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Managing Bubbie #2020

Managing Bubbie WINNER OF BOOK AWARDS Her devoted family only wants the best for their Bubbie Mostly they want to ensure that their matriarch s twilight years are spent in comfort safety and serenity But how do

  • Title: Managing Bubbie
  • Author: Russel Lazega
  • ISBN: 9781499126297
  • Page: 319
  • Format: Paperback
  • Managing Bubbie By Russel Lazega, WINNER OF 20 BOOK AWARDS Her devoted family only wants the best for their Bubbie Mostly they want to ensure that their matriarch s twilight years are spent in comfort, safety, and serenity But how do you manage an aging, immutably stubborn Holocaust survivor who has risen above the squalor of Poland s ghettos fled across the war torn German wilderness and survived theWINNER OF 20 BOOK AWARDS Her devoted family only wants the best for their Bubbie Mostly they want to ensure that their matriarch s twilight years are spent in comfort, safety, and serenity But how do you manage an aging, immutably stubborn Holocaust survivor who has risen above the squalor of Poland s ghettos fled across the war torn German wilderness and survived the winter ravaged Pyrenees alone on foot with three children You probably don t.Managing Bubbie is the heartrending, hilarious family memoir by Russel Lazega that recounts the frequently hectic, ever exhausting trials of one Jewish family in Miami Beach as they try to oversee the care of the elderly, unmanageable Lea Lazega As they scramble for an acceptable assisted living facility and struggle to get her medication in line, they discover the difficulties of controlling a woman who time and again eluded catastrophe by refusing to be told what to do A tapestry of an American family in the 1980s, Managing Bubbie also revisits the Holocaust period to mine the love, hope, and humor that emerged from the deepest despair Anyone who savors a soft heart with a sharp funny bone will laugh, cry, and commiserate with the confounded family who must manage their beloved, impossible Bubbie.

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    1 thought on “Managing Bubbie

    1. Wonderful true story about strength during the hardest times It shows that you have to follow your gut This strong woman was able to get her family out of Belgium when the Nazis invaded It s a story of resilience with humor, as well And I can vouch that this is all true because this woman was my grandmother.

    2. The depths of the human heart are fathomless A book like this makes us realize this yet again while helping us travel in the new dimensions.The book is a powerful memoir of a young mother braving through Nazi occupied Europe, doing everything possible to protect her three young children from the biggest man made catastrophe in the history of mankind On the other side, the book also pictures a stubborn Holocaust survivor who just wouldn t follow the normal while continuing her life in the assiste [...]

    3. Managing Bubbie reminded me of my own bubbie She fled the old country to get away from the Nazis She settled in NY, married and raised 4 children When I d see her i d get the same i vant you should just like Russell This book should be a best seller, after all it will make you laugh, make you cry and hopefully be an inspiration for you.I am sure Russel s Bubbie is kveling

    4. Hey, what do you expect I wrote it But seriously, for those interested in the holocaust memoir genre this book brings something new a perspective that mines the hope, love, compassion and even humor that a strong human heart can find despite confronting the most horrific circumstances The memoir uses alternating chapters to meld two special stories 1 an action packed biographical tale of a young mother racing through Nazi occupied Europe, surviving on her wits as she struggles to find any escape [...]

    5. The author s grandmother was a true Miami Beach Jewish bubbie who admonished the new college student author to write about her life story something that he ignored at the time, but which would come back to haunt him ten years later.Managing Bubbie may be the result of a direct order, but there s nothing compelling readers to pick it up nothing but the promise of a hilarious, fun read about a cantankerous, determined, warm achiever who brought her children to a new world and raised them well.Her [...]

    6. Reviewed on behalf of Readers FavoriteManaging Bubbie by Russel Lazega is a heartwarming and hysterical memoir of his Bubbie, Lea Lazega Intermixed with a narrative about her harrowing journey across Europe to America during World War Two, are snippets of conversations between various family members, providing insight into the modern life of this courageous woman As the Nazis invade countries in Europe, Lea manages to escape by the skin of her teeth with her three small children Being Jewish at [...]

    7. Absolutely love this book Masterfully told with eloquence and dead on dialogue A gripping story of a mother and her young children s miraculous escape from the Nazi s woven together witht a story we don t often get to hear how they ended up forty years later Two great stories in one hopeful and humorous suspenseful and touching Best reaad of the year

    8. This book made laugh on minute then cry the next, over and over This so much reminded me of what it was like to deal with my grandfather who was difficult in his old age He too told some amazing stories.This is really well edited and flowed smoothly It was sort of weird to bounce back and forth between present day conversations and stories from the past, but I quickly got used to it.I won this on Librarything, I did not promise a review.

    9. Managing Bubbie, Russel LazegaI loved this tender story It was a nostalgic look back for me because I am familiar with the times and places mentioned in the book The book will charm anyone who has had the good fortune to be born in the era of bubbies and to have had someone in their life that resembled one Sadly, my bubbie was only with me for the first 7 years of my life My mom was one of the youngest of almost a dozen children, so I met my bubbie as she neared the end of her life Decades later [...]

