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Time After Time #2020

Time After Time Calling Anna and Bennett s romance long distance is an understatement she s from Chicago and he s a time traveler from San Francisco The two of them never should have met but they did They

  • Title: Time After Time
  • Author: Tamara Ireland Stone
  • ISBN: 9781423159605
  • Page: 231
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Time After Time By Tamara Ireland Stone, Calling Anna and Bennett s romance long distance is an understatement she s from 1995 Chicago and he s a time traveler from 2012 San Francisco The two of them never should have met, but they did They fell in love, even though they knew they shouldn t And they found a way to stay together, against all odds It s not a perfect arrangement, though, with Bennett unable toCalling Anna and Bennett s romance long distance is an understatement she s from 1995 Chicago and he s a time traveler from 2012 San Francisco The two of them never should have met, but they did They fell in love, even though they knew they shouldn t And they found a way to stay together, against all odds It s not a perfect arrangement, though, with Bennett unable to stay in the past for than brief visits, skipping out on big chunks of his present in order to be with Anna in hers They each are confident that they ll find a way to make things workuntil Bennett witnesses a single event he never should have seen and certainly never expected to Will the decisions he makes from that point on cement a future he doesn t want Told from Bennett s point of view, Time After Time will satisfy readers looking for a fresh, exciting, and beautifully written love story, both those who are eager to find out what s next for Time Between Us s Anna and Bennett and those discovering their story for the first time.

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      Tamara Ireland Stone

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    1. Newsflash Stacia actually gives a damn.Not long ago, I noticed that the amount of books I d given 1 star ratings to had eclipsed the amount of books I d given 5 star ratings to There was something about this shift which bothered me Had I truly become so jaded by reading that I d somehow completely forgotten how to fall in love with books Today, I realized that this isn t the case It s nice to be reminded that I can fall hard for a book after having a long, dry spell The feels were all over me I [...]

    2. Last year, I read and adored Time Between Us I thought it went where The Time Traveler s Wife didn t with the time travel bit, and the romance was incredibly swoony.I m happy to report that Time After Time is JUST as swoony and as unputdownable as Time Between Us I slipped effortlessly back into Anna and Bennett s story, I was completely invested in their relationship and the messiness of having a relationship with someone who s essentially long distance and who you can t always count on.To me, [...]

    3. So this is how heroes are born From the need to do something good with their abilities, from the pressure that comes from seeing what sorts of bad things happen to the people around them, from the need to rewrite a story that does not end happily We met Bennett in Time Between Us He was full of insecurities back then, having life throw him into a past he wanted so badly to be his present.Now we get to know him better To understand him a lot .Now we learn about all the questions that doesn t let [...]

    4. You can read of my reviews at Jessica s Book ReviewTime After Time is the second book in the Time Between Us series by Tamara Ireland Stone If you have not heard of this adorable, Young Adult series before you are in for a real treat I fell in love with the characters Bennett and Anna immediately and their story of time travel and truly having a LONG distance relationship draws you in As you read you have no idea how a 17 year old boy living in 2012 could keep his relationship alive with a 16 y [...]

    5. I don t know how Tamara does it, but her book just keeps getting better and better I m in love with everything about this sequel It is true That is a 5 star rating you are seeing I was thinking while I m writing this review that maybe 5 star is being too generous So I started skimming the book again and the feels you know It just hit me And it just keeps hitting me also, after finishing the book, I was satisfied Contented And just so darn pleased I don t want to spoil anyone so I m going to keep [...]

    6. Una y otra vez es la secuela de El tiempo entre nosotros, una secuela que contin a una historia bonita y sencilla El tiempo entre nosotros fue una novela que me encant , que me dej con ganas de m s y que me cal por completo Una y otra vez es una secuela que sigue muy en la l nea de su primera parte y que es tan bonita y sencilla como la misma.La trama de Una y otra vez es muy parecida a la de El tiempo entre nosotros, es sencilla, bonita y est cargada de viajes en el tiempo Sin duda lo m s curio [...]

