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X-23: Target X #2020

X Target X Having escaped the Facility that created her X struggles to create a real life for herself But when your entire life has been about death and destruction can you ever really escape the darkness T

  • Title: X-23: Target X
  • Author: Craig Kyle Christopher Yost Mike Choi
  • ISBN: 9780785119715
  • Page: 398
  • Format: Paperback
  • X-23: Target X By Craig Kyle Christopher Yost Mike Choi, Having escaped the Facility that created her, X 23 struggles to create a real life for herself But when your entire life has been about death and destruction, can you ever really escape the darkness The rest of the story begins here, and won t end until X 23 faces off with the one man most responsible for her life Wolverine.

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      Craig Kyle Christopher Yost Mike Choi

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    1. 10 stars Read this Justad this This is a continuation of Kyle s X 23 Innocence Lost, and it does not disappoint If anything, it s even better than the first one Everything is being told in flashbacks from Luara X 23 s point of view, while she is being detained by Captain Americad represented by Daredevil.X 23 goes looking for her mother s family In the last volume she and her cousin were both much younger, and her mother sent Laura in to save her niece from a serial killer Her cousin was told no [...]

    2. This continues straight on from X 23 Innocence Lost and is just as great Laura s in SHIELD custody and is being interrogated by Captain America himself for reasons that are explained as the story unfolds with Matt I m Not Daredevil Murdock for the defence.This is high on action and high on what I believe the kids are calling the feels It has pushed Laura even higher on my favourite characters and superheroes I want to adopt lists.

    3. Laura s story continues Things pick up from right before she escaped the facility that cloned her Laura is recounting these events to Captain America and Matt Murdock.Laura went to her Aunt and cousin s home to have a normal life, but her creators aren t done with her yether handler has survived and she intends on bringing her back.Target X is interesting because it focuses on Laura attempting to live a normal life Seeing an assassin try to be a real girl is pretty funny She tells Megan the trut [...]

    4. When I first heard about X 23, I d assumed she was a stunt character She s just like Wolverine except she s a hot teenage girl and she also has claws in her feet Maybe that was the original intention for her, but Kyle has put some serious work into making her far than just a stunt character In fact, he s made her one of my favorites Picking up where X 23 Innocence Lost left off, Target X gives even of Laura s backstory Laura has found her mother s sister, and tries to have a normal life with h [...]

    5. 4 stars if you read this as a stand alone volume as I did years ago, but if you read it just after Innocence lost this is another 5 stars read More a second half than a sequel of the previous story And the art is just awesome.

    6. I m on a mission to read as many issues as I can that has Laura Kinney in those Because, she is possibly my most favourite character ever in this multiverse Maybe My smol, fucked by fate, child You are so cherished And awesome.

    7. Thanks to Anne for recommending Despite a recap of the first book in this series, I felt adrift without a good feel for the characters The central character is a female hot version of X Men s Wolverine Excellent artwork.

    8. Darlin , they try to take you from there, then they re asking for a world of hurt HOLY SHIT, THIS WAS EVEN BETTER IN PLACES THAN THE FIRST.What a well executed continuation to the previous arc Laura in high school is such good stuff and finding a family only to sobs I really liked the not known before pieces from her origin story and man, she s gone through some fucked up shit The villainess is great in this and Logan calling Laura kid is such a highlight alkjhsgdf.This is totally worth 5 stars [...]

    9. A la hora de votar comics, suelo darle mucho m s peso al gui n que al dibujo No es el caso esta vez La historia no est mal y siempre y cuando uno haya le do la miniserie anterior para guiarse resulta entretenida y bien llevada Pero es en el impresionante dibujo de Choi y su fluid sima narrativa No recuerdo haber visto en otro comic occidental un tratamiento tan bello y potente de la violencia, los asesinatos y la ira Las expresiones faciales no hacen m s que reforzar esa sensaci n y la composici [...]

