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The Savage #2020

The Savage In the raucous and action packed follow up to Donnybrook mayhem is still the order of the day only soFrank Bill s America has always been stark and violent In his new novel he takes things one step

  • Title: The Savage
  • Author: Frank Bill
  • ISBN: 9780374534417
  • Page: 255
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Savage By Frank Bill, In the raucous and action packed follow up to Donnybrook, mayhem is still the order of the day only soFrank Bill s America has always been stark and violent In his new novel, he takes things one step further the dollar has failed the grid is wiped out Van Dorn is eighteen and running solo, dodging the bloodthirsty hordes and militias that have emerged since the coIn the raucous and action packed follow up to Donnybrook, mayhem is still the order of the day only soFrank Bill s America has always been stark and violent In his new novel, he takes things one step further the dollar has failed the grid is wiped out Van Dorn is eighteen and running solo, dodging the bloodthirsty hordes and militias that have emerged since the country went haywire His dead father s voice rings in his head as Van Dorn sets his sights not just on survival but also on an old fashioned sense of justice Meanwhile, a leader has risen among the gangs and around him swirls the cast of brawlers from Donnybrook, with their own brutal sense of right and wrong, of loyalty and justice through strength So, this is not the distant postapocalyptic future this is tomorrow, in a world Bill has already introduced us to Now he raises the stakes and turns his shotgun prose on our addiction to technology, the values and skills we ve lost in the process, and what happens when the last systems of morality and society collapse.The Savage presents a bone chilling vision of America where power is the only currency and nothing guarantees survival And it presents Bill at his most ambitious, most eloquent, most powerful.

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    1. About 150 pages in, I m throwing in the towel, which is something I never thought I would do with a Frank Bill book I loved Donnybrook so much and had looked forward to the release of this one for so long, maybe my expectations were just too high Maybe I m just not in the right mood All I know is it was feeling like a slog I was not engaged or invested in what was happening at all There was something off about the writing style this time that I didn t like either, when I adored Bill s prose when [...]

    2. Frank Bill s prose is unmistakable in its ability to come off the page and grab you by the throat The Savage is at once shattering and satisfying, a story forged from equal parts gravel and grace.

    3. Whatever you do, please readbefore reading this which is basically a sequel.Several of the main characters from that novel are featured prominently in this.This one is even violent than DONNYBROOK, yet author Frank Bill has swapped the knee slapping, redneck whooping humor for nigh club footed poetic epistles to what s been lost in our headlong dive into the first quarter of the 21st century Our moving away from our rural roots, the family farms, the earth itself and for our urban cousins, the [...]

    4. Secrets, Van Dorn thought, they were in abundance within the rural areas of life Hidden in cellars, unfinished basements, closets, between mattresses and boxed springs, flooring, studded walls, in coffee cans buried within one s foundation, and in the recesses of people s minds A worthy sequel to Donnybrook , Frank Bill s first novel Should appeal to fans of Cormac McCarthy, Don Winslow, Daniel Woodrell, William Gay.

    5. I hadn t read Frank Bill in a couple years and his pulsing, organic prose kept me unbalanced and entertained for the duration of this novel, which is his most ambitious project to date.And indirect sequel do DONNYBROOK, THE SAVAGE is the pseudo dystopian story of the world going awry and people starting to shack up in the woods and getting belligerent to one another It s destabilizing in the best possible way, violent, gory, grueling and low key realistic Frank Bill is an aesthetic trip as much [...]

    6. This book is nuts A crazy, ultra violent cross between Mad Max, Cormac McCarthy s The Road and yes, Shogun Assassin, it s definitely one for fans of blood soaked 80s action movies I hadn t read part 1, Donnybrook, but it rarely impacted my enjoyment.

