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As Filhas de Judas #2020

As Filhas de Judas A bicicleta roxa de Sadie Green foi encontrada abandonada na paragem do autocarro Depois a sua melhor amiga Gwen desapareceu o que levou a pol cia a transmitir imprensa a vers o de uma fuga de amb

  • Title: As Filhas de Judas
  • Author: Carol O'Connell
  • ISBN: 9789727920051
  • Page: 146
  • Format: Paperback
  • As Filhas de Judas By Carol O'Connell, A bicicleta roxa de Sadie Green foi encontrada abandonada na paragem do autocarro Depois, a sua melhor amiga, Gwen, desapareceu, o que levou a pol cia a transmitir imprensa a vers o de uma fuga de ambas.No entanto, o investigador da Pol cia Estadual, Rouge Kendall n o estava convencido Ao balc o do bar Dame s Tavern, onde Kendall tinha tend ncia a passar mais tempo doA bicicleta roxa de Sadie Green foi encontrada abandonada na paragem do autocarro Depois, a sua melhor amiga, Gwen, desapareceu, o que levou a pol cia a transmitir imprensa a vers o de uma fuga de ambas.No entanto, o investigador da Pol cia Estadual, Rouge Kendall n o estava convencido Ao balc o do bar Dame s Tavern, onde Kendall tinha tend ncia a passar mais tempo do que era razo vel, recordou a pr pria m e a implorar pela vida da sua irm g mea, Susan.Acontecera quinze anos antes e um homem tinha sido preso por esse assass nio um padre com pouco mais de vinte anos.O padre Paul Marte continuava a clamar a sua inoc ncia e os acontecimentos actuais pareciam provar que ele dizia a verdade, que talvez fosse outro o respons vel pelos crimes, algu m que estava ainda entre eles

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      146 Carol O'Connell
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    1. Two 10 year old girls disappear one afternoon from a small, upstate New York village town The investigation resurrects the lives of those involved in a similar case from 15 years ago and involves local, state and federal law enforcement departments and agencies This is an extraordinary story with vividly drawn characters and venues Heroes aren t always completely virtuous and morally challenged individuals can t be tossed aside It s a tough subject matter that can be disturbing at times I found [...]

    2. Greatd not so greatWhen two children are abducted, at first it s hoped that they ve been kidnapped for ransom But the crime is similar to another that was committed fifteen years earlier, resulting in the murder of a child and the imprisonment of a local priest Now the police have to consider if the earlier investigation got the wrong man, and if the pattern repeats, they know that both little girls will be dead by Christmas.There are bits of this book that are great and then there s the rest wh [...]

    3. I ve read this book several times and just love it The writing is very well done and I found myself on the edge of my seat, waiting to see what happens The ending was an awesome twist that I never suspected.

    4. Absolutely my favorite mystery writer ever This book may be 16 years old, but it will knock your socks off It kept me guessing until the last page of the epilogue Carol O Connell never disappoints

    5. Two 10 year old girls are missing in a small village in New York days before Christmas, and the fear is that a serial pedophile killer has kidnapped the two girls It is a brutal reminder for Detective Rouge Kendall, whose twin sister was kidnapped and then murdered 15 years before to the day Supposedly, her killer was apprehended Btu the convicted man, a priest, is in prison, and no one has any idea what has happened to the two girls return return That is the bare premise of an absolutely terrif [...]

    6. Deve ser reconfortante estarmos apaixonados por n s pr prios N o h o medo da rejei o nunca O Connell conta nos uma hist ria sobre um assassino de crian as, ao mesmo tempo que faz uma an lise, mais ou menos profunda, do comportamento humano.Duas raparigas desaparecem uma filha de importantes figuras pol ticas e outra filha de uma fam lia normal Ambas mais perspicazes e criativas que as crian as da sua idade Na investiga o deste caso destacam se o policia Rouge Kendall e a psic loga forense Ali Cr [...]

    7. I really did not expect to enjoy this book as much as I did I figured it would pretty much be your typical, predictable mystery thriller, blah, blah And in some ways, it totally turned out that way, but in other ways Not so much Certain characters Ali, Rouge, Sadie and Gwen, Father Paul Marie, Arnie Pyle, Ellen Kendall are well written and really interesting and likable And there are a few really great twists While I felt like I knew who the culprit was pretty early on, and I turned out to be ri [...]

    8. This book was published in 1999 Yet it reads like a contemporary thriller That s because of the descriptive writing, well drawn characters and a story well ahead of its time.The plot is full of suspense and lots of action But where O Connell really shines is in her portrayal of Gwen and Sadie, the little girls abducted She nails this The voices of these girls will stay in your head long after you ve put this book down Their courage and tenacity in the face of terrifying events is inspiring to wa [...]

