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Holt's Gamble #2020

Holt s Gamble Kierin McKendry is indentured to J Talbot a ruthless saloon owner until Clay Holt wins her in a rigged poker game When Clay tries to collect his winnings he s attacked by Talbot s men and badly inj

  • Title: Holt's Gamble
  • Author: Barbara Ankrum
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 252
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Holt's Gamble By Barbara Ankrum, Kierin McKendry is indentured to J Talbot, a ruthless saloon owner, until Clay Holt wins her in a rigged poker game When Clay tries to collect his winnings, he s attacked by Talbot s men and badly injured.Clay never expected Keirin to take him to the wagon train on which he was due to leave, or that she would lie about being his wife and nurse him back to health while onKierin McKendry is indentured to J Talbot, a ruthless saloon owner, until Clay Holt wins her in a rigged poker game When Clay tries to collect his winnings, he s attacked by Talbot s men and badly injured.Clay never expected Keirin to take him to the wagon train on which he was due to leave, or that she would lie about being his wife and nurse him back to health while on the trail.But, Keirin isn t interested in a man consumed by avenging his wife s murder She s pursuing her father, who sold her for a ticket to the California gold fields.However, posing as a married couple, spending night after night together, is fanning Keirin and Clay into a different kind of blinding passion that s blazing the way for Talbot, who will kill to have what s his.

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      252 Barbara Ankrum
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    1 thought on “Holt's Gamble

    1. This review is of Passion s Prize , later republished in ebook form as Holt s Gamble and book 1 in the Wild Western Hearts series by Barbara Ankrum.The Story In 1854, in Independence, Missouri, the heroine of the book, Kierin McKendry, is working as an indentured servant for an evil man named John Talbot, who forces her to work off her indenture at his bar One night, Talbot is playing poker with a group of men, among them the hero of the book, Clay Holt Talbot wagers Kierin in the game, and Clay [...]

    2. Drawn out, but good.I found this book to be a bit drawn out, too much time spent on arguing She tries to discuss and he shuts her down a complete Ass Hat, as time passes , it s revealed that he has a haunted past, much like her being dumped on by her father and given to an evil manipulative man to pay off his gambling debts that s where she meets Holt and he wins the jackpot, so to speak The book gets much hotter, some good twist and turn and you can see what s coming, not a SPOILER read it, th [...]

    3. I absolutely loved this story Admittedly, I have a bit of a thing for western historicals Lorraine Heath s Texas trilogy Lavryle Spencer s Hummingbird, for instance, are some of my favorite historical romances Holt s Gamble reminded me of those books, which I mean as a huge compliment to Barbara Ankrum The plot was original entertaining, and the romance between the hero heroine was well developed with equal measures of sweetness steam Overall, a very good book I would definitely recommend.

    4. This is a great book I actually started this book yesterday and am done today I couldn t put it down The author did a great job The story is about a girl Kiernan, who you feel really bad for She is mistreated and abused She escapes from the bad guy with a man named Clay Holt He wins her in a poker game and helps her escape He comes to learn her mother died, and her father and brother are in California Her father was the one who left her with the bad guy The ending I m not writing about but it wa [...]

    5. Not sure how to rate this one There was a lot to like and some to dislike The characters were a little wishy washy and the ending felt crammed full and rushed.

    6. This book had everything I like in a story It is a historic, romance novel my favorite genre It has lots of adventure as the h travels west by wagon train The H is wonderful, a real hero They have many very tough adventures, including near death situations There s a genuine bad guy and excitement begins with the very first chapter There is some mild sex, but not erotic to the point where I feel like a peeping Tom It s a wonderful love story I can t wait to read another Barbara Ankrum book.

    7. After having read something intense, I wanted something sweet, and Holt s Gamble hit the spot, even with some conflict making it a bit intense at points I thoroughly enjoyed the story, though there were a few points where the prose was a bit awkward, and I will most likely look for books by this author.

    8. This wasn t terrible it just wasn t good The characters were nothing special and I don t understand how they fell in love when all he did was yell at her and all she did was get hysterical a lot The plot was your typical western hero with a troubled past rescues heroine but it was extremely drawn out and with no connection between characters it was boring.

    9. Great story My first by this author, but will not be my last by this author Very good story, not dull at all, very well written to keep you interested I highly recommend this book It is one you hate to put down Enjoy

    10. Historical Western romance with a wagon road trip and Native American tensions and prejudice scenarios.Kierin McKendry is indentured to the evil saloon owner John Talbot who has plans to use her as a whore instead of just a server in his drinking establishment so he is painted black from the first meeting and never gets anything to do but to be purely evil Whereas the hot sexy, but damaged Clay Holt is clearly the hero, although Kierin does her own part as the heroine of the story Clay always t [...]

