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Cats' Night Out #2020

Cats Night Out From two cats waltzing to twenty cats in a conga line dancing felines take to the streets the fire escapes and the rooftops in this charming concept picture book that is part counting and part intr

  • Title: Cats' Night Out
  • Author: Caroline Stutson Jon Klassen
  • ISBN: 9781416940050
  • Page: 218
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Cats' Night Out By Caroline Stutson Jon Klassen, From two cats waltzing to twenty cats in a conga line, dancing felines take to the streets, the fire escapes, and the rooftops in this charming concept picture book that is part counting and part introduction to music, dance, and rhythm The short rhyming text makes it a perfect read aloud treat, and with vivid illustrations from a breakout DreamWorks animator, readers andFrom two cats waltzing to twenty cats in a conga line, dancing felines take to the streets, the fire escapes, and the rooftops in this charming concept picture book that is part counting and part introduction to music, dance, and rhythm The short rhyming text makes it a perfect read aloud treat, and with vivid illustrations from a breakout DreamWorks animator, readers and listeners alike will be thrilled to see what happens one night on Easy Street when a pair of cats start to groove to the beat.

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    1 thought on “Cats' Night Out

    1. Cats that go out to dance at night I know I ve seen this trope done before, but it s hard to remember where I suppose The Alley Cat s Meow by Kathi Appelt is the best example Still, considering how graceful and lithe cats tend to be, you d think it would be a common occurrence in your average picture book fare As it stands I think that Cats Night Out by Caroline Stutson is a rare and wonderful little book, and not just because it involves fancy dance felines This book has moves It pops and snap [...]

    2. Chaque image m voque une musique en particulier, ce qui contribue au succ s de cet album C est tr s bien illustr

    3. Story wasn t super compelling overview of various dances in rhyme but J Klassen s illustrations made up for it.

    4. A very fun book to read to any age This book is about many cats coming together and start dancing in the city The story starts off with two cats casually dancing then slowly but surely end up gathering around to dance the night away The illustrations are fun to see because it is well represented as the city The colors are well chosen to make and the pages that the illustrator used was a good choice to make it the colors pop out even .

    5. It is a well known fact that cats are nighttime animals However, did you know that they prefer the dark because they love to dance the night away Meet a group of big city cats who are the epitome of cool All it takes is the sound of a trumpet riff on a Saturday evening to get their party started We observe them in their private world, sambaing on rooftops, tangoing up and down fire escapes, line dancing on Easy Street, and rumbaing through the park Their dance repertoire also includes the boogie [...]

    6. Cats Night Out by Caroline Stutson, illustrated by Jon Klassen moves into the shadows of a quiet evening in the city Then dancing felines take to the streets and rooftops for a night on the town A pair of cats start to groove to the beat Count the cats by twos and hunt for their number hidden on the page in a foot tapping, finger snapping counting book.Stutson combines rhymes, rhythm and wordplay to produce a great read aloud Two cats samba, dressed in white, on the rooftop Saturday night Four c [...]

    7. Music, cats, dancing, night in the city, rhythmic writing if you know any youngsters who like any or all of these things, then they ll surely love Cats Night Out As night in the city unfolds, various groups of smartly dressed cats waltz, twist, samba and do all manner of other dances up and down stairs, rooftops and clothes lines The well written, nicely descriptive text is laid out in neat rhyming couplets and there is even some counting fun too as each page has a certain number of cats doing t [...]

    8. This book is filled with cool cats It begins, From the alley, music drifts Shadows sway to a trumpet riff thought The dark city is lit up by Jazz sign as music notes drift through the air Shows two cats dancing on a rooftop Two cats somber, dressed in white, on the rooftop Saturday night Each page continues in this pattern Four cats boogie, six cats tango, eight cats tap, and so on Each pair of cats dances in a different style and wears appropriate clothing There are poodle skirts, red capes, bo [...]

    9. A clowder of cats fill the pages here, counted up one by one all the way to twenty Don t you love the term clowder for a group of cats It s very appropriate here because it sounds so much like louder On each page, the cats appear in different dance costumes and a different type of dance is shown Line dancing with rhinestones, tangoing in red capes, and polkaing in flip flops are just some of the great matchups of costume and dance The cats dance until the people in the apartment buildings can t [...]

    10. Cats Night Out by Caroline Stutson was one of my daughter s favorite books when she going through her cat story phase Over the course of a night, ten pairs of well dressed cats come out to dance to night time jazz melodies along Easy Street.It is a counting book, a dancing book and an eye spy style book Each page spread has an even number cats to count and a hidden number to find The rhymes are in keeping with the jazzy music the cats are said to be listening to Children can learn to count by tw [...]

    11. Follow a bunch of cats as they do different dances together throughout the night.Stutson s rhyming text has a good rhythm to it and doesn t seem forced at all I love the different outfits and settings she comes up with for each dance the cats do Each dance gets one rhyming couplet, and then we move on to the next dance on the next page As we go from dance to dance, the number of cats participating increases, starting at 2 in the first dance and eventually going all the way to 20 The numbers are [...]

    12. This cute book is a great read for younger children.The book starts off with hearing music in the street.Then there are two cats dancing on the roof.From there we go up to four and so on counting cats by twos, all the way up to twenty.And all of these cats are doing different dances that are from different nationalities.Samba, boogie, tango, tap and polka to name a few.I enjoy reading this book with my girls and they love the fact that it is about cats and dancing.And the pictures are cute I lov [...]

