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Gambit, Volume 3: King of Thieves #2020

Gambit Volume King of Thieves Unable to go to his agents at MI for help Pete Wisdom calls in his favor and tasks Gambit with recovering a stolen enchanted artifact Collecting Gambit

  • Title: Gambit, Volume 3: King of Thieves
  • Author: James Asmus Diogenes Neves
  • ISBN: 9780785184133
  • Page: 481
  • Format: Paperback
  • Gambit, Volume 3: King of Thieves By James Asmus Diogenes Neves, Unable to go to his agents at MI 13 for help, Pete Wisdom calls in his favor and tasks Gambit with recovering a stolen enchanted artifact Collecting Gambit 13 17

    • [KINDLE] ✓ Gambit, Volume 3: King of Thieves | By ✓ James Asmus Diogenes Neves
      481 James Asmus Diogenes Neves
    • thumbnail Title: [KINDLE] ✓ Gambit, Volume 3: King of Thieves | By ✓ James Asmus Diogenes Neves
      Posted by:James Asmus Diogenes Neves
      Published :2020-04-16T05:42:00+00:00

    1 thought on “Gambit, Volume 3: King of Thieves

    1. The Gambit monthly series by James Asmus and Clay Mann was a title that launched just before Avengers Vs X Men AvX precipitated the massive Marvel NOW relaunch It actually launched together with the seminal Hawkeye series of Matt Fraction and David Aja In fact, the two trades that I owned, volumes 2 and 3 of the collected series, there are nods to this sibling rivalry There s also the fact that both heroes integrate purple into their fighting togs Volume three, King of Thieves was a collection o [...]

    2. Finish up to the solo Gambit series from Marvel Nowabout the same as the rest of the serieshovering somewhere around 2.5 stars in, slightly better than a random issue of a random comic, or a totally average issue of anything.There s some decent stuff here, like Remy s loyalty to Fence who looks a lot like young John Goodman after his upgrades , his breaking into Tony Stark s place, and Pepper complaining how she gets the call about his security system, his interactions with Iron Patriot, and of [...]

    3. I mostly enjoyed this, but it can be a difficult read for me at times since Gambit keeps putting himself into stupid, dangerous situations I prefer characters whose problems are less perpetually self inflicted He s smarter than this at least he used to be The writer could stand to lighten some of the angst and guilt.I do appreciate the humor a lot especially that snarky comment about how the Thieves Guild looked in the 90s and I enjoyed the banter with Fence Some of the solutions Gambit comes up [...]

    4. I really, really love this run I so wish there were of them Also, I wish I owned them Also, I would have just LOVED to see X 23 pop in at some point, as she and Gambit have such an awesome relationship I d be interested to see how Asmus would have interpreted that from Gambit s point of view It was SUCH a cool aspect of the X 23 run.I love how sexy this book is though Such fantastic art.Mmmmmmmmmmm

    5. I don t know much about Gambit I haven t read a lit of his stories So maybe Asmus has done exactly what I would have liked if I had I don t knowI am frustrated right now because the last page hints towards what I was really looking forward when I started to read Gambit overall, an average serie

    6. This was a fine wrap up to an excellent Gambit solo series It seemed like it would take Gambit in an interesting new direction, before coming back to a comfortable place for him It does a good job of continuing a run of international crime stories, while bringing in fun elements from various places Lots of magic with Pete Wisdom and MI13, and an amusing heist from Tony Stark spring to mind These three volumes are the best set of Gambit stories I have ever read, which tie him in to the rest of th [...]

    7. Five stars to this for its depiction of Gambit stepping out of the shower and immediately cuddling his cats I LIKE FEELING CATERED TO.Also it s just really fun if you like Gambit which it seems like most people I know don t But have you seen him get accidentally transported to a faerie realm and excitedly start talking about Harry Potter Maybe you would like him I M JUST SAYING I also liked the ending of his solo arc returning to the school with mild sass from Wolverine Kitty Pryde, then immedi [...]

    8. A cracking ending that makes me wish this wasn t the end Despite the strong finish and appealing artwork, it seems that no one has quite worked out how to make Gambit function well as a leading character Anti heroes like Gambit fit into a supporting role much nicely and I hope the cancellation of yet another Gambit heavy series does not put Marvel higher ups off the idea of utilising Gambit to support other characters stories in future.

    9. The story continues to be all over the place in the last volume of this particular run The accent and cultural references to New Orleans are awkward, and Gambit s relationship with various other heroes feels contrived for the sake of not having them intervene most of the time when he s in trouble I also don t like the plot twist with a certain supporting character Here s hoping that the eventual movie will transcend the source material.

    10. Ok, so the series ends on a high note starts with a fun story involving Stark suits and culminates in Gambit s thieves guild trials This Volume felt focused and purposed to me than the previous two And now that he s back with the X Men AND King of Thieves, it will be interesting to see if the events of this 17 issue long series will have rammifications in the pages of X Men.Recommend, but only because it ended it on such a high note.

    11. The conclusion of the latest Gambit series is fantastic action, comedy and just plain fun All the stuff that came before in the series sort of comes together in a pretty major climax.And if I learned nothing else from reading it, I learned this I would read a whole miniseries of Gambit and Pete Wisdom forced to partner up for the greater good I would read it in a heartbeat.

    12. This is the last book of the series, which is a bit of a shame because this series was lots of fun As per usual, Gambit gets into trouble either due to his heroic or thieving nature and the stories actually have him trying to resolve his dual nature.

    13. Things are catching up with Gambit and he has a choice to make take his rightful place underground as King of Thieves, or return to the Jean Grey school and resume his post teaching the next generation of X Men Fun fun.

    14. Honestly I am excited about the possiblities that this title leaves open than I was of this tale of numerous thefts.

    15. Gambit is one of my favorite characters It s going to be fun to watch him walk the tightrope between being the King of the Thieves Guild and a teacher.

    16. I can t help but wonder what this series would have a been like if it was darker with an emphasis on Thieves s Guild shenanigans.

    17. Unfortunately I couldn t get my hands in volume 2 of this series, so reading volume 3 was a little confusing since I ve only read volume 1 Overall a fun enough read, but a little lackluster.

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