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Nemesis #2020

Nemesis This first book of the series establishes the setting for the following seven Princess Anghara had no place in the Forbidden Tower and no business tampering with its secrets But she did and now the

  • Title: Nemesis
  • Author: Louise Cooper
  • ISBN: 9780812534016
  • Page: 285
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Nemesis By Louise Cooper, This first book of the series establishes the setting for the following seven Princess Anghara had no place in the Forbidden Tower, and no business tampering with its secrets But she did, and now the seven demons are loose and her world is cursed, prey to the wrath of the Earth Goddess.

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      285 Louise Cooper
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    1 thought on “Nemesis

    1. 4.5S lo con la introducci n ya supe que iba a adorar este libro, adem s de por estar escrito por una de mis autoras preferidas Comienza con una leyenda que luego guiar el resto de la historia S lo este fragmento tiene un mensaje y una cr tica a la forma en que el hombre trata al planeta, disfrazada de mito, que me cautiv Nos cuenta c mo un solo hombre logr calmar la ira de la Madre Tierra creando La Torre de los Pesares, construcci n que nunca m s deb a ser abierta.N mesis es una reinterpretaci [...]

    2. Voy a reconocer que no hab a o do hablar de la serie ndigo ni de la autora Louise Cooper hasta que una amiga de coment lo mucho que le hab a gustado este libro Luego averig que Cooper era considerada una gran autora de la literatura fant stica y que ndigo era una de sus obras maestras Obviamente deb a leerlo.Sent , desde los primeros cap tulos, que estaba leyendo un retelling del mito de Pandora adaptado a una fantas a pica y eso me encant.El libro comienza con el relato de la Torre de los Pesar [...]

    3. 4.5 Fue entonces cuando la Tierra, nuestra Madre, lanz su grito, ya que sus hijos se hab an vuelto contra ella y perpetraban acciones de maldad inconmensurable Hartos hasta la saciedad con todos sus generosos dones, se hab an apropiado de m s de lo que necesitaban o era suyo por derecho Hab an arrancado la belleza a su cuerpo, para luego devorar incluso su cuerpo hasta dejarlo convertido en un hueso pelado Despu s de leerme la trilog a de El se or del Tiempo y dejarme m s que satisfecha decid av [...]

    4. The book s merits of character and mythology weren t enough to overcome the generial impression this is merely preamble to the larger series.

    5. I remember finding this book in the library a good 15 years ago I read the first 3 books in the series like it was going out of style I finally found book 1 again in a used book store after years of searching around and thinking I was wrong about the authors name After rereading the first book, I am happy to say that it is as good the second time as it was the first time, even while at different times in my life There were morals or values if you will to this story First, that sometimes there ar [...]

    6. I really enjoyed The Time Master series, so was hoping this would be as good, but it really fell short The books weren t terrible I ended up reading the whole series However, throughout the series the main way the author built tension was to have otherwise intelligent characters behave rather stupidly The main outlet of this stupidity was for the main character to never inform her talking wolf companion of important information and vice verse No matter how many times this caused horrible consequ [...]

    7. I think the writing style may seem a little dated now, but it was a fun story with some interesting developments I m curious to see where the next one goes.

    8. Nemesis introduces the reader to Princess Anghara Firstborn to the king and queen of the Southern Islands, she is not the heir to the throne Headstrong and willful she starts to wonder what is contained inside the lone tower on the tundra plains The Tower of Regrets Envious of her brother who is going to be the holder of the forbidden knowledge, and urged on by her desires Indigo opens the forbidden tower Anghara s actions release the seven demons that have been imprisoned in the tower for as lo [...]

    9. I think I entered this book with too great of an expectation The higher my esteem, the greater my fall Louise Cooper has spun out the Time Master series, one of my favorite series, and I thought her Indigo series would be as great as those Granted, this is only the first book of seven, I have maybe to delve into before I can truly form my opinion.Perhaps, the firstly, and most deeply, I arrive to my true loathing of the main character, Indigo She is impulsive, spurious, and many times, simply s [...]

    10. This was one of my all time favorite books as a teenager I read it when I was ten or eleven, and I related to Indigo because she was such an outcast, and I felt like an outcast too I loved her so much that until just a couple of years ago I m now thiry three I was firmly determined that if I ever had a daughter, I would name her Indigo Sadly, this book is overshadowed by the very last couple of volumes in the seven book series I didn t like the way the story resolved at the end It was a surprisi [...]

    11. After reading her Time Master trilogy, I was quickly hunting for Louise Cooper Sadly, I found Nemesis and the books to follow While I read these about ten years ago and not much detail about the story jumps out at me, I do remember feeling depressed about the main character She doesn t have any cool ability or special talent other than her ability to find people to solve her problems for her While this might appeal to the many, many people on government assistance in our current economic situat [...]

    12. I found this book in a tiny, tiny used book store and figured, Oh why not Read it LOVED IT Could not find the others as they were all, I guess, out of print by the time I discovered the first one After lots and lots of hunting, I have found the next five that follow after and I know where I can get the last two Basically it is about a young girl who disobeys an old taboo of her homeland and brings ruin to her father s kingdom by releasing different evils into the world in a very Pandora s Box so [...]

    13. Una de las mejores sagas poco conocidas de fantas a Seguramente conozc is a la autora por El se or del tiempo, pero ndigo es totalmente diferente Una serie larga centrada casi exclusivamente en la protagonista y en su b squeda Tiene un estilo po tico que a lo mejor no es muy actual, pero se lee con facilidad La trama no es rebuscada, no tiene excesiva intriga, pero de alguna forma consigue enganchar a parrtir de esta primera parte medio m tica pero llena de cr tica social.

    14. In this different take of the Pandora story, Indigo the young woman who released the demons on the world is charged with hunting them down again by the Earth Mother The pacing moved a little too quickly for me at times, but the premise is really interesting, and having read most of the rest of the series I have to admit that I am really impressed that the author didn t fall into the same plot over and over for each of the demons.

    15. While the story is well written, it was hard to read because of my dislike of the protagonist She is selfish and immature and overly headstrong That made it hard for me to follow her along her adventure But the author does a good job of writing in a style that sets it apart from others of its genre.

    16. I remember this being intriguing but a bit laborious to a 10th grader I wanted to read the second book but couldn t find it in 1990BA before I would read it again only to refresh my memory so I can now, finally, read the 2nd book.

    17. I disliked the beginning, and the main character is honestly too stupid and willful for me to like, but it was a good enough fantasy.

    18. Hay algo de este libro que me encanta y al mismo tiempo hay algo en l, que no me termina de convencer ver como me va con los pr ximos de la saga 3

    19. I loved this book Best way to describe it in a small amount of words it s a spin on the Pandora story Unfortunately, I can t seem to find the rest of the series now

    20. Pues muy bien Contenta de haberle dado una segunda oportunidad ocho a os m s tarde Esta se ora es una crack.

    21. Got to 60 pages from the end and just couldn t take it any I really don t like the way she writes The story s not bad.

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