    13. Described through rhyming lines, cats, in increasing numbers, perform specific dances in certain locations wearing specific outfits The number of cats involved in each dance increases until the neighbors complain about the noise, causing the cats to return to their homes Klassen has digitally created illustrations that align with the text perfectly He also hid a number in each illustration that represents the number of cats performing the dances This is an imaginative and interactive book that i [...]

    14. When I found this book I did not know it was a counting book It was very cute though, having different cats dressed up and dancing different dances I found it funny at the end of the book the neighbors finally yelling at the cats to stop dancing on Easy Street but nothing could keep those cats from dancing for long I also liked how each number of cats dancing was hidden within the picture to find I found this to be helpful for children learning how to count I do think they should have been conse [...]

    15. This was one of the most fantastic picture books I have read this year Fantastically illustrated with amazing detail by maybe my favorite contemporary illustrator ever Jon Klassen, charmingly versed by Caroline Stutson, featuring pairs of cats dancing in a whole variety of styles and steps and outfits, fantastically detailed, perfectly imaginative, and capturing cats out on the town A fantastic children s book that can be appreciated by grownups, too

    16. This is a rhyming, counting narrative It is nothing special aside from the fact that it is Jon Klassen s first illustrated work the illustrations are dark and lively, textured and rendered digitally I feel as though the cats are not really personified in a way that makes the reader feel attached to them Overall it is ok, I like Klassen s style, and the repeat first and last page, but the overall impressions of this book is, just 3 stars.

    17. This is Caldecott winner, Jon Klassen s debut as a children s book illustrator, and he does not disappoint Cats Night Out is actually a counting book, told in rhyme It is about a group of cats having fun on a Saturday night The words and pictures go together perfectly And it is like Where s Waldo searching for the number on each layout The number 4 was tough.Definitely meant to be enjoyed aloud, it is great for those learning to count, or who just love cats or jazz.

    18. I am such a Klassen fan that I would find a painting of a log by him to be a masterpiece So imagine this catlady s joy to discover he illustrated a book with cats as its stars Quirky illustrations sway and delight as the cats appear in an array of pristine costumes and precise dance moves These cats have aplomb and swagger to be sure And although I love this book, I believe adults will enjoy it than its younger targeted audience.

    19. This is a wonderful counting book, Klassen s first book for kids Different numbers of cats dance different dances in their night out , two and fours, fourteen and , all different dances, clever rhymes illustrated with cityscapes on each double page For example Ten cats line dance, keep the beat in rhinestone boots on Easy Street It s a book with rhythm, clever rhymes, silly cat dancing, and an ode to jazz.

    20. I loved this book by Colorado author and storyteller Caroline Stutson, which would be great for lessons on counting by twos This might also be a great model for kids to write their own counting books Six cats tango in red capesup and down the fire escapes.Eight cats taptip bowler hatsin pink tuxedos, canvas spats.J Klassen s illustrations are a delight Would be fun for storytime Could be paired with any of a variety of dog counting books.

    21. This is a picture book all about Cats dancing cats dancing out in the streets, fire escapes, and rooftops This is a fun cat book that introduces counting as well as fun music, dancing, and rhythms This book could be used in curriculum with younger children to read aloud to, and introduce them to rhyming.

    22. It will be hard for you to resist singing this book out loud to the tune of a rhythmic jazz beat as loads of cats dance across the pages Creatively written and illustrated this children s counting book should be on your list regardless of whether you a real cat person or not Two thumbs up The Librarian Uncle

    23. A counting book that features dancing cats The cats only dance at night, but they live it up sporting different costumes and experimenting with different styles I loved the nighttime setting The illustrator perfectly captures all of the shades of night from the shadows to the way the sky subtly changes throughout the night PreK 2.

    24. This was another book I chose for my dancing Toddler Storytime The book featured dancing cats at night with all kinds of amusing costumes and dance styles positions Plus Jon Klassen s illustrations are just so detailed but the cats all seem to remind me of the Jets and Sharks ala West Side Story as they just look so cool and relaxed dancing Recommended for ages 2 7, 4 stars.

    25. A fun cat spin for a counting book The cats dance in multiples of 2, starting with 2 and dancing their way up to twenty Street noise and music open and close the simple story line, making this book feel like a bit than just a traditional counting book Recommended for preschool counters through first grade, this text is especially good for reinforcing counting by 2.

    26. Cats dance the night away out on the town, doing the tango, rumba, twist, fox trot, and .Dream Big Summer Reading Program 2012 recommended bookAvailable from OCLS in print.

    27. I love this book It rhymes and demonstrates counting by twos with the number of cats dancing The book also asks the question, How many cats will dance tonight , after each dance number so that children can predict what will happen next However, if they notice the pattern, they will know that they are counting by twos

    28. Quiet page layouts a city, above street level, at night Cats dancing Calm AABB rhyme scheme in a two step rhythm I like it But one beef Latin, ballroom, and certain social dance styles are represented, but no hip hop dance styles folks, that stuff has been around for thirty years, and the book is set in the city I would have liked to have seen some kitties krumping.

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