    7. Pues ya he acabado esta bilogia.Me ha gustado, pero el final me ha dejado un poco fr a, me esperaba que fuera m s realista.Bennett me encanta jo 3

    8. 3 stars This time it s told only from Bennett s POV and the story continues after Time Between Us ended It jumps between 2012 and 1995 as Bennett travels in time.I was bit bored Being in Bennett s head just wasn t as entertraining as being inside Anna s head He was whiny, moody and indecisive What the hell happened to him He was so cool in the previous book and now he turned this creature that is plainly annoying.The plot was filled with a lot of fillers there were several stories that had basic [...]

    9. Just absolutely phenomenal I don t even have words for it It was heartbreaking and funny and has such a perfect ending I d like to say there s a review to come, but I m not sure I ll ever be coherent enough to provide one.

    10. I was so incredibly excited when I found out that there would be a book 2 to Time Between Us, so when I noticed Time After Time was up at Netgalley I hit request and patiently stared at my inbox I had to know what the future held for Anna and Bennett and Tamara Ireland Stone did not disappoint In Time After Time Anna and Bennett have committed to a relationship with each other, even though it seems as though it would be impossible They ve scheduled when he will be there for her dances and races [...]

    11. I must say that I completely enjoy Time After Time than Time Between Us I think I have a better connection with Bennett s character which is probably because it made me understand his situation and the emotions behind his ability In an outsider perspective it looks amazing to have a power like that but there s an accompanying burden of possessing such So reading it in Bennett s perspective made me understand his entire situation It wasn t easy hoping from one time period to another It s not easy [...]

    12. I have to wait until OCTOBER to read this Okay well if anyone needs me, I ll be staring at THAT COVER until October ___Initial review after reading an e arc, graciously provided by Disney HyperionTIME AFTER TIME is just as moving, deeply romantic, and emotional as TIME BETWEEN US I felt so much reading TIME AFTER TIME hopeful, angry, sad, and joyous I can t wait for the rest of the world to read it and fall back in love with Bennett and Anna Full review coming in October.

    13. Two second recap In Time After Time, the follow up to her wildly successful debut novel Time Between Us, Tamara Ireland Stone beautifully explores the ramifications of growing up and fighting for your happily after after Full review Tamara Ireland Stone s Time Between Us was one of my favorite reads of 2012, so I was ridiculously stoked when I hear that she was going to write a companion novel I had a lot of questions about TBU which I felt didn t necessarily need to be answered the lack of answ [...]

    14. Full review as originally posted HERE on The Book Addict s Guide 1 25 17 I had waiting so long to read TIME AFTER TIME that I think I to a little too disconnected from the series and story line here I just wasn t AS interested in this book as I was with the first but it was truly at least three or four years I think I borrowed someone s ARC of TIME BETWEEN US sine I had read the first book so while I really loved TIME BETWEEN US, I didn t really feel that strong of a connection to TIME AFTER TIM [...]

    15. Nuevamente Ireland Stone me ha vuelto a fascinar y a enamorar con Una y otra vez, la conocida continuaci n que cierra la historia que empez en El tiempo entre nosotros Me acuerdo que hace m s de un a o hab a dicho que tal vez no ten a sentido que la autora hubiera escrito una segunda parte de la historia porque el primer libro terminaba con un final cerrado y tambi n de que en el primer libro falta ese algo para cerrar definitivamente la historia de Anna y Bennet Saben qu Ese algo fue conocer re [...]

    16. Estava espera de um bocadinho mais mas leu se muito bem Rela es dist ncia sucks Sei disso porque estou numa mas felizmente estamos ambos em 2016 Ao contr rio dos protagonistas deste livro O livro curto e o plot continua exactamente onde acabou o primeiro livro Por j o ter lido h muito tempo n o tinha em mem ria os pormenores t o vivamente e poder ser tamb m uma raz o para este livro n o me ter enchido as medidas A verdade que este livro um pouco dispens vel, podia ter ficado tudo num livro nico. [...]

