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As Far as My Feet Will Carry Me #2020

As Far as My Feet Will Carry Me This book tells the story of Clemens Forell a German soldier sentenced to years of forced labour in a Siberian lead mine after the Second World War Made desperate by the brutality of conditions in

  • Title: As Far as My Feet Will Carry Me
  • Author: Josef M. Bauer
  • ISBN: 9781780332864
  • Page: 148
  • Format: ebook
  • As Far as My Feet Will Carry Me By Josef M. Bauer, This book tells the story of Clemens Forell, a German soldier sentenced to 25 years of forced labour in a Siberian lead mine after the Second World War Made desperate by the brutality of conditions in the camp, Forell staged a daring escape, resulting in an 8,000 mile journey across the trackless wastes of Siberia His only goal was to return home to his wife and his twoThis book tells the story of Clemens Forell, a German soldier sentenced to 25 years of forced labour in a Siberian lead mine after the Second World War Made desperate by the brutality of conditions in the camp, Forell staged a daring escape, resulting in an 8,000 mile journey across the trackless wastes of Siberia His only goal was to return home to his wife and his two children.Based on a long series of interviews with Forell, Josef Bauer s account evokes Forell s desperation in the prison camp, his lonely flight across one of the most treacherous and inhospitable regions on earth, and the ever present terror of recapture as he makes his way towards the Persian frontier and freedom.

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      148 Josef M. Bauer
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    1 thought on “As Far as My Feet Will Carry Me

    1. This book had been sitting awhile in my bookcase, when after recently watching the Polish film fictional The Way Back 2010 , I was reminded of Bauer s book.There is a b w photograph on the back cover, showing the back of the principal protagonist, Clemens Forell an alias , who faces the author and his publisher To modern eyes the image appears stiff, staged and ill at ease but taking a moment to consider 1940s and 1950s film technology, that may just be normal for the period Descriptive writing [...]

    2. You know those really good story tellers The ones where you can listen to anything they re talking about They can make the most banal story interesting Well that is what this story is missing The author is pretty lame It feels like somebody droning on and on with the same voice of the guy who says Bueller There is probably around 50 or so pages that is actually enjoyable The rest of it is just not that good The 50 pages that I liked were when the escaped prisoner joins up with 3 other escaped co [...]

    3. I am not one to criticize the authors experience or willingness to share his escape I was engrossed in the book and constantly referring to encounters with the map I grew alarmed as 4 5 of the book had been covered and approx half of the Soviet Union had been crossed This left me disappointed in that I was given the impression that half of that journey was boring for the lack of a better word When he returned ragged and starving to the Jew that eventually helped him escape, it seemed to me an in [...]

    4. Pretty gripping Basically a German prisoner of war escapes from the Siberian lead mines and walks halfway across Russia, with all the adventure that that entails wolves, bears, outlaws, reindeer men, etc And better written than I expected, though that s probably because I didn t know that Josef Bauer was a real writer But at times I wondered whether everything I was reading was true For instance, at one point the main character falls in with some Russian outlaws, and together they basically re e [...]

    5. A really good survival book A German prisoner is brought to the very east of Siberia together with many other prisoners of war to be a slave He gets help from a doctor to escape and then the story gets really interesting All the struggles he had to endure, it is hard to comprehend even after reading this book.I really enjoyed reading it Loved his dog Wished that the end had been a bit prolonged though.

    6. This was a great book Perhaps I liked it because it was so similar to one of my all time favorites, The Long Walk, by Slavomir Rawicz When I finished, I was left wishing it were longer, with details about the last year of the journey, and what happened after he returned home But these limitations made it intriguing.

    7. Entretenida y muy sufrida, la odisea del oficial Forell como prisionero de guerra y una huida que le obligar a cruzar toda Siberia si quiere llegar a su Alemania natal.Muy bien escrita y con unos pasajes realmente incre bles, descripciones que te ponen los pelos de punta Adem s de contarte la situaci n en la que estaban los presos alemanes trabajando en las minas de plomo, tambi n cuenta como era la vida de las gentes siberianas y lo duro que era vivir en condiciones extremas donde la mayor preo [...]

    8. This was quite the incredible story It was interesting to note how he was helped by a Jew, who knew full well that he was an escaped German soldier.

    9. This is a fantastic tale of endurance and an insight into how a human will degenerate when on the edge of survival for a long time While the writing style is a little dated, the elements of the story will keep you going thru blizzards, wolf attacks, starvation, you name it, he survived it The people he meets are well described, from the doctor that helps him, to the reindeer herding peasants Most of the people he meets help him, which provides the better view of humanity In contrast, the main ch [...]

    10. Fascinating storyup to a point The ending seemed hurried and anti climactic.It would have been very interesting to find out if he ever let the authorities knowabout the torturous life he was forced to endure at the hands of the Russians Alas.

    11. I admit, it sometimes takes me a while to catch up with things This book is one of these cases The book was originally published in German So weit die F e tragen in 1955 As Far as My Feet Will Carry Me has seen international success ever since It was released as a film in 2001 and was the basis for an award winning German entry at the 2002 Cannes Film Festival The DVD was released in 2011 The book, by Josef M Bauer, has also been translated into fifteen languages and sold than 12 million copies [...]

