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الجينوم: قصة حياة الجنس البشري في ثلاثة وعشرين فصلًا #2020

  • Title: الجينوم: قصة حياة الجنس البشري في ثلاثة وعشرين فصلًا
  • Author: Matt Ridley
  • ISBN: 9789776263826
  • Page: 272
  • Format: Paperback
  • الجينوم: قصة حياة الجنس البشري في ثلاثة وعشرين فصلًا By Matt Ridley, .

    • [PDF] ✓ الجينوم: قصة حياة الجنس البشري في ثلاثة وعشرين فصلًا | BY Ò Matt Ridley
      272 Matt Ridley
    • thumbnail Title: [PDF] ✓ الجينوم: قصة حياة الجنس البشري في ثلاثة وعشرين فصلًا | BY Ò Matt Ridley
      Posted by:Matt Ridley
      Published :2020-03-08T03:35:20+00:00

    1 thought on “الجينوم: قصة حياة الجنس البشري في ثلاثة وعشرين فصلًا

    1. I wish I could give this book 6 stars It s really fantastic, and I want to recommend it to EVERYONE, but in my heart I know the tone would bore some of my friends I suggest thinking of the author narrator as a cool guy you d be friends with telling you all this information, instead of a nerdy haughty scientist He s not a scientist, he s a writer former editor, this isn t a textbook, but it could be he s done his research includes all his references Just slightly out of date published in 1999 sin [...]

    2. A really great introduction to genetics One of my friends, who studied chemistry in college, recommended the book to me The book is divided into 23 chapters, representing the 23 different sets of chromosomes in the human body The concept fascinated me, and I thought that if the author had enough of a sense of humor to write a book this way, why not give it a try I m not going to pretend that I understood 100% of the book, but the parts I did understand, I appreciated While the writer does provid [...]

    3. I gave Ridley s The Red Queen five stars when I read it half a decade ago, and The Rational Optimist one and a longish review when I read it in 2011 Genome, his most famous book, isn t quite as awful as the latter, but Ridley s godawful politics shine through often enough to irritate.His insistence on lauding free entreprise even where it only exists in his imagination and condescendingly cautioning against big government at every turn isn t even the most obnoxious part this time if anything, th [...]

    4. It is interesting to me how, despite our best efforts, our preconceptions can totally shape our experiences I was impressed when two biology majors in my school independently recommended this to book to me Must be good, I thought So, in the interest of honesty, I must disclose that my inflated expectations were probably the biggest contributor to my lackluster reaction I had high hopes, and Ridley only partially delivered.In popular science, an easy way to divide books is by the occupation of th [...]

    5. Even though this was written and published over 15 years ago, I found it relevant and revealing Ridley is one of the better science writers, and this is assuredly his master work Each chapter highlights a specific gene found on each of the 23 pairs of chromosomes He repeatedly states that the book is not about disease, but it ultimately becomes a major theme and topic The final chapters that discuss genetic determinism, eugenics, and nature vs nurture are treated with upmost care, empathy, and a [...]

    6. Sometimes I have to stop after even a paragraph It s a strong feeling of becoming enraptured by the information, connections and insights afforded by this extremely lucid and stimulating layperson s introduction to the human genome An extremely compressed three page preface provides a glossary and explanation of key terms, and can be returned to as needed Each chapter then takes one chromosome and selects from each a particular gene to describe with a much broader emphasis upon what this actuall [...]

    7. This is a really great book my only qualm is that it might be outdated now, as gene technology and science is moving so quickly forwards Basically, if you want to know why you are here, what you are and what you re made of, this book has some pretty convincing answers Fate, destiny, love, life, death, character, intelligence and illness are all covered and it s worth pressing on through the quite tough prose to get a better, illuminating, scary but finally comforting picture of the vehicle you r [...]

    8. An interesting idea for a popular book about genetics 23 chapters, one for each pair of chromosomes that is realized into a not particularly good book I appreciate that it s trying to be generalist, but it s generalist to the point of failing to convey ideas Ridley moves from topic to topic like a student who has been told that he must include a long list of them in his paper And I m afraid the writing is just not good enough for any of the briefly discussed ideas to stick in your brain, unless [...]

    9. This was an interesting and understandable survey of human genetic heritage There were a few boring pieces that recounted things I d been taught repeatedly in biology classes I can see the utility of this as not all readers would have taken those classes, I just didn t enjoy reading about those things again as much as I enjoyed the specific examples The last few chapters contained some biased language calling people who tore up GM crops eco terrorists rather than simply vandals, for example, is [...]

    10. I really enjoyed this book I would say it is so far the best book I have read this year and a great introduction to genetics Quite a lot of the stuff in this book has been covered in other books I have read, most notably by Richard Dawkins, however the writing was fresh and I learned a hell of a lot of stuff throughout this book For example, did you know that the placenta is actually a parasite, the result of male antagonistic genes battling the female s X chromosomes by redirecting resources t [...]

    11. Ridley takes on a number of controversial topics These include the genome s influence on intelligence, sexual orientation, personality and free will genetically modified foods, eugenics and testing for incurable diseases He explains how genes function, their structure, and how they shape our bodies and minds The book was written in 1999 so some of it may be dated Below are my notes.Genes are turned on and off throughout our life often dependent on environmental factors Some genes code for protei [...]

    12. The Genome is yet another non fiction science book that I have read with the utmost fascination Not that there are that many in the list, but this is a genre that I am absolutely delighting in It would have been great to have this enthusiasm to know, in school perhaps, when I was rote learning about DNA and had no idea what the implications of genes were This book ought to have livened things up in my mind The best thing about the book is the lucid structure It is brilliantly organised, to make [...]

    13. A genome is an organism s complete set of DNA, including all of its genes Each genome contains all of the information needed to build and maintain an organism In 1953 Francis Crick and James Watson decoded the structure of DNA and with this discovery Crick exclaimed We ve discovered the secret of life What they discovered was that the main purpose of genes is to store the recipe for making proteins The proteins are what determine the color of our hair, fight infection, and carry oxygen as well a [...]

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    16. Genome is somewhat out of date by now, published back in 1999 Bearing that in mind, it was a pretty good read sometimes, the themes Ridley chose for a particular chapter weren t all that closely tied to the chromosome he chose, and issues like that, but that s the problem with our chromosomes The information isn t distributed neatly across our chromosomes in fact, those of us with a Y chromosome have one that does almost nothing overall, despite the fact that it affects carriers phenotypes so ma [...]

    17. Are your body and brain pre wired for certain tendencies That s one of the questions raised in Matt Ridley s Genome The Autobiography of a Species in 23 Chapters Using a gene from each of the 23 pairs of chromosomes that make up our DNA as a launching point, Ridley discusses what we ve learned about the history of the human race Some concepts about heredity are confirmed, while others are discarded.Through the Human Genome Project, scientists have mapped out the complete set of human genes With [...]

    18. I ll fail to review this book if I thought about it as a single book Genome feels like many books written in a specific order many excellent book that is Genome speaks of Health, Disease, Sex, Power, Philosophy, Politics, Geology, Literature, Language, History, Evolution, Science, People, everything linking them together That last statement might seem as overselling the book, if it was me, I wouldn t buy that statement if I saw it in a review However, it came as a surprise for me as well.To begi [...]

    19. Rideley s trope is to connect circa 2000 what we are beginning to know about the human geonomes if you will through each of the 23 human chromosomes Some it works very well, I think I have a much better understanding of the implications of all types issues related to genetics I also realized afterward that we as a society don t even have the beginnings of a social discussion taking place even as the science races forward The challenge with a book like Ridley s is that it based on what we knew ev [...]

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