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Doctor Dom Series Sequence One #2020

Doctor Dom Series Sequence One Note This series includes medical play fully consensual spankings domination graphic sexual scenes and A surgeon with secrets A woman craves to be spanked When they get together in an examination

  • Title: Doctor Dom Series Sequence One
  • Author: Tara Crescent
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 281
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Doctor Dom Series Sequence One By Tara Crescent, Note This series includes medical play fully consensual , spankings, domination, graphic sexual scenes, and A surgeon with secrets A woman craves to be spanked When they get together in an examination room what will happen next Triage My name is Lisa Preston I need to be spanked I want to be dominated And in the darkest and naughtiest corner of my mNote This series includes medical play fully consensual , spankings, domination, graphic sexual scenes, and A surgeon with secrets A woman craves to be spanked When they get together in an examination room what will happen next Triage My name is Lisa Preston I need to be spanked I want to be dominated And in the darkest and naughtiest corner of my mind, I fantasize about a Doctor tying me down on an examination table and using me for his pleasure When I meet Patrick at a club, and discover that he is a doctor, can I be brave enough to tell him what I need And will the Doctor make my fantasies come true Observation There is an eight month period in my life that I do not permit myself to think about The eight months of my life when I was Nick O Malley s sexual submissive I recognized the look in Patrick s eyes today because I d seen it before I d seen the same look in Nick s eyes for eight months a certain focused intensity and a calm control, before he began to steadily strip apart every little bit of who I was, every little spark of personality, to create a sweet, willing submissive instead When I finally summoned the courage to break my terrible addiction, I made a promise to myself No I d play my spanking games, and I d play at submission But I could sense dominance in men, and I avoided it I had determined that I was not strong enough to survive again The look in Patrick s eyes took me back to that dark time And I was adamant I wouldn t go there again Diagnosis Less than a month ago, I met a gorgeous guy in a bar and went home with him He spanked me He put me on an examination table and made all my dark fantasies come true He became a very important part of my life And then, I discovered that he had kept a secret from me An important secret A secret that made me walk away But I dream of him I miss him I want him constantly And now, something has happened, and I need him than I have ever needed someone Will he be there for me And can we both let go of our baggage and move forward

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    1. Sweet Kinky with a fantastic romance This bundle contains the first three books in a five book series, and I recommend it highly Book One TRIAGEI as pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed my first foray into Medical Kink I was Lisa Preston I was in a doctor s office, and I was about to get a very thorough physical It should be pointed out to readers that the scene featuring a medical themed BDSM scene is 100% consensual, it is pre planed, and while one of the characters is a Doctor, he is no [...]

    2. Review is for the entire set of 5 books, doesn t seem to be set up here on GR.This started out light, but it probably is one of the kinkiest romances I ve ever read 42 yr old divorced doctor H and 35 yr old h who owns her own biz, hook up casually, find they really like each other plus have chemistry in bed, get together and the book is their journey towards their HEA.The romance was sweet, with low medium angst and a lot of the pages devoted to the sexy stuff Even the love scenes were light hea [...]

    3. Fantastic.I must admit that to start with I did think that this was very tame for a BDSM read This is a series of three books bought together The first introduces the characters, gives you and insight to their back grounds and experiences and then the coming together The second I found very tame, probably because it was the usual separation, but with a twist here, in the fact that it was lisa sub running from Patrick her Dom boyfriend , but because of a pervious sub his ex wife , had said The th [...]

    4. ARC provided by publisher through NetGalley for an honest review.3.5 SPANKING STARSThis is a bundle of the first three books in a five book bundle Triage book 1Lisa Preston hasn t been in a relationship for 12 years, since her then Dom almost took over every aspect of her life She been afraid to love someone that much, where she would lose herself in then and what they wanted Dr Patrick Anderson has found it difficult to find someone to have a relationship with, since his divorce One night out w [...]

    5. I just finished Doctor Dom and I really liked it I was pleasantly surprised with how good it was It was recommended to me by my good friend and I m so glad I took her up on it This is a series so this included Triage Observation Diagnose Lisa is not looking for love but she sees Patrick in a bar one night and sees something in him that she thinks can fulfill her fantasies Patrick is not looking for love either but he sees something in Lisa and wants to see where it may lead Lisa and Patrick have [...]

    6. This trilogy was given to me by the author for an honest review.I was apprehensive at the start as I haven t read any other BDSM Medical play books, however it was short lived as I settled into reading about Lisa and PatrickPart 1 4 Stars 65 pages and I thoughly enjoyed every page as they started their relationship, although I m not so sure I d have spilled the beans about my favourite fantasy on a first date Part 2 3 Stars104 pages Patrick and Lisa each battle with their own pasts I think I liv [...]

    7. 4 StarsDoctor Dom was pretty good I was hooked from the first chapter The only problem I had with the book is I wish it had a little to it It was basic sex, sex, sex However, I will definitely will be reading books about medical play.I really liked the author s writing style, and I will definitely be giving her others books a read If full out medical play is your kink, I highly recommend this book Book provided by author via the BDSM group here on.

    8. Review for Doctor Dom Series Sequence One by Tara Crescent Triage Observation Diagnosis Triage I have to say when I saw this book I was skeptical at best I figured I would pick it up and have a good laugh then move along I couldn t have been wrong if I had picked up Dr Seuss and thought it was Fifty Shades I m not a fan of the doctor, but if Dr Patrick wanted to give me a check up I would enthusiastically jump on his examination table Wowza Patrick is recently divorced and his friends are tryin [...]

