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What About Today #2020

What About Today Aiden s stuck working for his family s amusement park Funtastic World for the whole summer Nothing amuses him until he met this terrified girl Gemma s stuck in Funtastic World thinking she could ha

  • Title: What About Today
  • Author: Dawn Lanuza
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 422
  • Format: ebook
  • What About Today By Dawn Lanuza, Aiden s stuck working for his family s amusement park, Funtastic World, for the whole summer Nothing amuses him, until he met this terrified girl Gemma s stuck in Funtastic World thinking she could handle the park s rides She couldn t Good thing she met someone to guide her.As the day comes to a close, Aiden and Gemma ask themselves if one day is ever enough to decideAiden s stuck working for his family s amusement park, Funtastic World, for the whole summer Nothing amuses him, until he met this terrified girl Gemma s stuck in Funtastic World thinking she could handle the park s rides She couldn t Good thing she met someone to guide her.As the day comes to a close, Aiden and Gemma ask themselves if one day is ever enough to decide if they were better off as friends or strangers This story is currently available on BuqoYA Bundle 4 Heart Choices.

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      422 Dawn Lanuza
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    1. I ve read this book last month but I wasn t able to post a review about it because I got depressed and ill for a few weeks Basically, it s like life s preventing me from being a productive book blogger and individual Gah What About Today is, just like the title suggests, a story that happened within 24 hours It s actually my first time to read a 24 hour story You would think that it would be a story with a lot of plot holes because let s face it, it ain t easy to write a book that happened in a [...]

    2. Before picking this up, I read The Breakup Anniversary, a short story the author had a giveaway , and enjoyed that view spoiler in spite and because of its cliffhanger hide spoiler , so I thought, this one, a story that takes place in a day, shouldn t be far off This is by Dawn Lanuza, after all, author of the breathtaking The Hometown Hazard.I ll get this out of the way This is no THH But that s not to say it hasn t got the same sharp storytelling, kilig inducing moments and funtastic adventure [...]

    3. SO MUCH LOVE FOR AIDEN AND GEMMA Also, I related to Gemma on so many levels YA Romance in 24 hrs or amusement parks are things I enjoy a lot too and with all these amazing pieces of the story falling into place so wonderfully, it s no wonder I swooned over this book.

    4. This is my first book by Dawn Lanuza but I am now a fan What About Today was short and sweet, and I adored it A truly magical, swoony, beautiful day spent at an amusement park The ending killed me and I d honestly love to see from these characters in the future one can hope

    5. I never met a lion hugger before, not even an aspiring one Now I ve read about one and he s interesting No, scratch that He s purrrfect, emphasis on the purr because he loves lions and other animals And oh, he works at an amusement park and gives tour rides to an amusing badass loner named Gemma So I really think he s cool His name is Aiden by the way.Now, let s talk about Gemma, who s afraid to ride the Ferris Wheel when she assumed someone died in that monstrosity But it s her birthday and she [...]

    6. HUY GRABE NAMAN OH YUNG FEELINGS KO PAKIBALIK SA AKIN THX Dawn Lanuza easily became one of my favorite authors as soon as I read her first book, The Boyfriend Backtrack Her writing style is unique and mellifluent which makes it really easy to get into her books.This story started really great We re presented with two characters, both complex but easy to relate to Aiden was sort of forced to work for his family s amusement park, while Gemma was having a dilemma with trying out the park rides Of c [...]

    7. This book is such a light read It s hilarious, simple, and romantic.I definitely like the writing style and that the book has the POV of Gemma and Aiden In that way, readers get a glimpse of what s going on in the minds of both MC.Just like in The Boyfriend Backtrack, there are funny stuffs in this book I especially love the banters of Gemma and Aiden But the author managed to insert deep stuffs in their conversations.This book definitely didn t disappoint The book consists of 7 chapters only an [...]

    8. I LOVED IT It felt like Statistical Probability of Love at First Time all over agaaaaaain Thank you so much Ms Dawn for giving me a chance to read and review your book Review to come up on the blog.

    9. Also posted on Rurouni Jenni Reads Blame kdrama because my dream first date is in an amusement park I imagine it going something a bit like this so at this point in time of our relationship, we don t know each other much yet but I think taking death defying rides and screaming for our lives together will pretty much bond us forever We ll eat ice cream after, then he will play amusement park games and win the biggest plushie they have there for me I ll get tired from all the walking around and he [...]

    10. What About Today by Dawn LanuzaI ve said this over a hundred times everywhere already I ve forever been dreaming of a carnival date And since that s not yet in the itinerary for the foreseeable future, this book is an amazing alternative to the real thing.It is a fun and easy read putting two seventeen year olds in a certain point where their lives could change for the best Aiden is ultra bored working in their family s amusement park, while Gemma, celebrating her birthday, is in said amusement [...]

