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Entrelazamiento #2020

Entrelazamiento Entre las muchas teorias que pueblan el cosmos cientifico pocas poseen la importancia de la fisica cuantica creada por genios del calibre de Planck Einstein Heisenberg o Schrodinger Desde hace mucho n

  • Title: Entrelazamiento
  • Author: Amir D. Aczel
  • ISBN: 8484329801
  • Page: 174
  • Format: Perfect Paperback
  • Entrelazamiento By Amir D. Aczel, Entre las muchas teorias que pueblan el cosmos cientifico pocas poseen la importancia de la fisica cuantica creada por genios del calibre de Planck Einstein Heisenberg o Schrodinger Desde hace mucho nuestras vidas y conocimientos estan profundamente influidos por esta construccion de la fisica cuyos contenidos desafian nuestros habitos de comprension mas enraizados Asi oEntre las muchas teorias que pueblan el cosmos cientifico pocas poseen la importancia de la fisica cuantica creada por genios del calibre de Planck Einstein Heisenberg o Schrodinger Desde hace mucho nuestras vidas y conocimientos estan profundamente influidos por esta construccion de la fisica cuyos contenidos desafian nuestros habitos de comprension mas enraizados Asi ocurre por ejemplo con el hecho de que las particulas son tambien ondas y las ondas particulas o con que sea imposible determinar con absoluta precision y al mismo tiempo posiciones y velocidades de una particula Mucho se ha escrito sobre estas contraintuitivas caracteristicas de la mecanica cuantica pero hay mas como el fenomeno conocido como entrelazamiento segun el cual los objetos como particulas subatomicas que describe la fisica cuantica pueden llegar a estar tan enlazados tan relacionados entre si que un cambio en uno de ellos se reflejaria instantaneamente en el otro incluso aunque ambos estuvieran en extremos opuestos del universo Einstein quien identifico este extrano fenomeno penso que semejante posibilidad mostraba que la mecanica cuantica no era una teoria correcta pero se equivoco como han demostrado durante los ultimos anos una serie de distinguidos fisicos Este libro narra en terminos claros y accesibles esta fascinante historia una historia que abre posibilidades como la construccion de codigos indescifrables que hasta hace poco era imposible imaginar.

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      174 Amir D. Aczel
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    1. A decent book on Entanglement Suffers from my pet peeve in popular science books which is repeating lots of material you have read over and over again You would think that someone coming to a book on Entanglement would have read a few other accounts of quantum mechanics before and doesn t need to re read the familiar history starting from the Greeks through Planck and Bohr, Heisenberg and the rest of the early pioneers Or that someone who wants an introduction to quantum mechanics would not want [...]

    2. I love this book it is one that a non maths, non physics person can grasp I re read it once a year or so continue to get new thoughts from it The ideas presented are mind expanding.

    3. I think than a few entangled photons whooooshed right over my head while reading this book Still I was spellbound with what I did understand I loved learning about all the physicists that contributed to quantum theory and the experiments they designed and performed I had some trouble following some of those experiments, however, but the ones I did understand were absolutely fascinating.Einstein was right, this stuff is spooky, but how very interesting If it weren t for all of the rigorous data [...]

    4. I ve read some other books by Aczel, most recently God s Equation Einstein, Relativity, and the Expanding Universe I liked it a lot He s pretty good at explaining difficult concepts without using so many formulas that your eyes glaze over He describes this approach pretty well in the preface to Entanglement The first chapters introduce a lot of players and concepts that are only peripherally important to understanding entanglement spooky action at a distance as Einstein called it I think there a [...]

    5. A great book on a very bizarre fact of quantum physics Beware, you need a strong mind for science and logic, otherwise this book will smash your brain Hmm can teleportation be possible This book, for the first half, has a lot of history about the theory.

    6. Il volume del matematico e divulgatore scientifico israeliano Amir Aczel interamente dedicato al fenomeno fisico dell entanglement quantistico fra due o pi particelle, che consiste in una correlazione che lega le particelle in modo tale da violare il principio di localit e costituire il punto di partenza per tutta una serie di effetti sperimentali controintuitivi e di potenzialit fantascientifiche dalla crittografia quantistica al teleporting che si stanno a poco a poco concretizzando, pur tra m [...]

