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Moulin Rouge #2020

Moulin Rouge Romansirana biografija ivota francuskog umjetnika Henrija de Toulouse Lautreca Knjiga zapo inje Henrijevim djetinjstvom u kojem veseli i zdravi dje ak u svako doba ne to crta Veliki korak u njegovu iv

  • Title: Moulin Rouge
  • Author: Pierre la Mure
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 430
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Moulin Rouge By Pierre la Mure, Romansirana biografija ivota francuskog umjetnika Henrija de Toulouse Lautreca Knjiga zapo inje Henrijevim djetinjstvom u kojem veseli i zdravi dje ak u svako doba ne to crta Veliki korak u njegovu ivotu predstavlja odlazak u Pariz na kolovanje Nakon velike proslave uo i Bo i a, Henri pada u krevet nakon ega kre u njegove zdravstvene pote ko e, koje e ga u initi doRomansirana biografija ivota francuskog umjetnika Henrija de Toulouse Lautreca Knjiga zapo inje Henrijevim djetinjstvom u kojem veseli i zdravi dje ak u svako doba ne to crta Veliki korak u njegovu ivotu predstavlja odlazak u Pariz na kolovanje Nakon velike proslave uo i Bo i a, Henri pada u krevet nakon ega kre u njegove zdravstvene pote ko e, koje e ga u initi do ivotnim bogaljem Genijalni slikar, optere en vlastitim plemi kim porijeklom i bole u jedan je od najve ih predstavnika novog pravca u umjetnosti, impresionizma.

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      430 Pierre la Mure
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    1 thought on “Moulin Rouge

    1. Znala sam pri u o Moulin Rougeu i sjetila se jednog starog filma o ivotu Henrija de Toulouse Lautreca Svi aju mi se opisane scene tada njeg raskala enog Monmartrea, po etaka impresionizma i ostalih poznatih slikara Osobno, o slikarstvu znam samo toliko da li mi se slika svi a ili ne Ne gledam i ne cijenim ih zbog toga to ih je naslikalo poznato ime Njegove slike te ko da bih objesila na zid ali to za ovaj roman nije niti bitno Odli ni opisi, stil pisanja i karakterizacija likova, iako malo predu [...]

    2. Citit acum mai bine de un an la recomandarea unei venerabile doamne c reia eu o s i port o ve nic i profund recuno tin Tot datorit ei am reu it s citesc volumul, c ci n limba rom n a fost publicat n anii 70 ntr un tiraj limitat Tocmai am dat pe g t din motive ce ating paroxismul subiectivit ii, recunosc , pe ner suflate, c teva pahare de coniac dintr o sticl g sit uitat ntr un dulap Datorit coniacului mi am amintit de Moulin Rouge i, respectiv, de s rmanul Henri Marie Raymond de Toulouse Lautrec [...]

    3. Ovu sam knjigu prvi puta itala prije 20ak god i odu evila me Zaljubila sam se u Pariz i impresioniste Sada me ponovno odu evila, i budu i da smo se u me uvremenu Pariz i ja i osobno susreli i potvrdii ljubav koja je po ela, mislim s Koko u Parizu jo sam vi e u ivala u opisima Montmarte a u doba fin de siecle a i njegovim ivopisnim obitavaocima od pralja, plesa ica cancana i prostitutki do Van Gogha, Degasa, Pissarroa, Zole, Sarah Bernhard, O Wilde, Gugina Prekrasna, potresna biografija velikog u [...]

    4. When I was at a library sale, I looked at the Vintage Books section and was delighted to find a little red book from the 1950s called Moulin Rouge I had seen a 2003 movie with the same title, so I said maybe it will be somewhat like that It turned out to be the life of the artist Toulouse Lautrec, and it was an amazing book Toulouse Lautrec s parents were first cousins, which resulted in his developing a sickness that confined him to his bed during all his adolescent years It deformed him and he [...]

    5. no s si la inocencia con la cual se interpretan algunos aspectos de la vida de Lautrec es adrede o el autor lo hizo sin darse cuenta admito que varias veces estas ideas medio so adoras con las cuales se dise a a Toulouse hicieron que se me escapara una sonrisita socarrona y un seee, seguro que esto pas m s all de eso y m s all del machismo esperado , Moulin Rouge fue absolutamente conmovedor y entretenido, un libro ideal para aquellos a quienes les gustan las biograf as ficciones Para no tomarse [...]

    6. This was a long read with a sad yet touching ending It was very interesting though as it puts you right into Paris from 1880 1890 during the heart of Henri Toulouse Latrec s sp life It really is his whole life from childhood to an early death in his late 30 s It doesn t focus on the Moulin Rouge itself so much, but he creates a poster for the Moulin that is pivotal for his artistic career I really enjoyed reading about the other artist s of his time G Seurat, both Vangogh s, Cezanne, and many ot [...]

    7. On the pages my favorite artist comes to life and it s like sitting on his shoulder and witnessing all his struggles with art and women and saying goodbye to him on his death bed In a form of a novel this isn t probably the most reliable source and some things may not be true at all but you can get a basic idea what kind of a person and artist Henri was Highly recommended to his admirers.

