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How to Read a Poem #2020

How to Read a Poem Lucid entertaining and full of insight How To Read A Poem is designed to banish the intimidation that too often attends the subject of poetry and in doing so to bring it into the personal possessio

  • Title: How to Read a Poem
  • Author: Terry Eagleton
  • ISBN: 9781405151412
  • Page: 209
  • Format: Paperback
  • How to Read a Poem By Terry Eagleton, Lucid, entertaining and full of insight, How To Read A Poem is designed to banish the intimidation that too often attends the subject of poetry, and in doing so to bring it into the personal possession of the students and the general reader.Offers a detailed examination of poetic form and its relation to content.Takes a wide range of poems from the Renaissance to the preseLucid, entertaining and full of insight, How To Read A Poem is designed to banish the intimidation that too often attends the subject of poetry, and in doing so to bring it into the personal possession of the students and the general reader.Offers a detailed examination of poetic form and its relation to content.Takes a wide range of poems from the Renaissance to the present day and submits them to brilliantly illuminating closes analysis.Discusses the work of major poets, including John Milton, Alexander Pope, John Keats, Christina Rossetti, Emily Dickinson, W.B Yeats, Robert Frost, W.H.Auden, Seamus Heaney, Derek Mahon, and many .Includes a helpful glossary of poetic terms.

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    1 thought on “How to Read a Poem

    1. Reading poetry can often feel like visiting a modern art gallery I look at a few pieces, trying to understand and, losing interest, move on to something else For both I am sorely in need of a guide While art galleries have these in abundance if you re willing to wait for a tour I never am there s a lack of such guides for poetry Thankfully, Eagleton has stepped into fill the void In this short work he takes the reader on a tour of the history, theory and mechanics of poetry, pausing occasionally [...]

    2. When I first read this book I thought It was a parody along the lines of Frederick Crews The Pooh Perplex Read as parody it is an exhilarating, rollicking read and laugh aloud funny in places How s this for a parody of an over simplified reading The speaker of the poem resorts to industrial imagery Hammer, Chain, Furnace, Anvil to express his sense of the formidable flourish of life Or of a critic who knows he s on dodgy ground ducking for cover there is no particular rhyme or reason in the sele [...]

    3. Denser than what I usually read, I had to take this a few pages at a time and think about it I ve probably already forgotten most of it But it is a real pleasure just to listen to Terry Eagleton s voice in my head as I read it He has a good sense of humor and I share his sympathy for the Irish and the working class It s especially fun, of course, when he goes on the attack against some poet everyone is supposed to like.

    4. Just started this one of my profs recommended this when I told her that I m teaching literary theory to my Honors Brit Lit kiddies she uses it in her Romantics class More of a review later, but my initial reaction is positive Update Mary was right what an engaging and helpful book This really helped me rethink how to teach lit crit and poetry which the kids totally rocked, by the way.

    5. I started reading this in the bookstore the other day It s really good Eagleton uses lots of easy to grasp examples to explain poetic meaning, emotion, connotation,etc I ll probably read a few chapters tomorrow in the store of course, I can t afford to buy anything now.

    6. In the interest of full disclosure, I feel obligated to note that I did not read the whole book I skimmed large parts and read parts carefully It s not bad and could be fairly useful, but it s not all that great.

    7. Misleading title You read a poem using your eyes and whatever it is that makes your heart go boom.

    8. 1 2 How does one glean the most of a poem Did the poet only have the obvious meaning in his mind when he wrote his verses How do I as the reader get as close to the sentiments of the poet as I possibly could Besides this, what are the theory of Literature, Technicalities if you will involved in writing poetry This has been one of the nagging problems, I ve experienced when reading poetry It was obvious that I was not getting it all , when I realised that I don t derive the same pleasure from rea [...]

    9. Una lectura muy recomendable Me gusta la poes a, cada vez m s pero siento que es dif cil entenderla sin una pauta y el libro ayuda bastante a dos cosas A entender qu es la poes a y a leerla O sea, el libro a mi entender s cumple lo que promete su t tulo El autor trata de desmitificar a la cr tica literaria y tambi n a la poes a Muchas veces pensaba en la poes a como un significado envuelto en papel celof n o en una bolsa de nylon llamada florituras literarias l no las llama as , eso se llama for [...]

    10. Sin duda Eagleton es el cr tico literario al que m s teor a le debo Su estilo es, si bien espeso, tambi n accesible a propia forma y claro, de un humor cido que se aprecia mucho en textos que analizan poemas desde el estructuralismo y formalismo.

