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The Laugh Supper #2020

The Laugh Supper They re back You re invited to dine with some of the greatest minds in history Leonardo da Vinci Dr Martin Luther King Jr Ralph Waldo Emerson Presidents Abraham Lincoln and John F Kennedy Dorothy

  • Title: The Laugh Supper
  • Author: Leonard Ryzman
  • ISBN: 9781740081948
  • Page: 285
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Laugh Supper By Leonard Ryzman, They re back You re invited to dine with some of the greatest minds in history Leonardo da Vinci, Dr Martin Luther King Jr, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Presidents Abraham Lincoln and John F Kennedy, Dorothy Parker, Groucho Marx, Mae West, and John Lennon.Join this dynamic dinner conversation sparkling with laughter andamazing ideas Despite using quotations from many years agoThey re back You re invited to dine with some of the greatest minds in history Leonardo da Vinci, Dr Martin Luther King Jr, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Presidents Abraham Lincoln and John F Kennedy, Dorothy Parker, Groucho Marx, Mae West, and John Lennon.Join this dynamic dinner conversation sparkling with laughter andamazing ideas Despite using quotations from many years ago sometimes centuries these guests provide entertaining repartee and perceptive observations on 21st century life, while staying true to themselves and their words Laugh along with Groucho s hilarious comments on attitudes and behavior, West s pithy thoughts on movies, Lennon s dry observations on reality TV, plus much much This book is a conversation with some of the greatest and funniest minds in history, which will make you laugh, sigh and think.

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    1 thought on “The Laugh Supper

    1. The concept of this book is that a series of people from different times in history and who were known for what they said, spend a few hours at the author s home, conversing They duel insults If you can imagine, Groucho Marx loses here , make jokes, and make comments on modern life as they see it There is also a chapter on time, which I found annoying Two examples to show the nature of these a Michelangelo painted the floor of the Sistine Chapel, b Years ago it took two people to carry 20 worth [...]

    2. This clever book should be made into a play or movie Either of those would serve the humorous quips, quotes, and warps of those smashingly well The cast of characters is wonderful Leonardo da Vinci, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Abraham Lincoln, Groucho Marx, Mae West, Dorothy Parker, John F Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr and John Lennon, along with an unnamed and curious host who obliges them when they materialize at his door looking for a place to have a conversation and some vittles These historical [...]

    3. The Laugh Supper was an interesting read It consisted of a series of conversational topics spoken by famous people from the past Basically this novel is a quick short series of witty quips back and forth For a marathon read such as I just did, it took away from the overall enjoyment, as I felt that I was simply reading a collection of humorous quotes rather than a story However the back of the book clearly stated that this book was basically a huge conversation, so fair warning is given Overall [...]

    4. The Laugh Supper, authored copyright by Leonard Ryzman, first published by Emerald Press in 2002 this e book edition published 2014 Printed by CM Digital, Adelaide, South Australia Description Discussion The book is described as a time defying dialogue composed of imaginary conversations crammed with wisdom and laughter It is time defying because the dialogue is provided by a remarkable and somewhat unlikely group of time travelers consisting of Leonardo Da Vinci 1452 1519 Ralph Waldo Emerson 18 [...]

    5. A little too many jokesLaugh supper is a perfect title for this book, because it is pretty much a book of one liner jokes told between famous celebrities of our past over dinner The jokes are funny and i did find myself laughing out loud quite a few times while reading this I even would repeat some to friends and family and they took got a kick out of it The subject matter is interesting, since you have celebrities like John Lennon and Leonardo Da Vinci traveling through time and having dinner a [...]

    6. One of my favorite thought exercises is what I call the historical dinner party , in which one imagines which famous people, living or dead, one would invite to a dinner party my one list includes a motley crowd including Oscar Wilde, Pope St John Paul II, Flannery O Connor and Neil Gaiman This book is Leonard Ryzsman s riff on just such an exercise, his unexpected guests including Groucho Marx, Mae West, Dorothy Parker, John F Kennedy and Leonardo da Vinci And a lively, time traveling cast, the [...]