    8. I read this book when I was in college I have forgotten much of story details, but I do remember that the book captivated me that I couldn t put it down It is the story of Toulouse Lautrec life, very well written Highly recommend I will have to reread it myself.

    9. Moulin Rouge was on my to read list because I had read it nearly 20 years ago last time I actually didn t even remember the name of the book, the striking A Hungry Heart stayed with me the message of that book was so clear Moulin Rouge was the reason why I was in love with the Impressionists, the Post Impressionists, with Montmarte its cafes, ateliers or streets with the people who hang out of upper story windows or balconies to gossip, just like they do in North Kolkata, even the brothels and b [...]

    10. I knew little of Henri de Toulouse Lautrec s life before reading this novel based on the artist s upbringing and the full course of his career Rather old fashioned storytelling and sometimes glossing over aspects that might have been developed to shed light on motives and influences The artist s quick learning and experimentation with lithography was revelatory Not clear whether biographical facts are given adequate weight here no mention of his having had syphilis, and the last moment deathbed [...]

    11. Koliko je ivot surov ili je bolje re i ljudi najbolje se vidi na slu ajevima kao to je Tuluz Lotrekov Od samog ro enja rtva braka svojih roditelja koji su bili bliski ro aci i koji su se uzeli da bi se o uvala loza , negativna kombinacija gena uzrokovala je njegov usporen rast i osudila ga da ivot pro ivi kao kepec Uprkos velikom slikarskom talentu koji mu je omogu io da ve za ivota bude op te priznat i prihva en bez obzira na svoju nekonvencionalnost i non konformizam, slikanje je za njega ipak [...]

    12. M j n zor na tuto knihu m e subjektivn ovliv ovat moje posedlost Montmartrem, kurtiz nami a sv tem um n Ale t m od d stv prohla uji tuto knihu za moji obl benou, a budu tak init nad le Mo n to nen spisovatelsk skvost, ale stejn je re ln p b h re ln ho mal e natolik siln , e mus dostat ka d ho Lautreca je mnou druh pou van nick, a k tomu asi net eba v c kat Snad jen, e kniha nem opravdu nic spole n ho s filmem Moulin Rouge, jde o prostou v pov o ivot slavn ho mal e T Lautreca.

    13. O pulsar do cora o fez com que notasse o passar do tempo O cora o bateria mais depressa ou mais devagar que um rel gio Quanto precisaria um cora o sofrer para quebrar se e parar de bater O livro nos traz detalhes da vida do g nio Toulouse Lautrec, marcada por sofrimento, rejei o, lcool e um incr vel talento, enquanto nos leva a passear por Montmartre e encontrar por ali Van Gogh e Degas.

    14. Christian um jovem escritor que possui um dom para a poesia e que enfrenta seu pai para poder se mudar para o bairro bo mio de Montmartre, em Paris L ele recebe o apoio de Henri de Toulouse Lautrec, que o ajuda a participar da vida social e cultural do local, que gira em torno do Moulin Rouge, uma boate que possui um mundo pr prio de sexo, drogas, adrenalina e Can Can Ao visitar o local, Christian logo se apaixona por Satine, a mais bela cortes de Paris e estrela maior do Moulin Rouge.

    15. A fictional story inspired by the life of the artist Toulouse Henri du Toulouse Lautrec Most notably, a story about his ostracism due to a physical affliction, and his struggles to find companionship in any form Toulouse wavers between immersing himself in his art, to daring to hope that he does not have to wind up alone.

    16. It was at times a happy tale, and at times it was a heartbreaking tale It was a realistic picture of life in the time and place that it occurred, which can only mean that this author was talented at his craft The story draws you in, and you find yourself hoping that Henri will find the sort of peace and acceptance that we all strive for as humans.

    17. Como toda biograf a novelizada, no se conoce la veracidad de los hechos, pero es un libro atractivo, que genera mayor inter s por la obra de Toulouse, y mayor amor por Par s.Like all biography made fiction, you don t know the truth of the facts, but it is an attractive book, which generates greater interest in the work of Toulouse, and greater love for Paris.

    18. i read this book in Farsi i don t know how much of it was censored i liked it a lot back then, mostly because i was and still am a big Lautrec fan, but now when i look back i see that the book was very cheesy if you really want to know about Lautrec just buy and album of his works

    19. This is the sad story about Henri de Toulouse Lautrec He was a gifted paintor who, besides all his brilliantism, was constantly miserable because of his deformity I believe if he lived nowadays he would probably had found true love This book made me feel sad to think people can be so shallow.

    20. I really loved reading this book It is such a touching story and I cried a lot I fell in love with Paris, Montmartre and impressionists, of course God this is the best book I ve read so far

    21. So heartbreaking I couldn t breathe.Henri and Lautrec, heart and genius a strong bond which connection requires madness to survive.

    22. This is amazing book, if you like art and history and France, it is simply must read Very sad story, nicely described historical background, many well known characters

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