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Pollen #2020

Pollen The sweet death of Coyote master taxi driver was only the first Soon people are sneezing and dying all overManchester Telekinetic cop Sybil Jones knows that like Coyote they died happy but even a

  • Title: Pollen
  • Author: Jeff Noon
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 171
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pollen By Jeff Noon, The sweet death of Coyote, master taxi driver, was only the first.Soon people are sneezing and dying all overManchester Telekinetic cop Sybil Jones knows that, like Coyote, they died happy but even a happy death can be a murder As exotic blooms begin to flower all over the city, the pollen count is racing towards 2000 and Sybil is running out of time.

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      Jeff Noon

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    1. Enjoyed Vurt immensely and in the same way loved this mentions on the cover that Jeff Noon could be considered a Philip K Dick of the nineties and though given the genre of fiction that would be a pretty fair comparison some of the scope of the unreality sequences I would say border on the visions of the likes of epic fantasists such as Clive Barker.This was a great book that merged a recognisable future with a healthy dose of unreality that at times sailed so close to the wind that it was at ri [...]

    2. Though not as quick to grab my attention from the start as Jeff Noon s first novel VURT, Pollen left me no less blown away and grinning halfway through to its happy unspeakable climax and epilogue The pace is controlled, but the eventual fireworks are absolutely worth the wait.Set in the same nymphomaniac mongrel blasted world as VURT, but with only the barest of threads tying them together, Pollen is as finely tuned a heap of symbols and dreamworks as you ll find anywhere, especially in the sc [...]

    3. Started off really well, but completely lost the plot Much less well written than Vurt, and ultimately a lot less interesting I m starting to think Noon is much better at setting out scenarios than progressing them The opening sequence is moody, gripping and intriguing, but by the time we ve left the reality tracks completely towards the end, I stopped caring and only just made it over the line and I was skimming towards the end tbh.

    4. Pollen, Jeff Noon s sequel to Vurt, is a good read, but ultimately didn t live up to my expectations I definitely enjoyed returning to the crazy version of Manchester that was introduced in Vurt, but the story while good wasn t as compelling to me as Vurt s, and the cast of characters didn t come close to Scribble and the Stash Riders.The plot of Pollen revolves around a conflict between the vurt and the real Certain characters in the vurt who are the vurt representations of the characters in th [...]

    5. And Boda vanishes into the curve of a shadow that falls from the side of a rubbish ship that catches soft light from the moon that floats high and serene over the water that laps at the side of the canal that leads into the city of Manchester What needs to be said Bold strides into fantasy verify that this is indeed the genre fiction that my peers in the Creative Writing department have warned me against Arrogant, even flip sampling from classic myths, strange characters, impossibly convenient [...]

    6. I liked Vurt better but Pollen was still a great read The universe Noon creates is incredibly weird and amazing, and really gets your imagination into a full sprint trying to keep up

    7. This is the first book by Jeff Noon I ve read and, I now consider myself a fan return return This is a book that I would classify as one of the truer cyberpunk books out there What I mean by that is the setting in Noon s book plays a central role in the story itself Make no mistake this isn t some romance, western or sleuth story thrown in a cyberpunk setting What I like so much about this story is that Noon explores the implications of his hybrid technological drugged up setting through the vie [...]

    8. Para la lista Libros 2005 2006 12 libros al a o, ya tenemos libro para Junio.Este libro de ciencia ficci n, es la segunda parte de Vurt, y aunque pueda leerse de forma independiente, no lo creo muy recomendable La historia desvela algunos porqu s del mundo que pod a adivinarse en Vurt, y que estaba muy relacionado con una especie de universo tipo Matrix al que se entra por medio de plumas, que se pueden interpretar como drogas, o como enlaces de red, o como quieras, tampoco se molesta en explica [...]

    9. The first half of this book was great reading with intriguing characters, good mystery and well paced and just weird enough to make it even interesting The second half of it was absolute and utter waffling nonsense It lost its momentum so suddenly and completely that I even lost any connection I may have had with the characters up to that point.Instead of events unfolding where the reader could unravel the mysteries behind the story one simply gets exposed to page after page of mind numbing con [...]

