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Hillary: Tail of the Dog #2020

Hillary Tail of the Dog WARNING This novel contains disturbingly explicit sexual and deviant content that may be considered offensive to some readers including rape torture and cannibalism _________________________________

  • Title: Hillary: Tail of the Dog
  • Author: Angel Gelique
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 428
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Hillary: Tail of the Dog By Angel Gelique, WARNING This novel contains disturbingly explicit sexual and deviant content that may be considered offensive to some readers, including rape, torture and cannibalism._________________________________Fifteen year old Hillary Greyson awakens from a horrific nightmare only to discover that she faces an even grimmer reality Naked on a bed in an unfamiliar, empty room, she iWARNING This novel contains disturbingly explicit sexual and deviant content that may be considered offensive to some readers, including rape, torture and cannibalism._________________________________Fifteen year old Hillary Greyson awakens from a horrific nightmare only to discover that she faces an even grimmer reality Naked on a bed in an unfamiliar, empty room, she is unable to move her limbs Worse, she cannot remember who she is Panic stricken, Hillary desperately searches her mind for answers, but finds nothing than fear and confusion.A man enters the room a stranger to Hillary He introduces himself as Dr Morrison Seemingly benign, he informs Hillary that she is there for her own good that she is under his care until she regains her memory Hillary cannot remember anything, but her instincts warn her not to trust this man who claims to be her doctor She can only hope that someone will come looking for her that someone will find her before it is too late Several weeks later, Hillary s situation has grown even dismal Still unclothed, coarse ropes bind her limbs to the bed while she is fed intravenously Two new strangers have entered her life Monica, Dr Morrison s wife, and Dr Bentley, who claims to be her psychiatrist Yet they are evasive than forthcoming Her questions remain unanswered She is trapped, with no hope of escaping left to piece together the mystery of her miserable existence.Abused and neglected, Hillary knows that with each passing day, her chance of survival diminishes She spends her long days wasting away, growing depressed growing angry When all hope seems lost, a cruel twist of fate provides the opportunity she has been waiting for With renewed hope and an unrelenting will to survive, Hillary does whatever it takes to escape She yearns for her freedom than anything in the world.Hillary just wants to go home.

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      428 Angel Gelique
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    1. 5 STARS This novel contains disturbingly explicit sexual and deviant content that may be considered offensive to some readers, including rape, torture and cannibalism Did I really give a book with this type of warning 5 stars Fifteen year old Hillary Greyson awakens from a horrific nightmare to the realization that she s been kidnapped Panic stricken, Hillary tries to rememberSOMETHING Plagued by fear and confusion Hilary s emotions intensify once Dr.Morrison enters her room STOP You have reache [...]

    2. Well s not often that I admit that a book kicked my ass This one not only kicked my ass It picked me up and body slammed me.I don t think my measly little mind will ever be the same.At about 67% percentI almost gave up But what did I do I kept reading the dang thing.Cuzwell This book is NOT for everyone Don t say you weren t warned.Angelyou just slayed the evil queen 3.5 stars

    3. 5 Almost Pissed My Pants Stars What the hell is that collage about with all those house hold items in it you say Those tools will never be used again without an image attached to it that s all I m saying Read the warning label on this book before you read It s not a romance It s not full of rainbows and unicorns It will most defiantly have you gaggingd going.Hillary a 15 year old girl wakes up panicking after a nightmare She has no memory She doesn t know what her name is or where the hell she i [...]

    4. 4.5 StarsI have read a good amount of Horror,abusive,twisted books in my life But This book Made all the horror stories that I ve read like a walk in the parkHow would you react, If one day you woke up in a unfamiliar place Naked, tied to a bed barely moving your limbs and on top of all that you can t remember who you are I would be scared shitless And that s where Hillary Greysonfound herselfWaking up to face two complete strangers Hillary would do anything to escape this place that she believe [...]

    5. 5 Most Imaginative Torture Ever stars First of all.Bravo, Angel Gelique You have a beautifully warped mind I am still gagging and in awe of some of the things I read about That was some of the most brutal scenes ever described After reading this, there are certain regular household items that I will never be able to look at the same way again Kudos Oh boy, where does this girl begin I will just give the barest minimal plot As with all mindfuck reads, you have to experience this for yourself We h [...]

