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The One Dollar Horse #2020

The One Dollar Horse Fifteen year old Casey Blue lives in East London s grimmest tower block and volunteers at a local riding school but her dream is to win the world s greatest Three Day Event the Badminton Horse Trials

  • Title: The One Dollar Horse
  • Author: Lauren St. John
  • ISBN: 9781444006360
  • Page: 446
  • Format: Paperback
  • The One Dollar Horse By Lauren St. John, Fifteen year old Casey Blue lives in East London s grimmest tower block and volunteers at a local riding school, but her dream is to win the world s greatest Three Day Event the Badminton Horse Trials When she rescues a starving, half wild horse, she s convinced that the impossible can be made possible But she has reckoned without the consequences of her father s criminFifteen year old Casey Blue lives in East London s grimmest tower block and volunteers at a local riding school, but her dream is to win the world s greatest Three Day Event the Badminton Horse Trials When she rescues a starving, half wild horse, she s convinced that the impossible can be made possible But she has reckoned without the consequences of her father s criminal record, or the distraction of a boy with melty, dark eyes, with whom she refuses to fall in love Casey learns the hard way that no matter how high you jump, or how fast you gallop, you can never outrun the past A real life thriller that delves into the competitive and elite equestrian world from the 2011 BLUE PETER BOOK OF THE YEAR award winning author.

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      446 Lauren St. John
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    1 thought on “The One Dollar Horse

    1. The one dollar horse is a truly amazing book.From a one dollar horse to a multi million dollar horse it is a very inspirational book that goes over if you can dream it you can do it and in that case it worked for Casey This is not any book this is a book that draws you in and in parts actually makes you feel like you are riding at badminton horse trials leaping over the jumps over and over in your mind If you don t know what cross country and dressage is in the equestrian world, I wouldn t recom [...]

    2. I actually quite enjoyed this book because it was different to any book I ve read before The story was based around two main characters, Casey and her horse, Storm Warning Through their ups and downs, they learn to love each other as great companions The reason I gave this book three stars was because halfway through the book I was simply bored Nothing was happening that kept me hooked and on my toes but overall, a nice comfort read.

    3. This is a nice horsey book, with a theme of hard work and dedication to a special horse taking a girl from rags to riches The setting is London s multicultural east districts and rural England I found it suitable for children rather than young adults, with one dimensional characters.I would have liked the book if it was not so full of clich s Growing up I always wore a belt in case I would find a horse running wild down the street and have to catch him and lead him I never did there were no hor [...]

    4. The One Dollar Horse provides a much needed twenty first century spin to the horse story Full of urban edge, and yet never quite losing that fairytale element all good horse stories have, The One Dollar Horse is a book that pony lovers will adore It s written by the superb Lauren St John author of the amazing Laura Marlin series and St John knows her horse world She writes with a thrilling competency that reminded me of some of the greats of horse fiction Caroline Akrill, Ginny Elliot and Patric [...]

    5. Casey on Lontoolaisessa vuokrakasarmissa asuva teini, jonka maailman keskipiste ja henkireik on l heinen Hope Lanen ratsastuskoulu H n haaveilee The Badminton Horse Trialsista, joka on Englannin, ellei koko ratsastusmaailman t rkein kentt kilpailu Casey voisi yht hyvin haaveilla satuprinssin naimisesta tai lottovoitosta Leski is on istunut murtovarkaudesta linnassa ja ratsastuskoulun leipiintyneet kaakit pyrkiv t kiert m n esteet mahdollisimman kaukaa Yll tt en he t rm v t h m r per isell kujall [...]

    6. i ve always wanted to read this trilogy since becoming obsessed with horses and i ll always be complete trash for pony books put this together with an awesome charity shop find and you get a rating of 3.8 stars for this and that damn cover i have no words for its beauty.

    7. The One Dollar Horse by Lauren St JohnOne of the latest releases onto the very female orientated equestrian novel stage or pony books , whichever floats your boat It is the first in the series, however it also works well as a stand alone novel I think as well as it is a very complete book.Lauren St John is already a successful childrens novelist, including having been the author of the 2011 Blue peter Book of the Year Award as well as an adult writer, so specialised in both genres, with this boo [...]

    8. When I was younger, about every second weekend I would visit the beautiful children s Lion and the Unicorn Bookshop in Richmond which, sadly, has only recently closed and one of my favourite choices would always be Lauren St John s The White Giraffe series, which I devoured Therefore when I saw not one, but two new Lauren St John books on the Indigo Bloggers News I couldn t resist Keeping with the animal theme like in her other books, St John doesn t fail to enrapture and enchant readers with he [...]

    9. Horse mad children and teens will love this story about a young girl who rescues a horse from the knacker s yard and then goes on to ride him in the Badminton Horse Trials, the world s greatest three day event They will also love the gorgeous hardcover copy with shocking pink edged pages This book practically begs you to pick it up Casey Blue loves horses After she saves Storm Warning from near death, a bond is formed between horse and girl that nothing can break Casey has had a tough life after [...]

    10. A cute little read The One Dollar Horse chronicles the life of Casey Blue, whose father once stole some money, and now can t find a job for anything Casey rides at an inner city stable in East London, doing your usual teen obsessed with horses thing, ie, mucking out stalls all day for the chance to trot around on an old nag for 15 minutes One day, when walking with her father, they find the titular horse, being sent to a knacker s yard They proceed to buy the horse for one American dollar, and t [...]