    11. You know how you feel when you spend some hours with you crush and you talk and talk and you actually feel like you have a chance Well, that s how this book makes you feel Full of giddy happiness and hope It is all just really cute, to be honest And not only cute, but real It really felt like two actual teenagers meeting, talking, getting to know each other I love it that it wasn t cheesy at all I don t know how to say this other than it felt real As if this happened in real life and the author [...]

    12. This is the first time I ve read a book by Dawn Lanuza, but I can already say I m going to pick up her other ones, especially if the sequel for this one comes out What About Today has set the bar for my local YA lit expectations Continue reading our review here.Please note We don t use ratings but for this purpose, we tag books with three stars by default.Would like to be a reviewer contributor to Bookbed Sign up here We also accept review requests More info here.

    13. That was pretty precious 3This is a fun little meet cute set at an amusement park, which is honestly one of the best settings for a meet cute Gemma is trying to kick start her life for her seventeenth birthday while Aiden works at his family s amusement park for the summer When she chickens out on going on the Ferris wheel in part because of Aiden lol and Aiden follows her, he decides to be her guide to her Quest to YOLO He gets her on rides and throughout the day the talk and get to know each o [...]

    14. This book is the cutest It rekindled my love for 24 hour or even less than 24 hours spontaneous romance stories a love that began with Rachel Cohn and David Levithan s Nick and Norah s Infinite Playlist Dawn Lanuza s What About Today has that right amount of kilig and a bit of Young Adult angst that will make you want to go out on a summer adventure to the nearest amusement park even if it is already rainy season here in the Philippines.

    15. Sometimes, most insane of circumstances make the most unexpected of love stories What About Today is a promising tale of two teens who took the leap to see what the rabbit hole of love has in store for them.Full review on my book blog wp p4gfJt Jx Will be up on February 15

    16. What About Today is a novella that can be read in one sitting, I would have if my mood weren t going up and down like a yo yo it s a light read and is perfect during a warm afternoon All the scenes between the protagonists happened during one day, and there were moments when I felt a bit bored with the characters dialogue with each other, it felt too much, but overall I love this book Aiden s character managed to make me laugh and smile, while some other time he annoyed me so much, especially th [...]

    17. All Aiden and Gemma wanted to do was to get through this one day in Funtastic World, but for different reasons Aiden, son of the amusement park s owner, is stuck answering emails as dictated by his brother Gemma has a self inflicted mission to take on the park s rides, including the scary ones, on her own and on this particular day Aiden s sneaky escape from his office chair has him catching wide eyed Gemma hightail it away from a scary ride He follows her, talks and asks and probes until she sm [...]

    18. As usual, Dawn Lanuza did not disappoint I love the fun, vibrant and lively vibe the story gives, making my reading experience enjoyable Aiden and Gemma are so alike yet so different, and I love how their personalities blended, thanks to the powerful and fun setting the author gave to them an amusement park The narrative and the atmosphere of the story have a bit of a Western vibe, and it reminds me of the Love Stories and Sweet Dreams books that I ve read during my teenage years Really fun, fun [...]

    19. An amusement park, 24 hours, two teens and lots of great fun What About Today was a sweet and cute short read that makes you realize that a day in an amusement park, hanging out with the son of the owner is actually something I want I recommend this if you want something between intense novels, between a series and another just a perfect funny and enjoyable novella Review to come soon on the blog.

    20. Full review over at The Bookaholic Blurbs Jen E Smith meets Kasie West, What About Today is a delightful contemporary that keeps me wanting for Nostalgic and fluffy, it s a feel good story that can easily be everyone s fave Thank you Anvil Publishing for sending me a review copy

    21. This was such a quick cute read Definitely recommend if your looking for some quick fluff It s only seven chapters and yet the author manages to craft a believable meet cute i guess i d call it Aiden and Gemma spending the day at his family s amusement park was just adorable and I would love to see of them, and their budding friendship relationship

    22. Light and fun read It s one of those books that would make you feel warm and fuzzy inside And make you smile the whole time until you finish reading It ll make you want to go to an amusement park too More Aiden and Gemma please 3

    23. What About Today will keep you wanting to write the author a private message to get the sequel going Beautifully written.

    24. What About Today is my 2nd Dawn Lanuza book next to The Last Time I ll Write About You It s a story of two teenagers trying to enjoy their day at an amusement park Gemma trying to celebrate her birthday even though she s alone and Aiden trying to escape their office at the amusement part and ignore his brother s orders They met while Gemma was having second thoughts on trying out the rides Aiden joked about something that Gemma didn t find funny and so stalked away from him That s how they met w [...]

    25. This book was a really fun and short read that I have managed to sneak in between classes to read The story was hilarious and full of heartfelt jokes that a lot of times, I had to burst into laughter quietly, of course.I really like the main characters where one is fun and the other leans towards awkward Don t get me wrong, both are special in their own way its just that in a way, they complete one another To spend a day in a theme park, to me that is absolute bliss and would make me undoubtedl [...]

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