    7. I loved the program YOU ARE THERE when I was a little child, it was so delightfully relevant and realistic The Laugh Supper by Ryzman accomplishes these goals of realism and relevancy but by a different path Famous people time travel and arrive at his house, each commenting on personalities, events of the day with humor I so enjoyed this it was crammed with wisdom and laughter I would hear the voices of Kennedy, or Lennon, or Grouch, or Mae West giving their respective perspectives on a topic E [...]

    8. The Laugh Supper is a tale involving a group of famous people from our past, time traveling to the author s home and having eclectic discussions about whatever subject is broached Groucho Marx, Mae West, Abraham Lincoln, Leonardo da Vinci, Ralph Waldo Emerson, John F Kennedy, Dorothy Parker, Dr Martin Luther King, and John Lennon were the time travelers Even though each of these needed no introduction, the author included their history before beginning the story The topics varied anywhere from w [...]

    9. Once I had read the book summary, I became interested in reading the book I had never heard of this author or the book before I received it for free This books brings about an interesting concept but what made it interesting was the people main characters of the story Abraham Lincoln, John F Kennedy, Leonardo Da Vinci, John Lennon, Dr Martin Luther King, Mae West, Dorothy Parker, Groucho Marx, and Ralph Waldo Emerson time travel to the present where they come across the unnamed host and narrator [...]

    10. In the first year of the third millennium, nine remarkable people cheated the clock and sat together at a long dining table They discussed everything from weight loss, the differences between the sexes, nature and space, and Just who are these nine people Leonardo Da Vinci Ralph Waldo Emmerson Abraham Lincoln Groucho Marx Mae West Dorthy Parker John F Kennedy Martin Luther King, JR John LennonThe first few pages give you a quick bio into each person s background which I found extremely helpful [...]

    11. The Laugh Supper is a pure masterpiece that entertained me with witty one liners and wise comments from the very start to the very end.Originally I was sceptical about such an idea for a book, taking 9 well known historical figures and having them debate topics that have been covered plenty already is a great idea, but would be very difficult to follow through and make it work on paper However, the author has executed this idea to near perfection I have been quoting the one liners to friends and [...]

    12. The Laugh Supper is a fun, light hearted, funny little book It s basically just one long conversation between a bunch of famous people from history where they mostly just tell each jokes The author does a great job in capturing the distinct voice of each character There were a few times when, say, Lincoln told a joke that I actually looked it up to see if he said it in real life, because it captured his personality so well If there s one weakness, it s that everyone mostly talks in one liners Th [...]

    13. Not greatI thought that this book would be funny and it would offer me an escape from the troubles of real life but it was basically just a book of sentences It is a good premise, to have several historical figures all talk amongst themselves about generic topics but it came to be annoying instead of fun or an escape I feel like maybe if Groucho Marx wasn t one of the characters it would have been better According to the authors description, he didnt just play snarky characters trying to be funn [...]

    14. The Laugh Supper is most definitely a departure from the norm For someone who loved humor, I do not get to read much of it Based on the synopsis, I expected originality as far as what each historical figure actually said I feel like the majority of the conversations were various quotes strung together It s not that it wasn t funny, it s just that having heard the quotes and jokes before, they lost their punch It was very clever the way it was all put together, kudos to Ryzman on that part.I kep [...]

    15. Dry humor but interesting So this is an interesting read While definitely not a new favorite it passed the time and kept me entertained for a little bit I expected of a funny keep me laughing kind of read Instead I got a book full of dry humor Though I suspect that if the characters portrayed were still alive that would be the type of dinner they would have I feel like Ryzman fairly accurately described the characters and their personalities exactly how d I d imagine them to be The players of t [...]

