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Dead [a Lot] #2020

Dead a Lot Last Friday night the world changed and not for the better Zombies are among us School s out for the foreseeable future and with Mom and Dad at the lake house my twin and I are on our own in this m

  • Title: Dead [a Lot]
  • Author: Howard Odentz
  • ISBN: 9781611942996
  • Page: 119
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dead [a Lot] By Howard Odentz, Last Friday night, the world changed and not for the better Zombies are among us School s out for the foreseeable future, and with Mom and Dad at the lake house, my twin and I are on our own in this mess Which is fine as long as we can avoid being on the menu Tripp Light s teenage world is suddenly filled with poxers the infected ones, the ones that have the NecropLast Friday night, the world changed and not for the better Zombies are among us School s out for the foreseeable future, and with Mom and Dad at the lake house, my twin and I are on our own in this mess Which is fine as long as we can avoid being on the menu Tripp Light s teenage world is suddenly filled with poxers the infected ones, the ones that have the Necropoxy virus In an entire world gone mad and bad, Tripp s only hope of survival is to clear a path through zombie land with his sister and head for the hills aka his aunt s farm to rendezvous with his parents Success clearly favors the fittest and the fastest Survival demands the twins make hard, ruthless decisions, but that all changes when Tripp and his twin hear a distress call via the radio Prianka Patel, a girl Tripp loves to hate, is trapped and surrounded in a bakery Soon, the twins have quite a collection of misfits and survivors and miles to go before anyone can sleep safely again No matter where Tripp looks, everyone everywhere is dead Like really dead a lot.

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    1 thought on “Dead [a Lot]

    1. This was totally amazing I loved each and every part of it I spotted the second book up on Netgalley, well, rather, I saw a book that looked awesome, and thought I would check it out, only to find out it was book 2 So I went to search for book 1 and fell in love I had to have it.The zombies in this one maybe a bit different from most zombies given it is parasites, bullets can t kill them, people aren t technically dead at least from what I remember , but they are zombies all right They have a cr [...]

    2. 2.5 5 starsFirst things first, huge TRIGGER WARNINGS I nearly didn t get past the first quarter of this book because the narrator Tripp is an offensive teenaged boy in a racist, misogynist, ableist way view spoiler He thinks of his Hindi friend as being pretty in that exotic, dark haired, foreign sort of way he finds the actions of her autistic brother to be creepy and then thinks the child looks pretty normal constantly makes misogynistic jokes and comments about his twin sister and thinks of a [...]

    3. The Harry Potter of Zombie apocalypse books Kids with outsized skills and courage overcome obstacles and adults while building their adhoc support network on the way It was a fun read While clearly aimed at a YA audience, I think most adults who like this kind of fiction will enjoy it.

    4. There can be a huge difference between dead and dead, a lot When everyone around you is turning into a zombie you d be very lucky to have your super smart twin sister with you, and even luckier that immunity to the virus runs in the family A wonderful story about the end of the world and zombies and evil and family and friendship I didn t realise at first that is is part of a trilogy but I m very happy that it is I ll definitely be getting the next in the series.

    5. I was initially drawn in by the cover of this book The bad news is the cover has very little to do with the actual book The good news is it s still a really good book.Dead A Lot follows the Light twins, Tripp and Trina, as they maneuver through a world overrun with Necropoxy, a virus that turns people into zombies, and make their way to their aunt s farm in the country, picking up stray survivors along the way.The story is told in the first person POV of Tripp Light I m not going to lie, he s no [...]

    6. What a fun little find Tripp and Trina Light have just discovered the world has devolved into the zombie apocalypse and their parents are away on vacation Only 1 in 132 people are immune to the virus that s created the zombies Now Tripp and Trina and their ragtag group of teenagers must travel across western Massachusetts to reunite their family The book is funny and irreverent with snappy dialogue I also like how Odentz mixes up the zombie rules.Received an advance copy from Bell Bridge Books a [...]

