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A Sparrow in Terezin #2020

A Sparrow in Terezin Bound together across time two women will discover a powerful connection through one survivor s story of hope in the darkest days of a war torn world Present Day With the grand opening of her new art

  • Title: A Sparrow in Terezin
  • Author: Kristy Cambron
  • ISBN: 9781401690618
  • Page: 467
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Sparrow in Terezin By Kristy Cambron, Bound together across time, two women will discover a powerful connection through one survivor s story of hope in the darkest days of a war torn world.Present Day With the grand opening of her new art gallery and a fairy tale wedding just around the corner, Sera James feels like she s stumbled into a charmed life until a brutal legal battle against fiance William HanoverBound together across time, two women will discover a powerful connection through one survivor s story of hope in the darkest days of a war torn world.Present Day With the grand opening of her new art gallery and a fairy tale wedding just around the corner, Sera James feels like she s stumbled into a charmed life until a brutal legal battle against fiance William Hanover threatens to destroy their future before it even begins.Now, after an eleventh hour wedding ceremony and a callous arrest, William faces a decade in prison for a crime he never committed, and Sera must battle the scathing accusations that threaten her family and any hope for a future with the man she loves.1942 Kaja Makovsky narrowly escaped Nazi occupied Prague in 1939 and was forced to leave behind her half Jewish family Now a reporter for The Daily Telegraph in England, Kaja discovers the terror has followed her across the Channel in the shadowy form of the London Blitz When she learns Jews are being exterminated by the thousands on the continent, she has no choice but to return to her mother city, risking her life to smuggle her family to freedom and peace.Connecting across a century through one little girl, a Holocaust survivor with a foot in each world, these two women will discover a kinship that springs even in the darkest of times In this tale of hope and survival, Sera and Kaja must cling to the faith that sustains them and fight to protect all they hold dear even if it means placing their own futures on the line.

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      467 Kristy Cambron
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    1 thought on “A Sparrow in Terezin

    1. Beautiful story Just as enjoyable as the first book, and not quite as painful to read K ja is a vibrant character, so much so that I feel I could step back in time and recognize her in her secretarial work or her teaching My one gripe is that K ja s suitor curses twice Yes, he was provoked, but I was very disappointed to see that Cambron put in the actual word Minus one star.

    2. A Sparrow in Terezin takes you from the terror of London during the Blitz, to the horror of the concentration camps, to modern day London and San Francisco Kristy Cambron paints a touching picture of a woman trying to do the right thing in a time when evil prevailed, and the ripples her actions send into the future Beautiful writing and heartbreaking imagery make the novel sing, proving Cambron s acclaimed debut novel, The Butterfly and the Violin, was no fluke I highly recommend this book.

    3. There were moments of lyrical genius and snatches of a poetic sensibility showing that Cambron has honed her skill in her sopho novel As in the first, the underlining themes of art amidst the atrocities of the Second World War and Concentration camps here, Terezin the ghetto and labour camp in Prague is well met with the characters crises of faith and trust in their Creator As in Butterfly and the Violin, I found that the modern frame was disjointed but Cambron is SO adept at winding a historica [...]

    4. In the Sparrow of Terezin, Kristy Cambron has crafted a beautiful story of parallel journeys a completely free standing story set during World War II, and the other a continuation of the contemporary story in The Butterfly the Violin The pages move seamlessly from one story to the next, yet leaving me with a longing for in each story This makes the pages fly and makes it difficult to walk away from the story when real life intervenes.The historical characters are so real, their losses unimagine [...]

    5. Undeniably beautiful and horrible all at once It s a story that needed to be told It s about hope Beauty Trust Courage And about a God who s watching over us, even in the darkest places.4 stars

    6. Kristy Cambron s writing is captivating and filled with emotion from page 1 of this story.Sera and William it was great to catch up with these two and the challenge they faced was filled with emotion and except for the struggles newly weds had to face, there was another challenge Sera and Will had to face which could make or break a marriage Some of the decisions they made had me frowning, but everything flowed together by the end of the book.Kaja and Liam The WW2 story was interesting, filled w [...]