    16. A successful dinner party depends on a good host, good food, good discussion, and a good mix of guests THE LAUGH SUPPER supplies them all as the unnamed host finds Ralph Waldo Emerson, Abraham Lincoln, Groucho Marx, Mae West, Leonardo da Vinci, Dorothy Parker, John F Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr and John Lennon at his door looking for a private location to gather and spend the evening together During that time, the host realized Anything I knew about time up until then not only went out the w [...]

    17. I discovered this gem thanks to a giveaway Funny and clever I liked the premise, I liked the funny remarks and observations I was quite entertained I can easily imagine many of the witticisms being used in a standup comedy performance They d get great laughs.

    18. In the book The Laugh Supper the author brings 9 famous historical people together in his home for dinner Nine of the greatest and funniest minds throughout history Leonardo da Vinci, Martin L King Jr, Emerson, Pres Lincoln, Pres Kennedy, Dorothy Parker, Groucho Marx, Mae West and John Lennon Each uniquely remembered for their part in history sit down for dinner and conversation In the thirteen chapters in the book they discuss everything from weight loss, restoration prospects for ageing people [...]

    19. I felt The Laugh Supper was a pretty good idea, and I do appreciate the work that goes into taking a pile or, in this case, 9 piles of quotations and quips and reconstituting them into a coherent conversation I was already familiar with most of the quotes, so, in a sense, this was a bit of a rehash for me, albeit an enjoyable rehash Because the quips were fast and furious, I found that the best way to enjoy The Laugh Supper was to pick it up, read a few pages, and put it down for a bit When I tr [...]

    20. A great tension reliever, laughter is the antidote Requiring a room misty figures materialize, hey The best of the best appears, Abraham Lincoln, Leonardo Da Vinci, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Groucho Marx, Mae West, Dorothy Parker, John Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr and John Lennon Quick humorous banter Laughing generously was unstoppable trekking through this book Discussion about mundane things, what I interpret as mundane however these group of characters turned it around with so much amusing par [...]

    21. I was so disappointed in this book I had so looked forward to it Perhaps, it is because I am old 68 When TV was new, in the late 50s to early 60s, the entertainer Steve Allen whom I consider to be a genius had a program where actors representing people from the past, in period costume, sat around a table and discussed issues, based either on what they did say or what the TV writers felt were logical extensions of their writings Instead, what is in the present book are mainly jokes, mostly placed [...]

    22. I received this book as a first reads giveaway I thought the book would be funny and it was Leonardo da Vinci has solved the puzzle of time travel and he arrives in the narrators yard with several others in tow He requests a place to gather for a short private meeting , meaning that they prefer a private residence to a public establishment, the narrator is invited to join them Da Vinci and his guests Ralph Waldo Emerson, Abraham Lincoln, Groucho Marx, Mae West, Dorothy Parker,John F Kennedy, Mar [...]

    23. I loved this book, it was a perfect combination of humour, wit and thought I had trouble putting it down and not laughing out loud It is the kind of book one could get lost in and forgot your troubles this is going on my favourite shelf and comfort book shelf Thank you for the opportunity to read and review it I would be honoured to review in the future if asked I am an aspiring writer and poet and although work as a Personal Support Worker with the elderly which I love doing I always love gath [...]

    24. Disclaimer I received this book for free through First Reads.The problem with this book in not that it is unfunny, but that it is just a series of quotes and one liners strung together to form a conversation.As a result, the dialogue is at times forced, as quotes from the mainly American celebrities are stretched to fit the subject matter at hand.If you want to read the wit and wisdom of Groucho, Lennon et al, you may be better off with a book of quotes, and skip the time travelling conversation [...]

    25. I won this book in a first reads contest.This book has a fresh and unique story, which is filled with thought provoking ideas and witty repartee.

    26. This book was a homerun for me I had a very hard time putting it down Very well written and very witty I have leant this out to four of my friends and all of them have enjoyed it as well.

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