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Wheels Up: Sky Jinks in the Jet age #2020

Wheels Up Sky Jinks in the Jet age WHEELS UP Sky Jinks in the Jet Age contains stories mostly about airline crew members and their jokes entanglements and predicaments Many are hilariously funny a few are gut wrenching several

  • Title: Wheels Up: Sky Jinks in the Jet age
  • Author: SteveTaylor
  • ISBN: 9780991491100
  • Page: 435
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Wheels Up: Sky Jinks in the Jet age By SteveTaylor, WHEELS UP Sky Jinks in the Jet Age , contains 22 stories, mostly, about airline crew members and their jokes, entanglements and predicaments Many are hilariously funny a few are gut wrenching several are about failure and redemption The author is a participant in every story and they all are true.

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    1 thought on “Wheels Up: Sky Jinks in the Jet age

    1. Wheels Up Sky Jinks in the Jet Age is an unexpected treat unexpected because of its humor But when you look at the cover art which shows a pilot poking up through a little hole in his aircraft s roof to wave at the camera and read the book s subtitle, these are definitely clues that the contents of Wheels Up holds than just a story of flying big planes.Oh, this piece is there, of course but the purpose here isn t to provide a serious account of exploits and air encounters it s to chronicle the [...]

    2. I received a free copy of this book from First Reads A great read that had me laughing hysterically and grabbed my attention from page one and didn t let go It brought back memories of my career and of my trek to the flightline as an Air Force One Striper for a gallon of AB afterburner exhaust and hearing other stories like young Security Police in need of disposable sterile tips for breathalyzers being sent to all corners of the base hospital asking for a box of Fallopian tubes Classic fun High [...]

    3. What did I think I loved this book If you have a love for aviation and the fun you should have in life this is a wonderful book I received this book as a giveaway here on I opened it at about 6pm on Friday night and was hooked after the prologue and didn t put it down until 3am when I finished I just couldn t wait to see what fun happened in the next chapter Thank you so much for the book and the stories shared in Wheels Up.

    4. When I saw this book available through giveaways, I wanted to read it since I have a son who is an airline pilot I was pleased to win a copy and get some idea what could be so funny in the cockpit.The book is set up with each chapter a different episode of the author s antics before, during and after he was a pilot The antics were most often jokes he plays on other people I have always wondered about certain people that think themselves free to trick others into worry and humiliation I didn t fi [...]

    5. I won an advanced reading copy paperback of WHEELS UP Sky Jinks in the Jet Age , a collection of short tales by Steve Taylor, on and am posting an honest review I gave it a rating of 3 stars.Taylor relates 22 brief stories about his early desire to become a pilot, his time at The Citadel, his stint as an Air Force pilot, his career as a Delta Airlines pilot, and his retirement years Some are anecdotes, some are pranks he pulled alone or with co conspirators, and others are accounts of pranks pul [...]

    6. Disclaimer I received this book from First Reads giveaways, with the request I write a review, but the opinions below are my own and not influenced by anyone else.I d give this book 3.5 stars, and am therefore rounding up Overall, the author spins wonderful tales, but, given the title of the book, I would have preferred of a focus on the behind the scenes look at air travel from the vantage point that only a commercial airline pilot can provide While there are numerous and humorous chapters abo [...]

    7. Received this as a First Reads giveaway.I liked this book, its exactly as advertised, a bunch of stories from the long career and personal life of a pilot Much of the book details practical jokes that he was involved in, usually as the culprit There were several moments that had me laughing out loud, including one that was so hysterical I had to put the book down and walk away to give myself a moment before continuing.I am not one for practical jokes normally, but I m not here to judge anything [...]

    8. I may be a wee bit prejudiced here, having been the wife of a pilot, and having worked at a flight school FBO myself.but i think this book would bring a smile to anyone even remotely connected to flight Whether a pilot yourself, a spouse or a passenger you ll gain some insight into the mindset of the man at the controls.WHEELS UP is a lighthearted look at the life of Steve Taylor, before during and after flying for a living I think we put these guys on pedestalsey DO know their stuffbut they are [...]

    9. I received this book as a giveaway from.3.5 stars, so I rounded up I enjoyed Mr Taylor s collection of stories for the most part My only critique is that the title of the book, Wheels Up Sky Jinks in the Jet Age, was a bit misleading I expected inside the flight industry stuff but the book is of a collection of pranks an shenanigans that the author played out over both his career and personal life But, in the end, the stories were enjoyable so, 4 stars for this one.

    10. I got this book from first reads I wasn t really sure what I was getting into when I got this book but I m very glad I got the chance to read it The whole thing is riddled with pilot humor at its fines I did anticipate it having flying or aviation related stories than it did so I was slightly disappointed but the slice of life memoir was still very pleasant and fun to read The author is a wonderful storyteller and that really comes out in the writing.

    11. Received this book via GoodReads, and what a fun romp it was to read Even the parts that were serious were so funny I often lol ed, I couldn t help myself From the very first moment I opened the book, I could tell this was going to be a great read, and it was Other memoirists should take a hint from Taylor THIS is the way to write your autobiography

    12. I received a free copy of this book from First Reads.With few exceptions, I truly enjoyed all the anecdotes contained within The author s love of his profession was clear from the first page While some of the stories didn t impress me that much some of the pranks played seemed extremely childish , overall I thought it was a great compilation.

    13. I received this book for free through First Reads.This book was a light, quick, and easy read about being a pilot Some of the stories are personal, in which flying doesn t play a prominent role Nevertheless, I still enjoyed all the stories.

    14. Wheels up Sky Jinks in the Jet ageby author Captain Steve TaylorThis was a very easy read , that kept me smiling as I turned the pages Taylor sreputation as a practical joker , Delta pilot, and Air Force shows how much he really enjoyed life and flying I love the book

    15. An airline pilot retells his practical jokes on flight crews, other pilots etc I grew to dislike the author the I read He seems stuck as a 10 year old.Mostly a waste of time.

    16. What a load of crap The parts of the book that were actually aviation related were fine, but the rest of it was about a redneck being an idiot.

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