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Jim Morgan and the King of Thieves #2020

Jim Morgan and the King of Thieves Librarian Note This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B NIEWQI A gypsy curse A shadow pirate An ancient treasure An adventure beyond mystery and magic Eleven year old Jim Morgan once had a home

  • Title: Jim Morgan and the King of Thieves
  • Author: James Matlack Raney
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 252
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Jim Morgan and the King of Thieves By James Matlack Raney, Librarian Note This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B009NIEWQI.A gypsy curse A shadow pirate An ancient treasure An adventure beyond mystery and magic Eleven year old Jim Morgan once had a home, a life of comfort, and a future full of promise But all that changed the night his father was murdered Now Jim is on the run from his father s enemies, a wicked countLibrarian Note This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B009NIEWQI.A gypsy curse A shadow pirate An ancient treasure An adventure beyond mystery and magic Eleven year old Jim Morgan once had a home, a life of comfort, and a future full of promise But all that changed the night his father was murdered Now Jim is on the run from his father s enemies, a wicked count and his vengeful son, and at the same time, trying to decipher the secret to the last mystery his father left him the hidden location of an ancient treasure But standing in Jim s way is an army of pickpockets, led by a master criminal, known only as the King of Thieves, and around every corner, Jim finds dangerous foes, new allies, and magic than he ever knew existed If Jim can survive, he may discover a hero hidden within himself, and a destiny beyond his wildest dreams

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      252 James Matlack Raney
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    1 thought on “Jim Morgan and the King of Thieves

    1. James Morgan is one of those privileged kids He comes from one of the most prestigious families in all of England, has servants to boss around, and he can even read This fact alone is a pretty exceptional thing and is definitely a sign of his social status Raised mostly by his Aunt, James is nothing short of a spoiled little brat But when his father returns from years away, chaos follows his arrival home In mere moments, Jim s life is thrown into darkness as people he thought he could trust dece [...]

    2. I was a beta reader for Jim Morgan and loved this manuscript the second I started reading it The voice is impeccable, the characters are relatable and unique, and the reader is immediately swept into an adventure with treasure, pirates, thieves, gypsies, and a test of wits unlike any other Jim starts off a bit of a spoiled rotten brat, coddled by his overbearing aunt and feeling entitled to everything his heart desires But after his father returns from a very long trip, Jim is thrust into a jour [...]

    3. A good old fashioned adventure story fit for a 21st century attention span, Jim Morgan and the King of Thieves follows its namesake protagonist as his spoiled rotten world is thrown upside down by his father s return from a mysterious sea voyage with the secret to a vast pirate treasure A must add to the shopping list of librarians, educators, parents and relatives of reading reluctant boys everywhere

    4. Overall, this was a really fun book It starts off with James Morgan, a boy from a noble family He s a spoiled little brat but the way the author handles things you can tell part of the story is going to be a transformation of that I say it up front because there s often nothing worse than an unsympathetic main character, and I don t want any readers walking away from this book because they re afraid they won t like James.Young James finds himself on the run with some rather nasty villains after [...]

    5. Lord of the Rings A Game of Thrones Percy Jackson American Gods These books transported me to different worlds where I forgot for a while that I was actually in the real world In fact, those books became my real world While James Raney hasn t been writing as long as these authors have, I found Jim Morgan and the King of Thieves just as engaging, and I was transported to an England where pirates rule the seas, a range of treasures lies in wait for discovery, and wily children not only steal bread [...]

    6. Great Read Can t believe how long it too me to finally get around to this Feels like a Peter Pan meets Harry Potter.

    7. Such a fun read James Jim is rather a brat at the beginning of the story, but circumstances help him grow and mature I m hoping for stories about James

    8. 4 STARSJim Morgan The King of Thieves is a exciting middle school adventure Jim is not a likeable character at the first of the book He is spoiled brat The last five years he has been raised by his Great Aunt, Margarita Morgan While his father is gone on a sea voyage James is not allowed outside to play He told he is special, above the servants He treats the servants badly and even fires them for no reason, because he can.James father is due home The whole estate is getting ready for the welcome [...]

    9. James Morgan, a young boy with a dreaming, adventurous heart, has his world flipped upside down when his father leaves without explanation on a five year expedition Six year old James is left in the care of his aunt, who does what many caretakers do and molds him into a smaller version of herself Sadly, Aunt Margarita is a self absorbed old snoot who speaks to servants as if they are something icky on the bottom of her shoe James learns from her example and becomes one hell of a self important e [...]

    10. Jim Morgan and the King of Thieves was a pleasant surprise and will be a great read for kids in the 8 12 range, or possibly even younger if parents enjoy reading to them It would make a terrific chapter a night book for both parents and kids But the fact that it was written for young readers doesn t exclude older readers such as my ancient self from thoroughly enjoying the novel.The spoiled little rich boy story is a familiar one, but Lord James Morgan is one eleven year old brat who goes on to [...]

    11. Jim Morgan and The King of Thieves is for those who are young at heart looking for adventure, humor and a story of the magic of friendship One of my favorite movies has been The Goonies since I was 9 years old and I have found a book that truly opened up the inner child who once believed in pirates, magic, boobie traps and children who can save the day by sticking together.I immediately fell in love with the Ratt brothers They were funny, brave and full of heart Raney did a great job at creating [...]

    12. This story was cute and had some nice values portrayed throughout the story Characters were rewarded by being unselfish, loyal and caring friends James will be coming to my school for our Open House event in May and I am excited to hear his presentation to my students I would place this book towards the elementary age I think it will still appeal to a vast number of my middle school kids.Here is the summary A gypsy curse A shadow pirate An ancient treasure An adventure beyond mystery and magic [...]

