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Storykeeper A stunning novel and a joy to read Helen Hollick Managing Editor Historical Novel Society Editor s Choice Smith writes fluidly and the society he depicts is intriguingly complex Kirkus Reviews Steep

  • Title: Storykeeper
  • Author: Daniel A.Smith
  • ISBN: 9781466212978
  • Page: 195
  • Format: Paperback
  • Storykeeper By Daniel A.Smith, A stunning novel and a joy to read Helen Hollick, Managing Editor Historical Novel Society Editor s Choice Smith writes fluidly, and the society he depicts is intriguingly complex Kirkus Reviews Steeped in immediacy and vivid detail D Donovan, Senior Reviewer Midwest Book Review The first recorded Europeans to cross the Mississippi River reached the we A stunning novel and a joy to read Helen Hollick, Managing Editor Historical Novel Society Editor s Choice Smith writes fluidly, and the society he depicts is intriguingly complex Kirkus Reviews Steeped in immediacy and vivid detail D Donovan, Senior Reviewer Midwest Book ReviewThe first recorded Europeans to cross the Mississippi River reached the western shore on June 18, 1541 Hernando De Soto and his army of three hundred and fifty conquistadors spent the next year and a half conquering the nations in the fertile flood plains of eastern Arkansas.Three surviving sixteenth century journals written during the expedition detailed a complex array of twelve different nations Each had separate beliefs, languages, and interconnected villages with capital towns comparable in size to European cities of the time Through these densely populated sites, the Spanish carried a host of deadly old world diseases, a powerful new religion, and war.No other Europeans ventured into this land until French explorers arrived one hundred and thirty years later They found nothing of the people or the towns that the Spanish had so vividly described For those lost nations, the only hope that their stories, their last remaining essence will ever be heard again lies with one unlikely Storykeeper Editorial Reviews for Storykeeper, winner of Best Indie Book Award 2013 A man without a story is one without a past, Smith writes, and a man without a past is one without wisdom By the time readers have wandered freely through the strange realm of the Storykeeper, they may well find those words prophetic, and powerful Kirkus Reviews Storykeeper is a complex read With both perspective and time in flux, readers are carried along on a historical and cultural journey that, while compelling, requires attention to detail not for those seeking light entertainment, it s a saga that demands and deserves careful reading and contemplation D Donovan, Senior Reviewer Midwest Book Review I was not only entertained by this book, but educated about a period of history of which I knew nothing I loved the chapter structure which has a rhythm of its own, all wrapped in an attractive and appropriate cover I have no hesitation in recommending this book no matter where your historical interest may lie I give it 5 stars Helen Hollick, Managing Editor Historical Novel Society Editor s Choice Smith has created a wealth of history and culture that will make you weep Creating words and phrases with a poetic sense, building a feel for Native American culture that feels so genuine and, yet, is eminently readable Kathy Davie Books, Movies, Reviews I love this story, and I applaud Daniel A Smith on his diligent research Smith writes some strong characters in this gripping story Every human emotion is engaged, and at times I felt like I was right there with Manaha and the tribes who fought against DeSoto Superbly done SK The Jelly Bomb Review The book s images, enhanced by objective historical writing are portals into the distant past, sometimes humorous, often heartbreaking, but always illuminating Fred Petrucelli Log Cabin

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      195 Daniel A.Smith
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    1. I was gifted a copy of this eBook in return for a review.I studied this area of American history in school and while it was quite a number of years ago now it still made me eager to read this book I was not let down in the slightest This was the perfect book to finish off last year with and one of the best books I had the pleasure of reviewing in 2012.The storytelling structure of the book appealed to my own nature and each different timeline being talked about felt real and fresh I could imagin [...]

    2. Very good Sad story illustrating the near extinction of native tribes by the Spanish all in the name of the hunt for gold.

    3. eBook 4869 Publisher Daniel A SmithReview source Daniel A SmithRating 5Reviewed by Kathy DavieI m hoping this is the first in a Nine Rivers Valley historical fiction series about the power of memory.My TakeI love how Smith brought the Spanish invasion of the Americas to life through his use of Manaha and her storytelling He held my attention throughout as he flashed back and forth from Manaha s childhood to her older life using Manaha as the vehicle to tease us into wanting to know what happened [...]

