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Not Quite Darcy #2020

Not Quite Darcy How to woo a gentleman and weaponize dessert Romance novel junkie Eliza Pepper always thought she was born too late but now she really is stuck in the wrong time Tasked with mending a tear in the tim

  • Title: Not Quite Darcy
  • Author: Terri Meeker
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 193
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Not Quite Darcy By Terri Meeker, How to woo a gentleman and weaponize dessert.Romance novel junkie Eliza Pepper always thought she was born too late, but now she really is stuck in the wrong time Tasked with mending a tear in the timeline, she s trying desperately to fit into 1873 London But dang it, mucking out a fireplace while looking like the lunch lady from hell is hard.If she can just keep from seHow to woo a gentleman and weaponize dessert.Romance novel junkie Eliza Pepper always thought she was born too late, but now she really is stuck in the wrong time Tasked with mending a tear in the timeline, she s trying desperately to fit into 1873 London But dang it, mucking out a fireplace while looking like the lunch lady from hell is hard.If she can just keep from setting the floor on fire and somehow resist her growing attraction to the master of the house, she ll be fine All she has to do is repeat her mantra He s nothing like Darcy He s nothing like Darcy William Brown has always taken pride in his mastery of English decorum, but his new maid is a complete disaster, has thrown his household into chaos and he finds her utterly captivating.Though he s willing to endure extreme physical discomfort to keep their relationship in proper perspective, her arrival has brought out a side of him he never knew existed And Eliza has an innocently erotic knack for coaxing that decidedly ungentlemanly facet of himself out to play Warning A modern girl who knows bupkis about nursing and maiding in the 19th century, a gentleman poet with a repressed wild side, and inappropriate use of a pair of pantaloons.

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      193 Terri Meeker
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    1 thought on “Not Quite Darcy

    1. Not even close to Darcy.I m a huge fan of time travel books Give me a sappy, cheesy time travel romance and I m a happy camper But I have to believe the story at least a little in order to get into it This book was all sorts of wrong Most of my problems stem from Eliza She was modern to the point of ridiculousness, while trying to fit into the Victorian era She couldn t have tried less if she, well, tried She called her employer by his first name which even NOW a maid probably wouldn t do , sang [...]

    2. Wow I loved this book It was a typical time travel fish out of water story Yes, the whole time travel thing was a bit far fetched but who cared The story between Eliza and Henry electrified everything It didn t matter how Eliza got there, it was the fact that she was there I fell in love with William Brown He is a beta male, a bit scruffy, na ve and introverted but by god that man was wonderful The sexual tension between Eliza and William was emotive and off the scales in hotness It was a perfec [...]

    3. Terri Meeker s debut novel is the kind of book that keeps your interest with an out of place modern day heroine who breaks many of the stuffy Victorian rules meant to hold women and second class citizens down I laughed, I got misty, and I rooted for the hero and heroine when things looked dire.Eliza Pepper accepts a deal to go back in time and prevent some catastrophic event from ruining the past that would effect our future What she doesn t get are all the details she s thrust into Victorian En [...]

    4. This was not what I was expecting I suppose it s my own fault for thinking I was going to be reading some sweet time travel, Darcy like love story Maybe the title threw me off I don t know What I wasn t expecting was some erotic story It started good enough Girl who loves reading romance gets sent back in time to repair something from the past Then we meet the man who s not quite Darcygh Awful This man, William, is so not Darcy, not quitet even close to quite To even put him in the same sentence [...]

    5. This book was such a fun Victorian romp Other than Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, this was the first book I ve read in this era I loved the juxtaposition of 21st century Liza in Victorian England So many hilarious details and awkward situations, I found myself laughing out loud several times Definitely a don t miss I hope the Repairmen have many situations to fix.

    6. This book was such a fun read The characters were realistic and sympathetic I especially loved Dora The heroine s reactions to her circumstances were both hilarious and believable, and the hero was such a dreamy, sweet guy I like how their relationship helped them both to grow and become better, truer versions of themselves I laughed, I cried I want a sequel

    7. ARC through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Time travel to Victorian England Check Spunky heroine Check Totally unassuming but appealing hero Check The premise behind was a little flimsynd someone back in time to repair a glitch though this glitch could have been handled by someone locally Anyhooe bulk of this story explores the mismatch between a modern American woman and an old fashioned naive virginal young man The dialogue was funny and entertaining especially the references Eliza [...]

    8. I ll try pretty much any book that references Mr Darcy, so it goes without saying that after reading this synopsis I was going to try it I enjoyed Eliza as a MC She s hilarious and I was often cackling out loud at the various predicaments she found herself in William is proper and stuffy and his reaction to Eliza is delightful to read All in all, it was a quick, fun read with a satisfying ending Huge thanks to Samhain Publishing and NetGalley for providing the arc in exchange for an honest revie [...]

    9. I never thought when I picked this book up that I would actually learn something about history, but the author knows her stuff The attention to detail grounds this story well and makes the burgeoning relationship that much moving.

