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The Last Apprentice: Slither #2020

The Last Apprentice Slither My name is Slither and before my tale is finished you ll find out why The dark is full of terrifying creatures And Tom Ward the seventh son of a seventh son and the Spook s last apprentice hasn t se

  • Title: The Last Apprentice: Slither
  • Author: Joseph Delaney
  • ISBN: 9780062224514
  • Page: 290
  • Format: Audiobook
  • The Last Apprentice: Slither By Joseph Delaney, My name is Slither, and before my tale is finished you ll find out why The dark is full of terrifying creatures And Tom Ward the seventh son of a seventh son, and the Spook s last apprentice hasn t seen all of them Far from the county, one named Slither has lived for hundreds of years, hunting blood.But a dying father binds the monster to a bargain If Slither will tak My name is Slither, and before my tale is finished you ll find out why The dark is full of terrifying creatures And Tom Ward the seventh son of a seventh son, and the Spook s last apprentice hasn t seen all of them Far from the county, one named Slither has lived for hundreds of years, hunting blood.But a dying father binds the monster to a bargain If Slither will take his two youngest daughters safely to their family in the south, then the eldest daughter, Nessa, is his.For Nessa the nightmare is just beginning And when Slither and Nessa cross paths with the feared witch assassin Grimalkin, they will become unwitting players in the quest to stop the Fiend once and for all.The blood curdling eleventh volume of the Last Apprentice series.

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    1 thought on “The Last Apprentice: Slither

    1. Somewhere in the far North a civilization of monsters seemingly thriving One such monster called Slither has a territory populated by humans which he considers his own He regards humans living there as his livestock he loves human blood One such human smarter than average made a bargain with Slither In case something happens to the guy, Slither is to bring man s two youngest daughters to their surviving relatives in exchange for the life of the oldest daughter The poor peasant had a fatal accide [...]

    2. Duze vreme nisam citao ovaj serijal tako da priznajem da sam mozda malo zardjao po pitanju radnje ili likova aliOva knjiga nema nikakva prava da bude deo glavnog serijala vec bi trebala biti side prica Od glavnih likova nema nikoga tako da se osnovna prica skoro uopste ne razradjuje a i sama kolicina price je dosta manja za ponudjeni broj strana Da je bilo oko 100 do 150 strana bilo bi daleko bolje Atmosfera je ipak odlicna i pocetka je dosta zabavan i ume da uvuce ali poslednja trecina je dalek [...]

    3. Grimalkin r m ne personajul meu preferat villain, antierou, vr jitoare i asasin , dar Slither nu este un adversar u or de ignorat, iar alian a lor face deliciul romanului Chiar dac Tom, Alice i Vraciul lipsesc, Povestea lui Slither se potrive te perfect n seria Cronicile din Wardstone un volum ntunecat i incredibil de alert, ce ne preg te te pentru alt r zboi, unul ntre zei i o nou clas de fiin e supranaturale, mai puternice i mai periculoase ca vr jitoarele din Pendle.

    4. I have a theory that Delaney decided that, much like the Series of Unfortunate Events , he wanted his series to have 13 books And like that other series, this has lead to a bunch of filler books This is most definitely one of those books.It introduces a whole society of new creatures unheard of before in the series, and it takes place somewhere North of the County I imagine that these will become relevant to the series later on but it seems a bit late in the game to be adding a new shtick since [...]

    5. Dis was definitely not my favorite We are following some new characters At least we got to see Grimalkin again, that was fun Nessa was an okay character Slinther was kind of funny But the story inn it self was so boring At least for me.

    6. Another great dark tale brilliantly told and once again Grimalkin proved that she absolutely rocks Because of things Grimalkin said in this book I m wondering if there will be books with Tom after they defeated the Fiend or a spinoff with Grimalkin as main character.

    7. Tension check Monsters check Assassins check.I keep scratching my head as to what makes me pick up these horror books over and over I m the person who sits through horror movies with her eyes closed Who gave up on It by Stephen King because it scared the sneakers off her feet The one who had nightmares after seeing, Jurassic Park The person who lifts a Goosebumps book and drops it making the excuse she ll read it another time For someone who doesn t do well with violence and gore, why do I keep [...]