    9. Not something I would have chosen for myself but I received this as a birthday gift just because it has an orange cover my current favorite color Okay, I m game For the most part this was a fast paced story about a small town, a double kidnapping, and a corrupt and possibly dangerous ex cop While I loved the kidnapping story, I felt a little overwhelmed by the number of characters and some of the side plots.

    10. Loved this book I was completely obsessed with it Dark and messy If you like a happy ending, don t read the last chapter Nothing Carol O Connell writes ends well with all the loose ending tied up.

    11. This book took a bit to get me interested in it, but then it was a page turner I am still unsure about the ending Left me wondering if what I thought I read was real or not.

    12. Deliciously creepy And well done poignancy saves the ending from feeling too Sixth Sense I m looking forward to checking out O Connell s earlier books.

    13. Judas Child The one he uses to draw out the other child, the one he wants He disposes of the Judas Child as soon as he s got his prize This is the book I return to again and again, the book that made me want to write, the book that told me I wanted to be a writer I ve read it countless times The first time, when I finally put it down, I cried because it was over, because it was beautiful, serious, and like all of O Connell s books, had a little touch of magic At its heart, this book is filled wi [...]

    14. Carol O Connell amazes me she writes stories and creates character who are amazing and full of surprises I always have to be in a good place to read her stories for they are dark and show the worst and best in us humans This story centers on a serial child killer but it centers on survival and on the incredible human mind and spirit to keep on going and to fight for survival I think what I find wonderful about her books is that I cannot predict what will happen or that I know how these character [...]

    15. So sad I had to blink away tears at the end Wonderful story about a loathsome subject sadistic pedophiliac killer Much of the story is told through the eyes voice of a kidnapped 10 year old girl Fortunately for readers, there is little if any detail about the killer s actions Besides the killer, there is another despicable character a doctor who puts the ethics of doctor patient confidentiality above the life of a child I love all O Connell s books, the Mallory series and Bone by Bone I hope she [...]

    16. Wow, what a ride There were times when I had a nagging doubt about this book The story progressed so quickly Characters entered and I wanted to know about them but then the story would take off and off we would go Like flying over the Grand Canyon, it was enthralling but I wanted to stay longer When I reached the last one hundred pages I was concerned I couldn t see how she could bring it altogether I was wrong It was a very good story I couldn t put it down.

    17. I thought this was a clever stand alone novel by Carol O Connell Some of it was predictable, but other pieces threw me for a loop I felt guilty reading this one it does have a certain pulp fiction quality, but it s enjoyable all the same.

    18. Terrifying This was Room before Room was even conceptualised An excellent example of third person viewpoint attached Two girls are abducted How do they survive Trapped by a monster in a greenhouse, the one girl protects the other.So well crafted that the ending will leave you breathless.

    19. Really good who dunnit that kept me guessing right to the end and then finishes with an extra surprise I definitely didn t see that coming.

    20. Omg, I remember loving this book so much and bawling at the end I just pulled it off my shelf and placed it on my to reread pile.

    21. I loved almost every page of this book I loved the characters and their developmentloved the fact that they re described as flawed characters who were doing what they think is right, and they have different perceptions of right.But it also left me with a lot of questions view spoiler What s the importance of the fact that Rogue and Susan are identical twins with different genders Who left the flowers on Susan s grave, the one that Rogue answered with the rose Was it Mortimer or Ali Were Arnie an [...]

    22. I really enjoyed this stand alone book by Carol O Connell Once again, her characters are rich with unique voices and personal storylines My favorite character is definitely the Judas Child The mystery unfolds on many levels slowly throughout the book, even until the last page making it both a page turner and full of revelation There are some really interesting settings in this story which reminded me to have fun as a writer when I develop places in my stories.

    23. In una cittadina americana, dopo un delitto avvenuto 15 anni prima, scompaiono due ragazzine, rapite da un maniaco di cui troppe persone sono a conoscenza ma di cui nessuno vuole parlare La parte delle indagini non stata una lettura molto appassionante invece le avventure di Gwen e Sadie nella cantina del rapitore erano talmente coinvolgenti che avrei voluto saltare decine di pagine per arrivare subito alla successiva.

    24. uno dei libri scritti peggio che abbia mai letto.La storia sarebbe interessante,ma la scrittrice fa troppa confusione a mio parere,i dialoghi sono da rileggere due volte per capirci qualcosa e le alcune descrizioni sembrano messe l solo per allungare il libro.Brutto brutto brutto

    25. I have read Stone Angel and Judas Child I gave them both 5 stars which is rare I guess after having read so many books I rate on comparison If that makes sense Compared to the hundreds of books I have read many of which are great books this lady is in an exclusive club Pardon my writing I m a reader.

    26. One of the most haunting books I have ever read This book turned me on to Carol O Connell as one of the most gifted authors in the mystery genre.

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