prose that kept me enthralled Maybe my expectations were too great In his work with The Who and his earlier solo efforts, Pete was often a songwriter nonpareil His various interviews not only showed him to be an entertaining st [...]

    5. As a long time admirer of Pete Townshend s songwriting and musicianship, both as part of The Who and as a solo artist, I was a bit nervous about reading this book It can be very disillusioning to discover that people we look up to as inspirations are, in fact, real people, and may not correspond at all with the lofty ideals we build about them in our own minds and dreams.Let me say that on finishing Who I Am, my admiration for Pete Townshend both as an artist and as a person has only deepened Wh [...]

    6. Without a doubt The Who was a major band in their time and place Also Pete Townshend surrounded himself with great eccentric figures Keith Moon, Kit Lambert, Nic Cohn, Chris Stamp, John Entwistle,and the first Who manager and visionary Pete Meaden How I would love to hear stories about these guys from Townsend, but what we get instead is very basic tales of insecurity, doubt, woo me being a star, etc from the mouth and brains of Pete Townsend There is nothing wrong with that, for he is very much [...]

    7. Much of what I read was much the same as the tales of my other pop heroes I did learn about his great love for and understanding of the technical chores and challanges of recording Also to be discoveredis Pete s need to use big words that chased me to seek the assistance of Webster sometimes three times on one page Yes, I do feel mixed I am both annoyed and challenged to better my own vocabularyoverall.you went to the thesaurus too often Pete.It seems somehow appropriate to draw parallels of Pet [...]

    8. Every year is the sameAnd I feel it againI m a loser, no chance to winLeaves start fallingComedown is callingLoneliness starts sinking inBut I m one I m OneGoodbye all you punksStay young and stay highHand me my chequebookAnd I ll crawl out to die They Are All In LoveThe Beatles Were Over With Herman s HermitsPete Townshend has long been my favorite personality in rock music, aside from all the obvious credentials, for being the best interview in the business, Exhibit A being the concert documen [...]

    9. The Who was my favorite band when I was a teenager When I began to make the transition from records and tapes to CDs, the first longbox I bought was Quadrophenia I started reading Who I Am in the middle, because I think Pete was most compelling when he was in his late 30s From 1980 to 1982, he released two solo albums and the Who released two albums None are great Empty Glass and Face Dances come close , but all are interesting The book adds meaning to the some of the songs from this period A Li [...]

    10. Painful read Thought I would never get thru it Was very highly reviewed which led me to choosing it for my book club Not a Who fan and found he went on endlessly about recording each and every album with details I am sure even fans would find too much.In one breath he talked of no money, in the next bought a new house or a new boat He came across as extremely flawed, self absorbed, immature Would not recommend

    11. I enjoyed reading this memoir, at least for a while It moves quickly and , as a fan of the Who, captivated my interest quickly Townsend knows how to write this was not ghosted In fact, he has written numerous short stories, worked as an editor at Faber and authored columns for British music magazines While numerous major figures in the rock and roll galaxy move in and out of the discussions in the book, this is not a tell all Townsend s focus is on himself and he is unsparing in his descriptions [...]

    12. Pete Townshend is a seeker a type of person I know very well Seekers are sensitive, spiritually curious, emotional, and mostly gentle They tend also to be self involved, overly serious, and self indulgent, and can be thoughtless to others to the point of cruelty Townshend is at peace with his faults and details them quite openly in his admirably candid memoir Often I read with a bit of disappointed horror really, Pete but I found it possible to forgive him precisely because he described his shor [...]

    13. There is always a risk when reading a memoir of a famous person you like that after you read the memoir you won t like them as much That happened to me after reading both Ginger Rogers and Olivia De Havilland s memoirs I ve always adored their movies so I was sad to find out they were assholes Pete s memoir has caused a similar issue with me He s not as horrible as Ginger or Olivia but he s still not such a great human being Oh, I still love his songwriting and his guitar playing but as a friend [...]

    14. I finished reading Who I Am by Pete Townshend last night It was a good book from start to finish and very well written by the author I ve always admired Pete Townshend as a composer, musician and vivid story teller He also has a wry sense of humor, which is just as enjoyable as his other talents.There are three passages in his autobiography which made me laugh out loud in particular The first was when Pete and Roger Daltrey lead singer of The Who and an accomplished actor as well were attending [...]

    15. I was so excited to read this book, especially after seeing a number of interviews with Pete about it In the interviews, he spoke about trying to get his mother to talk to him about his childhood for years and how he finally succeeded while writing this book He was so candid and his answers so heartfelt, and I expected of the same from the book I was a little disappointed At a number of points in the book, the topic seemed to change in the middle of a section, leaving story threads hanging I ke [...]

    16. This reads like a list of factual data without any real insight into Townshend, his friends and the times He s obviously a very complex man and he claims to be searching for insight, but shares little beyond the superficial details For example, he ll mention having a terrifying dream without telling the reader what it was about or why it was so frightening to him With all his famous friendships, he never actually describes the people he s involved with beyond the obvious I already know that Dalt [...]

    17. How is it possible for the lead guitarist and songwriter of one of the world s iconic rock bands to make a memoir so utterly boring As someone who grew up listening to The Who, watching their farewell concert thousands of times, loving the Chinese Eyes album, seeing them on the reunion tour of the late 80s, reading books about the band, etc I was blown away at how vacuous and boring this book is Townsend spends copious amounts of time examining his spiritual journey which, in the end, looks not [...]