    4. Hernando DeSoto and his band of conquistadors were the first to cross the Mississippi and conquer the ancient people of Arkansas Three 16th century journals documented their travels and battles A hundred years have passed and the stories revolving around these bloody encounters have all but vanished but one old woman, one of the last surviving storytellers able to relate eyewitness stories of the bloodshed, defies native custom to tell youngsters around the campfire what really happened and her [...]

    5. The Hachia people, one of the last surviving tribes of the ancient nations of the Nine Rivers, do not speak of the history, the disgrace, that took away their strength, leaving them weak and hiding, now, at the foothills in the Mountains of the Ozarks of Arkansas Despite this, Manaha, Mother of None, receiving a dream that renders her arm useless, and in which she is told to share her stories in order that her arm may be restored, goes before the council proclaiming her wish to do so at the vill [...]

    6. This book was reviewed for Reader s Favourite Storykeeper by Daniel Smith is a beautifully woven tale of stories nested inside stories It is a tale of times long past and peoples long gone Long before writing, stories were kept by shaman, Druids, lorekeepers, bards They encoded history, myth, legend, and kept a people in touch with their ancestors Storykeeper threads through the lives of several such lorekeepers, binding them together, even as the stories they tend bind family and tribe and the [...]

    7. Storykeeper, by Daniel A Smith, is my one hundred fifty fifth book that I have received and read from I thought the author did a great job of showing us some Native American History.This story takes place in the mid 16th century in the state of Arkansas I really enjoyed reading about Hernando DeSoto and his conquistadors, they were the first to cross the Mississippi and conquer the Indian people of Arkansas the Casqui and Pacaha people.The author tells the story of how the lives of the Native Am [...]

    8. It s mid 16th century in what is now Arkansas This book is a story within a story within a story In the oral history tradition of the Native Americans, Manaha passes down stories surrounding the arrival of conquistador Hernandez de Soto and the fate of the Casqui and Pa caha peoples.Favorite quotes Walk with pride, but always step with respect p110 Do not lose your life to the fury of war nor your soul to its glory p230 A man without a story is one without a past, and man without a past is one w [...]

    9. This is the story of how the lives of the native Americans of the Nine Rivers valley were changed by the arrival of the Spanish It s told in three concurrent threads the first being that of an old woman, the last of her people, living under sufferance with another tribe She keeps alive the memory of her own people by the oral tradition of story telling.By means of these stories we get the second thread, the woman s life as a young girl with her adopted grandfather The third thread, a story withi [...]

    10. In Storykeeper, Daniel A Smith creates a historic tale about Native Americans and the arrival of Hernando de Soto From the opening dream, Mr Smith drew me into the story of Manaha, Mother of None In that dream, she is charged to Give your stories to the ones who have not heard Become the storyteller your people need The narrative is about the recollections of an old Native American woman and the stories she heard from Taninto whom she called grandfather, the man who raised her Her voice is so we [...]

    11. Terrific Historical Novel about a Little Known bit of our Country s Discovery and Conquest Mr Smith has written a fantastic tale from the Native American point of view about the conquest of the New World by Hernando DeSoto He has done impeccable research on this topic, and through this novel has made that period in our history come alive for me Prior to reading this book, I had only a passing and shallow knowledge of the conquering of the area where I was actually born As I read from one story t [...]

    12. A story well told.As I was reading this, I found myself thinking in simplistic terms, welcoming the sunrise, cupping beautiful blooms in my hands and discovering a potpourri of suburban aromas I had never noticed before I wonder what life in the western hemisphere would look like if the natural simplicity could have been nurtured and appreciated without the greed or the self righteous Christian mandate Could we be living as gently on our land The Spanish, with all their arrogant and evil, were j [...]

    13. This was an interesting glimpse into a time period that I know very little about North American native culture during the invasion of Hernando de Soto and the Conquistadors The book is in the form of a story within a story within a story, mostly in the voice of the storyteller Manaha, who, in relating the story of her life, also passes on those told to her by her grandfather It is beautifully descriptive of the land at that time and the now extinct civilization that inhabited it I really enjoyed [...]

    14. Goodread s first read giveaway.Rating 2 5The book has interesting concept, emphasizing the importance of stories history, so that people know their past and prepare them for the future The language is promisingly descriptive, yet perhaps not making enough echo to me.Having said that, the pace of the stories seems repetitive and predictable, even somewhat irritating to me whenever it comes to I shall tell a story Maybe that is the way N.A Indians converse, their formality ritual, and hence was de [...]