    7. I started this book as soon as I finished the first one yesterday Wow It s been awhile since I got this caught up in a story Kristy has a way of making you feel as though you re right there with the characters I enjoyed this book even then the first one if that s even possible I can t remember the last time I ve laughed and then cried over a book like I did with A Sparrow in Terezin It has a simple, easy to relate to feel, but at the same time there is the deeper meaning that the author has wov [...]

    8. On one hand I really liked it On the other hand I didn t Unlike The Butterfly and the Violin, I didn t feel like the past and present storylines connected very well I also enjoyed the historical part much than the contemporary part in fact, I think that the former could have been its own book since so much happened The WWII storyline Kaja escapes her beloved Prague as the Nazis invade, moving to London where she meets a charming reporter named Liam When she discovers the truth of what is happen [...]

    9. I was very disappointed with this book I am an avid reader of this genre and expected another spell binding experience but the I read, the of the plot seemed contrived and unrealistic The modern day story had too much useless dialogue and the main character, Sera, seemed to whine most of the time The second plot centered in 1942 when a Jewish girl who escaped the Nazis in Prague and ended up in London, decides to go back to rescue her parents from the Nazi war machine First of all, Kaja seems [...]

    10. I want to cry because I love this book so much As Sera and William battle issues at the start of their marriage, Kaja flees Prague as the Nazi s take over and she meets the dashing reporter Liam Marshall Through the darkness they endeavor to find hope not in what they can see but in what God can.The writing was definitely improved from the last one and I felt that both timelines flowed better together The emotions surrounding both stories pull at your heart and make you wish the book wouldn t en [...]

    11. Wow, I couldn t put it down, reading late into the night Sera and William are celebrating their wedding day when William is arrested for fraud Sera believes with all her heart that William is innocent What their journey to prove that William had no role in the wrong doing is the unraveling of the story of Kaja Kaja and her sister leave Prague before the Nazi s begin to round up the Jews Her parents remain behind Kaja s father is Jewish, but as a doctor hopes to use his skills to save the lives o [...]

    12. Oh My Gosh I don t even know how to put my feelings into words right now This was quite an emotional roller coaster one I ll never forget and a story I ve been so honoured to journey through alongside the characters This dualogy has quickly become a favorite and has a permanent place in my bookcase UPDATE 04 11 2015 About the Book Two women, one in the present day and one in 1942, each hope for a brighter future But they ll both have to battle through their darkest days to reach it Today With th [...]

    13. Kristy Cambron has followed up her debut, The Butterfly and the Violin, with a beautifully written novel in A Sprarrow in Terezin.The story of Sera and William picks up where it left off and the action on the current day story was immediate.Kaja s story set during WWII was a bit slower to develop and I admit took me a bit to appreciate the background leading up to her time in Terezin In hindsight, I do see the beauty of setting Kaja s back story to fully appreciate her as a character.The last 10 [...]

    14. Thanks NetGalley If you haven t read the first book in this series The Butterfly and the Violin you really should read it first.I couldn t put this book down This book has two stories one is a modern day story and the other is a story set in WWII Both stories will grip you from page one until you turn the last page and are sad that it had to end I will be reading both books in this series again.

    15. Absolutely beautifulIf I could rate this higher than 5, I would It s such a beautiful fictional telling of terazin I had tears in my eyes at the finish of the story.

    16. A Sparrow In Terezin by Kristy Cambron is the second book in the Hidden Masterpiece series, and I was blessed to receive a copy There are some books that you read, and then get on with your life, without so much as a backwards glance The Sparrow In Terezin is not one of those books This novel pierces your heart, and will remain with you long after the last page is read.A Sparrow In Terezin continues to follow Sera and William, who marry at the start of the novel William is immediately accused of [...]

    17. Find this and other reviews at flashlightcommentary.There s no point in denying it, I was excited about reading Kristy Cambron s A Sparrow in Terezin I downloaded the book to my kindle the moment the publisher issued it for review and jumped in without a second of hesitation Three pages later, I slammed on the breaks Had I done my homework it wouldn t have been a problem, but I d jumped the gun and learned the hard way that Cambron s Hidden Masterpiece series aren t written as standalones I d ba [...]

    18. SO GOOD One problem I was so wrapped up in Kaja s story of fleeing Prague during WWII, her relationship with Liam, and the horror and struggles of life in Terezin that I wasn t as interested in the present day story But still another wonderful story by Kristy Cambron I look forward to reading of her work.