    10. Managing Bubbie by Russel Lazega was much enjoyable and rewarding than I expected I assumed it would be another sweet, loving memoir of one s family and it is certainly that, but it is also much Lazega tells the story of his grandmother, who he calls Bubbie, who managed to escape persecution and death for herself and her children during World War II by sheer will, determination, and strength The book alternates between telling the story of Bubbie s difficult and dangerous escape and amusing vi [...]

    11. This book took me along time to read for such a short book I think because the flashback every other chapter was distracting I think the Grandmother s story of moving from country to country to escape the Nazis was the best part of the book, would have liked to read of that but perhaps that was all the Grandson knew of the story.The latter part of her life was actually personal reminiscence of the wonderful, eccentric family of survivors and their children and grandchildren.

    12. Originally posted readaholiczone 2 It looks a lot better there I have read many books about WWII, but none of them have been like this one While reading, the same word kept popping up in my head courageous and that is the fundamental of this story how one woman s courageousness never succumbed no matter how atrocious her life became Russel Lazega the author is her grandson, he calls her Bubbie which is Jewish for grandmother yet her given name is Lea This is a woman who was born with a great inn [...]

    13. Wonderfully written The depth of affection Mr Lazega obviously had for his Bubbie was palpable and is the driving force behind this terrific memoir, which is actually two books in one The first book is an exciting tale of surviving the most horrific regime of the 20th Century by an incredibly strong woman Her courage in the face of true evil is inspiring The second book is the humorous and heartwarming tale of how her family tried to do what the Nazis couldn t control her At the end of the day t [...]

    14. I really enjoyed this book Mr Russel Lazega gives an accurate account of the hard days in the 1980 s when his family came together to attempt freedom There is compassion, courage and even at times some funny times that emerged during the days of the Holocaust.Bubbie, along with her family, got out of the Polish ghetto by refusing to follow orders She is the matriarch of the family willing to make sacrifices for all of her children and family She is a survivor.This book is also a winner that I re [...]

    15. Managing Bubbie is everything I expected it to be and so It is such a meaningful read on so many levels Bubbie is an inspiration She s fearless, brave and one of the most remarkable women I have ever read about.You ll laugh, you ll cry, you ll be inspired I hope this book becomes a best seller It should Russel should be so proud of his masterpiece His story telling talents are extraordinary I am sure his Bubbie is kveling

    16. A quick and easy read I agree with the comments I read that this would make a great movie A very dramatic escape story mixed with touching and humorous screenplay style flash forwards I would look forward to seeing it in theaters It had just right mix of humor, drama and history I highly recommend this book.

    17. I received this book thanks to Library Thing.A really great memoir told by his Bubbie grandmother in Yiddish What a great life filled w sorrow and happiness Told alternately in the past and present the stories she told her grandson Russel were fun and unbelievably sad at the same time The present stories were hysterical and typical Jewish.

    18. Decent and entertaining book Not one that will keep you up at night just to finish it, but a good average read nonetheless Read most of it on a cruise and left the book in the ships library for someone else to read.

    19. A captivating story of survival of a family matriarch whose life mission kept everyone in the family on their toes A unique blend of history, histrionics, and hilarity that had me riveted to the book from the moment I began reading it A must read

    20. Not usually a big fan of war era books but this one was recommended and turned out to be really good I especially like the way the author is able to carry humor throughout the story A quick and very enjoyable read.

    21. Exceptional book by a local attorney Biography of his Bubbie s life She experienced so much in her life I couldn t put it down

    22. A cleverly written and engaging story of a remarkable woman Read this book and you will undoubtedly be captivated by the tales of her humor, tenacity, and fortitude Truly inspirational.

    23. Managing Bubbie is an absolute must read I couldn t put it down The true story of Bubbie, Lea Lazega is one that can inspire every person on this planet GET A COPY TODAY

    24. Funny poignant story with a lot of history All ages would enjoy the story about this Jewish grandmother who left Belgium during the war and ended up in Miami Beach.

    25. In Managing Bubbie which I won through Giveaways Russel Lazega juxtaposes the humour and trials of looking after his elderly, high spirited Jewish grandmother Bubbie , Lea Lazega in the comfort, safety and peace of Miami Beach with her struggles, courage and personal sacrifice after whisking her family out of Belgium as the Nazi war machine sweeps across Europe systematically murdering Jews in a genocide.Lea s life forever changed when her parents returned to Poland after immigrating to America [...]

    26. The blurb on the back of this book frankly doesn t do it justice It gave the impression that it was largely a book about caring for an elderly relative, but in fact the main impact of this book is in the recounting of the experiences of one woman during World War II, as she tried desperately to keep her family safe from the Nazis.Lazega acknowledges that although this is non fiction, there may be inaccuracies It s based in the verbalised memories of his grandmother, told decades later As such, d [...]

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