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Hurt #2020

Hurt Lucy Black must protect the young and vulnerablebut can she protect herself Late December A sixteen year old girl is found dead on a train line Detective Sergeant Lucy Black is called to identify the

  • Title: Hurt
  • Author: Brian McGilloway
  • ISBN: 9781472111302
  • Page: 116
  • Format: Paperback
  • Hurt By Brian McGilloway, Lucy Black must protect the young and vulnerablebut can she protect herself Late December A sixteen year old girl is found dead on a train line Detective Sergeant Lucy Black is called to identify the body The only clues to the dead teenager s last movements are stored in her mobile phone and on social media and it soon becomes clear that her friends were not asLucy Black must protect the young and vulnerablebut can she protect herself Late December A sixteen year old girl is found dead on a train line Detective Sergeant Lucy Black is called to identify the body The only clues to the dead teenager s last movements are stored in her mobile phone and on social media and it soon becomes clear that her friends were not as trustworthy as she thought Lucy is no stranger to death she is still haunted by the memory of child she failed to save, and the killer she failed to put behind bars And with a new boss scrutinizing her every move, she is determined that this time she will leave no margin for error Hurt is a tense crime thriller about how, in the hands of a predator, trust can turn into terror Praise for Little Girl Lost Effortlessly blending Black s personal woes into her professional life, McGilloway weaves a taut police procedural in an unadorned style that belies the stories complexity Irish Times Cleverly constructed, packed with vibrant and believable charactersIt confirms him as one of the most original voices in the notably expanding field of Irish crime fiction Irish Independent Assured and grittily realistic tale from an author who is being compared to James Lee Burke and Ian Rankin Sunday Business Post.
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    1. I had read Brian McGilloway s Borderlands and was so impressed with it that I bought this immediately when it was an advertised daily deal It didn t have the intensity or the suspense of Borderlands, but I still enjoyed it I d put this in the category of books that are good evening reading on days when your concentration has ebbed or you re feeling a little worn from the day The protagonist, Lucy Black, is suitably complex She s grappling with regret, the grey areas of morality, and a frayed rel [...]

    2. 3.5 Third book in the series but the first I have read I can tell I missed some background in the relationship of the characters, but that did not stop my enjoyment of this novel The character of Lucy Black is a most interesting one She tends to act every which way in order to solve the case, especially in this one where a young girl she knew is killed and other young girls are at risk Many dead ends, surprises and twist keep the story line moving, with of course many things going on in the back [...]

    3. Following the phenomenal success of Little Girl Lost, the first thriller featuring DS Lucy Black, McGilloway returns to her character in his new release Hurt Despite me being a huge fan if the Inspector Devlin series, I must confess that somehow McGilloway s alternative series had escaped my radar, so this is my first foray into Lucy Black s world, and a thoroughly riveting and enjoyable one at that.There is than enough reference to the events of the first book for the new reader to be quickly [...]

    4. A young girl goes missing from care and is found 3 days later with her throat cut on a railway line Unfortunately for the murderer the train didn t run her over and make it look like suicide because someone had stolen the electric cable and halted the train Then another girl goes missing This is an extremely well plotted novel with circles within circles and ripples going out the way but it is all very logical and easy to follow It gives a very clear picture of policing in Northern Ireland where [...]

    5. Another great story in the DS Lucy Black series I love the cover, but not sure how it relates to the story Looking forward to reading the next in the series, The Forgotten Ones.

    6. Time taken to read 6 days Publisher C R CrimeBlurb from Lucy Black must protect the young and vulnerable but can she protect herself Late December A sixteen year old girl is found dead on a train line Detective Sergeant Lucy Black is called to identify the body The only clues to the dead teenager s last movements are stored in her mobile phone and on social media and it soon becomes clear that her friends were not as trustworthy as she thought Lucy is no stranger to death she is still haunted b [...]