    8. Reviewed first at Brunner s BookshelfI took a little break from this series but I m ready to finish and find out what happens to Tom, Alice, and the Spook This is listed as the 11th book in the series but really it doesn t fit in the story line Like the 9th book, Grimalkin the Witch Assassin, this is a stand alone story It almost seems like the this was a different project that was rolled into the series to draw it out a bit This story has very little to do with Tom and his quest It takes place [...]

    9. From a new area of the County, Slither emerges He is a new kind of creature who feeds on the blood of humans and animals He has an arrangement with one of the farmers in his district, and when the man is gored by a bull and dies, Slither promises to take two of his daughters to their aunt and uncle, in exchange for having the older one, Ness, to sell to satisfy the requirement to sell a human girl into the slave trade once every 40 years Nessa wants to save her sisters Briony and Susan, but fear [...]

    10. I seriously hope we see of Slither in this series, if not this book was just a filler It felt kinda like it, and like Delaney threw Grimalkin into it to make it seem like it was part of the main story But it wasn t As always it was well written, and while it took me some time to read it, that was because of life coming in the way, and not the book in itself The story was also interesting, but as I said, I don t see where this fits into the main plot, and that kind of annoyed me

    11. Nothing at all to do with the Spook s Apprentice series, so I don t think it should have counted as book 11 Nice to have Grimalkin again though, although what the heck she s doing in this world I have no idea Is this whole book just a premise for Grimalkin getting the star stone Really Slither is a stand alone story that has nothing at all to do with spooks or witches, but I still enjoyed it Now I m off to pretend that book 12 is book 11.

    12. Oh how I wish these books didn t end I read thru these 400 some pages quicker than I wanted to Joe Delaney s writing immediately draws the reader in and in no time the book is done and you want A prolific writer, Delaney knows how to weave a hard to put down tale of dark magic and suspense I look forward to every release for this series PLUS there is an upcoming movie for the series due out in October 2013 I may be camping out for the first show

    13. Good lord, this was painful to read A stand alone story that barely advances the overall plot, similar to Grimalkin the Witch Assassin Awfully gory at times, and I like gore The Last Apprentice Series seems to be stretching things out these days, which is a shame because the first few books were amazing.

    14. The Last Apprentice Slither is a fictional book by Joseph Delaney This book is by far a unique fictional book that includes many interesting characters The main character is Nessa and her father dies The nasty creature of the dark is named Slither and he agrees to try and take Nessa and her two little sisters to their relatives in the south For this favor Nessa will be indebted to him The adventure goes in and out of twists and curves They run into a bunch of problems that thrill the reader and [...]

    15. SPOILERS This book has absolutely SHOCKED me In the past series, Joseph has told some lore and backstory to some of the characters But I have never seen him do a backstory on a NEW character that has never been seen before AND continue the plot of the story This was something I never even expected And I actually enjoyed the book I thought I wasn t going to enjoy this newcomer of a character but still, it was pretty cool to see a new character in the book that is based on the point of view of the [...]

    16. Slither is bound by a trade he made with the farmer If the farmer were to die, Slither must take his two youngest daughters to their aunt and uncle s house to live In return for this, Slither can have Nessa, the farmer s oldest daughter, to do with as he wishes Now the old farmer has died and Slither must carry out his side of the trade.I think this book took a little while to get used to Not exactly because it is from the view of another character This was done very well with book 9, as it was [...]

    17. Slither as a character was complex, teetering between evil and good the entire story, much like Grimalkin And that is likely why I enjoyed him as a character so much He fights against his base nature to do what is right, what he has sworn Also Nessa such a strong character I loved her as well I felt like Delaney was hinting that she had magic though no one else seemed to realize it Slither wonders, but doesn t know, and I certainly think that Nessa has no clue what she is doing How interesting M [...]

