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Pálido criminal #2020

P lido criminal Segunda parte de la trilog a iniciada en Berl n El ex polic a Bernie Gunther sigue indagando por su cuenta en el horror de su ciudad una Berl n totalmente volcada al nacionalsocialismo cu

  • Title: Pálido criminal
  • Author: Philip Kerr
  • ISBN: 9788498676655
  • Page: 395
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pálido criminal By Philip Kerr, Segunda parte de la trilog a iniciada en 1936 Berl n, 1938 El ex polic a Bernie Gunther sigue indagando por su cuenta en el horror de su ciudad, una Berl n totalmente volcada al nacionalsocialismo, cuando es v ctima del chantaje del propio Heydrich, a quien Hitler ve a como su sucesor, para que vuelva al cuerpo de polic a.

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      395 Philip Kerr
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    1. There s a fine line between being lovably flawed and being a jerk when it comes to detectives secret agents and what have you Last time around, Bernard Gunther was in the former category You can t blame a guy for having a bleak outlook on life in late 1930s Berlin, and the misogynistic attitude was what it was In round two of Bernie s adventures, The Pale Criminal, I found him much harder to stomach It s not just the bedding of women during sex crimes investigations that got me, so much as his i [...]

    2. I finally finished this novel and dare to say that it is without any doubt the worst of the Bernie Gunthers novels I have read so far, with two to go.Bernie is working as a PI after been out of the Berlin kripo KRIminal POlizei police and he gets put back in his job by some serious Nazi big wigs simply because he is a good cop and in these days of Nazis getting all the good jobs there is a serious lack of cops who can actually work a case The case being good German Aryan girls being kidnapped a [...]

    3. This is book 2 in the Bernie Gunther saga It is 1936 and the dark cloud of National Socialism covers everything Bernie is still depressed over the disappearance of his secretary lover and he is trying to adjust to having a partner in his detective practice I had another argument with my boy Heinrich when I got back from the Zoo his partner mentions What was it this time He s only gone and joined the motorized Hitler Youth, that s all I shrugged He would have to have joined the regular Hitler You [...]

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    5. I read this all in one day I repeat in Nazi Germany, Bernie Gunther would have been dead ten times by page 50 But I ll forgive Phillip Kerr, if only for the great sensory pleasure of immersing myself in the reality of his description He seems to know every neighborhood, every street, every boulevard, every music hall and restaurant and government building and whorehouse, the accents spoken by Germans from Nuremberg or Bavaria, and which Nazis were bad, or not so bad The depth of his knowledge, a [...]

    6. I thought I was done with reading the traditional hard boiled detective Perhaps I picked this up in a nostalgic mood I think it was Mark Lawson who talked about the three Ds of hard boiled detective fiction drink, depression and divorce Yes, it might be a truism that a lot of detectives in real life suffer from all of these, but it s been done to death in detective fiction I love the novels of Henning Mankell and Ian Rankin, whose detectives are similarly inflicted but recently I vowed not to re [...]

    7. At The Very Gates of HellDown these mean streets The genius of Kerr is that he takes the dark dreary Hardboiled detective Gunther and placed him not on the mean streets of Los Angeles, but in the midst of Hitler s Germany in 1938 the very gates of Hell, on the eve of Kristalnachtt In so doing, Kerr paints a picture of sadism, debauchery, and fear, that is uncanny You can feel how dark the very skies are becoming, how thick the air is, how twisted logic has become This book has Gunther rejoining [...]

    8. Berlin, 1938 the Nazis are firmly in power and we re moving menacingly towards Kristallnacht Gunther is faced with an intriguing double plot of gay blackmail and the serial murders of pretty Aryan girls But is there really a sex maniac ritual murderer on the loose or is something far sinister behind the cases Kerr has got some fascinating detail here especially on Nazi responses to psychotherapy and mental health but Gunther s rampant sexist commentary and creepy lechery is just tiresome and fe [...]

    9. Whilst not quite as good as March Violets , the first of the Bernhard G nther novels by Philip Kerr, this is an absorbing and exciting read Set in 1938, two years after the events of March Violets , Bernie G nther has taken Bruno Stahlecker, another ex police officer, as his partner The two are working on a case where a Frau Lange, owner of a large publishing house, is being blackmailed for the homosexual love letters her son Reinhardt sent to his psychotherapist Dr Kindermann As in March Violet [...]

    10. Este mundo cheio de segredos e muito trai oeiro Dois anos depois dos acontecimentos do livro Violetas de Mar o , as coisas parecem piores, na Alemanha O detective privado, Bernie Gunther, que agora tem um parceiro, aceita um simples caso de chantagem Por m, o caminho da investiga o complica se e Gunther v se obrigado a voltar, temporariamente, para a policia, de forma a encontrar e parar um assassino em s rie de raparigas de 17 anos, loiras de olhos azuis.O nosso her i, solit rio e pensativo, v [...]

    11. Probably 3.5 stars Well written, but there is only so much Nazi sadism, sex and violence I can stomach Kerr certainly doesn t wallow in it, but there still is too much exposure to the violent fetishes of 1938 Germany for me to really say I enjoyed this novel That said, it was well written and original in its plot and story There are no lack of victims and criminals to populate this Berlin Noir story Not a book I d necessarily recommend to my friends and family, but not a novel I d run from eithe [...]

    12. I thought this book was brilliant extremely well researched, as was March Violets, nuanced and layered with meaning and allusions You never quite get a handle on the Bernie Gunther of this book one minute he s pondering Baudelaire, the next he s fantasizing about an attractive woman.I m in awe of Philip Kerr s work in the first two books in the Bernie Gunther series To set his character in pre war Nazi Germany and to trace the society s descent into madness is nothing short of brilliant as far a [...]