    10. Jeff Noon s Pollen is written in a very nebulous, stream of consciousness POV It s one of those writing styles that requires you to chew on them for a bit until you figure out how to activate the flavor crystals.The world is dense and brimming with layers, hybrid human animal plant characters, and a mutliplicity of dimensions The pace is a bit of an accordion compressed in quick action one moment, then stretched out with leisure the next.Pollen straddles the line between fantasy and sci fi and d [...]

    11. I find it really difficult to decide how I feel about Jeff Noon s work.His future is loud and crazy and colorful and horny And that s good And he introduces a lot of interesting concepts And to a large degree, he works within these concepts However, things are so just, weird, that it s hard to guess what is going to happen On the one hand, I love to be surprised, but on the other, it feels like cheating when I don t think that I ve been given enough material to be able to anticipate a resolutio [...]

    12. It s like a 3.5, but I definitely don t want this looking like it s on the same level as Vurt, which I like and as I look back on it.Some very cool hallucinatory plunging back into this whole Vurt world, terrifying floral invasions, 90s drugged out British anarchy, and the amazing dirty conceit of how exactly all these hybrid posthumans came to be, but the last 40 pages are so are something of a letdown Little too much clap your hands for Tinker Bell in the end, and the big bad turns out to b [...]

    13. Nie znam nic Noona, nie czyta em Wurta , ale po Py kach mia em wra enie, e je li termin new weird zosta by wymy lony wcze niej, to w a nie dla niego.Powie jest m cz ca w podobny spos b, jak powie ci Dicka, tu akurat wydawcy nale y przyzna racj w kwestii has a reklamowego z ok adki Mo e i Py ki mo na uzna za przejaw postmodernizmu w SF, ale chyba tylko w polskim SF s jeszcze powie ci nie b d ce takim przejawem.Wszelako, jak kto lubi z fantastyki smoki i inne pierdo y, to niech raczej to omija.

    14. I read Vurt many years ago I m quite pleased that I waited quite some years before I read Pollen I ve enjoyed both books immensely Out of the two Pollen is definitely the weird surreal However the weird it got the compelling it became Some would probably find too strange but if you want something different I would give this book a go.

    15. Great world building and some wonderful lyrical passages, particularly when Noon is describing flowers and plant growth Just fell down a bit in the resolution You create a baddie so powerful he seems to have no weaknesses, but then

    16. A fantastic world served with genetic cocktails and beefy beasts that barely veils Noon s fascination with dodgy sexy scenarios

    17. John Barleycorn must die Allow me to discuss the nature of a series of books A series is a very careful thing Especially when escalation is involved It s fine to do sequels for the books, or even have to break up one book into a trilogy But when writing a volume that is something of the conclusion to the whole mess, there are two very specific guidelines First, that the book actually make some kind of sense, and second, that it actually concludes things in proper order, not some incredibly hallu [...]

    18. It s been about 20 years since I read Vurt but I still recall clearly what a deeply weird and wonderfully imagined book that was Pollen is the sequel to Vurt and tells the story of the start of the war between fiction and fact between the virtual and the real, the imaginary and the real And the complex The writing is fluid The author is clearly a lover of music, words, and the ways words can be bent to serve numerous purposes In a universe where stories have their own lives, lives hostile to the [...]

    19. What starts off as a promising sequel to Vurt ends up kind of losing itself in the weirdness of its own setting, with the all too weird nature of its characters making them almost impossible to relate to.Audiobook Worthy Audible has an amazing production and you ll fall in love with the narrator s rendition of Maverick tendencies

    20. I have very mixed feelings about this book It s strengths lie in the vivid, lush world, conjured up to life by Noon s imagination, as well as in his sometimes poetic, sometimes terse use of language It is an atmospheric and at times compelling work to read It s weaknesses consist of sometimes pretentious use of language, and at times deeply unpleasant subject matter, which is treated just as another fantastic, phantasmagoric thing to marvel on as dreamy and freaky In other words it is a dubious [...]