    17. What a wonderful conclusion This was the perfect story about time travel and intersecting lives.The question of whether the two people who met when they shouldn t if their lives are better that they ve met or if it should all be erased and have never met before Which life would be better In this one, we get to see Bennett and his life and time with Anna and his time away And this time, we get to see why Bennett struggles to tell her things, all the ways and people he is keeping secrets from and [...]

    18. It was really nice reading from the perspective of Bennett in this story, probably since he is the one with the time travel ability and it gives you a bit insight into how it all works and makes him feel I enjoyed both books, my only wish s they were a bit longer and went further into Anna and Bennett s future together Otherwise I recommend this book if you enjoy contemporary novels with a twist I enjoy time travel books a lot as well and this fit the bill perfectly.

    19. I definitely feel like this duology could have ended with book one, and I would have been satisfied This book just dragged out that little bit too much, with the same conflicts repeated over and over.As always, the saving grace was how fantastic the characters were Very realistic and relatable, with a romance you re definitely rooting for.RatingsOverall 7 10Plot 3 5Romance 4 5Writing 3.5 5Characters 4 5Cover 2 5

    20. Time After Time is deeper, heart tugging and romantic in a unique kind of way Despite the little loop holes I noticed on the first book Time Between Us, my overall fondness for that book outweighs it.Anna and Bennett has the most screwed up long distance relationship.Because Bennett lives in the year 2012 while Anna in 1995.I can t say that I missed this couple coz I read their book back to back but to have an extended experience of their story got me feeling ecstatic The thing about this stor [...]

    21. I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.The first book, Time Between Us, was one of my favorite reads in the past year It was lyrical, beautifully written, and masterfully crafted This follow up takes place soon after the end of the first book This time it s from the perspective of Bennett and how he comes to turn with his power what if it stops working and he can t make his way back to Anna What if he can change the future will he do it Should he do it We [...]

    22. Tamara Ireland Stone does it again Time travel perfection.I loved TIME AFTER TIME Even when my heart ached for Bennett and Anna Tamara does an extraordinary job wrenching your heart out of you chest and then putting it back in again, and you ll love every minute of it She doesn t make it easy for Bennett and Anna After all, Anna s living in 1995 and Bennett s living in 2012 Is it possible to really maintain a relationship when two people live during two different decades Bennett s under a lot of [...]

    23. With the way things ended in Time Between us I thought things would be a lot easier for Anna and Bennett in Time After Time They had both been through so much heartbreak, that I was hoping that they would finally get the happy ending that they both deserved But I guess that living in different times wouldn t mean the easiest of relationships.This time around in Time After Time we got our pov from Bennett I adored Bennett in Time Between Us, but it took me a really long time to get used to readin [...]

    24. Review also posted at Ja itam, a ti Time Between Us was one of the first time travel stories that I ve read and as such will always have a special place in my heart After reading it I had mixed feelings about the sequel but then it showed up on Netgalley and I decided to try it out I took it as a gamble and it really was I was back with Bennett a boy that managed to swipe me off my feat with his gentleness and desire to fight the universe to be where he wanted to be Then there was Anna, a girl w [...]

    25. From the minute I found out about Time After Time I knew I had to read it I loved Time Between Us and I couldn t wait to see Bennett s point of view.Time After Time starts with Bennett in his own time, preparing for a camping trip and making plans to go back and see Anna They make arrangements for him to visit her at certain times that are important to her, prom, races, parties If you have read Time Between Us then you know it s not as easy as it seems,and this due have not had an easy relations [...]

    26. Gracias a Ediciones B por el ejemplar.S , bueno Estuvo bien y agradezco que la autora no la haya mariconeado como Gayle Forman hace SIEMPRE con sus segundas partes pero ese final es el que justamente no deb a tener y, para ser sincera, hasta la mitad estuvo bien hasta que el amor opac todo lo que ven a pasando Yeah well Rese a pendienttttttttte.

    27. At first I thought a sequel wouldn t be necessary, cause I thought Time Between Us would have been fine as a standalone But then I saw that this is from Bennett s POV and for that fact alone I m really excited for it.

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