    15. In 1514 Hernando De Soto lead a Spanish army on an expedition through Arkansas This historically accurate account of the impact on the local native Americans is anything but dry The story is told told through three separate timelines Taninto is a young indian living in Casqui, an indian village along the Mississippi river He lived through the arrival of Hernando s army and followed it through its exploration for several years The second timeline commences when Taninto discovers a young girl of 1 [...]

    16. As a lover of the mountains and creeks rivers of Arkansas, I could easily visualize the locations written of in this book While this is a work of historical fiction, The history of the Indians who lived here in the 1500 s was fascinating to me I enjoyed this book tremendously I loved the spirituality of the Indians and their knowledge of living off the land in harmony with nature I found so many endearing reminders of the value of our stories, of our histories, families, genealogy, and the neces [...]

    17. I was particularly interested in this book since I had just finished researching the prehistoric Mississippian culture for an article I was writing Storykeeper is a story that tells what happened to the people of the mounds after Hernando de Soto and his army of conquistadors trampled through the land bringing disease, war, and a new religion One hundred years later, a woman of a tribe steps forward to demand that the stories about their heritage be told Thus, she becomes the Storykeeper.I felt [...]

    18. This book feels like the writer learned about the Spanish invasion of the Midwest Native America and wanted to share the story in the form of a novel The story is told by an old woman recounting the experiences of her guardian to a young boy of her adopted tribe The only character you get a feeling for is the guardian, the first person witness to the invasion The other characters are basically ciphers, even the old woman whom we meet as a young girl in one of the three timelines of this book So, [...]

    19. The story of Native American tribes when the Spanish were conquering the land that would become the United States, this was an interesting tale It involves three generations of two people who believed in the importance of passing along stories to maintain the family history The stories were set in three different time frames which kept the novel from lagging It was a good book, and might spark someone to record and save his or her own family stories and history.

    20. Quote I like I have come to understand that stories must be passed down or those that follow will lose their place in the world and the guidance of knowledge gathered through many lifetimes Son of the Sun to come from the East from across the Great Waters The native Americans requested the promised sign from the Son of Suns This book is a keeper.

    21. Excellent StoryThis is such an interesting book Being a tale of historic fiction, reading it helps bring us back to a time when the first white explorers came to America The cruelty that was inflicted is heartbreaking It was a story about a story, stretching back in time and then to the future as the stories will continue to be told.

    22. A Tremendous story, well toldI loved this story It narrates the lives of natives between the Mississippi and Arkansaw rivers on three separate story lines The language is beautifully simple, its message brutal and harsh The brutality of the Spanish conquistadors only exceeded by their zealous conviction that all was to the glory of their god A must read

    23. I wanted The only fault I found with this book It could have had a couple chapters to round out the lives of the two main storytellers Other than that, I loved the movement back and forth in time, the complex multiple story lines contrasting the native life pre and post Spanish invasion, the rich cultural detail, and the storytelling voice Well researched Well written Well done.

    24. Fascinating readEnjoyed learning about early Native American lifestyle, and how important the storytelling was Intrigued by the story stick A well told story, nicely woven together.

    25. I won this book on.I enjoyed this book very much I want to do some research now, on the areas and events described in the book I knew some of the history of the Spanish bringing sickness to America and wiping out whole tribes, but this book has piqued my interest.

    26. Very moving book A nice treatment of the consequences of the Spanish invasion for the Native Americans The language was beautiful and created a sense of being in that time and place I cannot help feeling that the loss of Native American history and culture is a loss for all humanity.

    27. I wanted to like this as the premise is so intriguing but the writing put me to sleep It wasn t engaging or entertaining or even challenging in a good way This book just turned into a struggle to read and I so rarely quit booksbut I couldn t finish this, after about 60%.

    28. I don t have enough historical background to verify with certainty the accuracy of this tale, but it felt believable, which is often important to the reader than complete accuracy A very sad and moving book.

    29. Wonderfully told story Makes me sad for all that we have lost Makes me angry for the arrogance of some of our ancestors Makes me want to ask my parents and grandparents for their stories We all have so much to learn.

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