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Home Run: The Story of Babe Ruth #2020

Home Run The Story of Babe Ruth Like most boys he spent his summers playing ball on a dirt lot but George Herman Ruth Jr followed his dreams to become a legend He is the Babe Babe Ruth and baseball is his game Powerful oil painti

  • Title: Home Run: The Story of Babe Ruth
  • Author: Robert Burleigh Mike Wimmer
  • ISBN: 9780152009700
  • Page: 458
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Home Run: The Story of Babe Ruth By Robert Burleigh Mike Wimmer, Like most boys, he spent his summers playing ball on a dirt lot, but George Herman Ruth, Jr followed his dreams to become a legend He is the Babe Babe Ruth and baseball is his game.Powerful oil paintings and spare, dramatic text draw readers into the mind of this larger than life sports hero Reproductions of vintage style baseball cards throughout the book detail Babe RLike most boys, he spent his summers playing ball on a dirt lot, but George Herman Ruth, Jr followed his dreams to become a legend He is the Babe Babe Ruth and baseball is his game.Powerful oil paintings and spare, dramatic text draw readers into the mind of this larger than life sports hero Reproductions of vintage style baseball cards throughout the book detail Babe Ruth s career highlights.Home Run is a compelling portrait of a man, and of a time when baseball was truly America s game.

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      Robert Burleigh Mike Wimmer

    1 thought on “Home Run: The Story of Babe Ruth

    1. Home run the story of Babe Ruth is a historical fiction picture book about Major League Baseball player Babe Ruth It is very generalized and not very in detail about his life itself but of a rough outline of what he contributed and how he played In my opinion this book was very boring and to generalized for me to get anything substantial out of it I don t really understand the point of why they used a great baseball legend like Babe Ruth if they weren t even really going to talk about him The a [...]

    2. This historical fiction book, perfect for grades kindergarten 3, is one that I have always loved I grew up with a mom who loved baseball and a grandma who loved it even than my mom It is because of his that this was one of my grandmas first books that I got here for Christmas Then my love for this sport only grew when I started dating my Fiance and he played baseball This book just has so many memories tagged to it that when I needed historical fiction books and I went home over break I just h [...]

    3. The poetic main text of this picture book biography is very spare, but it is supplemented by baseball cards on each page which provide additional facts about Babe Ruth The real appeal of the book, though, comes from the illustrations by Mike Wimmer, which feel nostalgic in a Norman Rockwell way and realistic in a Wendell Minor way.

    4. Illustrations were incredible and life like The special touch of the vintage baseball cards filled with Babe Ruth facts were my favorite.Babe Ruth facts Great pitcher and hitter He got his name from his Balti Orioles manager at the age of 19 when he had never seen a train or elevator You re just a Babe in the woods Babe went for a home run on every swing He was an all or nothing kind of hitter Also held the strikeout record for many years Babe swung big and lived big He loved driving convertible [...]

    5. 2nd 5th GradeThis biography about Babe Ruth is fantastic even if there were no words in the book The Illustrations done by Mike Wimmer look like they are photographs done in oil paints They are realistic and the way he makes Babe Ruth look is incredible The story is good also it follows Babe as a child to thrilling his fans as a New York Yankee The most interesting thing they did was place the illustration is on one page and text is on the other, but on each page of text they recreated a bubble [...]

    6. George Ruth, the babe, always loved baseball When he was young, he practiced with his friends Babe was always a natural when batting He used this talent to advance to the major league at a young age Babe is a baseball hit in ways than one Through his career, he forever changed the game he fell in love with as a child This story explores the life of George Babe Ruth The book begins with his childhood and ends with his career in the MLB.I loved this book Not only is the information easy to unders [...]

    7. I used this book as a short story for a day some of my students go to a Gifted and Talented class we call it SHORT STORY MONDAY It was a nice introduction into informational text, which we have been stepping slowly into this past week I loved the illustrations, they are simply gorgeous But importantly, the way the text was arranged created a lot of teachable moments The sparse words at the top explaining how deftly Ruth swung was mixed nicely with the large amount of text inside an old fashione [...]