    21. I read a lot of SF and find that a lot of the books fall into two categories slightly incomprehensible because of all the techno babble, and slight incomprehensible because of all the future speak and slang This definitely falls into the latter category Like reading A Clockwork Orange it took a while to tune my mind into reading the familiar words used in unfamiliar context I m not saying this is a bad thing, as I quite enjoy it, but does mean it took me longer to get into the story I haven t re [...]

    22. So far takes me down a familiar Vurt road and very interested in relationships between dogs and shadows I love Jeff Noon for dropping me into dream worlds with zombies and flowersThis book deserves than 3 stars but less than 4 3 and a half The first 300 pages were very whimsical and strange the way I expect a William S Burroughs novel to be I remember one of my favorite lines from Vurt All I got were the hindquarters of dogs Sometimes thats all you get There were feathers and door vaz and a lot [...]

    23. OK So words like imagination and capacity do not usually belong in the same sentence But if your IMAGINATION has the CAPACITY to understand this book as well as the other novels based on the Vurt worlds then you will hands down known you have read an absolute sci fi masterpiece I can not begin to express how much I love these novels I have reread these on several occasions and every friggin time it s like a new story IMHO Jeff Noon wherever he may be automatically gets greatness stature And quit [...]

    24. Noon s books are filled with some very vivid, creative and unique story elements, unfortunately they are also filled with sexual violence perpetrated against his female characters These disturbing plot points are also not given the appropriate weight or seriousness and instead feel like they are included for shock value I m sorry but using rape as an easy way to sensationalize or give edge to your story is just not ok Sadly too many otherwise great male cyberpunk authors do this as an easy way t [...]

    25. After my falling in love with Vurt, upon the recommendation of my husband, I decided to read Pollen With a couple of familiar characters, and of course the crazy world of the Vurt itself, Pollen takes off in a completely different direction I feel the story got a little tough and unexciting towards the end, as Noon borrows characters and ideas from traditional mythology and weaves it into his futuristic cyber punk storyline not my favorite But, I can t help but love the style of Noon s writing D [...]

    26. yet another book i enjoyed but wouldn t recommend same review ofvurt applies here like irvine welsh smarabou stork nightmares it s a book that s fraught with debauchery and taboo, and not in a titillating way incest, bestiality and necrophilia are discussed with a sort of passing abandon one would attribute to the recitation of a denny s lunch menu you re not meant to feel anything about these plot devices, you re meant to accept the transgression of social s with a shrug if you can do that, you [...]

    27. I vaguely remember reading Noon s Vurt when it first came out I had recently read Gibson s Neuromancer loved it and I had read in a review that Vurt was something like it Don t remember being altogether impressed with it though An eh But times change, and many moons have passed since then and now Perhaps this one s a better book, or I ve read in the genre since then But I quite enjoyed this book, especially the crime solving aspect Kept me grounded while I was negotiating Noon s loose sentence [...]

    28. Disappointing sequel of sorts to Vurt, Noon returns to the dismal streets of cyber Manchester The Trojan Horse of a pretty, pubescent girl is used to transport a deadly bout of hayfever out of the Vurt into the real world The characters for the most part are badly sketched and it is difficult to care for any of them aside from Sibyl Jones, the Shadowcop, and her zombie baby Could have done without the creepy sexual encounters with the pollen Lolita and her budding breasts , ewwwww It may be an e [...]

    29. A very good work The end was not so hotberfantasist psychedelia probably doesn t bend easily to expected narratives You can see his joy with words, Dodos, UnBeknownst, and he pays tribute to Alice in Wonderlandwell, he kills her 2nd reading Still good A bit happier with the end perhaps A shame he hasn t published in over a decade yes I know there is a smattering of online content but I mean the hard stuffoks

    30. I liked it I really did I especially liked that they mentioned Scribble and Desdemonda and had their daughter in there I was sad that they didn t actually appear in the book though I was almost expecting it Noon, I loved your other two books way better I feel like you wrapped this one up a little too neatly So not what I expected of you I suppose if I would have read this one first, it would have been better for me, but seeing as how this is a loose sequel to Vurt meh.

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