    7. I first came across the bizarre quantum phenomenon known as Entanglement while reading a book called The Large, the Small and the Human Mind by Roger Penrose, then I lost it at some point In desperation I started to search other resources and found this book called ENTANGLEMENT The Greatest Mystery in Physics by science author Amir Aczel Aczel describes Quantum Entanglement as follows Entanglement is a superposition state of the states of two or particles, taken as one system Spatial separation [...]

    8. Promising a discussion on one of the most fascinating topics in modern physics, this book disappoints It takes the reader through the usual history of modern physics in order to set the stage, but then it just becomes a series of biographies of 20th century physicists who happened to work on the question of entanglement Only in the last few pages does this book actually talk about the fact that entanglement has been proven as reality, and virtually no space is given to discussing what it might a [...]

    9. I have read interesting and thorough explanations of entanglement, but this serves as a decent introduction to the phenomenon Aczel never, ever should have described the physicists in question as being entangled with each other way too cheesy and the meaning of the quantum phenomenon gets undermined Any decent editor would have prevented such a thing Also, it seems to me to be common knowledge that Grete Hermann called Neumann out for false assumptions before anyone else had the guts, or clever [...]

    10. Intellectually stimulating I understood little of the subject matter, i.e the entanglement phenomena of quantum theory but the author presented the material in such a way that I found the threads that bound the scientific historical discovery of the concept of entanglement in theoretical physics absolutely fascinating I am a lay person, not at all versed in the fields of science or mathematics, yet I shall be reading additional works by Amir Aczel.

    11. A nice layman s guide following the study of entanglement The authors obit Died last month nytimes 2015 12 08 sci

    12. A book by a mathematician who has retired to writing popular books about mathematics and science I got it out of the Seattle Public Library A good popular introduction to the strange science of entanglement Seek and you will be even puzzled.

    13. the world of the fast and the small is strange indeed and only a handful of scientific greats have really been able to delve down deep into what it all might mean in the first half of the book, Aczel introduces the reader to them Planck, Bohr, Schr dinger, de Broglie the personalities behind the fabled Thirty Years that Shook Physics and the concepts that disquieted Einstein himself the second half tells the story of the major research on quantum entanglement between then and now as well as touc [...]

    14. Author starts his book with biographies of huge names of physicists, pioneers with their experiments and new discoveries in the world of physics These are who has contributed to the search for particle entanglement The author managed to explain what entanglement is from different view Moving forward, the author talked about findings and experiments that in the end leads to the proof of particle entanglement Although this book is about the history of physics, some basic physics knowledge such as [...]

    15. Buen libro de divulgaci n media no es necesario ser un experto en cu ntica pero s tener unos conocimientos m nimos previos Es muy detallado y riguroso a la hora de explicar la evoluci n hist rica del descubrimiento del entrelazamiento y tambi n en la exposici n de los montajes experimentales involucrados en el proceso Adem s, es sencillo de leer porque intercala peque as biograf as y an cdotas sobre los cient ficos implicados y eso aligera un poco el peso narrativo que aportan los datos Muy reco [...]

    16. I have rarely had such disparate opinions about different portions of a book Entanglement s early chapters provide some of the best explanations I have ever encountered of the entanglement phenomena as well as some other quantum mechanical concepts However, later sections of the book get bogged down in minutiae The authors covers various experiments in far too much detail to hold my attention By the end, I felt I knew all I wanted to know about entanglement and quite a bit .

    17. A very accessible introduction to quantum entanglement, this book had me laughing in places at the repeated Dad jokes about people being entangled, and the section describing the ongoing battles between Bohr and Einstein was pretty exciting Unfortunately it is out of date, and I would really like someone else to publish a companion piece detailing the last 16 years of research.

    18. The author, one of my Facebook friends, died almost one year ago This is one of his best books Amir, like the fine science writer he was, covered a diversity of topics well including my favorite, mathematics I enjoyed his Fermat s Last Theorem Unlocking the Secret of an Ancient Mathematical Problem, even though it s a bit short and superficial and he confused elliptic curves and elliptic functions A common error I m looking forward to reading My Search for Ramanujan How I Learned to Count, which [...]