    7. The second book to feature DS Lucy Black by Brian McGilloway, Hurt begins with the discovery of a body, quickly identified as that of a missing teenage girl In and out of care due to her mother s alcoholism and her her father s incarceration, Karen Hughes has had her throat cut before being discarded on the train tracks With little than the information stored in Karen s phone and on social media to guide them, Lucy and her colleagues begin to trace her last movements, uncovering a predator hidi [...]

    8. This is a wonderful book.The second outing for DS Lucy Black in the PPU in Derry Public Protection Unit.The writing is tight and the plot clever and original the timeframe is short and Lucy is on hand to follow up each new lead and plot advancement This make for an exciting read and compelling in terms of its development and outcome.The author also writes well in terms of plot, character and descriptive prose making for a engaging read you will be reluctant to put down.I fell in love with McGill [...]

    9. Highly disappointingis author has gone from hero to almost zero for me I made special mention in my review of his prior Lucy Black outing that there were no mistakes and what a reading pleasure it was.t so with this one I was glad to get it finished and if it wasn t part of the series I d have jacked it in Don t get me wrong, the story was great again but the editing in this one s a real mess There are way too many sloppy mistakes that Little Girl Lost didn t have I don t know if he changed edit [...]

    10. I won this book via First Reads, many thanks for my copy.Hurt is the second novel by Brian McGilloway featuring Detective Sergeant Lucy Black The novel is set in Northern Ireland and starts with the dead body of a sixteen year old girl found on train tracks.I found the first half of the book a little disjointed and slow to get into, there were a lot of different names introduced and at times I had to stop to recall who was who.From the halfway point onwards the book picks up pace and the storyli [...]

    11. I have read several McGilloway novels that feature Inspector Devlin I prefer Devlin to DS Lucy Black Black lacks the characteristics I usually look for in a female police protagonist This is a story that focuses on exploitation of teenage girls I found the scenario somewhat outlandish, but perhaps such rings exist I won t reveal as I don t want spoilers There are some details of the Derry context, but I prefer the Devlin series as the context is explored in depth and vividly related to each st [...]

    12. Since I have been reading this series in order, I am getting use to the wording and that makes it a lot easier to get into So I can do a completely honest review now that I wasn t struggling with the format and what not This one didn t have as many twists and turns that the first book had, not so much of a surprise villain because we didn t really know him like we did in the first book This book was a little difficult for me to get into because it was about children and, now that I m a mother, t [...]

    13. An excellent follow up to Little Girl Lost Lucy Black is still haunted by her failure to save a young girl and the revelations about her fathers past but now another young girl has been found, left to die on a railway line Soon another girl is missing and Lucy must break through the teenage silences to uncover what s going on Pacey, well written and with enough loose ends to ensure I ll read the next one.

    14. ExcellentThe second book in the lucy black series and just as brilliant and gripping The story itself a bit harrowing in content but it s just truth as the world unfortunately is a dark place Can t wait to read number three

    15. Marvellous book I really like Lucy Black and care about what happens to her.All storylines culminating in a most satisfying conclusion without any disappointments.A re read of the prologue after finishing the story explained the descriptive passages subtlety described within it.

    16. My first read for McGilloway There are a lot of characters and it took me a while to get everyone straight, but I did like the Lucy Black character I will read .

    17. Ottimo come il primo letto Buon ritmo,tema importante la pedofilia,colpi di scena Autore molto interessante.

    18. I m still liking this series with Lucy Black Which says something since I am not a big fan of mystery I also really like how it is set in Derry, Northern Ireland Definitely sounds like an interesting place.

    19. Mysterious Book Report No 137by John Dwaine McKennaOne of the up and coming new authors who s gaining a lot of credibility because he writes great mysteries with a political twist is an Irish writer named Brian McGilloway He lives and works in Derry, Northern Ireland, in an area known as the borderlands, because it abuts the Republic of Ireland It is an area with unique, even extreme, sensibilities due to the protestant and catholic violence between British Loyalists or Prods, and Catholic Repub [...]