    11. I m in love again I really enjoyed reading this book I ve always loved horses but never had the chance to ride one since I was 8 years old and then another time when I was 16 These creatures have always fascinated me, but unfortunately my fascination never drove me to consider riding horses as a hobby The One Dollar Horse is beautifully classically written that makes the characters pop out as if they already existed Although it is considered as Young Adult, but laurenstjohn actually is a wonderf [...]

    12. This is the story of a young girl called Casey Blue Casey has a dream but she is certain that she will not achieve it because of her father s criminal record Her dream is to win Badminton horse trials Join Casey on her adventures and be with her when her life changes I thought that this book was amazing because it helped me learn a lot about different things For example, I never knew what a knackers yard was until I read this book I also enjoyed reading this book because Lauren St.John makes it [...]

    13. OMG what a fantastic book It had my going all the way to the last page and i am so gad that a follow on is coming out in 2013 I love horses and have my own , so this book was perfect for me.My mum wasn t sure wether to buy it but I looked it up on the internet and the cover made just jump out and say yes , i want the book please.I brought this book for my holiday so I read it on the whole journey but taking breaks along the way at one point I started reading it at 2 00 in the morning.It was real [...]

    14. Lauren ST John s other books never really appealed to me although I know they were very popular at school however i took this on holiday with me nd was hooked instantly to the world and setting the main character Casey Blue lives in The story is that Casey Blue lives in a run down estate with her gentle father who was released from prison though he did not do anything and just got in both the wrong crowd She volunteers at the local riding school as her passion,life and dream is horses Her dream [...]

    15. I m a bit conflicted on this one I enjoyed a lot of the horse descriptions and competitions they were done really well , and the writing was very enjoyable, but it was a little flat for me The story is appealing to a young adult or adult audience with interest in horses and competitions, but I felt the style of writing and narrative would be better suited for a younger audience The characters were likable but never really developed And I found some of it a little too hard to believe This was a f [...]

    16. I found the book really amazing and I really wanted to become Casey Blue the main character of the book The horse she owned really costed on one dollar It s an amazing story of a bond between Casey and Storm Warning the one dollar horse in which she rescued from the knacker s yard where they were going to kill him It really shows how hard Casey tries to keep him even though her father loses his job, their money is low, and looking after a horse is expensive Despite all that, she tries her real h [...]

    17. i love Lauren St John and i m so glad she s decided to write for an older audiencei really enjoyed this book, i don t know much about horses but i DO love horses i have been horse riding before and yesi love this book how you should treat animals and of course the characterisationah brilliant love Peter and her dad meant welld Mrs Smithoh deari have a feeling since it s a trilogy things aren t gonna go so well but looking forward to the next book next year for any animal lover or horse lover i s [...]

    18. This book is a gorgeous example of how beautiful young adult writing can be The relationships that Lauren St John creates between the characters, both human and animal kind are heart warming and wonderfully written Casey and Storm reflect each other in a way that make me, never a horse loving person, want a similar connection They go through betrayal and hurt together, and fight for their right to live out their dreams.

    19. This story was a total page turner.It built up suspense.I couldn t put the book down,but I had to.Every spare moment, I would be reading this book.I finished this book in Two days and I know I will try to forget this book,only to want to read it again.I am so pleased to say it s the first book to the trilogy and I am so excited for the next book.It s so disappointing to have to wait for another whole year for the sequel.I give this book five stars.It s worth reading

    20. I don t often give one star reviews, but I couldn t even finish this There s a great story under here, and Casey herself is an interesting character, and I would probably have enjoyed the payoff with the Casey Peter subplot, but the writing style particularly the dialogue made me want to claw out my own eyeballs I also appreciated the nods to horse whispering and natural horsemanship, but my issues with the style overrode hah my ability to enjoy the book Not for me, sadly.

    21. This is a 5 star horsey book or a 4 star general young reader book, assuming that young readers have dreams and ambitions they want to fulfil, and I hope they do For anyone who s ever wanted their humdrum riding school pony to turn into a top three day eventer, it s a terrific story with lots of twists that kept me in nail biting suspense It also makes me feel 12 again, which is no bad thing And it s a series

    22. Absolutely amazing I think the best book I ve ever read, if you enjoy horses and romance then this book is for you no doubt about that I don t read books very much but I finished this in under 3 days which is quite good for someone like me Would really reckon mend this to anyone, it s such a great book

    23. As a horse rider myself i find it hard to find horsey books that are both realistic and gripping, which is fully achieved in this story of a young girls love for horses and her determination to make a career for herself in the horse world

    24. This book had everything a horse lover would want, this book is truly amazing A rating of 5 stars doesn t do it justice It should be a 10 star book, sadly the rating only goes up to five.

    25. Really good I have read all the books and this one has to be one of the best There are lots of twists and turns to these books which I like

    26. Oh my God This book was amazing So amazing I m lost for words and that rarely ever happens First book I ve read by Lauren St John and what a book

    27. This book was awesome I love horses and this story about horse love was amazing This is one of my favorite books and you should read it if you like horses I haven t seen a book like it.

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