    18. 2.5 Sterne, wohlwollend aufgerundet Ein F llbuch mit neuen Charakteren, haupts chlich aus der Sicht einer bluttrinkenden bislang unbekannten Kreatur geschrieben Erst in der H lfte kommt ein bekannter Charakter dazu, wof r ich sehr dankbar war, denn weder die Geschichte, noch die Protagonisten hatten irgendein Gef hl au er urgs in mir ausgel st Nur deswegen hat das Buch in der Bewertung doch noch etwas besser als urspr nglich gedacht abgeschnitten Einerseits finde ich es gut, dass Delaney das Uni [...]

    19. By the halfway point of Slither s Tale I did think about stopping because I kept asking myself Why are you reading this This book has next to no impact on the Wardstone Chronicles up until this point and I can t see it being vital for the last two books in the series either It is a filler book.A good filler book but a filler book nonetheless and that s why it s so frustrating Grimalkin makes an appearance at the end and there is a small reference to the mission but still Slither s Tale really do [...]

    20. What a disappointmentThis book is told from Slither s a Kobalos, whatever that is point of view and occasionally from Nessa s How are they linked to the rest of the characters of the series Well, they aren t, but they eventually run into Grimalkin who has been captured by the Kobalos while recovering a star stone which fell close to their city Valkarky.Like in the last few books, the protagonist gets itself in serious trouble and with Grimalkin s help, triumphs over invincible enemies Yawn Wasn [...]

    21. This is another book in Joseph Delaney s fantastic Last Apprentice series It s dark fantasy Really dark this time around.I had a little trouble getting into this one, because we re introduced to new characters in a new place It was highly original, but I really love the original cast of characters and so I was digging in my heels Yet slowly Slither and Nessa started to grow on me The creatures, magic, and characters are so wonderfully unusual It did help when my favorite character in the series [...]

    22. Well I got into this series since the 6th grade Joseph really introduces horror and fear in his writing It is weird for someone who can t finish a scary movie to put a book about horror in my opinion I think the book lures me with curiosity to finds out what happens like if a main protagonist dies or overcomes a great feat In this book Joseph Delaney includes new characters in the book so it is interesting to find out what happens in a sidestory Most of the events are complex like Silter a thing [...]

    23. I always like a breath of fresh air As I put this story, its like one of that Something that I not used to read Its good that Delaney somehow changes his ways of writing this time A different and a new character, it could be a filler but atleast I feel that I miss Tom.Grimalkin, as I say would always be my favorite character She s Grimalkin the fierce bad witch, she s in the bussiness of dark but she s good enough that could be compared at to a noble man and most importantly She likes Tom and sh [...]

    24. I love this series Slither as a character was complex, teetering between evil and good the entire story, it was interesting seeing Slither battle his inner voice.Nessa is such a strong character, I loved her.Grimalkin is the best character ever written , once again Grimalkin proved that she absolutely rocks This book didn t really have much to do with the other Last Apprentice books although I enjoy the book, I miss Tom and Alice but it is still a must read.I really enjoyed this tale and can t w [...]

    25. Was nice to see Delaney write about someone other than Tom I thought Grimalkin and Slither were going to join together to try to destroy the Fiend The society Slither lives in is brutal Slaves and sacrifices, blood and monsters It was interesting seeing Slither battle his inner voice than to just have his actions This book didn t really have much to do with the other Last Apprentice books but it is still a must read.

    26. Buwh I picked this up because it was listed as part of the Wardstone series, but it had very little to do with the rest of the books Late in the story, some connections were formed, but I spent most of it all WTF y That said, I did find the story interesting and enjoyable.

    27. Slither is a well written next installment in the Wardstone Chronicles It was interesting to take a break from the main story arc and follow a smaller sub plot The new characters were interesting and fun to follow Slither will not disappoint readers of the Wardstone Chronicles.

    28. I thought this was a nice break in the action from the other apprentice books I would love to see Slither in books Hopefully he ll meet up with the rest of the characters soon.

    29. I can t say that I loved this, it was ok and a very easy read but the story and characters were bland I liked seeing Grimalkin kicking butt in this though.

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