    13. Bernie s investigations continue in The Pale Criminal It s a few years later and Hitler is about to move into Czechoslovakia He is hired to find the blackmailer of a wealthy widow who owns a large publishing firm Her son is being treated in a fancy sanitarium psychotherapy has been ruled illegal by the Nazis one of their few sensible actions for his homosexual tendencies As that persuasion has also been made illegal, he is a prime candidate for a concentration camp, so his mother is willing to m [...]

    14. Philip Kerr wrote his original Berlin Noir trilogy nearly three decades ago and the Pale Criminal is the second in the series centred around Bernie Gunther He s a cynical, sardonic detective haunted by his own inadequacies than he could ever be intimidated by National Socialism.The Gunther novels dependably provide a well researched window into the life of a policeman in Nazi Germany, a skewed view of how historical events might ve looked to der Mann auf der strasse Kerr s wicked ability to wie [...]

    15. To put it simply this was not as enjoyable as the first Bernie Gunther novel A shame perhaps but it was still an impressive entry in the series.Whereas previously Bernie was constantly sardonic in his attitude towards the world and as such an extremely likable protagonist in The Pale Criminal he is tougher to like Whether this is in response to the ever growing presence of a Nazi led war or just his new placement back in the Berlin police force it s hard to say but without that humour this was a [...]

    16. Siete a os despu s retomo al detective Bernie Gunther.Y retomo porque tanto el detective como la ambientaci n de la novela primera y de esta segunda tanto o m s se lo merec a La trama polic aca tiene inter s relativo, pero lo que m s importa en este libro es la ambientaci n y los personajes.Aparte del detective, bastante bastante logrado, desfilan por estas p ginas Heydrich, Himmler, Nebe, Rahn, el hombre sabio Willigut y alg n otro Y el castillo de Wewelsburg Y la Prinz Albrech Strasse Y la Noc [...]

    17. I was going to give this book 4 stars it s much better than the first in the series, in that the writing is much less over packed with self conscious similies While Philip Kerr is obviously still trying to emulate or shall I say channel Raymond Chandler s hard boiled style of narration which I don t blame him for one bit , he s found his own style within those parameters here.However, totally unforgivable as far as I m concerned, especially in a book that set s in Nazi Germany without ostensibly [...]

    18. Interesting look at pre war Nazi Germany The story revolves around a private detective solving the murder of his partner and, related, the murders of several young girls More than a story the author brings the reader into an atmosphere of ethical evil, weaving in historical details of those dark times.My beef The constant sexual graphic references which, though common for the times, were over the top especially the very negative and derogatory references to homosexuals.The narrator of the audiob [...]

    19. Berlin, 1938 A private detective is pressed back into service in the criminal police Kripo at the behest of one of Germany s most powerful Nazis Soon he finds himself embroiled in a complex and intensely political power struggle at the highest levels of German government that he only dimly understands This is the theme at the heart of Philip Kerr s thriller, The Pale Criminal.Bucking the Nazi tide in 1938 GermanyDetective Inspector Bernie Gunther had resigned from the Berlin Criminal Police in 1 [...]

    20. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, the second of Philip Kerr s Berlin Noir trilogy also the second of his long running Bernie Gunther series I think I m coming to like Bernie Gunther as a character as he, or rather Kerr, isn t trying so hard as he did in March Violets, to out do every other tired, cynical, wise cracking, Private Eye in film and or literature Kerr has calmed down and so has Bernie, I mean And both are a lot better for it The fact that Bernie is a Private Eye in soon to be war time [...]

    21. A Pale Criminal is the second of Philip Kerr s Bernie Gunther novels, set in 1938 Berlin It is in several ways less satisfying than its predecessor The characterizations are still strong but the plot that forms the core of any mystery is sadly lacking in a couple of respects.One of the book s flaws is that the parade of top Nazis that float through the narrative reaches the point of being distracting The inclusion of Arthur Nebe should surprise no one who is familiar with the German police hiera [...]

    22. Earlier in the year I read a book by this author and someone told me to read his Berlin Trilogy, because it was better Book two is called The Pale Criminal Again we have Bernie, the German detective in about 1939 His partner is killed as a result of a case they are working on and the only way he sees to find out who is responsible is to take the offer of a high party official and become part of the Police Department again Cases interlock and the various Nazi organizations threaten him and do the [...]

    23. It is now 1938 and there are two schools of thought still in play regarding the treatment of the German Jewish population There are those who want to blame them for their own shortcomings and those who want to give them latitude.Bernie is brought back into the Alex in a relatively high position for one time case to catch a serial killer who is taking young German girls, aged 14 16, and performing ritual killings in an attempt to blame the Jewish people There is no public acknowledgement that the [...]

    24. En este segundo libro de la serie Berlin Noir, nos encontramos con una Alemania ya completamente nazificada Bernie Gunther, nuestro investigador, es convencido por Heydrich para que regrese al cuerpo de la polic a criminal de Berl n para investigar el caso de una serie de adolescentes que aparecen violadas, torturadas y asesinadas Y digo convencido porque a Heydrich s lo se le puede contestar de una forma s.Sin dejar de lado la intriga del caso, que se las trae, aunque con un toque surrealista c [...]

    25. My business doesn t exactly suit those who are disposed to be neat Being a private investigator leaves you holding loose ends than a blind carpet weaver p246 Obergruppenfuhrer Heydrich tends to use Gunther from time to time and this second foray is no exception Ironically, Heydrich has got wind of secret plans for a pogrom against the Jews he s concerned about the cost to German insurance companies than the fate of the citizens of that race, so he wants Gunther to stymie the plot Meanwhile, Gu [...]

    26. A noir gumshoe in Nazi Berlin somehow finds the ability to humiliate Himmler and other henchman and survive Hopefully Mueller has this on his bookshelf.

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