    10. A Bourne style or is that Hannah action thriller with great art and a neat main character I like how the whole story is a flashback told to twin acting judges of Cap and Daredevil There s a few other famous Marvel characters, a good arc, and violent fight scenes Not a bad place to start with the character.I would totally read a six issue series with the feel of the five pages she spends in high school, though Hell, it d make a great TV series.

    11. FIVE BADASS STARS Okay, I did NOT know that comic books were this amazing I m new to the comic book world, and I am SO glad I decided to read some This comic was SO GOOD Laura Kinney aka X 23 is total badass and I absolutely LOVE her I am obsessed with her story.

    12. More drama, character building awesomeness.I like this character, she s complex and there is so much meat for her in terms of development, this second 6 issue series is absolutely wonderful.World The art is good, it has a strong sense of motion and the character models are wonderful, but I found the color scheme to be a bit bland and overly warm, but hey maybe it s the intention of the series but I did not care for it The world building what absolutely fantastic, it weaved into the last series [...]

    13. Target X continues x 23 s origin story after the events in Innocence Lost After being forced to kill her own mother with the trigger scent, Laura runs away to the only people who might accept her as family Unfortunately, her handler, Kimura, is not far behind.Honestly, I have no idea why people haven t read these two graphic novels, as both of them are really strong Target X does a fantastic job of picking things up right after the dramatic conclusion of Innocence Lost The six issue series show [...]

    14. the structure of this series is great By telling story in flashbacks as part of Cap and Murdock s interrogation, the reader is left with some mystery This propels the reading along however, many of the story beats feel forced or unmotivated One character has a sudden change of heart and I actually thought a page was missing There was no reason given The main aspect of the book I enjoyed was the character Laura is a great concept and fun to read Particularly while adapting to life as a normal tee [...]

    15. I was not expecting such a powerful book but it delivered on numerous fronts x 23 is a weapon x project with a dark past, Craig Kyle does an excellent job writing a tragic childhood story The interview approach with Cap and Daredevil is nice touch and adds some good depth into this flashback story Like I said, I was not expecting such a dark, violent, sad story but it was really well done The imagery is very powerful and used very well through out the book, the art is crisp and clear and complem [...]

    16. A great continuation I don t really like the retcons placed in so quickly, but they are handled well I really like the way this story plays out, the flashing back and forth from the interrogation room and all This comic does a really good job of endearing Laura to the reader The ending is wonderful.

    17. Just as good as Innocence Lost Very pleased Laura s been fleshed out, and she has dialogue Captain America and Daredevil were pretty unnecessary, but they helped with the storytelling to keep things interesting.

    18. well the illustrations were really bad like the previous one but i love my daughter and i need her to be ok

    19. Trigger warning child abuse SO MUCH child abuse I m just going to sit here and cry over my precious darling murder assassin child for another hour and you can t stop me.Hell, I loved it so much that I didn t even follow through with the threat to take away half a star for the random boob and butt windows of the primary antagonist And let s face it, Laura s not exactly drawn like a realistic 14 year old But the story broke my shriveled little heart, so I m going to shove all that aside and gush a [...]

    20. So this is a book that I read that is good.The whole comic universe can be quite intimidating to jump into because there are like a thousand years of continuity and backstory and multiple universes and, frankly, plots that have been watered down and re used over and over because how could you not over the course of thousand years So here s a good idea every few years, why not create something new and awesome Or every year And give them a completely new name and backstory as opposed to just havin [...]

    21. continuing the great x read of 2017 18This is a very good followup to Innocence Lost though I would say it doesn t give you a whole lot to the story That, though, is my only complaint if you can call it that The story is emotional and well done The art is fantastic The characterization spot on Definitely worth a read, in my opinion.

    22. I love x23 as a character so she alone makes these comics readable, but the sexualization of her character is quite despicable she s 14 years old there s no reason for her to be wearing corsets and ultra tight spandex.

    23. Nem m slov Zpo tku jsem nic moc ne ekal, nakonec jsem dostal jednu z nejlep ch v c , co jsem kdy etl.

    24. Awesome story but I had to take a star off because I was weirded out by the sexed up clothing Laura wears.

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