    19. Kristy Cambron s The Butterfly and the Violin see my review was one of my favorite reads of 2014 I was impressed by its beautiful portrayal of hope in the form of art amidst the horrors of war I also loved the way the contemporary and historical storylines complemented each other This second novel in the series follows in its predecessor s footsteps, continuing William and Sera s contemporary story, while introducing a new set of historical characters through which to portray hope in seemingly h [...]

    20. What a story of hope, sacrifice and finding beauty in the darkest of places and times Kristy Cambron s sopho novel, A Sparrow in Terezin, is another beautifully written tale, drawing you into two different times and eras, but connected through a child who survived the war It s not an easy story to read stories surrounding WWII rarely are , but it s 112% worth it This history of what happened around the world during WWII, especially the horrific things done to Jewish families who crossed paths wi [...]

    21. Full review here overweightbookshelf 20What drives humanity back from the brink of despair and capitulation during histories darkest hours Hope Like a single ray of light permeating the darkness, hope illuminates even the deepest desperation Kristy Cambron s sopho novel weaves a singular thread of hope through the lives of two women separated by time but connected through a Holocaust survivor.While I found Sera and William s contemporary story to carry weight and heart, of the dual plots, it was [...]

    22. Kristy Cambron weaves a masterful tapestry of past and present in her novel, A Sparrow in Terezin I thoroughly enjoyed reading this beautifully written tale of two women of faith, each from a different time and place, yet both seeking to recapture love through God s healing grace My heart was moved by lovely Sara, overshadowed with despair and uncertainty despite the sunny shores of modern day San Francisco s coast and K ja, lonely and anxious amidst the frightening ambience of WWII Europe Cambr [...]

    23. Wow Loved reading almost the entire thing in one day I m excited to review it soon Kristy s work is beautiful as always

    24. What a beautiful, beautiful story Oh my word, I am going to need some thought before plunging into a review Suffice to say I loved it as much as The Butterfly and the Violin If not It was so good, so moving and heart wrenchingly sad There were a few flaws, I felt, in the way Cambron would sometimes reveal big information in a narrative style and tell us what happened, or rush through in between details instead of showing us what actually happened especially regarding the historical storyline w [...]

    25. I am apparently a glutton for punishment and decide to read all the books that will rip out my heart and stomp on it back to back Story SHOULD move you though As you read the words of the author s heart poured out on the pageIf you finish unchangedWhat was the point These characters, these stories, may be fictional, but they represent many people who had to live through one of the darkest times in history Ask yourself, what can we learn from them What are they trying to tell us Fiction CAN and W [...]

    26. Reviewed at The Power of Words tinyurl knsnpmyKristy Cambron is an author whose writing not only entertains, but makes me feel After reading The Butterfly and the Violin and A Sparrow in Terezin, these are just a few of the qualities that I ve come to associate with Kristy s writing humanity in the midst of the most horrific inhumanity historical and character authenticity haunting imagery agape love raw and honest emotion heartfelt romance God working through seemingly hopeless situations [...]

    27. The marriage of William and Sera is hindered by William s past He is being charged of felony grand theft and forgery, and is facing prison time for crimes he didn t commit But Sera is determined to face the humiliation because she trusts her husband, and believes in his innocence Kaja fled Nazi occupied Prague in March of 1939, leaving her half Jewish parents behind, with a promise from them that they would be on the next train Kaja s parents had sent her away because things had begun to turn ba [...]

    28. Why I choose this book Very simple World War 2 I m not exactly sure why this era means so much to me, but I can barely pass up reading a book about it Plus the cover And the name Beautiful What I thought I was sucked in The book goes back and forth between WW2 and modern day and half the time I wanted to skip ahead and read what was happening in the present day and half of the time I was wanting to skip ahead and see what was happening next in the WW2 part The descriptions were beautiful The cha [...]

    29. Put this book on your to read list A Sparrow in Terezin does not release until April 7, 2015, but I was so desperate to read it, I sought it out on NetGalley I literally chased down a copy because I knew based on reading Cambron s debut novel, The Butterfly and the Violin, her new book would be a must read I love knowing in advance that I will be a raving fan of a book There are very few authors I can say deliver every single time Kristy Cambron may be a new author, but this lady writes fiction [...]

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