    8. I liked this book and it really showed that you can t be born perfect at something you have to work at it.The book home run is a great book about babe Ruth it really shows all the things he had to over come In the book it even talks about how he had a very serious drinking problem and he was always at the bar, but put side of the bar he was a great guy he was really in to women and he was great with kids and cared a lot about kids.I would recommend this book to anyone who likes sports especially [...]

    9. I really enjoyed this book I used it for my lesson about Babe Ruth I read the book to the students and I also summarized the information that was on the baseball cards on most pages The students made their own baseball cards from the information from the book.I could have done a lesson integrating Social Studies with Literacy through poetry Since there is a fifth grade standard for figurative language, I could use this book.

    10. Home Run by Robert Burleigh and Mike Wimmer is the story of Babe Ruth Robert told Babe s amazing story in a non rhyming poetic manner as if he were describing a single baseball game In addition, every other page included facts on vintage style baseball cards Mike added dimension to the story with some of the most fantastic illustrations I have seen in a while Illustrations, which I might add, that looked like they were oil paintings.

    11. Babe Ruth has always been a baseball legend It was a different game and time then and it is worth speculating about his talent if he were to play today Nevertheless, it is an interesting story and a true baseball fan would appreciate the Bubble Gum card replicas found throughout the book with all kinds of facts and figures of his career.

    12. Told in poetry, this book is the real story of Babe Ruth s life The illustrations are great and the story is presented in a unique format Since this book is told in poem format, it reads very smoothly and would be a great book to read out loud to children Publication Date 1998Age Grade level preschool to 2nd gradeFormat Print Book

    13. This is a nice creative non fiction almost poetry than fact I liked the trading card idea for trivia and facts but thought that they were WAY TOO HARD to read shame on the publisher for placing a fairly authentic card size over readability I met Burleigh at a conference at BYU nice guy and I like the leaps he makes in non fiction.

    14. Matthew I think that this book was very great, I would cry if I didn t read this This book has a lot of history in it I really liked this book.

    15. This picture book of babe is a nice tribute to the positive side of Babe s baseball career Additional information about Babe is written on cards The type, in my opinion, is too small I did really enjoy the different perspectives in the illustrations.

    16. Babe Ruth is such a legend and although this is just a partial biography it did a great job of telling you about him You learn where he grows up, when he is first drafted, how he is as a professional baseball player and as a person I actually learned a lot from this biography.

    17. I have to admit I am a bit of a baseball addict I love the history of the game, the interesting players, and the feel of the sport This was a beautiful biography on the home run king, Babe Ruth The lyrical prose of the text and good illustrations combine to tell a great story about this legend

    18. This book would be good for those who like baseball and history The famous babe Ruth is popular among all baseball fans This book is unlike others because it has a story line and also has baseball cards of information and history about babe Ruth and his baseball career.

    19. Excellent book about Babe Ruth for kids It s written in a very poetic style It also has some really interesting facts on baseball cards at the bottom of each page.

    20. Home Run The Story of Babe Ruth by Robert Burleigh NF, 2nd Spring Booklegger Program If you enjoy this book, I also recommend Wilma Unlimited and Mighty Jackie.

    21. The illustrations for this book are magnificent, and the subject and the writing are both deserving of such magnificence.

    22. A very simple but well done biography of Babe Ruth It s in a format that is accessible to younger kids while having the added element of the articles to make it interesting for older kids.

    23. The real beauty of this picture book is in Mike Wimmer s gorgeous illustrations Absolutely wonderful.

    24. Not a baseball fan by any means but the story was captivating An excellent book for both the young simple story and older plenty of info and insight on baseball cards throughout readers.

    25. An interesting mix of poetry and prose It s ambitious but really only succeeds in lacking any sort of cohesive identity

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