    6. Another amazing BR with my girlies, Carolina and Barbara Will we dare We did dare and WOW NOT AND I MEAN NOT FOR EVERYONE READ Recommended for adult horror fans Completely brilliant 5 stars for the splendiferous author, Angel Gelique, the character you create Hillary manage tortured and disturbe, my heartI will never forget this series, never ever Thanks to Carolina and Barbara, who read this with me, and also to JaHy for the support

    7. Book Hillary Tail of the Dog Hillary 1 Author Angel GliquePublication Date December 31, 2012Type Part of SeriesGenre Horror DarkRating 4 1 2 out of 5 StarsReviewWow Wow Wow.what a little gem my girls found here I don t even know how to review this mad cap of horror and gore I can tell you that I couldn t put it down my status updates will show you graphics of disgust, head spinning and pure amazement Is it possible for a 15 year old girl be as psychotic as Hillary was What made her the way she i [...]

    8. wow where to begin I consider myself quit twisted and I tend to push myself to watch, listen or read the gross just to prove I can, that I don t have many limits I do have some but and I honestly thought I had read some of the sickest books out there The 5 stars I have given to this book are solely for the author, congrats Angel Gelique you have managed you turn my green, make me feel ill and honestly cry, but not tears of sorrow but tears because my eyes are watering feeling the pain I truly fe [...]

    9. 5 My Favorite Things STARS It was amazing how quickly the will to live dissipated when pain became so intolerable Thanks to my girl Kjean Lara que se anim a leer este libro conmigo y me ayudo a darle un poco m s de sentido.Si tuviera que describir este libro en una palabra seria EVILLa escritura y desarrollo de la historia es maravilloso, teniendo en cuenta que las escenas que nos muestra son crueles y detalladamente perturbadoras.La primera mitad del libro me la pase dudando de todo, y todos La [...]

    10. 5 OMG Stars Loved it on to book 2 Review To Come The author has graciously generated a freebie coupon code which is good through Feb 16th smashwords books viewUse coupon code UR67F

    11. This book was pretty good, but it is not for everyone as it downright gritty, psychological, twisted, and so gore infested that some people will be having night terrors the rest of their lives So definitely HEED THE WARNING that if you can t take anything that has to do with, rape, torture, and cannalbism then do not read it This book is not a romp through fairyland, it is a romp through the most worst serial killer s mind you could ever imagine When reading this book think of Jeffrey Dahmer pos [...]

    12. Find all of my reviews at 52bookminimum WARNING This novel contains disturbingly explicit sexual and deviant content that may be considered offensive to some readers, including rape, torture and cannibalism.They re not lying, kids.I read this becauseShelby told me to Well, not really Actually, I m pretty certain she tried to do the exact opposite, but I m a glutton for punishment so I read it anyway What did I find upon clicking the old one click a wire hanger, an empty can of vegetables that ha [...]

    13. Things seemed hopeless than ever, yet she knew she would find a way to escape somehow Where there s a will there s a way The first 50% of this book was the calm before the storm We meet Hillary a fifteen year old girl who has no memories of her life She s being held by Dr Morrison, his wife Monica and Dr Bentley I sympathized with Hillary and felt terrible about the way she was treated untilThe last 50% of this book was a gruesome bloodbath, gore fest, the stuff nightmares are made of that make [...]

    14. This is unequivocally the most galling and sadistic book I have ever read What s perturbing is how engrossing it was and how much I actually enjoyed it.This engaging story will have you on the edge of your seat one moment, rooting for some, only to have you despising them later.The story line and characters are brilliantly thought out It plays out like a horror movie of the worst kind The mental images you are sure to conjure in your mind, will with out a doubt, haunt your dreams for some time [...]

    15. My own book I can t write an unbiased review, though I d like to think it is good It is a gory, violent, sick, twisted and disturbing horror novel, so if you are easily offended, skip this one I welcome feedback from those who dare to meet Hillary.

    16. WARNING This novel contains disturbingly explicit sexual and deviant content that may be considered offensive to some readers, including rape, torture and cannibalism.What the fuuucccckkkk did I just read I m still not sure how I want to rate this book, so I ve listed a few different rating stars below This is a book that I normally wouldn t read but I was craving something different and I got exactly that I read the warning and still wanted to read it I read the blurb and was interested and int [...]