    20. An exciting suspense novelSomeone You Know is a wonderful, suspenseful novel delving into the problems of missing and exploited children Also, the killing of them The tale is a twisting, turning investigation into the disappearance of one child, then a second, and finally a third and it leads us all the way back to the first child who disappeared 10 years ago and has finally been found Lucy works for the PPU People s Protection Unit who follow children and adults who are in the system for a vari [...]

    21. Late Sunday 16th DecemberHarry a railway line worker in Derry finds a young sixteen year old girl laying face down on the train line track with a gapping wound to her throat.The public protection unit that detective sergeant Lucy Black worked on involving vulnerable persons, and children are called to identify the body of the young girl Lucy knows the young sixteen year old as Karen Hughes who has been in a residential unit for self harming herself it was a way for Karen coping with life.Karen s [...]

    22. Hurt is the second book in the Lucy Black series set in and around Derry in Northern Ireland As with McGilloway s previous books he captures well the tense social relations of the sectarian city and complex set of community relations The tale focuses on the internet grooming of teenage girls and the discovery of the body of one, her throat cut, and the disappearance of another The context with respect to the grooming is nicely done However, the story is fairly straightforward and tension added t [...]

    23. This is the first book I have read by author Brian McGilloway and will certainly not be the last This is a well written murder mystery, making good use of the author s local knowledge of the Derry area i.e Londonderry , in Northern Ireland The plot was well thought out, with some nice touches that kept you interested throughout the novel, with plenty of twists and turns to keep you guessing the out come The story is also very current in that it covers the grooming of young girls, many of whom ar [...]

    24. I have to be in the right mood for reading police procedural books but once I was I really enjoyed this bookSequel to Little Girl Lost although the main case is different this does really need to follow on as references to the case in book 1 is frequent enough to leave you wondering if you have not read book 1 first.Not as edge of your seat as I would have hoped but still intriguing enough that as an infrequent reader of this genre I still wanted to continue and finish this book as with book 1 i [...]

    25. This is the second Lucy Black book and I got it after I d read her first outing, Little Girl Lost which I also loved I d also previously read a couple of author Brian McGilloway s Inspector Devlin series No falling off in quality, all his books are a cracking read with very believable storylines I really like the characters in Mr McGilloway s books very well written and believable These are detective police dramas based in Northern Ireland with the history of the troubles as a distant backdrop H [...]

    26. I was very excited to get my eyes on this book, I really enjoyed Little Girl Lost and wanted to read but of course the book ended as all books do, sigh, but that is why I love a series So back to it then, well, as always Brian s storytelling is wonderful, he really pulls you in and makes you want to stay which is a hard task because of the types of situations that arise in his books especially those dealing with kids.I read this book in one sitting, yep gobbled it right up And was routing for t [...]

    27. McGilloway takes on Internet luring in this second Lucy Black novel A girl s body is found, which sets off an investigation that hinges on annual school photographs It s a clever device because what parent wouldn t cringe at the thought Along the way, Lucy struggles to deal with the death of a child from a previous case, plus she begins to get less prickly on the subject of her romantic relationships She even makes some progress sorting out her attitudes about her parents As she works her way to [...]

    28. The second book in the Lucy Black series and another cracker Enjoyed the solid detective work interspersed with personal story line Set in Northern Ireland this is gritty and sobering reading about a young policewoman in the unit that is set up to protect the young and vulnerable Her case is about a murdered young girl and one that is still missing set amongst the secrecy that still remains from the troubles Not an enjoyable storyline but one that you could well see as believable in this day an [...]

    29. This was a decent book, not great but not horrible I had trouble getting into it, but once I got going it was good I like Lucy Black and hope that in future novels we get to see of her emotions In this book, the second in the series, we do get to see a bit of Lucy s personal life and of her feelings The suspense was good and I kept turning pages to see who the murderer was, I was wrong about a few things and right about others I will continue to read the others in this series

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