    19. This is a quick, easy read with an enlightening high level overview of the mysteries and advances in understanding quantum entanglement This works very well as a an audio book, despites some tables and formulae On the science side, I do not recall knowing that the Heisenberg s uncertainty principle could be demonstrated not only in sub nucleon particles like the photon, but even in neutrons and atoms themselves Making this book interesting is the colorful scientists like Bohr, Heisenberg, Feynma [...]

    20. A reasonable introduction to quantum entanglement The author tries to approach the material from several directions to make entanglement easier to understand The book uses the people who have been involved with the topic to frame the different explanations This helps understand that the space is evolving and the knowledge of entanglement is growing I am not comfortable with the degree of assurance the author presents, not about entanglement itself, but about how entanglement fits into a larger c [...]

    21. This is an excellent account of the formulation and evolution of quantum mechanics over the span of 100 years The author describes all the major breakthroughs in the world of quantum physics starting from Planck s quantisation of energy levels to the modern experimentation of the triple entanglement of particles performed in the late 20th century The author also starts each chapter with a brief introduction to the life of each famous physicist whose contributions were accounted for in this book [...]

    22. Quantum entanglement is a fascinating subject indeed The implications of this phenomenon are far reaching from unbreakable quantum encryption to teleportation This among other quantum phenomena, left Einstein scratching his head Either way, it serves as another piece of the puzzle towards finding a theory of everything TOE Trying to reconcile quantum mechanics with a theory of gravity is the current dilemma among scientists in the field, and this is but one finding to help fill in the blanks I t [...]

    23. I didn t truly read this in one day I read the majority of it though at the book store this morning I was interested in the subject matter but the book as it explains in the intro tries in multiple ways to explain entanglement I thought there was a lot of excess although interesting , information about the scientists that worked on quantum mechanics Since the topic is so heady and beyond me, I didn t absorb much about entanglement other than Feynman s diagram A neat book, I wish I would have und [...]

    24. An okay introduction to entanglement, but get lost in the history and experimental setups The first 2 3 rds of the book focuses on general quantum physics history Planck, Einstein, Bohr, Heisenberg, Schrodinger, Pauli etc I recommend A Graphic Guide to Quantum Physics for that The coverage of entanglement itself goes through interesting experiments, but the interesting results and what they mean, how to interpret them, gets lost in explaining the history and setup to the experiments, without eve [...]

    25. This book is light very light on the science and heavy on the history Not a bad thing, but if you read this book hoping for some actual information about entanglement from a scientific viewpoint, you ll be disappointed The first 80% of the book is a history of physics, told in short biographies of various physicists throughout the years This is actually fairly interesting, so I can t complain too much.

    26. A decent review of quantum theory, it s development, the people who discovered it, and especially the experiments and the subject of quantum entanglement I would NOT recommend this to an amateur of physics quantum mechanics as it s definitely very heavy stuff, but if you are on that level it is solid Some parts seem a little repetitive but that s part of what the author was going for different perspectives on the same thing.

    27. Abbastanza piacevole da leggere, anche se tradisce un po le attese La maggior parte del testo racconta le vite degli scienziati che hanno lavorato sull entanglement La sensazione che conoscendo cos poco di questo fenomeno, ed essendo molto complesso per una divulgazione al pubblico, si sia cercato di semplificare e rimpolpare con le biografie.Non richiede conoscenza della matematica, anche se mette alla prova il senso della logica e dell intuizione.

    28. I expected to get a bit of understanding of entanglement out of this book, but I ended up feeling baffled than before Explanations of the actual experiments which supposedly proved this phenomenon lacked in details and lucidity The parts I liked most about this book were related to biographical and anecdotal facts about the scientists entangled with the entanglement s discovery and research.

    29. Somewhat similar to A short history of nearly everything by Bryson Stick with it to the end He doesn t get to the spooky entanglement until the veeery last chapter Don t worry about understanding all the physics, that s not the author s intent Really enjoyed learning about the different scientists and the steps they all took to lead to what we know today.

    30. Interesting read up until the final quarter of the book Then Aczel went haywire into describing experiments sans the mathematics nor the actual experimental setup and this book took a turn from five stars down to three Unfortunate, but if pressed I m afraid that I would not recommend this book.

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