    7. I wanted to give this two stars, cause it brings a few interesting ideas to the table I just don t like zombie books that explain the outbreak in a deus ex machina kinda way.I m as curious as the next gal so I wouldn t have minded a second pov from the antagonists.

    8. I would have given this another star except I could do without the fat hatred in the beginning Totally unnecessary I m sure the author thought it was funny because, you know, fat jokes are always funny Having said that, this is a pretty good book and was a surprise to me I didn t realize it was a zombie apocalypse book I was even ready to buy the next 2 books only there is only 1 book available from the triology I ll wait Anyhow, it is a quick, not very serious read, perfect for teens because th [...]

    9. It isn t easy finding a book that entrances me enough to not want to put it down Location being my own Western Massachusetts was a nice twist, except that I m now on the lookout for poxers everywhere I turn Can t wait to read ALL of your books I do agree somewhat with Tammy s review in terms of Tripp s worldview but through the course of the book he grows and develops into a tolerant, likeable character I also agree that the cover does a disservice to the book and in all honesty, I almost put i [...]

    10. This book is truly entertaining The voice of Tripp reminded me of my kids when they were teens The story is filled with heart racing, action packed scenes that are comparable to a roller coaster ride in the dark Truly enjoyable and entertaining read Suitable for pre teens yet great for adults as well.

    11. This review also appeared at the Court Street Literary Collective, LTD courtstreetliterary archiv Zombie stories are everywhere Due in some part to the unbelievable success of shows like The Walking Dead, books like World War Z, and films like 28 Days Later and Shaun of the Dead, everyone s writing about the dead but ambulatory Nice zombies, evil zombies, teenage zombies, Nazi zombies, zombie dogs, shark zombies, Jane Austen zombies Zombies sell books And movies And television And video games It [...]

    12. This review originally published in Looking For a Good Book Rated 3.0 of 5Don t judge a book by its cover We know that, right Well, whether you think the cover, as presented above, is awesome, or totally stupid, you should know that it doesn t have anything to do with the story Not that I can tell, anyway We ll come back to that.Dead a lot , by Howard Odentz is a young adult zombie apocalypse novel Thanks to television hits like The Walking Dead and movies like World War Z and the plethora of ad [...]

    13. I never thought I d be reading a Young Adult zombie apocalypse story Period But I know the author s other work and loved it and I love to read stories that take place in my backyard of Western Massachusetts it s always fun to recognize the surroundings Mr Odentz is a great storyteller He s able to set a scene, craft a character, and move a plot along in thorough and concise style Never extraneous or gratuitous, yet never skimping on the details you want to know I call it Stephen King Lite all th [...]

    14. Hey guys Sorry it s been so long I m six months pregnant and in my fourth semester of college, so things have been pretty busy lately Anyway, I just finished reading Howard Odentz s debut novel from last summer DEAD A LOT and it was to die for no pun intended On a Friday night, twins, Tripp and Trina Light, are enjoying a night like any other Friday night With their parents away for the weekend, Trina is canoodling with her boyfriend, and Tripp is just trying to find something to munch on Howeve [...]

    15. I don t get the cover, it has nothing to do with the book The book is about a brother and sister making their way to relatives after a zombie apocalypse begins It starts with a confusing flashback then moves forward Most of the characters are young and the book features snarky talk, irony, sarcasm, and such rather than actual zombie confrontations We get fraternal twins brother and sister of 19 years , a wheelchair bound DJ of 20 with a pet crow that talks, a know it all Indian girl foreigners [...]

    16. This review is of the uncorrected proof provided by the publisher and Netgalley 2.5 stars Dead a Lot is a rollicking adventure set against the ever popular backdrop of a zombie apocalypse In this incarnation, zombies are caused by a plague accidentally released during secret government research, and the protagonists are among the tiny percentage of the world s population who are immune Thus begins a tale that is hardly new in the details but riotously entertaining, nonetheless Immune twins Tripp [...]