    9. ARC provided on behalf of Patchwork Press from NetGalley This review will cover the first three installments, so if you are interested in reading this serial series, note that there could be slight spoilers in the 2nd and 3rd installment reviews I will remain vague as to the main plots that aren t exposed in the synopsis though.TriageLisa has a hidden kink, a kink that she allowed to control her life years ago Patrick is divorced and a wealthy surgeon who has tried all methods of dating, but not [...]

    10. I have to say that I was very happy with this book sequence The relationship between Patrick and Lisa started out as a bar pick up which would lead you to think it would be a one night stand but the chemistry between the two of them was so spot on that you were rooting for them to make it past the initial hookup The first book Triage is where we first meet Dr Patrick Anderson and Miss Lisa Preston They both have come out of relationships that have left them a little damaged and I was happily sur [...]

    11. I m not sure why, but I find that I very rarely give an erotica read 5 stars For this one, however, I m making an exception I think it was the fact that Ms Crescent s characters are so very human and likeable, and their story seems real Yes, there are certainly some extremely steamy scenesI may have understated that a bite exam room scenes are smokin hotbut there s also a plot here There are characters with pasts and flaws and we see their struggle to get past it all I also loved that this is se [...]

    12. If you ve been following any of my ongoing posts on writing erotica, you ll have seen that I have than once railed against characters who don t act or talk like real people This is a particular problem with a lot of BDSM fiction Either it s clear the author has no idea about how BDSM works in real life, or the characters, regardless of how they got into the situation, immediately begin behaving as if they ve been dominant or submissive their entire lives It s fairly rare to get a view of how re [...]

    13. ARC provided by author via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review If I had to use one word to describe this first installment in the Doctor Dom Series, it would be HOT These books are unbelievable Hot, sexy, and intense, all very good adjectives Not only was there hot sex, it was meaningful, not just a random hookup turned fling The characters truly care for each other, they just have a different way of showing it from what people deem normal Lisa Preston was a character full of life and ene [...]

    14. I really did not know what to think going into this read I am a nurse so I would have caught anything that was out of place So, I was pleasantly surprised that it was not that medically intense The two main characters are strong More than they give themselves credit for Lisa had a bad first relationship the fact that it was a Dom and Sub relationship made the pain mentally and physically lasting That is the right word I think lasting is about the words meaning Nothing lastsright Well, Lisa has g [...]

    15. A good story, have bought parts 4 5 to finish it Liked the medical kink Glad I was able to read the first three as one book Enjoyed having two middle aged MCs who had life experience and neither were TSTL except for the fact she went to his house first night, he could have passed anyone s business card to her friends.Looking forward to reading other books by this author.

    16. Oh my , this is my first time reading a medical kink series and it was super hot It was well written, has a good story to it and was just a thoughly good read Had to buy book 4 so I could find out what happened next.

    17. 5 Spank me Dr Anderson STARS I received a free copy of this via netgalley and the publisherLisa and Patrick met at a bar when Lisa s friend convinced her to buy him a dirty martini What develops over time is literally the hottest Dom Sub actual relationship and it is just perfect Both characters have baggage and it comes to light and they deal with each item in different ways I am glad i recieved the entire Sequence Oneuse these serial reads would leave me on the edge of my hospital bed I love t [...]

    18. I have never been particularly interested in medical kink This series was available through the TPE Bar within the BDSM group on , and medical kink was part of the monthly challenge for the group so I decided to try it The first book was good, not a lot of character development, but still good I really liked the second book, and was completely hooked by the third book.This sequence of the series is actually quite simple Two people, both damaged by previous relationships, meet, have crazy hot sex [...]

    19. I actually really enjoyed this read, and glad that all 3 parts were included in the series I enjoyed that the girl actually had a head on her shoulders and questioned what was being done to her, and why she actually liked it I enjoyed the dynamics between the Dom Sub as well Plus, the non sex scenes were actually written well that I was intrigued to find out what happened outside of the examine room Only qualm, was the whole enema thing That shit just ain t sexy pun maybe intended

    20. Received an ARC for reviewPart 1 4 StarsNice start to their relationship.Part 2 3 StarsPasts haunted both of them One seriously nasty ex Part 3 3.5 StarsWOW Reading along SMOKING HAWT scenes and then BAMiffhanger Didn t even realize that I was at 95% when it happened What about her assistant and Charles Hmmm

    21. These books are so good, they re are well written and fast paced you won t feel like you have to read side up and side down with about the main persons inner monologue about do s, why s and don ts It really captivated me and now I m torn as I have to wait to find out what will happen

    22. I love, love, love this series It is hot, dirty and erotic in all the right ways Oh yeah, the romance and love is real too All I can say is get started now This is the first 3 volumes in the series and wow I am starting on volume 4 now Thank you Tara Crescent and NetGalley for ARC.

    23. AWESOMEOMG.This was so AWESOME I was hooked since the first word and now need to get the next book.I don t want to miss a thing A very very strong recommendation to read this

    24. Enjoyed it, but.Enjoyed it, but.I really enjoyed these books, the only thing that really bugged me was all the enemas Patrick gave to Lisa That just seemed awkward and strange to me.

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