    18. After waiting for this book for decades, it could probably only be a disappointment That said, there were some particular issues A surprisingly flat prose authorial voice It turns out that being able to create phrases that are deeply affecting, in fact world changing, when sung and arranged to music does not mean that you will create equally stirring verbiage sans music I can hardly hold this against Mr Townshend He s brilliant at multiple things it just turns out that autobiographical writing i [...]

    19. Mr Townshend s writing is friendly and accessible I felt like a new friend who he was walking through his life, warts and all He has the humility of a recovering person a certain peace, serenity mixed with bat shit escapades, out of control ego AND insecurities, drugs alcohol, black emotions He never really crows about his victories , is tortured about balancing his work with his family, which includes the members of The Who.You will feel you really know the man Pete has always been at the top o [...]

    20. I listened to Pete Townshend read his autobiography on my MP3 I think if I had been reading this I would not have finished it It is of a chronology of barely related facts He does not go into depth about his personal life However the book is just a clue into his self centered personality He never gets into his friendships or love lives The people in his life are merely mentioned Most disturbing was his lack of emotion over the deaths of Keith Moon and John Entwistle They are merely one line in [...]

    21. Townsend is a fascinating man, but he was interested in talking about the cars, boats, and studios he had built than in his music and personal life I get that, I don t like talking about myself much either But I really wanted an in depth, comprehensive accounting of Mr Townsend s life, and I didn t truly get that here.

    22. I really wanted to love this book.I m a big Who fan, and Pete Townshend has regularly proved himself to be one of the most erudite and thoughtful rock n rollers out there If this memoir were half as interesting as his interviews, I thought it might be as enlightening and as much fun as Keith Richards Life What a disappointment.It s not that Townshend can t write he obviously can And he s properly introspective for a memoir But there s little joy in his storytelling, little soul in his onion peel [...]

    23. Who I Am is a comprehensive memoir starting with his earliest childhood memories of a troubled but still loving family life and how Pete s art school education heavily influenced early Who music and style and the direction of the band.He also talks about his battles with alcohol, drugs, relationships, fidelity, and his own sexuality, but the main focus is on his creative process He is honest and open about his desires for ever increasing financial payouts, recording studios, mansions and yachts. [...]

    24. Well, this was a disappointment In the best of his songs, Townshend can convey in a few lines the heart s turmoil, some essence of our striving and our failing Unfortunately, he appears to have no interest in storytelling This book reads like a diary this happened, then this happened, and then this happened We never get any real sense of what it was like to play in one of the greatest rock bands, what Keith, John and Roger were really like, what it is like for him to play guitar or to write a so [...]

    25. Pete has always been one to spill out all of his thoughts and feelings at any given moment in his career This book is definitely no exception Townshend comes clean about his faults, his drug use and drinking, his affairs, his fights both with the Who and other people he meets, and even his arrests, most notably for possession of child pornography in 2000.For what it s worth, I believe Townshend s explanation, which is basically that he was trying both to find out about incidents that took place [...]

    26. Would have liked to rate it a 2.5 Raw Visceral Honest A tortured creative soul The beginning and end of the book were better written The middle of the book unraveled like knotted yarn a big mush of thoughts His childhood was awful it is comparable to a former Alcatraz prisoner s childhood whom I met on an Alcatraz tour and bought his biography The amazing thing is all the creative projects Pete accomplished as I only knew about the Who I also never heard about his horrific accident to his guitar [...]

    27. I have been a fan of Pete Townsend and the Who ever since I rode my 3 speed bike 28 miles to the BIg N in Jamestown, NY to buy the Who Sell Out record I told my mom I was going to do that and I don t think she believed me She came to get me and picked me up on the road in Dry Brook Pulled over, put my bike in the trunk and didn t yell at me at all Anyway, I got this book for Christmas and just finished all 507 pages I learned a lot about Mr Townsend, his enormous vocabulary, and about the histor [...]

    28. Pete Townshend s memoir is exactly as titled Who I Am In other words, it s all about Pete That s fine and what a memoir is normally about But Townshend has never been a major solo icon sorry fan club members Yes, he s had solo success as a writer and artist, but is known best as a member of The Who His greatest triumphs Tommy, Woodstock, Quadrophenia and sold out tours were as part of a group A very famous group that is recognizable for the sound they created together, sold millions of records, [...]

    29. Well written and fairly detailed memoir Townshend comes clean and shares details about his personal hardships and flaws than of his musical genius in my opinion Is he too humble Does he seek forgiveness Perhaps this book is a cathartic exercise Still, as a big fan, I enjoyed reading every word This book is a page turner.Good descriptions of behind the scenes managerial and financial transactions It is fun when 1960s 1970s rock stars peel back the curtain and reveal what was really happening amo [...]

    30. Some sixteen years after being commissioned, Pete Townshend s autobiography finally arrives, and goes some way to delve into the mind behind The Who s lyrics The result is a little mixed I feel.Not quite as stimulating as his lyrics or his other work, and frequently abbreviated he admits in the book that the text has been basically cut in half one wonders what was left out He is very accepting of his marital infidelity and his substance abuse While its clear that his alcoholism in particular has [...]

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