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Love @ Air Force #2020

Love Air Force The violent romance of the Fighter planes with the clouds in sky the pulchritudinous Officers walking around arrogantly the runway with the logo constituted by the concentric tricolored circles in the

  • Title: Love @ Air Force
  • Author: GauravSharma
  • ISBN: 9781630416287
  • Page: 361
  • Format: Paperback
  • Love @ Air Force By GauravSharma, The violent romance of the Fighter planes with the clouds in sky the pulchritudinous Officers walking around arrogantly the runway with the logo constituted by the concentric tricolored circles in the background is the spectacle meets our eyes at the feeble mention of the Air Force but there is about the Air Force besides these

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    1. I laid my hands for the first time on a book by Blackbuck Publication but the impression that they have created in my first attempt itself speaks a lot about them The pricing, quality of publishing and selection is wonderful Only if they can improve their distribution, they can match up to other leading publishers of India I am done reading the debut novel of Gaurav Sharma Love Air Force which also has the tag line A heart is a sophisticated device than a Sukhoi The 287 pages thick novel deserv [...]

    2. Book Love Air ForceAuthor Gaurav SharmaPublisher Blackbuck Publication Genre Romantic FictionRatings 4 5ISBN 9781630416287Number of Pages 287Review Date 28th January 2014Review on behalf of The ReadersCosmosMy Ratings 4 5Plot 4.5 5Characters 4 5Style 4 5Climax 4 5Cover Page 4 5My Review I have reviewed this book from two aspects Firstly, as a debut novel The Author has spent extremely good amount of time in the research of life in defense The technicality of the kin of decorum followed, the hier [...]

    3. A boy and a girl mostly from the 2 remote corners of the nation, very passionate about doing something big in life, their love for the country draws them to Air Force They meet each other in the air force academy, fight their ways to end up as fighter pilots A set of uncanny circumstances that bring them together and they both fall in love They fight some extremely tough and challenging situations to become one and live happily thereafter These were the first thoughts that came to mind when I gl [...]

    4. Well, when my friend Nimmi Vashi Readers Cosmos offered Love Air Force for review on Readers Cosmos Book Review Programme, I decided I must have it The reason behind my interest was simple Being the daughter of ex Air Force personnel, I had heard a lot about this wing of the Armed Forces But sadly for me I never got the opportunity to experience life in an Air Force station because Dad left the services when I was very small, to join the HAL So it was only by word of mouth that I knew the Air Fo [...]

    5. Sweet romance finds a new destination in the most unlikeliest of places Air Force Station, Agra, where dwell the Air Force personnel, who fight and battle it out for the country and countrymen, displaying courage and bravado, and soaring high in elegant uniform However, in the midst of all this also resides love, warm and subtle, sometimes fulfilled, and at other times, resonating with memories of the past It is this beautiful feeling that comes out in the fore in Gaurav Sharma s Love Air Force [...]

    6. Full Review at vaisakhimishra 201The book Love Air Force is Gaurav Sharma s debut novel and I have to say it is a very well researched work The bits and pieces of the Air force life and the discussion of the academy were bang on The story starts with a chanced meeting of two teenage friends Shabd and Sushil in Agra Air force station, but Ranks play truant in their meeting Shabd has ended up being two notches above Sushil and the air force norms add some initial awkwardness to this reunion With t [...]

    7. I enjoy reading novels stories which are set in some industrial or commercial setting, because such stories give so many insights about a particular industry or profession, the way it functions, the challenges and of course the inside story I was keen to read Love Air Force for this very reason And the book didn t disappoint me as the story showcases the life of the personnel and their families at the Air Force The story also highlights the obsession for the ranks and the discrimination in the A [...]

    8. The book gives us a ringside view of the life in Air Force As the book suggests there is to Air Force than pilots swaggering on the runway.The story is narrated through the eyes of Sushil Awasthi, his tongue in cheek humour will have the readers in splits and his realistic take on life is something that subconsciously connects with the readers There are some events in the book that the readers must have personally dealt with, especially middle aged husbands.The book is rife with one liners, you [...]

    9. Love Air Force is a promising first attempt by the debutant Gaurav Sharma A son to a former Air Force personnel and a mathematician at present, Gaurav Sharma is an author with a potential and an acumen calling for a big applause.Starting with the author s credentials on the subject, Gaurav Sharma is former Air Force personnel and hence puts forth his own experiences while describing the scenes and decorum followed while serving the respected services He has done this with so much ease that at no [...]

    10. It is the story of two friends Shabd and Sushil One is a high rank officer and when is at a very junior post in Air Force But that does not have any effect on their friendship It is also the story of Shabd s love for Soumya.This book is a perfect blend of friendship and love and yes Air force You would get a sneak peek inside the Air force especially into the life of a non commissioned officer At first, I found it difficult to understand the love of Shabd for Soumya but as the story progress I s [...]

    11. If you want yourself to give a short treat to allow yourself to enjoy the art of reading, pick up this book Love Air Force is a simple but impressively narrated tale of friendship, love and inferiority complex The book is a page turning novel It won t bore you even for a minute And at the end, you would feel happy and contented for you picked up a book like this The writer has done a really good job and deserves a lot of appreciation and readers this is something which should be on your bookshel [...]

    12. This Novel is the first work by Gaurav Sharma, and, believe me, he proved that if you have the urge to do something unique and out of track then it s possible He crafted the story really well and the flow and language is so simple that readers of all taste will love it for sure The flashback of the story created the base on which the present episodes of the story are crafted Great work by Gaurav and being a true lover of good stories I expect some new and fresh work from Gaurav.Keep up the good [...]

    13. As a debutante, the author did his best in writing this novel and it stands out from the crowd The writing style is very simple yet it keeps the reader hooked into the story completely Very much unlike the love stories of today s time, the story doesn t give something that it shouldn t, it is very to the point and what we call perfect To know about the book click on vanyasnotebook 201

    14. A love story which was doomed from start ends on a good note Wonderful job done by debutant author who has captured the most controversial and unspoken aspect of life in Indian military setup the prejudice in ranks of officers and non coms, and woven a highly complicated love story The cover says Heart is mightier than a Sukhoi , it indeed is This is a story where IAF is the villain and IAF is the healer itself.

    15. The original review of this book is posted on my blogTo read the original review of this book, click here

    16. A nice and refreshing concept One must read to know the inside about Airforce life A very well researched story written by the Author Full review himanipassion 1 post 2

    17. First time author but with the style of narration and the plot selection of stepping away from conventional approach to Love and Friendship is what makes the book very different from others , a commendable job done.

    18. This book will give you a different angle to look at love If you are looking for a different love story from the contemporary ones, give it a shot and soak in the destined love.

    19. Very interesting story I kept reading the book continuously till end I Really appreciate the writing skills of the author Looking forward for another such book.

    20. An unhappy Sergeant Sushil Awasthi feels that his circumstances dumped him into doing drudgery in the Air Force and he deserved better out of life Grumbling often, he accuses his wife, his parents and even Air Force for his agonies When he finds that, the newly arrived medical officer, Wing Commander Shabd Mishra is his best friend of school days, his inferiority complex plunges further down.The Wing Commander is still hankering after his school day s crush Soumya despite knowing of her being ma [...]

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