    11. oh, terry the combination of eagleton and poetry makes me feel like i ll probably talk to sohum about this book at some point love pretension love pretension.

    12. La parte te rica ha resultado m s amena y valiosa que los cap tulos dedicados a formular nociones para el an lisis de poes a Los mejores momentos del libro no son los dedicados al an lisis de los poemas, sino aquellos donde las digresiones sobre historia y teor a literaria concentran el inter s del autor El talento de Eagleton parece ser m s compatible con el arte de la prosa, y en especial con la novela En muchas de sus lecturas se esfuerza por reconstruir el contexto imaginario del poema Es de [...]

    13. Terry Eagleton has written his customarily clear text in this interesting book It doesn t say anything spectacularly new but it does give some thought provoking approaches to literary criticism If you are looking for a technical treatise on iambic pentameter and the spondee, this is not for you but if you seek a way in to a an artistic genre which can often be perplexing and obscure, it may well help There is a chapter on poetic technique which is not so much technical as helpful in making you t [...]

    14. Although the title is a little heavy handed, Eagleton s How to Read a Poem is an excellent book for anyone interested in developing a nuanced understanding of how poetic form and content function together After reading this book, I feel that I am much aware of some of the subtleties of poetry that I previously took for granted This book will definitely help one perform closer readings of poems Highly recommend

    15. Eagleton reigns back his raging ideological hounds in this wonderful explanatory book Humorous, technical, and accessible, I found it both fun and informational My only quibble is that his poetry selections are fairly uniform, and his analysis of Four Nature Poems in the back is not only arbitrarily limited, but also fairly unadventureous It would have been nice to see Eagleton take on something uncanonical or exciting.

    16. This book really grew on me The opening chapter was slow and a bit patronizing, so it took me months to get throug, but beyond that I flew through, really enjoying many of TE s analyses Whether you like or hate a poem or poetry in general, it s always helpful to understand why, and this book has given me a better understanding of my relationship with poetry.

    17. Always interesting TE has given me a much better understandin of liturature in it s various forms I was warned that he comes from a specific ideology but either I am with him ideologically, or it dosn t really matter This book is about Form and Content and much But it also pses some vital questions.

    18. I cannot rate this book, yet It is a book I need to read after I have finished emptying my mind of my own words To ingest a whole book, that possibly squashes an inner voice, is akin to committing suicide I appreciate scholarly books on poems reading, writing and criticizing, but i cautiously wait until the time approaches, when such knowledge is beneficial and not crippling.

    19. This was a very difficult book to rate Some of the insights into the analysis of poetry were really helpful and the detailed examination of certain poems brilliant, but the structure of the book was very odd and sometimes Terry Eagleton s comments on the poems seemed to contradict the approach he was suggesting.

    20. Having read only two books by Eagleton I nonetheless suspect that this may be one of his accessible works It is a witty and thorough manual for reading poetry, peppered with examples Rhyme and meter are not explored here he concentrates on the subtler aspects and although I have been teaching poetry for many years, this gave me some new ideas.

    21. While it got better over the course of time, I thought this was a very good example of verbal masturbation He uses unnecessary language just to show off, without a need for it When he focused on the poem analysis, he was really good, but he went off topic too often.

    22. Well written and chock full with all sorts of carefully delineated points about how to read not just poetry, but literature, and not just that, but how language and rhetoric work in general, just because.

    23. Excellent book Eagleton is somewhat challenging to read, but only because he packs a lot of meaning into his writing This is one of the few books on poetry that I have read that actually focuses on the poetry itself, rather than the mechanics of the elements rhythm, meter, that make it up

    24. I want a how to read a simple book about reading poetry This does have good examples but I felt that it was way to wordy and question if the explanation was poetry in itself I will have try another book and see if it is any better.

    25. I really thought this was quite enjoyable I think he said many wise things, and it s also really easy to read Quite different from After Theory I read a little of THAT and I thought some of it was bollocks really P

    26. Insightful in some ways The title is misleading this doesn t really serve as an elementary guide, and would have effectively been called How to Read a Poem the way Eagleton wants you to Too narrow of a study to be presented as it is.

    27. A challenging read, but reminds of the depth of poetry most interesting when he provided literary criticism of various poems and excerpts.

    28. I have to admit that I don t care much for poetry, but I do like Terry Eagleton, so I m hoping that he can change my mind.

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