    17. I like to mix up my diet of classic horror with material from new writers whenever I get a break in my reading, amd I ve seen a lot of rave reviews for this work from friends on , so I figured I d check it out.This is the first book in a trilogy.I have to preface this review by saying that I m a primarily story driven reader I like to get swept up in a plot that takes me to places I never dreamed I d go when I started I guess I like surprises when I read.So it s my fault that I assumed the plot [...]

    18. The old adage of never judge a book by its cover should also apply to its summaries Hillary Tail of the Dog is by far the darkest, heinous and most disturbing read for 2016 This isn t your typical feel good love story with an erotic twist You won t find any happy, wholesome loving relationships or endings Nope not here, instead you ll be horrified with disgusting, gruesome events that takes place with a fifteen year old You ll experience her nightmares, traumas as the past collides with the pres [...]

    19. I ve been meaning to revise my review.This being the first book of this type that I ve read, I was a little squeamish.I shouldn t have let that affect how I liked the story the writing.5 revised stars Previous review It was very good, but I could have done without knowing what tortures a human being can inflict on others I plan to read the rest of the series, but not just yet.

    20. Another amazing BR with my girls REVIEW TO COME The author generated new coupons codes which are valid thru March 2nd if you think any of your friends would be interested please pass them along Hillary Tail of the Dog smashwords books viewUse the coupon code BN42M Hillary Flesh and Blood smashwords books viewUse the coupon code QX42R Hillary Retribution smashwords books viewUse the coupon code PN82L

    21. This is by far the scariest, the most gory, mentally traumatizing book I ve EVER read As disturbed as I was, I loved it Pay close attention to the warning the author puts out If anyone is easily offended then don t even open the pages I literally need to read book 2 right now

    22. My short review for Book 1 SOLID 3.5 stars rounded up to 4 Tail of the Dog tells me this series will be something beyond the normal everyday horror fare This is a dark tale that bring us to places we aren t quite sure we want to go but can t stop ourselves from exploring Think traffic accident and the effect it has on the witness to it you want to look away, but a morbid curiosity coerces you to read on It doesn t have a big reveal, or any major twists It was apparent the author wasn t looking t [...]

    23. 2.5 StarsHillary Greyson, just 15 years old, has been kidnapped and is now being experimented on by Dr Morrison, his wife Monica, and a psychiatrist, Dr Bentley.She can t remember who she is or how she came to be naked, strapped to a bed, an unwilling patient But her captives do and maybe it s best if she never remembers Some things are best left forgotten.The writing was surprisingly good A few errors, but really well done.The idea was also a good one The execution though, left a lot to be desi [...]

    24. I received this novel from the author for an honest review.Since I had already read Hillary s back story in Hillary Flesh and Blood Book 2 I knew what to expect and savored every word.Hillary Greyson is a 15 year old beautiful girl who upon waking finds herself tied tightly to a hospital bed in a room with no other furniture except for a desk She is frightened, angered, and cannot remember who she is or why this may be happening to her Her bleak existence comes to an end one morning when.Her tir [...]

    25. It feels wrong to say that I had fun reading such a dark, sick and twisted story but what the hell.I did From the very first page I was engrossed in the story and could not put it down.I went into this fairly blind I thought it was going to be a simple abduction story view spoiler I had no idea it was going to center around a teenaged girl version of Hannibal Lecter hide spoiler This story is not for the faint at heart, that s for sure Towards the end I had to stop a few times to take a break be [...]

    26. I love this author so much, this is a brilliant series, so can t wait for next book in the series, I ve recommended this book to all my friends, my best friend is telling me she loves it too pick it up you won t be disapointed

    27. There s a very clear disclaimer that states, in effect, beware, for gross things are about to happen I read this, understood, and took it to heart Gross is fine This book series, though, is a little less than fine.Shock value is one thing This book series is aimed at the fans of Ellis s American Psycho , and those who think the film Hostel is a fun Saturday night with popcorn The literary style is fine, and the skill of the author equally capable, ie not dribbling over themselves and writing in [...]

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