    10. What a fun romp I was all in, both feet, from the first sentence This story has just the right blend of British Victorianism, sexiness, humor and angst Loved it Great weekend read.

    11. I picked up this book based on title and cover It was easy to get sucked in to the material and stay interested in the future of the heroine, I read the entire book while I was having an insomniac night I enjoyed this book very much for it s clean writing and well researched background I loved the author s creativity in the way she time traveled and the awesome other unique details.I love sassy characters Throwing this romance novel loving heroine back in time made for an especially sassy heroin [...]

    12. 4 starsThis was quite a cute and quirky book that is centred around time travel This is a little different to many time travelling romance books, Eliza was sent back in time in order to ensure that the future comes about as it was meant to, it wasn t just she stumbled across a portal and fell into a different time by accident I loved Eliza she was such a funny character and I loved Williams sweetness All the characters in this book were really enjoyable to read and some of the situations that ar [...]

    13. I never imagined there could be a cross between contemporary chick lit and a regency romance, but that s exactly what this glorious book is Meeker has managed to combine two of my favourite genres, and she does it with flair and wit It s funny, romantic, sweet and interesting all at once, and it makes me want Surely, Mr York and Mr Lancaster must have adventures awaiting unsuspecting lonely girls

    14. I bought this after not downloading it in time from NetGalley What to say Well It has one of the oddest love scenes I ve recently read The Heroine gave me the pip for a romance novel junkie she could not have fitted in less to the world in which she found herself which considering that she s meant to love historical novels, is both irritating and odd The tear in the timeline she s meant to fix takes a long time to turn up and then feels like an anticlimax.I wanted to like it and I see that many [...]

    15. Ok, so I did enjoy it Even though the time travel storyline is rather weak and just an excuse for the writer to bring together a modern American women and a sweet and deeply repressed Victorian gentleman While some of the historical details are accurate, the story as a whole is very improbable, and not just because of magic mirrors But apparently I am not immune to the erotic fantasy of this seduction of a 29 years old virgin, who turns from a timid mamas boy into a man who stands up for himself [...]

    16. This book was a little slow for me but over all a good read I did wonder if there were books about the same shop and time travel.

    17. Might not have finished to the very end But remember reading most of this It was interesting, but not my style.

    18. This is a fantasy type story so suspend disbelief and enjoy a good romp of falling through the looking glass.The characters are enjoyable, lots of references to Dr Who which was cute for me because I am a fan but anyone who is not might not get them.I like Eliza for me that is a big deal I have to like the female lead She is adorable and spunky and she gets to go back in time to 1873 on a mission for a mysterious reason that she is not to know until it actually happens how will she know oh you w [...]

    19. Somewhere beteen 2.5 and 3 stars.Before I get into the story, I want to note that William Brown, this story s hero shares a name with Just William Brown I m not sure if this was done purposely considering the fact that Just William isn t exactly popular any, it wouldn t surprise me if this was just a coincidence What we have here is a time travel story where the 21st century protagonist is sent back to the Victorian era 1873 to repair a rip in the time and space continuum not sure it was actuall [...]

    20. Originally posted HERE.I admit I didn t have the highest hopes for this book An American woman time travelling to 1870s London was a pretty silly premise However, Not Quite Darcy features one of my favourite character types the awkward, shy hero, and so I enjoyed the story than I expected I take it the Mr Darcy aspect of has to do with selling the book to a particular crowd than the book itself I was annoyed at the start when the heroine of the story announced she knew about Victorian England [...]

    21. 3.5 out of 5 stars A historical romance novel fan gets the deal of a lifetime, an offer to travel back in time to help with a mission of which she really knows nothing about for a short while Now if she can just obey the rules, especially the biggest one not to form any lasting connections and not fall in love.This was an interesting take on reading about the Victorian Era I liked that Ms Meeker held back no punches in not romancing London during that time period, showing how subservient life re [...]

    22. Victorian romance lover, Elsa Pepper is convinced to travel back in time to 1873 by the Repairmen, two mystery manipulators who repair tears in the timelines of history Elsa imagines she will be swanning around a Victorian mansion as a rich heiress, or perhaps a Mary Poppinesque governess, so she is less than thrilled when she steps back in time as a maid And not a very good one at that.What follows is an amusing blend of modern and historical as Elsa tries to get through each day without puttin [...]

    23. Eliza Our modern day time traveller, she said she was trying to fit in to the Victorian era, but I couldn t see any evidence of that other than the occasional sir or ma am coupled with an attempted curtsy She called her employer by his first name, and threw around the F bomb, a lot I loved the premise of this story Unfortunately I never felt like it developed into anything, although I could feel the potential It really had a bit of a blah feeling throughout I guess it just wasn t my cup of tea.

    24. Terri Meeker has given us an absolutely fun read You will both laugh and cringe with Eliza as she fumbles her way through 1873 London I will be reading of Meeker s books, she is both an excellent writer and storyteller.

    25. Just okNot my cup of tea, but it did have an interesting story line running through it The characters were believable.

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