    12. This is a tale of a man whose will to live free and to survive took him out of a Siberian labor camp and slavery and eventual death in the lead mine there He survived against all odds, enduring hunger and the very real specter of starvation and horrific winters In his travel across Russia he was frequently in danger of betrayal by Russians who would turn him in to the authorities and by unsavory men who could easily have killed him To survive he had to become an accomplished thief and liar At so [...]

    13. Josef Martin Bauer s As far as my feet will carry me is the extraordinary true story of a German prisoner of war who is sentenced to work in a lead mine in Siberia The prisoner, dubbed Clemens Forell manages to escape and embarks on a three year trek across the Russian landscape while attempting to reach his home.The story is pretty amazing I had a difficult time with the writing, which is best described as stilted Despite being a short book, it took me ages to read it the author is so detached [...]

    14. In the Intro the translator writer takes pains to say that he often stopped the book out of disbelief and spent much time trying to verify accounts I thought this intro was oddly long, a bit paranoid But you don t realize how necessary it is until you read the book.The story is beyond belief It s inspiring And the voice is from some one with nothing left to prove The writing starts of disjointed and in some parts unintelligible But the author picks up flow about 1 3 of the way in And by the last [...]

    15. Je to u hrozn d vno, co jsem poprv vid la film B l peklo a tehdy mi bylo okam it jasn , e kni n p edloha se mi prost mus dostat do rukou No, trvalo to, ale kone n se povedlo A je to zklam n Pro jednou budu zcela bezosty e tvrdit, e film je lep ne kniha Pro v echny knihomoly docela kac sk my lenka, ale jo, je to tak Autor knihy m jednodu e sm lu, e nen zrovna poutav vyprav , m hodn ub r p b hu, kter je s m o sob hodn siln A v n , popsat t k voj ka z gulagu v er form koda v ech t ch my lenkov ch p [...]

    16. I think this story was really great and interesting but telling of the story was not as good as it could have been I understand that it might be difficult to share this kind of experience with someone else who is trying to write a story about it The start was somewhat slow and then the end came bit too fast Last weeks only lasted few pages I kind of missed some happy ending that he would actually see his family and reader would know that I usually don t mind using my imagination but in this case [...]

    17. How much of this is based on any kind of fact is hard to know I imagine most of the journey is fiction, but time in the Gulags of Russia could be varied Therefore despite what the title says, take much of it with a pinch of salt However, it was quite a funny read in places and quite emotive in others and I simply cannot comprehend the need to escape from a location so desperately It does highlight human compassion as many of the men he meets along the way provide him with food and shelter for ve [...]

    18. This is a fascinating book, relating a true life adventure by a German prisoner of war s escape from a lead mine prison camp in far eastern Siberia that point Sarah Palin can see from her kitchen window His trek across Siberia, and through several other countries, finally leads him home to Munich after 38 months His encounters with reindeer herders, escaped political prisoners, native Russians, another German prisoner from WWI, and others, keeps the storyline moving along It s a story that highl [...]

    19. I enjoyed this book, it is a very interesting story, but a few parts of it are a bit hard to follow I think the story would have benefited from some additional details, though, admittedly they might have been hard to come by given that Forrell would have had to remember them all The second half of his journey seemed to take up very few pages in the book, which was disappointing, though the author does offer an explanation at the beginning.Despite some flaws, the feat accomplished by Forrell itse [...]

    20. Read for my 2015 reading challenge, caterogy A book based on a true story This is the story of a Germna POW sentencced to 25 yrs hard labor in the Soviet gulag in Siberia This is the story of how he escaped and over the course of 3 years made his way westward towards home The details and veracity of this account are contested, at least according to and the story is pretty hard to believe Traveling across Siberia with just the clothes on his back Regardless of how truthful it may or may not be, i [...]

    21. A very enjoyable book I used it as a filler for waiting times in my day, Could actually have read it through very quickly and at times I hated to put it down I won t mention any spoilers here because I enjoyed the book so much and you should too The only criticism I would have is that the earlier portions of the book gave a much detailed description of the journey than the later sections did I didn t know there was a movie version until after I had started reading the book will have to track on [...]

    22. Started off in a gripping manner, then some of the minute detail and long descriptions of food and equipment made my interest wane Then whilst googling for a decent map of his route I read in than one place that the story may not be authentic and the Gulag never existed I know the Russians have a vested interest in keeping the truth quiet but I was hoping for book based on truth Interesting but a slog.

    23. I read this and watched the German film with the same name some years ago, but keeps telling me to read it based on my other books so I thought I d comment on it This is another from the genre of World War Two wilderness survival literature It is hard to know what is true or false in some of these tales, still the story is there waiting for further investigation and verification If true, it is an incredible story of survival If not, it is still a good story and read.

    24. Highly recommended An amazing true story of determination, courage, and strength This story takes survival to the next level in one of the harshest places on earth I ll be watching the movie next

    25. From the January 2012 issue of Backpacker magazine Required Reading, Top picks from our Facebook fans For all who wished The LongWalk was true, this tale of escape from a Siberian prison camp will satisfy.

    26. This well written story tells of one German soldier s escape from a Siberian labor camp and his cross county trek to return home It has excellent detail, pacing, and descriptions of the landscape and people encountered.

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