    11. Oh the story of Kierin and Clay was wonderfully written,and I must confess I found it because I read another book by this author, A Fair To Remember and it was just so good I knew I had to find another book by her and when I was looking I found this one and the cover with the covered wagon got me right away and it took me on a wagon train journey I swear I could almost taste the biscuits and campfire stews There was some coincidences that were amazing and heart warming in this all around interes [...]

    12. Wild West Romance At It s Best Barbara Ankrum mingled wild west antics, guns, romance and the life lived in the 1800 s The words woven together, telling the story of Clay, Kirstin, Talbot, Asa and Matthew My imagination ran rampant, allowing me to see, feel, lust, dislike, want, care, laugh and cry throughout the story I cheered for Clay and Kirstin to find love, locate Matthew, clear Clay s name and beat Talbot I was overjoyed when everything feel into place and truth, justice and love prevaile [...]

    13. A Wonderful Western Romance A Wonderful Western Romance First time reading this author but it won t be the last Loved the descriptions of the western landscape and felt I was there listening to the rain pelting the covered wagon, soaked to the skin and shivering, or sweating over the fire cooking a meal Loved the hero and heroine and all the secondary characters and they were all very well thought out to play their part in the story A wonderful romance with a little suspense I have a few very fa [...]

    14. It s a great western story with strong historical background, good plot and a vivid cast of secondary characters, who unfortunately happen to be interesting than the main ones Holt has an angry brutish side, it takes him and Kierin forever to get it together in the most boring fifty pages out of the novel, which by the way do not include either sex or love declarations, and even thereafter all they do is bicker and misunderstand each other Could have been a better novel if they would get along

    15. I really enjoyed this western historical romance It was nicely written with well developed characters I love wagon train stories There were quite a few surprises Every time I thought I predicted the book, the author surprised me and went a different route There were a few scenes that made me laugh One or two that almost had me cry My favorite part of this book was the action and gun fight It kept things lively I do wish there was an epilogue to see Kierin s interactions with her brother, and Jac [...]

    16. I actually haven t read a Western in quite a while SO this was the PERFECT story to choose Amazingly Awesome LOVED it Kierin drew me in right from page 1 and as soon as Clay Holt won that card game I knew this was going to be a Favorite book for me The storyline is captivating and the character development is so well done I became a part of the story I laughed and cried and sat on the edge of my seat, ready to take action, if needed, as the journey became really intense And the romance was fall [...]

    17. Unusual tale of westward trip from Independence, MOWho would think that winning a indentured servant the night before the wagon train left, would start such an adventure and a love story Author has a unique understanding of the native original population Well written written with believable characters Unique and spellbinding story for adult readers due to violence and sexual content.

    18. Wonderful western romanceThis was the first novel by Barbara Ankrum that I have read but it won t be my last Host s Gamble had everything I love in a good romance storyion, wonderful characters and a plot that kept me interested until the end Clay and Kierin were perfect for each other and I loved the interactions between them Definitely a keeper for me and a book I highly recommend.

    19. The author shows an understanding of the history of the Oregon trail The story line is compelling I just thought it drug by in many spots Too many coincidences to suit me It seemed like the author threw everything they could think of into this story and so it just went on and on Will have to run out of other books before moving on in this series.

    20. The book is a good length and I loved the characters It was one of those books that you hate to finish because you ve become so absorbed in the characters and the story The historical background was well done and accurate The author did her homework This book is well written and a page turner I will definitely look for books by Ms Ankrum Thank you for the enjoyable read.

    21. Loved ItOMG I just love a good adventurous western story with a little romance Very well written storyline keeping my interest all the way to the end The side characters were developed and had their own past stories which intertwined with the main characters and the overall story Never a dull moment Highly recommend.

    22. This book was a struggle to get through I m not sure if it was the lack of substance with the characters or if it was the way the author switch back and forth to POV s in the same paragraph I quite enjoy dual POV sjust with a distinct separation So, hated to give one of my favorite genres, western romance, a 1 star, but yeah was a struggle.

    23. Holt s Gamble is a pleasant read full of passion, and amazing characters Barbara Ankrum created a well written, highly detailed, intriguing story with well developed characters that will keep you entertained This is one author you should definitely check out I m gonna lay my cards out on the table and definitely recommended this book.

    24. Kieren was sold by her father to pay off a gambling debt Clay wins her in a poker game However Kieren s owner isn t going to give her up without a fight Can they escape and find a life together

    25. Awesome story Didn t want to put it down I look forward to of her books.It kept my attention and had a great storyline I definitely will recommend this book to my friends and family.

    26. REALLY GOOD READI really enjoyed this story The way bartenders bought and sold the girls and how they came to be working there Also the wagon trains and Indian raids and taking of children.

    27. Great read I love reading a book that I can t wait to get back to The love story been Kierin and Clay was maddening at first, but then wonderful So many crazy twists and turns that kept me wanting to read .

    28. LOVED this book If I d had the time I would ve read it cover to cover in one sitting This is definitely going in the to read again pile If you don t like sappy romances, definitely don t read this one.

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