    17. Zombie book are my current favorite read, yet I have come to the realization that not all zombie books are equal Thankfully, Dead A Lot is on the positive side of that equation Odentz manages to create a zombie novel that is not simply a zombie book.The character Tripp is an amusing and probably pretty accurate portrayal of a teenage boy He s not the politically correct main character that we can view as perfect He s rude and childish at times, chauvinistic and even discriminates against a physi [...]

    18. Despite the horrendous cover, this book was good Like, really good I enjoyed it far than I expected to The characters were well developed and realistic I know a few other reviewers found Tripp to be offensive, but I found him to be a pretty dead to rights 16 year old boy thrown into the zombie apocalypse.I also appreciated the fact that the book is a standalone While there s plenty of space for the author to revisit this world with a sequel, Dead a Lot is complete in and of itself That s a rare [...]

    19. Howard Odentz has a tale about teenagers in a Zombie apocalypse from a disease created by mad scientists Dead A Lot paper from Bell Bridge Books tells of Tripp and has twin sister who are immune to the airborne version of the virus that wipes out ninty per cent of humanity The Zombies here burn easily and Tripp and his sister rescue a few trapped people before rescuing their parents from the mad scientists This is a solid coming of age tale and kept me reading Review printed in the Philadelphia [...]

    20. It s October, and everywhere you see posts re seasonal reading recommendations Now, I don t tend to read according to what time of year it is and I don t seek out creepy reads, but I dug around in my lists and came up with this YA zombie comedy which I recall as being pretty good despite the goriness I enjoyed the way the young protagonists grew and became a team, incl for instance how the character in a wheelchair required certain asistance in the crisis at hand, but was able to contribute, too [...]

    21. Looking for a fun, fast paced, at times laugh out loud, zombie book Look no further Though written for a teen YA audience it s not your average teen zombie book Written from the aspect of a male protagonist, Dead a Lot tells the story of 4 teens and 1 younger sibling as they battle zombies, deranged survivors, and take a crazy road trip to find their parents Oh, and maybe find some potato chips along the way battling zombies can give you an appetite

    22. Not your average YA novel.Witty, warm, and intriguing is what comes to mind when I think about this novel The author made the teens sound, well, teeny but didn t over do it with the whining The poxers weren t your typical zombies This book had an over all warm and fuzzy feeling and portrayed how sometimes our situations force up to grow up It also did a great job with showing the wonder that occurs within one s mind when maturing A very nice, happy, easy read.

    23. I am a sucker for snarky humor and kick butt action Throw in zombies and I am sold This book had me within the first chapter I had to know how things went for the twins I won t spoil it but I will tell you they have a wild ride just trying to survive This is one that I would recommend to anyone looking for humor, action, romance, and or zombies I will be looking for the next book in this series

    24. Dead On AwesomeI read, a lot, and the true test of a book is when I want to read a sequel The characters are the people you know, just down the street, and you can t help wanting to know what happens next Zombies, kids who can deal, cool pets,danger and a great sense of humor, this is a book I highly recommend.

    25. Worth a quick readnot great literature not fantastic, but a quick fun read Worth the 2 I spent I appreciate that with the exception of mentioning teenage sex, it was pretty free of sex and language it had some descriptive gore, but not out of control for the subject matter

    26. YA zombie dystopian US military government scientists have inadvertently released Necropoxy, an airborne virus that turns people into zombies Bites take care of infecting most everyone else Twins Tripp and Trina are immune and are trying to reach their parents, who have gone away for the weekend Not a bad story Could use a decent copy editor.

    27. Surprisingly good.Surprisingly good.I really enjoy reading anything supernatural This book surprised me at how quickly I was drawn into the lives of the characters in this book Set in a world of infected people who turn into zombies, it s a story of survival, family and friendship.

    28. GoodGoodit was better than I thought, I like YA books but a lot if the time I m a little too.old for them, and I m over the zombie thing but the writing made this new and fun.

    29. Loved it this book grabbed me from the start Once I started it I couldn t put it down It was funny and the characters were really likeable.

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