    7. THE SAVAGE, Frank Bill s second novel, is something of a follow up to his first DONNYBROOK , but THE SAVAGE looks at what becomes of DONNYBROOK s world in the not too distant future when people have lost jobs, family, friends, and hope Set largely in southern Indiana, THE SAVAGE follows a few characters through their efforts to exact revenge, survive, and even thrive in the chaos that follows the power grid being dismantled as warring clans fight for dominance.As in his first novel, Frank Bill s [...]

    8. I m a fan of Frank Bill s writing and I preordered this book because I was so eager to read it THE SAVAGE had lots of action but somehow the book failed to really reach me.

    9. The sequel to Frank Bill s Donnybrook takes country noir to another level of dystopian brutality in Southern Indiana s version of Dante s Ninth Circle of Hell Lack of jobs in rural America crashes the dollar and the power grid fails War lords using any means necessary to build their fiefdoms in a post apocalyptic vision of rural America build private armies to enslave the weak The only survivors are those independent souls raised to be self sufficient and know how to hunt gameI found this book c [...]

    10. I ve been waiting what seems an age for this novel, Frank Bill s The Savage and it doesn t disappoint It s set in a post apocalyptic America in the not too distant future but it is also a sequel to Donnybrook, Frank Bill s debut novel The novel tells the story of several characters who are all trying to survive in this new, ultra violent world Some are fighting for survival while others pillage and rape their way across the land in an effort to expand their power and land, killing, stealing and [...]

    11. The best thing here is the writing These hard violent people, these savages the writing itself is the same It s hard Savage Bites Sometimes it s very difficult to read On the down side, the story meanders Between this and the previous story, the sense of chaos and random ness seems to come off as the author not quite able to decide where he wanted the story to go Or, changing his mind and switching things up That sort of thing might work with engaging characters see George RR Martin , but the w [...]

    12. What happens to people living in rural Southern Indiana, already desperate because of globalization, automation, opioids and meth when the dollar becomes worthless and government disappears If The Savage is the answer then we re in deep trouble Bill writes of bloody and merciless situations Clans destroying each other Crazed religious leaders selling women and enslaving boys In the midst of all of this are a few balanced people who try to survive and rebuild something of what was lost Should thi [...]

    13. One human being should not be able to so vividly describe the spray of human beings insides exiting their body As always with Bill, read this with white knuckles gripping the page The story gets a little bogged down with references to the past, and flashbacks, but makes it through with the sheer horrifying forcefulness of the language I d definitely recommend reading Donnybrook before this one.

    14. I wanted to love this book, I really did It s a great concept and had a lot of potential What gave this three stars was the terrible dialogue and annoyingly clipped language throughout When Bill writes in regular sentences, his prose really flows But he employs a weird patois throughout this book that just sounds weird.

    15. Cormac McCarthy on crack but with none of nuanced character development or underking hope that maybe there is something of worth in humanity that makes the struggle worthwhile If Frank Bill s bleak, violent dystopian view of the future even partly eventuates, then I hope I check out in the first round By half way, I had reached the limit of my endurance In the end, I didn t care.

    16. Really a 2.5 This was a continuation of Donnybrook The underlying story was good, but the overarching theme of violence was simplistic And, the grammatical errors were a bit surprising.

    17. Hillbilly Gothic set in a post apocalyptic world I like the genre better when it is set in the present This seemed just a bit too much of a graphic novel but without the images.

    18. Find out what happens to brutal Midwestern rednecks when the US government and economy collapses Hint Nothing good

    19. If you liked Cormac McCarthy s THE ROAD, but felt it could have been a little bleak, graphic and violent, you will thoroughly enjoy THE SAVAGE.

    20. Hoo boy This one is a doozy, a dizzying array of exploding heads, torture spanning decades, and bone shattering brawls More impressive than the kaleidoscopic violence that swirls from page one to page last, though, is Bill s ability to carve real story and real characters amid ceaseless carnage, loss and fury Smartly, Bill s use of violence symbolizes the frailty of civilization, while his excellent characterization is what allows hope to shine through the red stained future he chillingly imagin [...]

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