    13. This book was a lot of fun to read I could see glimpses of my son in Jim, especially the was he acted in the beginning as one who knows everything or at least can get someone else to do what was needed But then being forced to actually go out on his own, and sink or swim I liked how Jim decides to not waste any knowledge that someone is willing to give him when things are at the worst, and realistically he s not quite so willing to give up his old ways Now while at this stage he really annoyed [...]

    14. What a fun adventure it was to read this book When we first meet young James Morgan, he s a little boy running on dunes, carefree and full of imagination Fast forward to present day James, and we see a spoiled rotten brat who is a living terror to the help of his house This is due to his aunt who spent the past 5 years molding him into this monster of a human His father returns from a long voyage with talk of a treasure, and then suddenly James world is turned upside down And thus his adventure [...]

    15. After a wonderful prologue that shows Jim as a carefree child, playing pirates in the sand dunes, we are introduced to the present day Jim Jim s father is away at sea, and he is being raised by an aunt that is teaching Jim some horrible habits Jim has learned to be a spoiled, entitled brat, much to his father s disappointment.When a turn of fate puts Jim on the run with a mysterious box from his father, he must discover what s really important to himself and return to his true self Along the way [...]

    16. Jim Morgan has had his entire world turned upside down After waiting years for his father to come home and admire the way he has taken up the mantle of the lord of the house, he is surprised to receive his father s disapproval instead Growing up with his shallow, selfish aunt, Jim has learned to be a great prick who is hated by his entire staff On the night of his return, Jim s father is about to tell him a great secret but is instead murdered, and it turns out his aunt had a role to play in the [...]

    17. Welcome to ye olde days in England Prepare yeselves for pirates, treasures, thieves, and mysteries James Francis Morgan is old enough eleven years old to be exact to make his own decisions and run his life until Father, Lord Morgan returns Life as he knows it has turned upside down in one day and he s on the run.Raney crafted his story for young male readers Girls, you ll enjoy this tale, too He hits on some popular themes without going overboard on the swashbuckling or drama He offers dashes of [...]

    18. This book was good old fashioned, clean fun The MC was a spoiled rotten child of a great rich pirate Within the first couple of chapters this boy was betrayed by the people he held most dear, nearly killed a few times over, ran afoul of gypsy cronies, and thrust into the very distinctly un noble, gritty, thieving life in the underbelly of London s seedy streets The character development as well as the world building were extremely well done and the very obvious PG rating did not at all detract f [...]

    19. Pirates, gypsy magic, an endearing hero, and a well drawn and imaginative world all work together to make this book a fantastic read The dialogue is witty and engaging and the host of colorful characters will appeal to both the young and the young at heart This is an incredible book for a debut the adventure never relents in the fast paced story and it s almost impossible to find a place to stop Make sure you have plenty of time when you sit down to read this novel once you start you won t be ab [...]

    20. I decided not to finish this book I just can t handle Jim Morgan I am getting annoyed at how he interacts with everyone like he owned them and they are not people with feelings I have read books with characters like that but there s just something that really ticked me off Maybe it was the way it was written or maybe it is just me But otherwise, I m sorry that it didn t work for me So I am marking it as Did Not Finish in my shelf.Thank you for the opportunity to read it Smith Publicity.

    21. A very entertaining story with a wonderful narrative voice The tale kept my attention throughout and I truly fell in love with the characters, feeling what they felt and wanting them to succeed It is a simple story, but it follows good story structure My greatest complaint was the amount of typos, grammatical errors, and awkward sentence structure These were rather annoying though I was able to see past it because the story was so enjoyable I would certainly like to read of Jim Morgan s adventu [...]

    22. This book is quite an adventure as 11 year old Jim Morgan learns what real treasure is Having been raised for the past 5 years by his aunt, Jim is a spoiled brat when his father returns from sea When his father is killed for his treasure, Jim barely survives and winds up among the homeless children thieving on the streets of London With gypsies,magic, pirates, trasure, and Dickensian child thieves, this is a rousing adventure that children are sure to enjoy.

    23. This was a really fun adventure story, it has all the right elements treasure, Pirates, untimely deaths, an evil aunt, etc I am looking forward to reading the next two The only problem I had thus the four stars and this has nothing to do with the story, was all the typos and grammatical errors It just needs a good proof read to fix those Please

    24. A nice light read I find some of the righting a little repetitive and the development of the main character lacks subtlety However, it is a fun light read with an engaging plot and likable and intriguing characters It also hints at larger events promising an interesting epic story told across the episodic novels.

    25. A self published middle grade pirate story I m not sure how I gave it 4 stars, but it pleasantly surprised me Some parts seemed like a mashup of Oliver Twist Harry Potter Treasure Island, and there was plenty of cliche, but it was a fun story with interesting characters and I m looking forward to the next books.

    26. I like a book that can surprise and this one did, various themes played about while carrying an original storyline that left me always wonderingwanting to know what would happen with each turn of the page Fun, adventurous, heartwarming and engaging for all.

    27. Argh, Jim Morgan and the King of ThievesA rip roaring adventure off eleven and twelve year olds Magic treasure and the thieves of London A fantastic coming of age tale, friendship and sharing what life brings you in a heartwarming yarn.

    28. Good book, written for 12 year olds The story and plot are fun and the style of the writer is easy to follow and keeps your interest.

    29. a fun story, but oddly changed motif from Oliver Twist like street thievery, albeit with a pirate backtheme, to add an odd magic concept very late in the story found this disconcerting.

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